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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Natalie Wood, 31 Years Gone Today, But Not Forgotten

All Natalie Wood fans have their memories of when they discovered her and how they've never forgotten her. I have been one of them since I fell in awe of her when I was 10 years old. How ironic that many years later, I would become the person spending every spare moment for decades trying to give Natalie her rightful place in her own Hollywood history. Natalie Wood did not abuse her social evening 31 years ago and accidentally fall off a boat while attending to a dinghy late at night. For 31 years only one person in Natalie's family cared about learning the truth of how Natalie ended up floating in a cove on Sunday morning, Nov. 29, 1981, and that person is Natalie's sister, Lana. Natalie's other family members cling to 'accident' maybe because that's all they can handle emotionally. Finally, after 30 years, as the facts and truth are being investigated, I think of Natalie, as always. She is the person who was robbed of life.

She left behind a cherished family and lost being able to share in their lives. She left behind her good health, which her autopsy report indicated could have been a long, naturally healthy life. She left behind virtually all of her hard-earned, acquired belongings and wealth, bequeathed in a will to her husband who did nothing to help save her from drowning, and would begin dating another woman within weeks after Natalie's death. She left behind a career and millions of fans who had hoped to be entertained by Natalie for decades to come. She left behind a death case that was not investigated properly, and then became a subject matter almost a burden to keep hearing about. But people will keep hearing about it, I'm sure, for as long as a Natalie Wood fan remains, which will most likely be far, far into the future, for, most of all, Natalie left behind a name her fans will never let be forgotten. She was that special, that captivating, that legendary.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Natalie Wood's Reopened Case: A Year's Review

It was a year ago tonight I was rushed off to New York to open the Today Show the next morning with Dennis Davern and then to answer questions for the next 36 hours in various interviews (with no sleep) regarding the reopening of the Natalie Wood case. Today is a year since the night the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department released its announcement that the 30-year old Wood case would officially be reopened. Their news conference followed the next day while a media frenzy ensued. No one was more enthused than I was over the possibility, the opportunity, for Natalie Wood to finally get what she deserved: a thorough investigation. ....................................................................................................................................................................................... Through the years as I pursued the case, many peripheral “experts” had suggested my efforts for Natalie were in vain. Maybe on my part it was naivety causing me to always turn a deaf ear to the unconvinced, but my basic sense of the meaning of justice prevailed. Maybe it was pure stubbornness. In any case, close to three decades of trying finally brought the amazing day of November 17, 2011 to an outcome Natalie deserved since November 29, 1981 when she was found floating facedown in a Catalina Island cove. Many pundits became as equally enthused as I was on November 17th last year, but that’s not to say there was no obstinacy from the get-go. ................................................................................................................................................................................................ Interest in Natalie’s case faded fast by January 2012 upon a heedless comment released by LASD spokesperson, Steve Whitmore, who publicly suggested the Wood case status had been based upon a book publicity stunt. Whitmore’s statement made no sense whatsoever. Why would a financially-struggling sheriff’s department reopen a high profile closed case in cahoots with a publishing company and/or its authors? It was obvious Whitmore's statement was some sort of maneuver, and the lead detectives on the case were not associated, nor impressed with him. Valid evidence existed, and it was enough to bring the sheriff to order a reexamination of Natalie's case. And further, the book, my book, at the forefront of Whitmore’s insulting comment, had been published two years before the decision to reopen the case. I had put in a lot of work post GNGS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ................................................................................................................................... Uninformed media comments were exasperating to hear and read about while I remained completely confident about what was really transpiring within the LASD: a true investigation for Natalie Wood. The Whitmore fiasco, however, seemed to become the prevailing consensus of the Wood case status. Despite LASD Chief of Detectives, William McSweeney, having retracted Whitmore’s comment within days, and claiming the case would remain open, media and public perception changed. For those who believed the case reopening had been contrived and all but closed again, they were in for a stunning surprise come July 2012 when news leaked that Natalie’s death certificate was to be officially changed from accidental to undetermined by the authority of the L.A. Medical Examiner’s office. I gave a brief interview on July 7, 2012 for Good Morning America and stated the death certificate change was huge for the Wood investigation. I also interviewed with FishbowlLA, but that was the extent of my media participation on the matter of the death certificate change. Renewed interest continued into September 2012 when 48 Hours repeated part of their interview with Dennis Davern that had aired in November 2011. This month of November marks the 31st anniversary of Natalie’s death and all is quiet. Other authors who’ve previously written about Natalie’s demise, then moved on to other ventures, usually resurface when news about Natalie’s case is released. Yet, the truest experts on the Wood case these days are the new detectives assigned to the case. I've met them. They are mission-minded. ...................................................................................................................................................................................................... Upon hearing that Natalie’s case was no longer labeled accidental, many consultants finally caught on and started saying, “there must be something to this.” Well, yes, of course, there is “something to this!” Natalie’s case reopening was and is based on a serious effort to understand what went wrong that long-ago, fateful weekend. ...................................................................................................................................................................................................... Since the Wood case reopened, several developments have been reported, and most of the reports are true if not confirmed. New witnesses have come forward. The Wagner family has not been as cooperative as their initial statement suggested they would be. The statement Robert Wagner’s spokesperson released immediately following the LASD press conference last year turned out to be a thinly-veiled criticism of Dennis Davern and our book, and little else. Spokesman, Alan Nierob, had claimed: "They (Wagner family) fully support the efforts of the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. and trust they will evaluate whether any new information relating to the death of Natalie Wood Wagner is valid, and that it comes from a credible source or sources other than those simply trying to profit from the 30 year anniversary of her tragic death." Natalie’s only family member known thus far to welcome the new investigation is Natalie’s sister, Lana Wood, but Lana was not present the night her sister died. Robert Wagner was. For all the years he has claimed to not know how his late wife died, one would think he would offer all the knowledge he could about the tragic night in question. He has tapped his recall and memory to write two books now, one on the market and one in the wings, yet has contributed nothing beyond his statement to the investigation he claimed to “fully support?” ..................................................................................................................................................................................................... Dennis Davern has volunteered his support and assistance by cooperating with authorities this entire past year, whenever called upon. Although it was not supposed to be revealed publicly, a private citizen had filmed Dennis as he boarded the Splendour with case detectives in Honolulu this past summer, and 48 Hours Mystery used the footage on their September 2012 repeat of an interview with Dennis from last year. Dennis had traveled to Hawaii to support Natalie’s case, to offer all he possibly could, to show he was willing to “relive” the long-ago tragic night in an effort to recall anything he may have missed. Dennis has defined the true meaning of the words cooperation and support. .................................................................................................................................................................................................... The information I’ve mentioned in this summary thus far is nothing that hasn’t already been suggested and reported throughout this past year, although most of the reports gathered little attention, as if Natalie’s death-review is something that was meant to go away again. It will never go away until answers are provided, but the LASD is not obligated to answer to anyone but Natalie’s immediate family. Since the only person within Natalie’s family interested in answers is Lana Wood, she may be the only person to learn about the many things the public will be deprived of unless there is a major breakthrough in the case. ..................................................................................................................................................................................................... Yet to be explained is the answer to why Natalie’s death certificate was changed a few months ago. The change is a major development in the case, although it may seem like a small feat for an entire year’s work. There is nothing small, however, about eliminating the word “accidental” from Natalie’s death certificate. Natalie’s bruises should have been thoroughly investigated from the start, as all of the previous theories such as “clinging to a dinghy” or “bumping against rocks” have obviously been deemed unlikely. After much research and studying Natalie’s autopsy report, I explained in Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour (with the help of Dr. Lyndon Taylor), Natalie’s bruises appeared to be of classic domestic violence nature. The bruises on the backs of her legs appear to be combat bruising. The small circular bruises at her ankles appear to be fingerprints. The scratch at her neck and the numerous other bruising indicates a possible altercation. There were over two dozen bruises on Natalie's body when she was pulled from the ocean: bruises not logically accounted for in 1981. A large four-inch bruise on Natalie’s arm reeks of a defensive wound. Her facial abrasion had to derive from a semi-rough surface, such as a rug, or a deck recently coated with non-skid? My research led me to believe Natalie’s bruises occurred while still aboard her yacht, and it’s apparent the new medical examiner agrees her bruises are of a suspicious nature – enough to change a death certificate. And what also comes into question within this new investigation is Natalie’s time of death. I suppose the new medical examiner has a strong professional opinion concerning Natalie’s estimated time of death, which had not been explored previously. Natalie deserved this new, professional evaluation. The authorities are much more knowledge now concerning Natalie's mystery death. Although Natalie’s death is now officially labeled undetermined, which is a huge step in the process, there is more information to be determined. A 30-year old case full of speculation, lies, and deceit is not solved overnight. This lingering mystery case is still being investigated. Yes, there's "something to this." Otherwise, this case would have been filed closed again. It remains open. ...................................................................................................................................................................................................... For now, the most important thing is that Natalie is getting what she long ago and always deserved: a dedicated, thorough investigation, and I for one, am willing to be patient awaiting the final results. I had pleaded with the initial investigators on Natalie’s case to take another look at the details, and when they refused, I released Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour in an effort to bring attention to Natalie’s quickly closed case. When my book failed to arouse official interest, I spent the next two years condensing the vital information I had gathered and then provided it to the LASD along with a petition through the attorney who had started the petition. Within a month, Natalie’s case was reopened, and officially announced one year ago today. The case has come a long way, and is still open, and being worked. The LASD, as far as I know, is still interested in solving the mystery of Natalie Wood’s death.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lana Wood to honor sister Natalie at Castro Theatre, 429 Castro St., S.F.

http://www.sfgate.com/movies/article/Lana-Wood-reminisces-about-Natalie-Bond-4001462.phpething Lana has been through it all in regard to her sister's career, life and "mysterious" death. Although the interviewer of this article has it wrong about WHEN the case reopened, overall, most of the questions asked are interesting. It has been a year since the Wood case was reopened (which started a few weeks before the official announcement) and, as each case is different, this one carries 30 years of misconceptions with it. This case is taking so much time for good reason. Natalie is getting what she deserved all along.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I also agree

Another Review: This following 3-star review of GNGS is appreciated. I fully realize why some people would get frustrated with the way I told the story of how I learned all the details about Natalie's death. I decided to tell the story the way I experienced the story as I actually wanted the reader to comprehend the frustration I experienced. I endured disappointments and frustration for over 20 years! Anyone annoyed with the way I told about it is experiencing what I experieced. Only thing is: it takes only a few days to read a book. I went through the "soap opera" drama for over two decades. I appreciate that this person "gets it" -- what happened to Natalie is truthfully told in GNGS and I appreciate this review. By mea - Verified Purchase This review is from: Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour (Hardcover) I recently purchased this as a used paperback. I received a hardbook in very good condition for the price I paid for it. I do believe the author did a very good job putting the story together as it was told to her by Dennis Davern. I did have a problem with the soap opera way the story was conveyed to us (the public). Every 10 years or so he would divulge another piece of his story. What I found shameful was the fact that three men onboard the yacht that night let a beautiful woman drown. Because I feel they all were guilty of a crime whether they were drunk or not. Shame on the police for accepting their story at face value. There should have been a thorough investigation at the time. Hopefully they are doing one now.

I agree :-)

Latest Amazon Review of Wagner's book:(A perceptive one) By Ed Ray - Pieces of My Heart: A Life (Paperback) I was disgusted with the vulgar crude offensive language Wagner used in this book. I was interested in Natalie Wood and the night of her drowning. On the dedication page Wagner dedicated the book to his three daughters,His mother,His sister and Jill - The wonderful women who have been the meaning of my life. No mention of Natalie? It seemed strange to omit Natalie who he wed twice and was with on the last night of her life. He did talk about her in the book but for the most part the book was lewd and disgusting. I had previously read Good Bye Natalie Good Bye Splendour written by Marti Rulli I strongly suggest that book for any one wanting to know the truth about Natalie Wood's death. As for pieces of my heart ,It's Pure garbage save your money.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

FishbowlLA article on 48 Hours Natalie Wood segment

http://www.mediabistro.com/fishbowlla/natalie-wood-48-hours-robert-wagner-dennis-davern-suzanne-winstad-marti-rulli-splendour_b71708# Here's an accurate article from reporter Richard Horgan, co-editor at FishbowlLA who obviously has a grasp on the developments in the Natalie Wood case.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Natalie Wood Case Continues

http://www.insideedition.com/entertainment/5047-more-clues-emerge-in-the-death-of-natalie-wood Inside Edition's announcement tonight on their show about the new "breaking news" in the Natalie Wood case. Just want to set the record straight. None of this "new evidence" is new. It was published in Finstad's 2001 Wood biography and I explained in my book, Goodbye Natalie, how this supposed revelation from Dennis now being aired all came about in 1992. This is not valid evidence for the ongoing investigation, as it's hearsay, and will have no bearing on the important facts the authorities have gathered.

Natalie Wood investigation is ongoing

Audio Tapes Reveal New Information On Natalie Wood’s Death « CBS Los Angeles

Audio Tapes Reveal New Information On Natalie Wood’s Death « CBS Los Angeles

48 HOURS airing this Sat. night on CBS is based on private recordings belonging to author Suzanne Finstad she made while researching her Natalie Wood biography "Natasha." Suzanne involved herself with extensive research while writing her book but NEVER spoke with the ONLY eye and ear witness to Natalie's final hour aboard the Splendour. Dennis Davern did NOT participate with Finstad's efforts. Thus, her book was published using hearsay accounts of some people she secretly recorded. Thus, her secret tapes are worthless to the ongoing investigation, but of course will make for interesting TV.

Dennis and I interviewed with 48 Hours last year and most likely they will show parts of Dennis's interview where he was open and honest about his account of the tragic night Natalie died. Finstad was unable to provide Dennis's account about the night Natalie died and although her work is appreciated for its effort, it is not valuable to the investigation. The authorities involved with the reopened case have Dennis Davern's full cooperation, who did not and will not participate in any further media interviews until the case is determined. The only reason Dennis and I released our book or involved ourselves with media over the years was to try to get the case reopened to begin with, and then after it was reopened, to try to keep the facts in line. Everything else is speculation and, although interesting, not pertinent. What IS a fact is that the LASD is working diligently for Natalie Wood, the VICTIM whose death is now in undetermined status. In 2001, Finstad called me, pleading for the facts for the ending of her book, I supposed because even she sensed she didn't have all the facts. We saved the sensitive facts for the LASD, and never once shared them with the media. Patience is key. The LASD is doing its job. Natalie Wood's death is in good hands.    

Friday, August 24, 2012

Aug 24 Latest Review at Amazon for Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Spendour (THANK YOU!)

5.0 out of 5 stars When will our beloved Natalie Wood receive Justice?, August 24, 2012 By Eddy Greenberg - Amazon Verified Purchase This review is from: Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour Paperback) This book which was accomplished by Marti Rulli evolved over many painstaking years of grinding investigation. Marti Rulli was not a writer who was emotionally detached from her subject. In fact Marti Rulli and Dennis Davern (the Splendor's Captain) loved Natalie Wood consistently enough to mount every obstacle in their way; to tell us in the most authoritative way possible what actually happened to Natalie on the night of November 29th. 1981. I am totally convinced that Natalie did not die from the original official version of "Tragic Accident". That was hogwash from an L.A. Sheriff and Coroner who were at the least incompetent, if not entirely corrupted by celebrity injustice. The original inquiry in what was called an investigation was closed in less than two weeks. Frankly outrageous! Now when the investigation was re-opened in Nov. 2011 the floodgates of information opened up and the hundreds of thousands who loved Natalie are screaming for her justice!! She was allowed to die and could have been saved. So in early July her cause of death was changed to "undetermined", after over 30 years! Marti Rulli has given us a prima facie case outline. An unforgettable read. I have a towering respect for Marti Rulli and Amazon books for making it available.

Natalie Wood Author Reacts to Death Certificate Change - FishbowlLA

Natalie Wood Author Reacts to Death Certificate Change - FishbowlLA

This reporter, Richard Horgan, of FishbowlLA has been very supportive of Natalie's case since it was reopened last November. I really appreciate articles that recognize the effort involved. Too many years have passed, but Natalie's case is at least still open for anything new that might be learned and/or developed. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Status Change in Natalie Wood Case

The announcement that Natalie Wood's death certificate has officially been changed from accident to undetermined is huge. Natalie deserves this change. Facts should be attached to her legacy. It would be virtually impossible for Natalie to have acquired the type of bruising found on her body by a fall from a boat. The change in her death status also shows that the initial investigation into Natalie's death was closed far too fast with lingering questions. Some of those questions have been answered. Natalie's death is no longer considered accident: it is considered undetermined how she acquired her bruises. The 1981 initial investigation into Natalie Wood's death was incompetent. Because it's decades later, it makes it all the more difficult for the current detectives to sort through the trail of evidence over a 30 year period. I am pleased the department added in their announcement that there are "other undetermined factors" involved in Natalie's case, as those "other things" are what they will continue to work on. The LASD is not closing Natalie's case. Obviously, there is more to explore. In the meantime, this development is huge for Natalie Wood's legacy. She did not "get drunk and fall off a boat," as a couple of books would have us believe. No one ever thought Natalie's case would be reopened. It was. And, it will remain open until other conclusions can be determined. If that can't be done, at least we now know, although no suspects have been named, that Natalie's death is a suspicious one. Otherwise, this case would've been closed-up. It is remaining open for the right reasons. The medical examiner has been able to make a determination. Hopefully, the LASD detectives will be able to continue working from there.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Natalie Wood Newsmaker! AJ Hammer Interview

Found this at YouTube...it's more of what was previously shown. AJ Hammer is a great interviewer. Lots of these media personalities really seemed to care. Some didn't but many would display their own opinions after the interviews, and most were pleased Natalie's case was reopened.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Natalie Wood - a haunting death

I prefer to remember Natalie the way she appears in this photograph. I like to think of her entertaining and compelling screen work, and I like the photos where she is smiling and simply stands out as a trendsetter. But when I look at photos of Natalie, especially like this one, I can't help picturing her face in the dark of the ocean. I often think about the tragic story behind this woman's death and how everyone finds the story so compelling, no matter individual opinions. But, whoever is commenting, or thinking, or reasoning about any part of Natalie's life or death, how can they look at a photo like this and not feel the sheer unfairness of the way this woman lost her life and what she may have endured in the moments or hours before she died? It's a haunting death. There's a new book out about Marilyn Monroe. The word murder comes into play again. Unlike Marilyn's death which is shrouded in conspiracy, Marilyn's death is not comparable to Natalie's. No one knows who may have visited Marilyn. No one knows how her diary went missing. No one knows who really saw Marilyn last alive. No one knows if Marilyn willingly took pills. In Natalie's case, we know much more about the circumstances and activity leading to her disappearance from her yacht. We know -- from her husband himself -- about an angry outburst and a wine bottle being smashed. We know Natalie was deathly afraid of water (her cry from the grave), and we know Natalie, who had drunk as many glasses of wine as she drank the night she died many times before, would never have left her yacht willingly wearing a nightgown sans underwear. We know Natalie's body when found was full of bruises, totally overlooked by a sheriff's department and a medical examiner, despite her bruises were inconsistent with a fall from a yacht, and a total impossibility from trying to mount a dinghy. Natalie's socks would never have remained on her feet in that scenario. There is so much more than theory and "conspiracy" in figuring out Natalie's death. In my opinion, her death is no where as complicated as the so-called experts claim it to be. We know who last saw her. And there's so much more. Whoever tells me all this isn't enough will forever astound me.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Natalie Wood Birthday

Natalie would have been 74 Years old today, July 20, 2012. Had her life not been taken this may have been one of her happiest birthdays ever as a grandmother. I don't think she would've looked much different than she does in the above photograph. I think she would've aged beautifully. Her eyes seem to speak to you in her movies and in photographs. She shared her talent with the world, and I bet she would have given her fans many more movies to come had she lived. It's over 30 years now since Natalie's been gone and it's heart-wrenching to think about how 30 years can be applied to a life, especially for someone as gifted and full of life as Natalie was. It's been said Natalie packed more living into her 43 years than ten people put together could accomplish, but that kind of talk is a cop out in my opinion. There's no rationalizing her death with such statements. Yes, she lived an exciting life, but, no, she didn't get to experience all she truly deserved. She didn't get to share her young daughters' lives with them. She didn't get to see her first grandchild born. She didn't get to hold her teenage daughters when they could use a mother's comforting hug. Sure, Natalie was a woman of the world: she made movies, she traveled near and far, she had been honored for her career accomplishments, and she knew and socialized with many of the most famous people ever. But she didn't get to finish what made her happiest: sharing her life with her children. Being a mother was the happiest part of Natalie's life and offered her the most contentment, as she had said many times. In Natalie's own words she wrote: What I want most is to be like the girl next door, with a home, someone who loves me, and children. For Natalie, I'm glad she got to experience her greatest hope for the time she did, but she was a healthy woman and most likely could have lived to be blowing out candles atop a birthday cake this very day. It's beyond sad.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nice way to remember Natalie Wood

Came across this site... the top five people you'd like to sit and have a drink with and talk with. Top favorites are listed, and interestingly, Natalie Wood comes in at number 25. Oh yes, one of my top five would include Natalie as well(although I didn't participate at site). http://www.biography.com/people/short-list/who-are-the-5-famous-people-youd-like-to-have-drinks-with

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Natalie Wood Autopsy Information

Certainly in an investigation an autopsy report provides evidence that can be used to come to conclusions about questions that stem from varying witness accounts. Suzanne Finstad's book was first to suggest Coast Guard Rescuer Roger Smith claimed to have located the drifting dinghy. Restaurant employee Don Whiting always claimed to have discovered the dinghy with Natalie not aboard. Here in this copied page from Natalie's autopsy it is reported that Don Whiting described the condition of the dinghy when HE found it. Interestingly, this section of the report does not have Natalie "covered with a blanket" either, as Roger Smith claimed, but with a plastic sheet. Her coat was not on her body. When Dennis identified Natalie's body, her body was already at the Hyperbaric Chamber (used by the Island divers) and Natalie's eyes were still open, a sight that haunts him to this day. Some witnesses' recollections, no matter how "nice" or "professional" they are or claim to be, are sometimes off. There isn't a thing Dennis has said over the years that hasn't remained consistent, and his claims always pan out to correspond with official reports. When I gathered witness statements to submit to the LASD, despite what I personally thought about varying accounts, I did NOT influence, suggest any changes, or make ANY claims that weren't the EXACT words of the witnesses or parties contributing to the package I sent through an attorney to the LASD. There was one witness (from the 1981 weekend) whose report I withheld from the package only because his statement involved the forensic studies I didn't want revealed immediately so as not to convolute the package and possibly hurt its chances of being read (the LASD is a busy place.) That person's statement has been of great value in understanding the many theories in Natalie's case. Also claimed on Natalie's autopsy report is that there was NO Rigor Mortis when her body was pulled from the ocean at 7:44 A.M. the morning of Nov. 29, 1981. Natalie drowned, which means for some extent of time, whether minutes or hours, she had to have been alive while in the water. Hopefully professionals can come to some sort of conclusion for that question.

Friday, July 13, 2012

New Browser

Sorry my blog was down recently. There was actually a security breach and Blogger shut it down for me. I had to contact Blogger for them to send me a new security code to restore it. All original material at my blog is also copyrighted automatically and I was notified from my copyright source of the breach as well. I have no clue who may have been behind the breach. What's here is visible for all to see. The reason I cannot provide line breaks in posts at this time is because every time I try to download a new browser, it doesn't seem to take. I'll keep working at it. Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Liz Smith's Opinion on Natalie Wood Interest


Information is widespread

There is plenty of information across the world wide web about the breaking news last Friday that Natalie's case status is to be changed from accidental to undetermined. The LASD is remaining tight-lipped because they still have an open case to work, but the intrigue about Natalie's death grows, and I hope one day we, the public, are offered some type of answer that brings some closure. Of course, I see progress. If the death certificate is changed, at least Natalie's death will be classified more accurately. Her accidental status was based on quick theories alone. Her death deserved "undertermined" from the start. Of course I've been reading all the articles and watching the videos during this period of interest. Of course I've had little else on my mind, but then, tonight over dinner, the fog was broken by my five-year old (soon to be six) grandson, we call Gooch. I haven't cooked for the past few days so tonight I made something I haven't cooked in years because I'm not really a fan of red meat: a London broil with mushrooms and onions. Sides were red potatoes, corn, dinner rolls, and like his older brother, Gooch likes applesauce with dinner. As we were finishing, Gooch said, "That was all good." When we asked what he liked best about the meal, he answered, "The chicken." The little things. Wish Natalie could have been able to experience more of them, especially as a grandmother. I like when she is remembered, but the LASD needs the time and space to finish their work. We will have to stand by their final conclusion.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Wagner not named a suspect

http://www.tmz.com/2012/07/09/natalie-wood-death-certificate-robert-wagner-foul-play-suspect/ This TMZ report is what the LASD must say at this point. The changing of the death certificate is significant and shows progress, but at this point of the investigation, which if it were at a dead end as reported here, would not still be open open and active, Wagner cannot be named a suspect. The case is open and active because it is not over with. This change in the status of the case is progress. What the LASD wants is the space and time to finish their investigation thoroughly.

GMA segment I interviewed for


CBS this morning on Natalie Wood Case

Sunday, July 8, 2012

LA Times Article on Natalie Wood's Case


Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's a start

The Natalie Wood case status has been changed from accidental to undetermined. There's a good reason why, which will soon be explained. The LASD is still working this case, and has been actively pursuing it throughout the past six months, and this is progress. This means they no longer believe Natalie's drowning was accidental. I believe the public had a right to know this. Of course, I cannot disclose private details about the case, but this is proof the case is still very much active and will remain open. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/07/natalie-wood-cause-of-death_n_1656169.html?icid=maing-grid10%7Chtmlws-main-bb%7Cdl2%7Csec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D176572

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Dream about Natalie

Woke up about 6 AM to darkness and roaring thunder. Thunder subsided and it rained. When the thunder awakened me, I was in the middle of a dream about Natalie Wood. I can remember only (maybe) two times ever dreaming about Natalie, although I spent so many decades with her on my mind. Sometimes it annoys me that I don't dream about her, as I do believe many insights are found in dreams. After all, what we dream about stems from our very own minds: how could dreams not be an indication of deepest thoughts or questions? I usually have pleasant dreams, sometimes detailed and sometimes very complicated with many stories going on at once, but rarely unpleasant. I'm grateful for that as I know some people who have terrible nightmares. I have typical dreams, I suppose. But then, I'm so surprised sometimes about what vividly comes through in my dreams. For instance, this past Father's Day: I didn't dream about my own father (who passed away when I was 4) or my Uncle Jim who helped raise me (who passed away when I was 12). I dreamt about Mr. Ziomek, the father of two of my friends in the 1960's. In real life, Mr. Ziomek owned a bar across from NJ's "Garden State Race Track" (now gone) and was wealthy. When my Uncle Jim was very sick in the 60's, I lived with the Ziomek family for a summer but Mr. Ziomek was hardly around as he worked long hours. But, most every weekend, he would drive us all to the Jersey shore, give us money for the boardwalk, and then treat us all to dinner on the way home. That's about all I really remember about Mr. Ziomek, other than the trips on his boat. In my dream this past Father's Day, Mr. Ziomek put his arm around me and said "I treated you like one of my own because you really were a family member to all of us" (the Ziomeks were a family of five). And that was it. I rarely consciously think about Mr. Ziomek, and haven't seen or talked with his surviving family for 25 years, so to have had such a vivid dream of him on Father's Day only showed me how much I must appreciate him, as our subconscious minds really do remind us of things we forget about in waking life. I was reminded by that dream of how much Mr. Ziomek made me feel secure when at 9 years old, my family was scattered because of illness and I really was frightened of what might come. Mr. Ziomek had a beautiful boat, a 36-foot cabin cruiser, and his family took me on many cruises throughout the summers between 1960 and 1964. He taught us how to fish and how to respect the ocean while boating. I remember making ham and cheese sandwiches in the galley with his daughters (my friends), and remember climbing up to the flying bridge to get a bit cooler up there on the hottest days. We sometimes cruised to an Island for dinner where there was nothing but the restaurant. I recall the peacocks that walked around the Island and we kids would try to find the biggest peacock feathers on the ground to take home. So, last night, when I dreamt about Natalie, how strange that the dream tied in with Mr. Ziomek, two people totally not connected in any way other than in the recesses of my mind. In this dream, I was on Mr. Ziomek's boat with Natalie, but he was not there. It was me and Natalie sitting up on the fly bridge and looking down at the water. A Great White swam by and I told Natalie I had just read on the Internet about sightings of sharks off the coast of Cape Cod (which I had just read about in real life, so this is how our subconscious minds process things for dreams) and Natalie says, "I'm afraid of sharks and that's why I never go in the ocean." And I asked, "Were you afraid of sharks the night you floated in the ocean?" (Guess I somehow knew in this dream I was talking to the ghost of Natalie.) "No, I was afraid for my daughters. I didn't know what they would do without me." Then, Natalie looked down at the water again and said, "I died in it faster than you think, I died from fear." At this point of my dream, I was spooked. Then my eyes popped open when I heard a loud burst of thunder. This dream will stay with me all day, I'm sure.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

goodbye natalie goodbye splendour

This video is not available on YouTube. Hopefully you will be able to view it here at my blog, as although it was made for YouTube, it was put up for private viewing only. I'm sharing it because I think the high school students who created this video as a combined class project did a great job. It was made by students who had invited me for a question and answer session regarding Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour in December 2011. The session combined a history class, an English class, and a forensics class, probably over a hundred students attended the session. It was an interesting afternoon, and I commend the students for their genuine interest in Natalie Wood.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Amazing errors still prevail in Natalie Wood case

http://www.nationalenquirer.com/celebrity/king-coroner-natalie-wood-death-confidential This National Enquirer article includes some accuracies and some errors. Ironically, but not surprisingly, many witnesses from the weekend Natalie died have always told varying accounts. Some have said the water was rough (including Wagner), and some have said the ocean was calm. Some say there was loud partying into late night, and others claim it was a quiet, slow holiday weekend. Some say Wagner was frightenly drunk and others claim he drank little. Some have said Natalie was in the dinghy alone, and others say differently. A coroner says she was weighed down by a down jacket, but others know that's not likely. It is differing accounts such as these, as each person's recall varies and tends to create further questions, which makes it so difficult to gather facts. Thus, in a professional investigation, what occurs is that the investigators listen to all the varying accounts, sort through what can be proven accurate or not, and then what is left and what is reasonable becomes the logical deduction, especially in a 30 year-old case. Because Natalie was so famous, some people want in on the historical event of her mysterious death simply to be a part of it. All I can do is smile when I read lines like, "after months of rampant speculation, the case was quietly closed." The many things needing to be sorted out relating to Natalie's death ARE being sorted. And now Noguchi is back. I wish I had known what I know about him now before GNGS was published. Dr. Lyndon Taylor, my "Island source" witness who was moored near the Splendour the Thanksgiving weekend of Nov. 1981 is the best of the best of them, in every scientific and intellectual way possible, in providing data surrounding the case. My "party of four" witness, Dennis Davern, who spent the entire weekend amongst all that transpired, and passed a certified polygraph test for his account, are the two people worth their truths and facts in this sensationalized, tragic event. I'm glad I trusted these two and believed them. While I presented others' accounts, it is the accounts of Lyndon Taylor and Dennis Davern which remain most valid. I'm glad the truth about the weekend Natalie perished is available in GNGS.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Natalie Wood case reopened: Dennis Davern Interview

I had never seen this interview until tonight. There had been such a media frenzy last Nov. 18th and we had been thrust into the middle of it so quickly that we didn't want to say anything that might hurt the case. This interview is all Dennis, as he was being interviewed by certain reporters in Florida while I was in New York.

We didn't know the LASD was going to give a press conference as quickly as they decided to, so I learned about the announcement on Thursday night, Nov. 17 around 8 pm, and was told to get prepared to leave for NY at 3 AM. While waiting to leave, my phone rang constantly. Reporters from as far away as Japan were calling, and they weren't just calling me -- they were calling my neighbors on the street, asking them to bang on my door!

While all this was transpiring, our spokesperson and I couldn't get in touch with Dennis, who had turned his phone off for a good night's sleep. He had early work, but other plans were in the works. I was unable to sleep at all before being picked up about 3:30 am and driven off to NY, but at least I had time to shower and prepare while trying to wrap my head around the media explosion. On my way to NY, I tried calling
Dennis constantly to no avail.

What happened was, a car was sent to Dennis's house and they banged on his door until he answered around 6 am. He was told to not shower, not shave...just brush his teeth and get into the car as a studio camera was waiting for him about a half hour away. By this time, I was in the green room at the Today Show, hoping Dennis had learned about what was going on. I did not want to interview without him, but under the circumstances, it might've worked out better, because Dennis had already talked with the detectives, as had I, but we hadn't talked with them about what we should or shouldn't reveal. We did not want to interfere with the task they had undertaken. Yet, we didn't want media running away with the breaking news and getting facts wrong. But, that would definitely happen in the long run.

Dennis appeared unprepared and not freshened-up on the Today Show because there had been no time. I sounded weary on the show because I hadn't slept in 24 hours. I would not sleep until that night in a NY hotel room after interviewing at 6 different studios that day and also giving several phone interviews inbetween. I was beat with no sleep for almost 40 hours by the time I checked into a hotel, and then had to wake up at 5 am for two shows the next Saturday morning on the 19th. My family barely heard from me as all this was happening, but I did text home occasionally to say, "This is insane, but I'm okay!"  It truly was a whirlwind, and I couldn't believe it was happening. On that Friday afternoon, at an Entertainment Tonight interview, they filmed me watching the press conference announcement that officially told about Natalie's case being reopened. It was surreal.

When Dennis says in this interview "it wasn't my idea to reopen the case -- they called me" he is being honest about that. When I had prepared documents for the LASD, Dennis had been cooperative but never believed anyone would take us seriously. They did, and after they did, Dennis was stunned, relieved, and ever so grateful. In this interview, he is more relaxed than he was at the break of day on Nov. 18, 2011 being thrust in front of a camera and told, you're on in 45 seconds (for the Today Show), and I believe this interview was from the same day.

The Natalie Wood case is still being investigated. Hopefully, we will hear later this year what is being uncovered.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Natalie's Granddaughter, Clover

http://celebritybabies.people.com/2012/06/04/barry-watson-natasha-gregson-wagner-welcome-daughter-clover-clementyne/ Congratulations to Natalie's daughter Natasha and Barry Watson on the birth of their baby girl, Clover Clementyne, a name inspired by "Inside Daisy Clover" (Daisy would've been a cute name, too, but Clover is so different: good choice), AND congratulations to People Magazine for keeping this brief announcement of the birth about nothing more than the birth.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Natalie Wood Loved Her Mother and Her Daughters

Natalie Wood loved her mother, who she affectionately called "Mud" and, although published variations of Natalie's relationship with Mud might leave one believing there was a deep, dark side to their relationship, the mother/daughter affinity was rather comfortable and always respectful in "real life." I have read Natalie's very own words about her mother, and Natalie always comprehended the true extent of her mother's part in having helped establish her young show business career. But it was Natalie herself who made her own decisions after she reached young adulthood. Natalie wisely accepted the downside of stardom by considering the option: was it worth giving up completely? For Natalie, no. She had a lot to offer by way of her natural talent. So she chose to go on hiatus only when she felt it necessary for her personal life. Motherhood was always her priority, and she just as wisely chose to not return to a demanding part until her youngest was in school. Natalie was a conscientious mother and a loving daughter, always. Being a Mom was the most important part of her life...the only unconditional love she was ever given, just as she loved her mother unconditionally. The truest tragedy for Natalie is that she was robbed of motherhood, grandmotherhood, and all the joys that go along with it. In an idealistic "afterlife" Natalie today is walking through a beautiful field of flowers, setting up for a quaint picnic in a soft grassy spot as the sun shines brightly through a warm breeze, and she is holding hands with the woman she always loved; her mom. They are smiling and excited about the coming birth of their grand and great granddaughter.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Yahoo's Article on Courtney Wagner Arrest

http://omg.yahoo.com/blogs/now/natalie-wood-daughter-courtney-wagner-arrested-cocaine-heroin-165334086.html This article is a bit more detailed, but also includes misinformation about the status of the Natalie Wood case. I look forward to an official answer in the Natalie Wood case reinvestigation.

Courtney Wagner Arrested

Courtney Wagner Arrested: Natalie Wood's Daughter Charged With Cocaine, Heroin Possession

In this Huffington Post article, a news source for AOL news highlights on a daily basis, I am stunned at the inaccuracies offered in this article. First of all, the article tags the name Jack Wagner while celebrity Jack Wagner has absolutely nothing to do with the Wagner/Wood family. In the article there's a comment of, "like mother like daughter" which is extremely disturbing. Natalie Wood was a woman of class and dignity, and never involved in an illegal drug arrest with a gun involved. What is happening to journalism? Who writes for these sources we depend upon for accurate news? In this article, from the Huffington Post no less, we are told that the reopening of Natalie's case last November has been closed and determined an accidental death. NOTHING has been determined in regard to the case being reopened last November, and NOTHING has OFFICIALLY been announced on the determination of the results of the new investigation. What was released in January 2012 from a department spokesperson was misleading, and when retracted, totally ignored by the sources the public relies upon for accuracy in reporting. I fear for the future of journalism based on the standards of today's reporting. The Natalie Wood case is an ongoing investigation.

As for Courtney Wagner being arrested under these type circumstances--drugs and guns involved--well I hope she realizes, and soon, that she's living dangerously and will make immediate changes in her life. She's a beautiful young woman still, with a much healthier future to look forward to than remaining with a man so irresponsible he would shoot a gun in her home. Thank goodness it was not a tragic scene.   

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

FishbowlLA article on Natalie Wood new investigation

Author Marti Rulli Revisits Natalie Wood Media Frenzy - FishbowlLA

This article by Richard Hogan is responsible coverage and interest in Natalie Wood's case since a few confusing statements were released from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department in January of this year. Natalie Wood's case is receiving the proper reinvestigation it deserves, which means a proper investigation takes time.

There will also be an article about Natalie Wood in the June edition of Marie Claire (British magazine edition) which will be available in May.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Latest 2-star review at Amazon

I appreciate reviews, even this one by Rebelmomi posted at Amazon on April 8th.

I have been a lover of Natalie Woods since I saw Rebel in 1970, when I was 10 years old. I remember when Sal was murdered, and then the curse of Rebel continued with the drowning of Nat in 81. What made me mad about this book was that it was one long tease. What did the skipper witnessed that night took 40 chapters to reveal. It could have been said in 5. The bottom line is they did a crappy job with the investigation, and nobody seems to care. Its 30 years later, and I doubt that Natalie will ever get justice.

The above review is obviously from someone who appreciates Natalie Wood and her work, and the reviewer realizes the injustice surrounding Natalie's mysterious drowning. I do take slight issue with the opinion the book is a tease because that was certainly not my intention, but I realize how some people may view it that way. I wrote the story the way I experienced the story.

Most readers can finish a book (and GNGS is standard length) in a few days or less. I wrote the book so that readers might feel the frustration I experienced for decades. Not being able to pull the entire truth from Dennis for close to a decade was excruciating. I knew from his comments something terrible had happened but I wasn't privy to details for many years. Talk about experiencing a tease! A reader can have the facts within a day from GNGS, but it took decades for me. I apologize if the frustration is actually experienced while reading, but it's also indicative that I conveyed the frustration actually experienced for years. 

I did my best to understand why Dennis just couldn't spit it out, but it was hell knowing he had such a tragic story so consciously buried but would trust no one with it. The frustration a GNGS reader might feel is exactly the frustration I wanted them to feel so that they might fully understand what a true chore it was to stick with a mission for facts to bring Natalie some degree of justice. It was also an effort to reveal the injustice bestowed upon Natalie in so many ways, from so many directions. She didn't deserve the mere theory, gossip, and rumor surrounding her death, but that was all she ever got based upon the prevailing lies of those present on the fateful cruise. Natalie's case was not investigated until now, and unlike this reviewer, I have faith Natalie will receive more justice at the end of the day.

My initial intention had been to expose and correct as much as I possibly could while going about my  everyday common life. I pushed and pulled until I learned the details of the covered-up truth, and then I did my best to substantiate what I had learned. I appreciate every opinion, every review, but to have experienced the past thirty years has really been something indescribable. I am proud of my genuine efforts for justice for Natalie, and will always remain so.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Enjoy the holiday weekend

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter/Passover weekend. Baseball is officially underway, and it should be a very interesting season ... may the best team win!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Christopher Walken would buy a yacht!

This news from last week was emailed to me and I thought I'd post it. It occurred during the mega millions frenzy. I can picture the light bulb maybe going off in Walken's head as he walked away from answering this question, asking himself, "Why on earth did I answer that way?"

But, it's actually a NORMAL response, indicating an INNOCENT response. Although I will always maintain the three surviving men of the fateful Nov. 1981 cruise should have been forthcoming with the authorities, I also remain convinced there is but one person of the three survivors whose lies are inexcusable.

Walken felt he had a lot to lose, being the up and rising star of the day. Dennis felt a total family would be destroyed as he had experienced problems processing between right and wrong for many comprehensible reasons. Each, however, should have simply been honest and not tried to protect anything or anybody, as truth eventually finds a way of unfolding.

In any case, Walken's answer may seem insensitive or inappropriate, but it's a rather normal response. Here's the question and answer report from TMZ (who incidentally is also inaccurately reporting that the subsequent investigation has been ruled accidental, as no official ruling on the new investigation has yet been reached. When it is, I will let you know.)

from TMZ, March 31:
Christopher Walken either has a dark sense of humor ... or a bad memory ... 'cause the guy says his Lotto dream is to buy a yacht. Sounds great ... until you remember he was on board Robert Wagner's infamous rented yacht when Natalie Wood mysteriously fell overboard and drowned back in 1981. Walken was never named as a suspect in the subsequent death investigation ... in fact, nobody was ... and investigators eventually ruled her death as an accident. »

- TMZ Staff   News from TMZ


Monday, February 27, 2012

The Hollywood Reporter article published last year: Natalie Wood case

Columbus Circle, NYC

I took this photo of Columbus Circle from the green room of the CNN studio at Time Warner building.

When I was in New York City November 18th late last year, the first day after the news of the reopening of the Natalie Wood case broke, I was inundated with appointments for the entire day, and when not being interviewed in studios, there were phone call interviews in-between. I had found a nearby hotel manager kind enough to offer me a back, quiet room in their lobby to use for making necessary phone call interviews in-between TV appointments, and in the middle of an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, I was cut off and couldn't get the reporter back on the phone. I never even knew if my partial interview would be used. Today, I came across this article, and I had not seen it until today. It's one of the best that had been published. Thank you to The Hollywood Reporter.


"The Artist" Wins Best Picture on Oscar Night

I watched the Oscars last night even though I haven't yet seen any of the movies nominated for best picture. Many friends, however, who've seen "The Artist" told me how thrilled they were with the entertaining movie, so I was glad to see it win. It's Bérénice Bejo who I think is so stunning, and I think that's because she reminds me of Natalie Wood. (I've heard other people say the same.) Of course, there is only one Natalie, but there's something so sparkling about this actress. 

I was wondering if the Academy might highlight, or even mention "West Side Story" being its 50th anniversary just passed, but they didn't. If they had, I think many people would've recognized similarities between the two actresses. There are moments I've seen of the movie "The Artist" where the resemblance is striking.   

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Goodbye Whitney Houston: Thank you again, Andrea Peyser

Supposed friends enabled Whitney Houston’s steady decline toward death - NYPOST.com

The best article I read about Whitney Houston's tragic death was written by NY Post Columnist, Andrea Peyser (link above). Andrea also wrote the most profound article about the reopening of the Natalie Wood case late last year.

Today, Whitney will be buried near her father in Westfield, NJ. May she rest in peace.

Whitney was found in a bathtub on Feb. 11th, and in her hotel suite were people -- her small entourage of employees and friends who traveled with her and helped to care for her. Sometimes even caring people are at a loss for "what to do." It wasn't until Whitney seemed to be taking extra long in the bathroom that someone in her entourage broke inside to investigate why Whitney was not answering knocks at the door. Understandably, Whitney's hired help would not be invited into a bathroom while Whitney bathed. It makes perfect sense that they would not have had reason to insist upon watching her bathe, unless they had actually witnessed Whitney consuming more pills than healthy before bathing. We don't know those circumstances. Andrea Peyser makes a good point, but often, employees and friends are simply unaware of or do not realize the extent of what is happening around them.

A cause of death has yet to be determined for Whitney's death, but most people expect to learn in the near future that drugs are to blame. Toxicology reports can require weeks, if not months.

When iconic stars pass tragically, there is always lots of speculation and rumors. Nancy Grace is taking some heat from media colleagues with her suggestion of possible foul play involved in Whitney's death. The one thing Whitney is getting is a full investigation. We should await the final, official answer, just as we await the final, official answer in Natalie Wood's death 30 years later because Natalie was not given a full investigation back in 1981.

Just as Whitney's people were not privy to her private bathroom habits, nor was Dennis Davern privy to the Wagner's master stateroom. When Dennis overheard trouble stemming from the room, he did knock on the door to see if he could help. He was ordered away. This is a point where an employee is confused over how far to take the next interference. Do you overstep the boundary? Is the person you care for in danger? One has no way of knowing, and often, such as in Whitney's and Natalie's cases, you do not realize how grave a given situation is until it's too late.

A Huffington Post article today says: To the world, Houston was the pop queen with the perfect voice, the dazzling diva with regal beauty, a troubled superstar suffering from addiction and, finally, another victim of the dark side of fame.

Often, the dark side of fame, in the end, revolves around IMAGE. It is the single most important personal concern of people of great fame. They will defend themselves, lie, hide, create whatever it takes to not be seen as a fallible human being. When Whitney was asked in an interview about tens of thousands spent on drugs, Whitney's answer was, "Show me the receipts." The answer speaks for itself. It is such a sad situation, one that does not deter from Whitney's super talent, let alone protect her from common pitfalls while living. Celebrities are people, too. But in many cases, they are people unable to let go of a facade that is long past transparent to those looking in.

Last night, I heard on Bill Maher's show, guesting Dr. Drew, about how sleeping is a common problem for celebrities. Michael Jackson had been seeking a good rest when his life was taken by a drug. His doctor was found accountable for administering the drug, despite it was Michael who had lain himself down on the bed and expected his hired doctor to honor his command. Elvis, just as Natalie Wood had told Dennis, was the person who looked for multiple doctors to increase the dosages he wanted readily available on his nightstand, to enhance a good night's sleep.

Perhaps entertainers' minds are so wrapped-up in scheduling, appearances, appointments, obligations, and yes, image, that they truly are restless around the clock. They need to assist a night of peace. Too often,  sleeping pills lead to wake-up pills, and wake-up pills lead to added aid in another form of a pill.
Stardom, in any class, is a hard gig to follow when it comes to real life. The one thing stardom and fame will never replace, for grieving family members, friends and fans, is the unfathomable way or reason the person they loved was taken.

To Whitney's family and friends, she was just "Nippy," a nickname given to her as a child. She was a mom who will be dearly missed. To Natalie's family and friends, she was also a mom, a sister, an aunt, friend, and a daughter, always to be missed. We will most likely learn what happened to Whitney. We may never know exactly how Natalie Wood ended up drowning in the Pacific, but we do know what prompted the situation of Natalie's mysterious night.

Just as there are tributes to Natalie to this day, such as the "Yesterday's Angel" tribute in NY City in 2009, there will always be tributes to Whitney. Those who knew these icons, along with the public fans, will celebrate their lives rather than linger on their tragic deaths. Whitney sold over 50 million records in our country alone, won six Grammys and dozens of other awards. Her tumultuous marriage to Bobby Brown was her personal life the public saw as her downfall, but Whitney hoped for her comeback. In the midst of striving for it, she was found dead in a bathtub. In the midst of Natalie's return to film work, she was found dead in the ocean. Yet, these iconic women, despite their personal strife, are celebrated for their contributions to our cultural society, and to society itself. These are historic women. There are few of them. We learn details about them from the media. Therefore, we often do not really know the most private of details, and in some cases, it's none of our business, but sometimes, well, it is our business.

When I started writing the GNGS manuscript, the first editor to read a first draft in 1983 told me that if the argument of the bottle smashing aboard the Splendour was the extent of the argument, then it should remain information for only the ears that were involved. At that time, I had a suspicion the bottle smashing was not the end of the argument, and it took me years to learn more details. A person can only sift through what is learned, and sometimes is left with information that is of concern. That's when you hope you can turn to the law or professionals for help. It took a long, long time to reach that point, but October 2011 will remain one of the most important months of my life, when finally, professional help was available for information I had gathered throughout the decades in regard to Natalie's mystery death. The information involved eye and ear witnesses who always hoped for one thing: to be believed.

As a tribute to Whitney, our governor (amidst some complaining) has asked the state of NJ to raise flags only to half staff today. He claims Whitney's cultural contribution to the world is worthy of the recommendation. To me, I see no harm in it, although I understand the reasoning behind those opposed to the tribute. Just as there will never be another Natalie Wood, there will never be another Whitney Houston. These women are unique. If I were raising a flag today, it would not be raised to the top. I would honor Whitney Houston, and not hold it against her that she is exactly what we all are: human.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Interview with Randy Walker airing Sunday, Jan. 22 at noon, WSGE.org

WSGE 91.7fm - Public Affairs

The program is hosted by WSGE's Public Affairs Producer, Randy Walker, who has anchored the station's talk radio format for the past ten years.  The show airs Sundays from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. and my interview will be at the top of that hour.

Randy interviewed me in 2009, and I am pleased to be talking with him again. Hope you will listen. 

 (21) Roundtable's Sunday Edition

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Natalie Wood case is not closed, nor given an official secondary ruling

The Natalie Wood case is very much alive and being investigated thoroughly. The information being reported that the case has been shut down and ruled accidental again is simply not accurate. What the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department this week announced is that the case is still considered an accidental drowning because that's what the initial ruling stipulates, meaning the initial ruling has not yet been changed. There has been no secondary ruling of accidental drowning as being reported. You would think media would do a bit more investigating, but I suppose in this "fast-food" world of news delivery, that level of journalism is a dying breed. CNN has reported this week with information closest to the truth of the matter, and I commend them for it.

The specific question the media should be asking the spokespeople from the LASD is, "Has the new investigation RULED and FILED the new findings an accidental drowning?" They would learn the answer is, "No," as there will be no definitive ruling until AFTER the new investigation is completed. Detectives are still working the case and will continue to do so for as long as it takes to investigate completely.

Last week, Steve Whitmore, who is the son of the late actor, James Whitmore, and a media spokesperson for the LA Sheriff brought me and my book, "Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour," into his statement that the case has been filed a cold case and ended, further stating the reopening of the case in November 2011 was a two-day deal, based on a publicity stunt for my book, a statement I find insulting more to the department itself than to my efforts to bring Natalie Wood justice. I assure everyone, as I told Inside Edition in an interview yesterday, but this part did not air: I do not have the power to have a case of this magnitude reopened for an hour or for a year. It simply is not true that Natalie Wood's case was reopened for book publicity or for the 30th anniversary of her death. We had handed the LASD solid information and they deemed it worthy enough information to reinvestigate the case thoroughly, which they are still doing. They have plenty of "new information" on their desks and in their hands.

Within a day of Whitmore's announcement, he retracted it. That's because the case is still very much alive.

This week, William McSweeney, Chief of Detectives at the LASD, announced the case has revealed no new information but will remain open for the "small questions" lingering that need to be addressed. As I also told Inside Edition yesterday, "I had no idea there is such a thing as a 'small question' in a homicide investigation." And that's exactly what this new investigation is: a thorough homicide investigation with no filed conclusion as of yet, despite what you are hearing in the news. 

As for why there is conflicting and changing accounts stemming from the LASD is anyone's guess. From all I know and have learned, answers I've received make perfect sense, but I will not comment at this time, nor speculate on the reasoning behind these recent reports. As I await the final ruling of the new investigation, I have complete faith in the ongoing investigation. When a final ruling is available, I will comment then. I highly doubt it will be in the near future, and if it is, then it's Natalie Wood who doesn't receive what she deserves, once again.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Natalie Wood's Mercedes Heading to Auction: Fox News

Two things I'd like to correct about this article are: 1) Natalie's car was not pink, it was peach. She loved her Peach Mercedes Benz 300SL, and had loaned it to Dennis when his van broke down. 2) My book, Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour was released in Sept. 2009, not Nov. 2011.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Compelling Natalie Wood Panel: An absolute MUST SEE Video

Natalie Wood: A Life and Death Foreshadowed (2002) - Suzanne Finstad, Lana Wood & Marilyn Wayne - YouTube

Sorry I couldn't seem to share the video right here at the blog but the link will take you directly to YouTube. This is a panel discussion with Suzanne Finstad, Lana Wood, and Marilyn Wayne, held on Oct. 11, 2002. It's an hour long, but every moment is worth viewing and listening to. Natalie's "mystery autobiography" is explained and even quoted from (yes, the same one I've been privy to). Marilyn Wayne tells a compelling story, the same story she has always told, but in this deliverance, she is most thorough, and the comparisons between her explanations and Dennis Davern's explanations of the emotional baggage of knowing what they know and why they did not immediately come forward are chilling. Even Suzanne, author of the excellent biography on Natalie, Natasha, claims the restaurant patrons and workers noticed the same dynamics transpiring with RJ and Natalie that Dennis has always exactly described. This is a worthy hour.

Tonight - Natalie Wood 's own voice - West Side Story

Interesting video as it shows when it's Natalie's voice and when the dub enters. I couldn't tell the difference. Natalie had been upset her singing voice was dubbed for West Side Story, and it stands to reason it hurt her chances with the Academy, but the film won 10 of its 11 nominations, and remains a classic. Natalie played an excellent, unmatchable Maria.

Natalie Wood dances with a powerful group of women.

Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and Natalie Wood. Powerful photograph.

Another actress I always admired was Audrey Hepburn. Natalie Wood and Audrey were both nominated for Oscars for 1961 films; Natalie for Splendor in the Grass and Audrey for Breakfast at Tiffany's. The Oscar went to Sophia Loren in Two Women, but Audrey had told Natalie her performance in Splendor was magnificent.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Spokesperson gives Access Hollywood's Misinformation in Status of Natalie Wood case

I received many notices tonight of an article published by Access Hollywood claiming that the Natalie Wood case was transferred to a cold case file, further stating the reopening of the case in November 2011 had been nothing more than a publicity stunt to promote my book Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour. The media do not always get a story right and here is the link to Access Hollywood's RETRACTION of their earlier article full of misinformation. It speaks for itself. 

UPDATED: LASD Spokesperson — Natalie Wood Death Investigation Not Such a Cold Case, Still Seeking New Leads | Access Hollywoo...

Natalie and RJ for Evening Magazine

Evening Magazine Interview while Natalie filmed Brainstorm

The quality of this YouTube video is poor, but you can see and hear the interviews with Natalie and RJ just fine. This show aired while Natalie was away working on Brainstorm. It's an interesting interview because the issue of Natalie being away from their daughters is addressed by each of the couple. Some sources throughout the years have claimed that Natalie's demeanor while away filming Brainstorm was strange. She has been accused of drinking heavily, overusing pills (accordingly to Lambert's biography) and being "emotionally unfaithful" and possibly physically unfaithful (per her husband). Those claims are what I believe is information purposely put out there to confuse facts about the weeks leading to Natalie's death. Lambert's book sure pinned things on Natalie with comments such as she was known to "swish her tail." Dennis had never witnessed such behavior from Natalie.

She seems just fine in this interview. It appears what Wagner brings to this interview, just weeks before Natalie's death, are his concerns with Natalie's desire to work away from home. Natalie actually seems to have a sensible attitude about working. In this interview, Wagner resorts to his first marriage complaints about Natalie's work, and although he appears to impress he's okay with Natalie being away during the second marriage, it's implied he doesn't want a repeat of her former schedule. The time he visited North Carolina for 12 hours to see Natalie, Dennis says was a trip to check up on her. Dennis also says he returned home to L.A. seemingly satisfied Natalie was away only working, which I believe is the truth. What I see in this video is a wife and mother who misses her family but has her career in perspective. I see Wagner seemingly sincere about his feelings for Natalie, but also concerned about her working life.

What a difference a January can make

Coin similar to one I saw New Year's Eve

Always, the promise of a new year inspires us and we regroup ourselves, make plans, resolutions, schedule work, etc, and resolve to maintain positive expectations and hopes in regards to all aspects of our lives. What we can control, we offer best efforts, and what we can't control, good or bad, we try to accept and live with.

Last year in January 2011, while the ground was covered in two feet of snow, I felt anxious. After a six-month wait in 2010 for the GNGS paperback release in November 2010, I was realizing the impact our original publisher's sudden closing would have on my hopes for GNGS ever reaching its intended purpose.

This year, NJ's first day in January topped over 50 degrees, and that touch of springtime in our region was more than welcomed, and the warmth was comforting. I've learned from last year's experiences to be so much more careful in so many ways. It was in January of 2011, a year ago, that I began a year with a resolution to give a final concentrated effort to getting the Natalie Wood case reopened. Although it took eleven months into 2011 to learn of a new investigation, despite unchecked media claims of publicity stunts and misrepresented book releases, it was exalting news.

This year's start comes while Natalie's case is actually being re-investigated. We need to trust that the case is in good hands and to allow the professionals to perform their jobs. Personally, I gave it my all to get the case recognized, and I appreciate all of those who helped along that journey. I am so grateful to the LASD for giving an important case such important consideration. Natalie's case is one of many that deserve attention, but it is her case that I had become attached to throughout the past three decades, so of course it means a lot to me on a personal level. Whatever the outcome, the journey has proven a worthwhile effort.

For those who follow here, you know how much I love certain quotes and proverbs. Well, I especially love when certain words or ideas cross my path by chance. I spent my New Year's Eve with a small party at my home, consisting of family and a few close friends. Right after midnight, after joining the kids in banging pots and pans -- as no retail noisemaker has ever matched that fun way to create truly loud, annoying noise :-) -- I saw the words that I hope will define my new year. A close friend sat near me and I noticed his keys nearby. I asked about a unique coin emblem attached to his key-chain. He is very proud of it because the coin was issued to him from the CIA (he works for the government with official clearance and travels a lot working on computer systems). The coin is gold with decoration and the words that circle the outside rim read:
You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

...Wishing everyone a year of truth, and the freedom that stems from knowing it... Happy New January, Happy New Year!