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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Robert Redford and Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood and Robert Redford: they were good friends. He will never forget Natalie.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Natalie Wood thought about Worldwide

Sunday evening, I did a live interview with a New Zealand radio show (posted on left sidebar) and tomorrow I will interview for an hour with a TV Network from France (will provide details and link when available). Japan and Europe Networks are in the works. The world wants to know about Natalie. In my interview with New Zealand it was a pleasure to get to name some of Natalie's classic movies. She was so adored around the world.
 Radio New Zealand : National : Programmes : Afternoons : Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour


Monday, November 28, 2011

30 Years ago tonight, near 11 PM Pacific time, Natalie Wood's greatest fear would be realized

A few minutes after 11:00 PM on November 28th, 1981, a woman moored near the Wagner family yacht, Splendour, heard a woman's cries for help. "Help me, I'm drowning" was the desperate plea that carried through the dark of night for about 20 minutes. Around 11:30 PM that night, Dennis Davern, after overhearing a terrible argument aboard the Splendour between Natalie and her husband, was told that Natalie was missing from the yacht. Frantically, he searched for her on board, and then was told to do nothing more than that to try to find her.

Just hours before, Natalie had been dining at Doug's Harbor Reef along with her co-star in Brainstorm, Christopher Walken, her husband, Robert Wagner, and her friend and boat captain, Dennis Davern. When the party of four returned to the Splendour, Natalie was prepared to socialize a bit before retiring. Within minutes of having opened a bottle of wine, the evening was interupted by her angry husband who picked up the wine bottle and smashed it onto the coffee table.

A shaken and frightened Christopher went to his cabin and a mortified Natalie went to her stateroom. She was followed by her husband, and a loud and rageful argument transpired. Within approximately 15 minutes, Natalie was in the ocean, the deep dark water she had feared all of her life. Not until over four hours later was the Coast Guard called to begin a professional search for Natalie.

Earlier that evening, at Doug's Restaurant, Natalie had used the rest room, and her husband had sent a waitress in to check on what was taking Natalie so long. (She had been brushing the hair of a young girl, a restaurant patron.) When Natalie was missing from their yacht, her husband waited over two hours to "mention it" to the Island workers, and then over two more hours to agree with the harbormaster that a professional call should be made to the Coast Guard.

Natalie and her husband had always entertained their co-stars aboard their yacht. When Natalie filmed "The Last Married Couple in America" with co-star George Segal, he was a recurring guest aboard the Splendour. Segal was not a threat to Natalie's husband. So, what was different when Natalie had simply wanted to entertain her co-star in Brainstorm? Christopher Walken was hot on the Hollywood scene. He was young, handsome, personable, funny, quirky, and he had just won an Oscar for "The Deer Hunter." He was someone in Natalie's league, as Natalie was a three-time Academy Award nominee, as well as a Golden Globe winner. Was her husband not only threatened by Walken's charm, or by his career as well? Walken was not yet a household name, but it was "in the air" that he would be. Regardless, Natalie was doing what she and her husband had always done with their yacht: they entertained their colleagues upon it.

She must have had faith that her husband realized this was no different than the many times he had had his talented, beautiful female co-stars on board. But Natalie was wrong.

In an interview with the late Tom Snyder, not long before her death, Natalie explained how she wanted a wonderful home life, that she wanted to balance her creativity and career with being a dedicated mother. Brainstorm gave her the opportunity to work with Oscar winners, Christopher Walken and Louise Fletcher, as well as with Cliff Robertson. She felt in good company, and all the talk of a rumored affair between her and Walken was nothing but rumors, and maybe that was why she felt confident enough to invite her co-star for a pleasure cruise, to pass the time before wrapping up some leftover studio work for Brainstorm the next week.

Natalie suffered a terrifying death, not only experiencing her greatest fear, but also left to float and be carried by the sea currents, helpless in her jacket that may have prevented her from gaining direction because of its buoyancy. For however long she remained alive in the ocean, while floating, one can only imagine the fear, her thoughts of her daughters, and her hope that at any minute she might hear the engine of a rescue boat. A rescue boat that came too late.

For 30 years, the Natalie Wood case has been ignored. Now it is reopened. I hope Natalie Wood receives the justice, or at least the voice, she deserves.

People Magazine

People Magazine's Dec. 5th issue included an excellent article about the case reopening. I commend them for quoting accurately. Available on stands now. Here's an online report.

Natalie Wood: Robert Wagner Responsible for Death, Alleges Boat Captain : People.com


Andrea Peyser of the NY Post: Starlight Blinded Justice

This is by far the most accurate, sensible article yet written on the reopening of the Natalie Wood case. Thank you Andrea for "getting it" -- one correction, and it may be my fault...it's Marilyn Wayne (Marilyn's companion is named John Payne) 

Natalie Wood last seen alive 30 years ago today - NYPOST.com


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Natalie always afraid of being in water

Long-Lost Natalie Wood Interview: Actress Talks Robert Wagner and Being "Petrified" of the Ocean - E! Online


I am so grateful for this latest Amazon review of Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour. Thank you to reader Suzanne

Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour

5.0 out of 5 stars
Natalie Wood Died Because of Her Husband--NO Question, November 26, 2011

By Suzanne - This review is from: Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour (Paperback)

The author and the Splendour captain did an OUTSTANDING job with this book--overcoming enormous obstacles to its publication...including death threats. I find it incredulous that any intelligent, open-minded, common sense individual could read this book and not conclude that Robert Wagner caused the death of Natalie Wood.

With a host of experts, witnesses, forensic testing, and facts--not innuendo--they have presented an actual investigation (unlike the bumbled gloss, hushed-up, joke of an 'inquiry' that occurred in 1981)--and to the fullest extent possible without new technologies available to law enforcement--or unlimited funds. Their drive was JUSTICE for Natalie Wood.

They did an excellent job. I found the book a tad slow-going at first--but this was only due to the author's desire to lay out the context, players, setting as clearly and precisely as possible. I couldn't put the book down. It deserves to be a Best-Seller--and turned into film.

It is ghastly that people can be so dismissive without obviously having the insight/desire/facts to get at the TRUTH and instead believe the husband just based on his being a celebrity. While he's won no acting awards (unlike his wife a 3-time Oscar nominee etc) he did a magnificent job in acting out his lies about his involvement in his wife's premature, terrifying death.

One could be somewhat sympathetic to Robert Wagner....he was drunk and in a jealous rage--perhaps even temporarily insane in his actions that directly caused his beautiful, talented wife's far too early demise--depriving her young daughters their mother's charming, loving, warm, giving, affirmative presence. What is truly unforgivable is how he trashed his wife. He is a coward.

It is undoubtedly too late for legal justice due to statutes of limitations--but it is not too late for the moral JUSTICE that Natalie Wood deserves--including from the LA Sheriff's Dept. I hope the new investigators will ensure she receives it. And I thank the authors for their dedication to get Natalie's tragic end told. So VERY many people were horribly damaged--and will be damaged for generations--because of a diabolically cunning, selfish man.

Boat Capt: I heard Wood, Wagner arguing

Natalie Wood: Detectives will interview captain as a first step Part 1 O...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld

You Tube Link


Huffington Post Link
Jerry Seinfeld And Larry David Speculate On Natalie Wood Case (VIDEO)

I had posted about this clip long ago because before it aired, I had received a call from my then publicist who informed me of it, and although I find nothing humorous about Natalie Wood's fate, I also appreciate why  the Hollywood community must be careful when referencing controversial topics. But, I was elated these two brave guys, Larry and Jerry, mentioned Natalie's fateful night in this HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiam" clip. It meant a lot back then and it means a lot now. What happened the night Natalie died is something I hope we all get answers for from where those answers should come from.  

Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour Availability

Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour is available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and directly from our publisher, E-reads.com (link below). Book stores will get the book for you, but it's easiest to order online.

E-Reads: Publishing In the 21st Century


Friday, November 25, 2011

On The Grid Talk Radio Interview, Sat. Nov. 26, 10 AM

I will be the featured Guest for On The Grid Internet Talk Radio show, Saturday morning, Nov. 26, 2011.
The title of the show is “Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour - What Really Happened? .”  The show is  one-hour in length, starting at 10:00 am EST and ending at 11:00 am EST.

The website URL is http://www.blogtalkradio.com/onthegrid.

I will post the interview at this blog for future listeners. I'm looking forward to this in-depth interview about the case reopening with Debbie Barth and crew (Debbie Barth, Joyce Bagley - Co-Hosts/Co-Producers). During the show, there will be brief commercial breaks. They will also be taking calls from listeners. There is always someone in the chat room, putting up links and interacting with listeners.



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Two chapters of the book concern the polygraph tests, and Temple said that Davern and co-author Marti Rulli accurately wrote about the results.

Huffington Post article link

Natalie Wood Case: Captain Who Claims Robert Wagner Silenced Him Passed Polygraph Test

When I first met Howard Temple, I knew from the first moment that he was a no-nonsense man. I was a bit intimidated, but then realized he was exactly the type of man I wanted for Dennis's test. He scrutinized every detail, would allow NO interpretation of facts, and I was confident we were in good hands. I had no idea the media would be contacting Mr. Temple.

Thanksgiving Wishes

I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your friends and family, and just want to add that I never forget the meaning behind this holiday. I am so grateful and thankful to everyone who has helped me in so many ways, and I am grateful for all of my family and friends.

On another note: Our community always sponsors food drives at this time of year, and I've heard that food banks are hurting this year, many places. Please remember that even one can of food makes a world of difference, and helps to complete food packages that many families appreciate so much during the holiday season. Look up your local food bank and drives and be as generous as you possibly can. 

Enjoy your football, turkey, parades (MACY'S) and give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving.    

Hawaii connection to Hollywood mystery

Hawaii connection to Hollywood mystery

Monday, November 21, 2011

CNN Headline News

Judge Jeanine postponed until after holiday. Will be interviewed on CNN Headline News tomorrow afternoon.

A publicity Stunt?

Natalie Wood Publicity Stunt? Experts Say New Inquiry Won't Lead to Charges | Reuters

Experts again, making their claims. I think now is a good time to allow the new generation of detectives to do their jobs, and we'll see at the end of the new investigation for the reopened case what results will come of it.

There are many in the media seeing right through the convoluted information being presented at a rushed pace in an attempt to understand this complicated case. I commend them, and am confident, whatever happens this time around, this case is in good hands.

I am pleased Mr. Wagner claims in his public statement that he welcomes the case being reopened. Thus, I assume that, like Dennis, he's now willing to cooperate and maybe even encourage his colleague, Christopher Walken, to work closely with the detectives.

His further insinuation, that he hopes the "new information" isn't from someone trying to sell books, is an odd statement, a rather insulting comment to the department, yet, still, it is his ONLY comment referring to GNGS made to date.

Someone once said "timing is everything." I agree, and that is why, since 1983, we have tried to tell the story that is finally being heard widespread. No matter the outcome, true justice for Natalie will have been sought.

The case coverage

I've been catching up on a lot of the coverage of the Natalie Wood case being reopened. So-called experts are questioning Dennis's credibility. One said "he's of dubious character" - and I can't understand such a comment. Dennis is a successful business man and a family man. He lives in a gated community and works very hard for his living, and all of his success was achieved through his own efforts, not from a book that has been out for over two years that many are claiming is a "new book." Another asked, "Is he lying now or did he lie then?"  I haven't heard any of these so-called analysts ask the question, "Was Wagner lying then or is he lying now?" 

Rasure, in a segment, even admitted that we came to him. He actually said he was "kind of friends with us" -- and that's the truth. I had approached the initial investigator, Detective Rasure, in a friendly manner, as someone who wanted to work WITH him, not against him. His decision was to not work with us. In another breath it is asked, "Why didn't Davern tell the police instead of in a book?"

This makes no sense. Once again, the "experts" are missing the point.

Rasure now claims his decision is to believe Dennis's original story over the one told in our book. I ask these questions of Rasure: But now you believe Wagner DID smash a wine bottle, and it means nothing? It's okay that WAGNER lied then and is telling the truth now, when that truth is that he lied to you back then?
Wagner can change HIS story and is not chastised for it as you chastise Dennis?

Dennis Davern was ASKED, no, actually ORDERED by Wagner to lie to the police in 1981. It was only months after Natalie died that Dennis confessed to me he couldn't live with the mistake of having gone along with Wagner's request.

I then went to Sgt. Frank Salerno who was in charge of the case. He, too, refused to cooperate with us. This was BEFORE proceeding with trying to publish our book. A sarcastic remark I had made off camera, but caught on camera of course is always used out of context. Nothing now will detract from the fact that three men lied to the police. Analysts are missing the point.  One has come forward to admit it and is being accused of lying to "sell books" --

Well, Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour has succeeded spectacularly because its intention was to GET THE NATALIE WOOD CASE REOPENED, and now that has happened. It's a book I worked on for over a quarter of a century, and I will NEVER apologize for it, and I am proud of the accomplishment, and YES, I hope people read it and learn about the journey that has always included the insults, the accusations, the innacurate interpretation of information, and yet it has survived, and it is the truth about what happened the night Natalie Wood died. It's clear that many people talking about the book on the news have NOT even read it.

Celebrity justice is one of GNGS's sub-themes and I thank the astute readers who recognize why GNGS is everything the media, the authories, the justice system, and the public deserves. I'm proud to have delivered it after ample attempts to work this case in an entirely different fashion. GNGS turned out to be the ONLY way. 

My interview with Alex Witt at MSNBC

'Goodbye Natalie' author: Captain's story 'makes sense' - Video on mnsbc.com

Sunday, November 20, 2011

KABC Radio Interview

TalkRadio 790 KABC-AM - Los Angeles

I will be interviewed Monday morning Nov. 21, at 9:00 AM EST on this talk radio show.

Dr Michael Baden's Natalie Wood Autopsy Review

What Does Natalie Wood's Autopsy Reveal? | News Videos | Comcast.net

This is an interesting video, an expert opinion on Natalie's bruises. I will be sitting in with Dr. Michael Baden on Judge Jeanine Pirro this Tuesday evening, continuing this discussion.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

48 Hours Mystery

I wrote the producer and commeded the intriguing segment. I found myself captivated by the story as an objective, everyday viewer might...it was almost as if I wasn't even watching myself or Dennis.

I applaud 48 Hours choice to be fair and include many of the peripheral voices in this story.  I saw the care taken: there was sensitivity, fairness, intrigue, mystery, NEWS, and most of all, TRUTH. When Dennis and I interviewed, I saw up close what tremendous time and effort it takes to produce such a brief segment.... hours upon hours per each minute! What was especially appreciated, something I really wasn't sure would be shown was the portayal of Natalie as the iconic legendary actress she once was and will remain through her trail of classic work.

48 Hours Mystery moved to TONIGHT!

The interviews Dennis and I gave in Florida in September with 48 Hours Mystery has been re-programmed and will air tonight at 10 PM EST, CBS. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Officially, the Natalie Wood case is reopened.

From: LASD - HQ Newsroom (SHB), Los Angeles County Sheriff

On November 29, 1981, actress Natalie Wood Wagner drowned while boating off the Isthmus of Catalina Island. At the time, the drowning was investigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office. The drowning was ruled an accident.

Recently Sheriff’s Homicide Investigators were contacted by persons who stated they had additional information about the Natalie Wood Wagner drowning. Due to the additional information, Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau has decided to take another look at the case.

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Homicide Lieutenant Corina at (323) 890-5641. If you prefer to provide information Anonymously, you may call "Crime Stoppers" by dialing (800) 222-TIPS (8477), texting the letters TIPLA plus your tip to CRIMES (274637), or by using the website http;//lacrimestoppers.org

Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau - Newsroom
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A classic film with legendary lead actress

I can only imagine Natalie Wood would have been thrilled and honored on this day that a 50-year old film would be the feature of the day in 2011 theaters.

Friday, November 4, 2011

She had "The Look" -- Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood was emulated by women across the globe in her prime time. From her adorableness in "Miracle on 34th Street" and glamour in "Gypsy" to her pensive beauty in her dramatic films, she had "The Look." Camera men long for the unique quality Natalie brought to her work. She knew how to step to her marker and perform her job well. Her Hollywood community loved her, and many remember her with lasting fondness, as she deserves.

Remembering Natalie Wood


As author, it's always gratifying to see GNGS make the top 100 lists of certain categories at the top book site worldwide: Amazon. This morning, GNGS is #67 in Kindle for Biographies and Memoirs of Entertainers. It has reached as high as #4 in this category, and as high as #7 in True Crime since its release.

I copied and pasted this actual list from Amazon this morning because not only am I a proud author of a work I stand behind, but because it shows that people remember Natalie. Last night, I was explaining to a
34 year-old woman who Natalie was (and is) and the woman recognized the name right after I mentioned West Side Story. I then explained to her why it's most likely she does not recognize the famous name as readily as she would have had the circumstances of Natalie's death been different. I'm dropping off a copy of GNGS to that woman today.

As the 30th anniversary of Natalie's death approaches, I hope those of us who remember her amazing contribution to this world share a memory of Natalie Wood with someone who doesn't remember.