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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cindy Adams had it right


Cindy Adams pegged Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour in her NY Post column in late August 2009 with a reference that media will not know what to do with its contents. Sadly, media doesn't seem to know what to do with it. Because GNGS is not considered "breaking news" it misses that mark. Because it is intense, it needs to be studied, and because greater TV media believes viewers are limited to a 4-minute attention span, it misses the opportunity to be examined.

The information in GNGS is intricate, complex, and convoluted, and so much nonsense has been spread through the years, there was an immense amount of misinformation to clean up as the story progressed, but GNGS does clean it up! This account is not presented with mere tears and emotion as its back-up. It comes with facts and polygraph test results attached! There is an eye and ear witness willing to cooperate with authorities, but no one seems to know yet how to handle this story. There is plenty of "interest" and many want to approach, but it's such a fragile thing, no one knows yet how strongly to handle it. I receive so much mail asking, "Why?" 
I never realized how much I should appreciate independent radio. The radio hosts we've interviewed with delve deeper than most media. Even a few shock jocks slowed down to hear about GNGS. TV just doesn't have the time. TV has become like fast food and convenience stores...keep that line moving!

TV shows that do devote time to a story seem to take on the "safer" cases: ones where authorities did their jobs. I totally appreciate this, but some things require more.
But fortunately, Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour did get published, and many readers appreciate it. It will remain in many libraries. Facts about the night Natalie Wood died  are now available, and I am grateful for that. That is the mission accomplished.
Now, it is the responsibility of the media and authorities to pursue it, and I do not use the word "responsibility" lightly, incorrectly, or as an imposition. An incorrigible amount of time has already been lost on this case, but now there is every reason to be responsible to it. In 1985, when the news of the bottle smashing was revealed in the media, this case should have been reviewed. When Marilyn Wayne told her story, this case should have been reviewed. When Robert Wagner published his memoir, and admitted his actions on the night of November 28, 1981, this case should have been reviewed. To continue to ignore this case is in no way a reflection of GNGS. It is a reflection of the media and public law enforcement. It is a reflection of irresponsibility and neglect. If celebrity were not involved, I believe there would be a totally different reaction.

Reader reaction is encouraging, and just as I always expected, readers will define this story. And, I thank each and every one, no matter your opinion of GNGS. I would love to see a professional team, via media or authorities, recreate the experiments I conducted. (I have no doubt they will find the same results.) I would be so relieved to have an authority ask Dennis to take another polygraph. (I'm confident he would pass it.) I would love to see a conscientious reporter or doctor or authority ask to have Natalie's autopsy reviewed, and/or ask to show the pictures of the Splendour's master stateroom that were taken at the death scene. I've seen a few of the photographs and they are startling.

On Inside Edition Lana Wood said "nothing can fix it" (meaning Natalie's death), and that statement was interpreted (by media) to mean Lana blames no one. Lana is angry over her sister's death. There wasn't enough segment time for her to explain why. My segment time was forfeited for Lana to speak out (of which I'm glad she had the opportunity).

When I interviewed with Inside Edition, I had talked about Robert Wagner's outright lie to the crime scene police in regards to the broken bottle in the main salon. Wagner let the police believe that the broken glass in the main salon was from rough seas. He never told the police in his second interview (Detective Rasure let him go home immediately during a brief first interview) that he had smashed the wine bottle in anger and accused Walken of wanting to sleep with Natalie. Twenty-seven years later, in his published memoir, Wagner admits to breaking the wine bottle in anger, but he doesn't admit (as Dennis passed on a polygraph question) that he also had accused Walken. Had Wagner been forthcoming with the police about how that bottle became shattered, perhaps the police would've had cause to probe deeper in Natalie Wood's death. But Wagner lied to them, and it is accepted, even after the lie is exposed from Wagner's own admission.

Frustrating? Yes. Readers are frustrated and I am frustrated with having to tip-toe around a story that deserves attention. This story is for Natalie Wood. She was deathly afraid of water her entire life: first red flag ignored. It took four hours to report her missing to the Coast Guard: major red flag ignored, not even put in the police report! The truth belongs with Natalie's legend. GNGS gives that to Natalie. I am proud of my responsibility to this story. If Natalie were my sister, I would certainly blame someone, especially the investigation. Natalie is part of a sisterhood, so I proudly represent her. I've said it on radio shows and I will say it here. If the authorities had done their jobs, this book would not be necessary. That's what makes us all angry! The majority public wants professionals to review this case and to explain. They want media input. But, as it has always been, Natalie, the true case victim, is not the priority. 
Readers, thank you, and I welcome your emails and reviews. I do appreciate your input. Your voice is important in regards to this story. I offer another huge thank you to radio and to TV's INSIDE EDITION! Although Inside Edition treaded lightly, they did oblige a responsibility to a high-profile, compelling mystery.


  1. Wow, Marti, I couldn't agree with you more!

  2. Robert Wagner's lie about the broken wine bottle leads one to wonder, "What else, if anything, did he lie about?" This case needs to be reopened as soon as possible.