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Friday, July 20, 2012

Natalie Wood Birthday

Natalie would have been 74 Years old today, July 20, 2012. Had her life not been taken this may have been one of her happiest birthdays ever as a grandmother. I don't think she would've looked much different than she does in the above photograph. I think she would've aged beautifully. Her eyes seem to speak to you in her movies and in photographs. She shared her talent with the world, and I bet she would have given her fans many more movies to come had she lived. It's over 30 years now since Natalie's been gone and it's heart-wrenching to think about how 30 years can be applied to a life, especially for someone as gifted and full of life as Natalie was. It's been said Natalie packed more living into her 43 years than ten people put together could accomplish, but that kind of talk is a cop out in my opinion. There's no rationalizing her death with such statements. Yes, she lived an exciting life, but, no, she didn't get to experience all she truly deserved. She didn't get to share her young daughters' lives with them. She didn't get to see her first grandchild born. She didn't get to hold her teenage daughters when they could use a mother's comforting hug. Sure, Natalie was a woman of the world: she made movies, she traveled near and far, she had been honored for her career accomplishments, and she knew and socialized with many of the most famous people ever. But she didn't get to finish what made her happiest: sharing her life with her children. Being a mother was the happiest part of Natalie's life and offered her the most contentment, as she had said many times. In Natalie's own words she wrote: What I want most is to be like the girl next door, with a home, someone who loves me, and children. For Natalie, I'm glad she got to experience her greatest hope for the time she did, but she was a healthy woman and most likely could have lived to be blowing out candles atop a birthday cake this very day. It's beyond sad.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nice way to remember Natalie Wood

Came across this site... the top five people you'd like to sit and have a drink with and talk with. Top favorites are listed, and interestingly, Natalie Wood comes in at number 25. Oh yes, one of my top five would include Natalie as well(although I didn't participate at site). http://www.biography.com/people/short-list/who-are-the-5-famous-people-youd-like-to-have-drinks-with

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Natalie Wood Autopsy Information

Certainly in an investigation an autopsy report provides evidence that can be used to come to conclusions about questions that stem from varying witness accounts. Suzanne Finstad's book was first to suggest Coast Guard Rescuer Roger Smith claimed to have located the drifting dinghy. Restaurant employee Don Whiting always claimed to have discovered the dinghy with Natalie not aboard. Here in this copied page from Natalie's autopsy it is reported that Don Whiting described the condition of the dinghy when HE found it. Interestingly, this section of the report does not have Natalie "covered with a blanket" either, as Roger Smith claimed, but with a plastic sheet. Her coat was not on her body. When Dennis identified Natalie's body, her body was already at the Hyperbaric Chamber (used by the Island divers) and Natalie's eyes were still open, a sight that haunts him to this day. Some witnesses' recollections, no matter how "nice" or "professional" they are or claim to be, are sometimes off. There isn't a thing Dennis has said over the years that hasn't remained consistent, and his claims always pan out to correspond with official reports. When I gathered witness statements to submit to the LASD, despite what I personally thought about varying accounts, I did NOT influence, suggest any changes, or make ANY claims that weren't the EXACT words of the witnesses or parties contributing to the package I sent through an attorney to the LASD. There was one witness (from the 1981 weekend) whose report I withheld from the package only because his statement involved the forensic studies I didn't want revealed immediately so as not to convolute the package and possibly hurt its chances of being read (the LASD is a busy place.) That person's statement has been of great value in understanding the many theories in Natalie's case. Also claimed on Natalie's autopsy report is that there was NO Rigor Mortis when her body was pulled from the ocean at 7:44 A.M. the morning of Nov. 29, 1981. Natalie drowned, which means for some extent of time, whether minutes or hours, she had to have been alive while in the water. Hopefully professionals can come to some sort of conclusion for that question.

Friday, July 13, 2012

New Browser

Sorry my blog was down recently. There was actually a security breach and Blogger shut it down for me. I had to contact Blogger for them to send me a new security code to restore it. All original material at my blog is also copyrighted automatically and I was notified from my copyright source of the breach as well. I have no clue who may have been behind the breach. What's here is visible for all to see. The reason I cannot provide line breaks in posts at this time is because every time I try to download a new browser, it doesn't seem to take. I'll keep working at it. Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Liz Smith's Opinion on Natalie Wood Interest


Information is widespread

There is plenty of information across the world wide web about the breaking news last Friday that Natalie's case status is to be changed from accidental to undetermined. The LASD is remaining tight-lipped because they still have an open case to work, but the intrigue about Natalie's death grows, and I hope one day we, the public, are offered some type of answer that brings some closure. Of course, I see progress. If the death certificate is changed, at least Natalie's death will be classified more accurately. Her accidental status was based on quick theories alone. Her death deserved "undertermined" from the start. Of course I've been reading all the articles and watching the videos during this period of interest. Of course I've had little else on my mind, but then, tonight over dinner, the fog was broken by my five-year old (soon to be six) grandson, we call Gooch. I haven't cooked for the past few days so tonight I made something I haven't cooked in years because I'm not really a fan of red meat: a London broil with mushrooms and onions. Sides were red potatoes, corn, dinner rolls, and like his older brother, Gooch likes applesauce with dinner. As we were finishing, Gooch said, "That was all good." When we asked what he liked best about the meal, he answered, "The chicken." The little things. Wish Natalie could have been able to experience more of them, especially as a grandmother. I like when she is remembered, but the LASD needs the time and space to finish their work. We will have to stand by their final conclusion.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Wagner not named a suspect

http://www.tmz.com/2012/07/09/natalie-wood-death-certificate-robert-wagner-foul-play-suspect/ This TMZ report is what the LASD must say at this point. The changing of the death certificate is significant and shows progress, but at this point of the investigation, which if it were at a dead end as reported here, would not still be open open and active, Wagner cannot be named a suspect. The case is open and active because it is not over with. This change in the status of the case is progress. What the LASD wants is the space and time to finish their investigation thoroughly.

GMA segment I interviewed for


CBS this morning on Natalie Wood Case

Sunday, July 8, 2012

LA Times Article on Natalie Wood's Case


Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's a start

The Natalie Wood case status has been changed from accidental to undetermined. There's a good reason why, which will soon be explained. The LASD is still working this case, and has been actively pursuing it throughout the past six months, and this is progress. This means they no longer believe Natalie's drowning was accidental. I believe the public had a right to know this. Of course, I cannot disclose private details about the case, but this is proof the case is still very much active and will remain open. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/07/natalie-wood-cause-of-death_n_1656169.html?icid=maing-grid10%7Chtmlws-main-bb%7Cdl2%7Csec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D176572

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Dream about Natalie

Woke up about 6 AM to darkness and roaring thunder. Thunder subsided and it rained. When the thunder awakened me, I was in the middle of a dream about Natalie Wood. I can remember only (maybe) two times ever dreaming about Natalie, although I spent so many decades with her on my mind. Sometimes it annoys me that I don't dream about her, as I do believe many insights are found in dreams. After all, what we dream about stems from our very own minds: how could dreams not be an indication of deepest thoughts or questions? I usually have pleasant dreams, sometimes detailed and sometimes very complicated with many stories going on at once, but rarely unpleasant. I'm grateful for that as I know some people who have terrible nightmares. I have typical dreams, I suppose. But then, I'm so surprised sometimes about what vividly comes through in my dreams. For instance, this past Father's Day: I didn't dream about my own father (who passed away when I was 4) or my Uncle Jim who helped raise me (who passed away when I was 12). I dreamt about Mr. Ziomek, the father of two of my friends in the 1960's. In real life, Mr. Ziomek owned a bar across from NJ's "Garden State Race Track" (now gone) and was wealthy. When my Uncle Jim was very sick in the 60's, I lived with the Ziomek family for a summer but Mr. Ziomek was hardly around as he worked long hours. But, most every weekend, he would drive us all to the Jersey shore, give us money for the boardwalk, and then treat us all to dinner on the way home. That's about all I really remember about Mr. Ziomek, other than the trips on his boat. In my dream this past Father's Day, Mr. Ziomek put his arm around me and said "I treated you like one of my own because you really were a family member to all of us" (the Ziomeks were a family of five). And that was it. I rarely consciously think about Mr. Ziomek, and haven't seen or talked with his surviving family for 25 years, so to have had such a vivid dream of him on Father's Day only showed me how much I must appreciate him, as our subconscious minds really do remind us of things we forget about in waking life. I was reminded by that dream of how much Mr. Ziomek made me feel secure when at 9 years old, my family was scattered because of illness and I really was frightened of what might come. Mr. Ziomek had a beautiful boat, a 36-foot cabin cruiser, and his family took me on many cruises throughout the summers between 1960 and 1964. He taught us how to fish and how to respect the ocean while boating. I remember making ham and cheese sandwiches in the galley with his daughters (my friends), and remember climbing up to the flying bridge to get a bit cooler up there on the hottest days. We sometimes cruised to an Island for dinner where there was nothing but the restaurant. I recall the peacocks that walked around the Island and we kids would try to find the biggest peacock feathers on the ground to take home. So, last night, when I dreamt about Natalie, how strange that the dream tied in with Mr. Ziomek, two people totally not connected in any way other than in the recesses of my mind. In this dream, I was on Mr. Ziomek's boat with Natalie, but he was not there. It was me and Natalie sitting up on the fly bridge and looking down at the water. A Great White swam by and I told Natalie I had just read on the Internet about sightings of sharks off the coast of Cape Cod (which I had just read about in real life, so this is how our subconscious minds process things for dreams) and Natalie says, "I'm afraid of sharks and that's why I never go in the ocean." And I asked, "Were you afraid of sharks the night you floated in the ocean?" (Guess I somehow knew in this dream I was talking to the ghost of Natalie.) "No, I was afraid for my daughters. I didn't know what they would do without me." Then, Natalie looked down at the water again and said, "I died in it faster than you think, I died from fear." At this point of my dream, I was spooked. Then my eyes popped open when I heard a loud burst of thunder. This dream will stay with me all day, I'm sure.