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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Natalie Wood Loved Her Mother and Her Daughters

Natalie Wood loved her mother, who she affectionately called "Mud" and, although published variations of Natalie's relationship with Mud might leave one believing there was a deep, dark side to their relationship, the mother/daughter affinity was rather comfortable and always respectful in "real life." I have read Natalie's very own words about her mother, and Natalie always comprehended the true extent of her mother's part in having helped establish her young show business career. But it was Natalie herself who made her own decisions after she reached young adulthood. Natalie wisely accepted the downside of stardom by considering the option: was it worth giving up completely? For Natalie, no. She had a lot to offer by way of her natural talent. So she chose to go on hiatus only when she felt it necessary for her personal life. Motherhood was always her priority, and she just as wisely chose to not return to a demanding part until her youngest was in school. Natalie was a conscientious mother and a loving daughter, always. Being a Mom was the most important part of her life...the only unconditional love she was ever given, just as she loved her mother unconditionally. The truest tragedy for Natalie is that she was robbed of motherhood, grandmotherhood, and all the joys that go along with it. In an idealistic "afterlife" Natalie today is walking through a beautiful field of flowers, setting up for a quaint picnic in a soft grassy spot as the sun shines brightly through a warm breeze, and she is holding hands with the woman she always loved; her mom. They are smiling and excited about the coming birth of their grand and great granddaughter.