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Monday, November 21, 2011

The case coverage

I've been catching up on a lot of the coverage of the Natalie Wood case being reopened. So-called experts are questioning Dennis's credibility. One said "he's of dubious character" - and I can't understand such a comment. Dennis is a successful business man and a family man. He lives in a gated community and works very hard for his living, and all of his success was achieved through his own efforts, not from a book that has been out for over two years that many are claiming is a "new book." Another asked, "Is he lying now or did he lie then?"  I haven't heard any of these so-called analysts ask the question, "Was Wagner lying then or is he lying now?" 

Rasure, in a segment, even admitted that we came to him. He actually said he was "kind of friends with us" -- and that's the truth. I had approached the initial investigator, Detective Rasure, in a friendly manner, as someone who wanted to work WITH him, not against him. His decision was to not work with us. In another breath it is asked, "Why didn't Davern tell the police instead of in a book?"

This makes no sense. Once again, the "experts" are missing the point.

Rasure now claims his decision is to believe Dennis's original story over the one told in our book. I ask these questions of Rasure: But now you believe Wagner DID smash a wine bottle, and it means nothing? It's okay that WAGNER lied then and is telling the truth now, when that truth is that he lied to you back then?
Wagner can change HIS story and is not chastised for it as you chastise Dennis?

Dennis Davern was ASKED, no, actually ORDERED by Wagner to lie to the police in 1981. It was only months after Natalie died that Dennis confessed to me he couldn't live with the mistake of having gone along with Wagner's request.

I then went to Sgt. Frank Salerno who was in charge of the case. He, too, refused to cooperate with us. This was BEFORE proceeding with trying to publish our book. A sarcastic remark I had made off camera, but caught on camera of course is always used out of context. Nothing now will detract from the fact that three men lied to the police. Analysts are missing the point.  One has come forward to admit it and is being accused of lying to "sell books" --

Well, Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour has succeeded spectacularly because its intention was to GET THE NATALIE WOOD CASE REOPENED, and now that has happened. It's a book I worked on for over a quarter of a century, and I will NEVER apologize for it, and I am proud of the accomplishment, and YES, I hope people read it and learn about the journey that has always included the insults, the accusations, the innacurate interpretation of information, and yet it has survived, and it is the truth about what happened the night Natalie Wood died. It's clear that many people talking about the book on the news have NOT even read it.

Celebrity justice is one of GNGS's sub-themes and I thank the astute readers who recognize why GNGS is everything the media, the authories, the justice system, and the public deserves. I'm proud to have delivered it after ample attempts to work this case in an entirely different fashion. GNGS turned out to be the ONLY way. 


  1. I'm glad you are speaking back on what is being said Marti. I'm proud of your book too. Pam

  2. I'm proud to know Marti through her work. Her TRUTH telling book about what really happened to Natalie.

    My blood is boiling watching all of the "nay-sayers" putting their spin on her book. "They are just trying to make money..." really gets under my skin.

    Ha....if they only knew, eh Marti-girl!

    You've got a ton of folks out here rooting for you and Dennis and for the JUSTICE of Natalie Wood.

    God, may she soon rest in peace, as we humans try to bring the right people to justice!

    We love you Marti and Dennis!

  3. Ms. Marti Rulli,

    Thank you for your good work.

    Natalie Wood deserves her justice even after 30 years and even the MONSTER--Robert Wagner--may still get away from his horrible crime legally.

    Truth has to be taught even it is belated.

    THANK YOU. PLEASE KEEP FIGHTING FOR ALL OF US who cannot tolerate how Ms. Wood had died during that final hours in the dark cold sea alone... That picture has pained me since I followed the news.

  4. They think he is of dubious character? Well, Lana has talked to him a lot, and she believes him, so who are they to judge. Wagner is the one who seems dubious in my opinion. He has intimitated and bullied people into silence. He even seems to have more influence over Olga than Lana, I wonder why. I find it odd that her children have nothing to do with Natalie's family, and didn't attend their own grandmother's funeral. I truly feel bad for Lana. Natalie's daughter's are old enough to think for themselves, and I hope one day they realize they were wrong. I hope the cops do a better job this time, and Wagner's lies are found out.

  5. Wagner maintained a relationship with Davern after 11/81...yes?
    For how long?
    When exactly did the statute of limitations run out for murder1 ?
    What was the fate of "The Valiant" and when did Wagner finally get rid of Splendour?