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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

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Author Ann Rule recommends Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour

The renowned True Crime Author, Ann Rule, has recommended Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour on her official website recommended reading page.  Link:

Ann Rule's Official Home Page

I started reading Ann Rule's brilliant work in the 1990's (and have never stopped) and I learned so much from the cases Ann has worked. I thank Ann Rule and Dominick Dunne on Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour's acknowledgment page "just for writing the kind of books they write." (I was told that Dunne also had the opportunity to read GNGS just before he passed away.)
Especially through Ann Rule's work, I learned what is expected of good detectives, and also of ultimate justice a dedicated detective can help to achieve.

Ann Rule's body of work in the true crime genre clearly shows she has dedicated her life to a worthy cause, and although I don't have statistics or evidence of exactly how many SAVED lives Ann Rule might be responsible for, I suspect it is many! Her studied cases involve criminal convictions. The stories she presents,  in full length feature books and in her popular "volumes series" never cease to teach, to warn.
To choose a perfect one-word lesson from Ann Rule's work, I choose the word BEWARE. Last month, I finally found the time to read Ann Rule's Mortal Danger. Each true case presented in it still sends chills up and down my spine.

Many women (and sometimes men) just "never see it coming" and their lives are abruptly ended or marred forever, simply because they trusted someone they never dreamed would actually harm them. But Ann teaches us about warning signs, and we learn from her expertise that sociopathic personalities walk among us, and they spring from all walks of life. Sometimes culprits will befriend you, become your lover, marry you, and for any number of reasons, sometimes kill you.

One of Ann Rule's releases that stays with me is a high-profile case that occurred in my backyard -- title And Never Let Her Go is about the tragic Anne Marie Fahey murder. The case is still in the news in our parts, as Fahey's convicted killer was recently refused an appeal to his life imprisonment, no parole sentence.

When I worked at a national business magazine in the 90's, the Fahey disappearance case was prominent in the media, especially in the Northeast. Wilmington attorney, Thomas Capano, whose family owned a beach house near where I spent summer vacations in Cape May County, NJ, was convicted of shooting Anne Marie and disposing of her body in the Atlantic Ocean.

The editor of the magazine where I worked had attended college with Anne Marie, and told me about her memories of fun, college dorm days with Anne Marie. After college, Ann Marie landed a dream job as secretary for Governor Thomas Carper, of Delaware State. Anne Marie soon met prominent, married, Wilmington attorney, Thomas Capano, who pursued Anne Marie romantically and they began an affair. When Anne Marie ended the affair with Capano and started seeing a man she respected, a potential husband, Capano continued to vie for Anne Marie's affection. She reluctantly agreed to dine with Capano in Philadelphia "one last time" to stand by her choice to never resume the relationship with Capano. After dinner, Capano took Anne Marie to his house and shot her. Early the next morning, assisted by his brother, Thomas Capano dumped Anne Marie's body in the Atlantic Ocean, and her family yearned for years to learn the truth. Finally, due to good detective work, Thomas Capano's brother confessed the truth, and Thomas Capano was put away forever.

Ann's newest release, But I Trusted You and Other True Cases, is available next month, Novemeber 2009.

To have Ann Rule endorse Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour by listing it on her recommended reading page not only adds to my pride for my efforts to shine light on the details involving Natalie Wood's death, it also reminds me, as continued support often does, of Natalie Wood's cry from the grave: I am frightened to death of the water, especially of water that is deep and dark.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lana Wood

There are several discussions unfolding over what Lana Wood meant on the Inside Edition segment when she said "The bottom line is she's gone (Natalie) and no one can ever fix that." I've been in touch with Lana. She wishes more of her interview had aired as she had a lot more to say, then there would be no doubt as to her opinion of "blame.". Lana is in full support of Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour.
Her sister died and three men survived that cruise. Is it fair to put words in Lana's mouth? I would think not.      

Cindy Adams had it right


Cindy Adams pegged Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour in her NY Post column in late August 2009 with a reference that media will not know what to do with its contents. Sadly, media doesn't seem to know what to do with it. Because GNGS is not considered "breaking news" it misses that mark. Because it is intense, it needs to be studied, and because greater TV media believes viewers are limited to a 4-minute attention span, it misses the opportunity to be examined.

The information in GNGS is intricate, complex, and convoluted, and so much nonsense has been spread through the years, there was an immense amount of misinformation to clean up as the story progressed, but GNGS does clean it up! This account is not presented with mere tears and emotion as its back-up. It comes with facts and polygraph test results attached! There is an eye and ear witness willing to cooperate with authorities, but no one seems to know yet how to handle this story. There is plenty of "interest" and many want to approach, but it's such a fragile thing, no one knows yet how strongly to handle it. I receive so much mail asking, "Why?" 
I never realized how much I should appreciate independent radio. The radio hosts we've interviewed with delve deeper than most media. Even a few shock jocks slowed down to hear about GNGS. TV just doesn't have the time. TV has become like fast food and convenience stores...keep that line moving!

TV shows that do devote time to a story seem to take on the "safer" cases: ones where authorities did their jobs. I totally appreciate this, but some things require more.
But fortunately, Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour did get published, and many readers appreciate it. It will remain in many libraries. Facts about the night Natalie Wood died  are now available, and I am grateful for that. That is the mission accomplished.
Now, it is the responsibility of the media and authorities to pursue it, and I do not use the word "responsibility" lightly, incorrectly, or as an imposition. An incorrigible amount of time has already been lost on this case, but now there is every reason to be responsible to it. In 1985, when the news of the bottle smashing was revealed in the media, this case should have been reviewed. When Marilyn Wayne told her story, this case should have been reviewed. When Robert Wagner published his memoir, and admitted his actions on the night of November 28, 1981, this case should have been reviewed. To continue to ignore this case is in no way a reflection of GNGS. It is a reflection of the media and public law enforcement. It is a reflection of irresponsibility and neglect. If celebrity were not involved, I believe there would be a totally different reaction.

Reader reaction is encouraging, and just as I always expected, readers will define this story. And, I thank each and every one, no matter your opinion of GNGS. I would love to see a professional team, via media or authorities, recreate the experiments I conducted. (I have no doubt they will find the same results.) I would be so relieved to have an authority ask Dennis to take another polygraph. (I'm confident he would pass it.) I would love to see a conscientious reporter or doctor or authority ask to have Natalie's autopsy reviewed, and/or ask to show the pictures of the Splendour's master stateroom that were taken at the death scene. I've seen a few of the photographs and they are startling.

On Inside Edition Lana Wood said "nothing can fix it" (meaning Natalie's death), and that statement was interpreted (by media) to mean Lana blames no one. Lana is angry over her sister's death. There wasn't enough segment time for her to explain why. My segment time was forfeited for Lana to speak out (of which I'm glad she had the opportunity).

When I interviewed with Inside Edition, I had talked about Robert Wagner's outright lie to the crime scene police in regards to the broken bottle in the main salon. Wagner let the police believe that the broken glass in the main salon was from rough seas. He never told the police in his second interview (Detective Rasure let him go home immediately during a brief first interview) that he had smashed the wine bottle in anger and accused Walken of wanting to sleep with Natalie. Twenty-seven years later, in his published memoir, Wagner admits to breaking the wine bottle in anger, but he doesn't admit (as Dennis passed on a polygraph question) that he also had accused Walken. Had Wagner been forthcoming with the police about how that bottle became shattered, perhaps the police would've had cause to probe deeper in Natalie Wood's death. But Wagner lied to them, and it is accepted, even after the lie is exposed from Wagner's own admission.

Frustrating? Yes. Readers are frustrated and I am frustrated with having to tip-toe around a story that deserves attention. This story is for Natalie Wood. She was deathly afraid of water her entire life: first red flag ignored. It took four hours to report her missing to the Coast Guard: major red flag ignored, not even put in the police report! The truth belongs with Natalie's legend. GNGS gives that to Natalie. I am proud of my responsibility to this story. If Natalie were my sister, I would certainly blame someone, especially the investigation. Natalie is part of a sisterhood, so I proudly represent her. I've said it on radio shows and I will say it here. If the authorities had done their jobs, this book would not be necessary. That's what makes us all angry! The majority public wants professionals to review this case and to explain. They want media input. But, as it has always been, Natalie, the true case victim, is not the priority. 
Readers, thank you, and I welcome your emails and reviews. I do appreciate your input. Your voice is important in regards to this story. I offer another huge thank you to radio and to TV's INSIDE EDITION! Although Inside Edition treaded lightly, they did oblige a responsibility to a high-profile, compelling mystery.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thank you to Mr. Media, Inside Edition, and Mayor Dancer

Yesterday was an important day for Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour. Dennis and I interviewed with Bob Andelman of "BlogTalkRadio" and I thank "Mr. Media" for his sensitivity toward our story. Bob Andelman addressed things some reporters miss: for example, how it came about that Dennis contacted me "the nobody from NJ" to chronicle the "story behind the story" of a legend's untimely death. Mr. Media also respected the truest person GNGS is about: Natalie Wood. He played Robert Redford's tribute to Natalie before beginning to talk with Dennis and me. He asked pertinent questions, and it was a pleasurable interview as well as informative, thus appreciated.
Mr. Media Interviews | Blog Talk Radio Feed

Yesterday, GNGS also was talked about on Inside Edition, and Lana Wood has spoken her feelings about the book. She said she is "angry and saddened" and it is sad, because nothing will ever "fix" or reverse her sister's death. Natalie is gone, but the legend grows. Dennis is also interviewed (we spoke with Inside Edition in NY recently) and Dennis says that he wanted to look for Natalie as soon as she was "missing." You see on Inside Edition that Dennis was told, "No, we're not going to do that."
Inside Edition - News

Also, the mayor of the community where I live interviewed me this past week and wrote a wonderful column about GNGS, published in our local papers and online newsletters. I live in a charming small town, filled with dedicated citizens who enjoy the rural comforts we are surrounded by. We're close to the major cities for quick get-aways, but the historical charm of our immediate area and nearby towns is appreciated. Some of the best people I could ever hope to know live within walking distance or just minutes away. Many of us work locally or travel to New York and surrounding smaller cities but are usually glad to "get home." I am very fortunate and very grateful for my personal world.
Ironically, it was through a member of our local Arts Council that Mr. Media, the national show host, learned of GNGS. The Internet may be our window to the world, but there's nothing like walking down a hometown Main Street, nodding "hello and good morning" to all the people you know. 
Resident in national spotlight with new best-selling book | Tritown.gmnews.com   

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour Link

Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour | Best Selling Books

Thank you for voting.

Thank you to all who voted in the poll (Should the Wood case be officially reviewed?).
92% of those who voted think yes. The majority of reviews at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com
lean in the same direction.

Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour is a unique book for several reasons:

1) Very few books are written about a high-profile crime scene where no arrests were made, let alone a sufficient investigation, which makes media coverage tricky. Even Ann Rule, the queen of true crime told me it's a dangerous area and that's why she writes ONLY of cases with an arrest or trial involved. We didn't "play if safe" in regards to waiting for Robert Wagner to possibly pass away before us. We presented the polygraphed account with a penchant for facts and facts alone. Nothing in GNGS is hearsay. Dennis Davern is an eye-and-ear witness to the details provided.

2) GNGS is a book that comes with polygraph test results attached. Several books come with high claims.  GNGS should set a standard in the industry: pass a polygraph if you've something controvesial to claim. In many states, polygraphs are inadmissable in courts, but virtually every police station across the nation makes good use of them.

3) GNGS is controversial to the point that the media isn't quite sure what to do with it, as Cindy Adams of the NY Post wrote in her article about it in August. What way can the media go? Independent radio media is extremely interested in GNGS and recognizes its purpose. As TV media prepare their segments, there has yet to be a media venue against the claims made in the polygraphed information. The media is not defending Robert Wagner. That speaks volumes in and of itself. The media needs to protect themselves, too, and as they verify the information in GNGS, we hear nothing disputing GNGS's content from the greater media. 

4) GNGS, as several reader reviews point out, is not a celluloid description of the iconic Natalie Wood, and her famous marriage and mystery death. Real people are shown.

5) Does Natalie's death involve foul-play? Many people prefer the authorties to take another look to determine a more sensible answer to Natalie's death than the one we were given in 1981 and since.

Meantime, this book is truly left for the public, all that Natalie ever had in her defense, from the moment the tragedy occurred. People will ultimately define this book.
Again, thank you for taking the time to offer your opinion.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Review of GNGS at Amazon.com

The following review was posted at Amazon.com Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour book page. It was submitted by "Tipper" on Oct. 5, 2009 - click on post title to go to page. (Thank you, Tipper and wife, I particularly like the way you captured Natalie's charm and more)

I was watching a football game when the news of Natalie Wood's death flashed up as a special report. Yes, Natalie's death is one of those "I remember where I was when I heard" type of events. What guy wasn't in love with Natalie Wood? IMO, she had it all over Liz, Marilyn, and all the others not even worth mentioning. Natalie Wood's elegance, spirit, and beauty shone through the most beautiful eyes ever. That's how I felt about Natalie when I was a teen. I saw many of her movies, many while dating, and girls I knew loved Natalie too. Her appeal transcended gender.

Time passed, I grew up, and I didn't think much about Natalie as life went on. I married a woman almost as beautiful as Natalie (my wife is fine with me saying that) and as the years passed, when my wife and myself would be asked: Who is your favorite actress, we both would answer, Natalie Wood.

We were shocked to learn of her death. I think we both mourned that day. I turned off the game and my wife cried. Then we accepted what we heard in the news. She tried to fix the passenger dinghy tied to their yacht, she fell and drowned. Case closed. We did not follow coverage.

Now there is this new book. My wife read it first and insisted I read it. I'm not much of a reader lately, but the tears were back in my wife's eyes for Natalie, so I agreed, and intended to skim through it so we could talk.

I didn't skim. I read every single blasted word and felt compelled to spread the word about this book. I've read the reviews here and I most agree with MysteryArtist: REOPEN THIS CASE!!!!!! I agree with each and every positive review and all of the pro debates going on in the comments. I don't understand the negative reviews because this book is a true page-turner. It is informative, it is thorough, it is locked-up BELIEVABLE!

I don't hand out credit easily. I manage a crew of 40. I keep my eye on the deserving people, the ones who give their all. The credit here goes to author Marti Rulli who spent half of her life working a case that professional incompetents spent a few days on to violate every standard procedure expected of a crime scene. The cops did NOTHING by the book. We should all be so privileged.

Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour is one of the most fascinating books my wife and I have ever come across (we both worked on this review). I have no words for this author's sheer grit. The story and details are presented intelligently, comprehensively, with dedication and sincerity, and the results compliment if not exceed the effort.

WHERE IN THE HELL ARE THE COPS? If this book doesn't turn your guts inside out, you are remorseless. Kudos to Rulli. Without Rulli, I doubt we would have a Davern. Without Davern, we would've been snowed by the cops, celebrity, and the media forever as we often are. Brave people are behind this book. We commend you all. T&L

Saturday, October 3, 2009

WBZ NEWS RADIO, Boston with Jordan Rich

I just received a CD copy of my interview with Jordan Rich last week of WBZ News Radio in Boston. I will be posting the interview at YouTube next week and will provide the link here. Jordan Rich's accompanying letter to me read:

Dear Marti,
Thanks for joining me to talk about the book and the engrossing story of Natalie Wood's final days. We aired the piece this past weekend and I am sending along a copy as promised. I wish you well with the project. You've done some incredible research; I'm heartened that more of the story is coming out!
Peace, Jordan Rich, WBZ