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Saturday, November 19, 2011

48 Hours Mystery moved to TONIGHT!

The interviews Dennis and I gave in Florida in September with 48 Hours Mystery has been re-programmed and will air tonight at 10 PM EST, CBS. 


  1. Hi, Marti:

    Something just occurred to me about Wagner's public statement, insinuating that this is only about profit.

    Gee, did this possibility JUST occur to him this week? Your book has been out for two years. Surely he would've thought of that LONG before this and made that charge and as we've said, sued over it).

    He's had TWO years to make a comment about the book and dismiss it as profiteering. WHY did he wait until this week to say ANYTHING about profit--and ONLY after the case was re-opened?

    And he really welcomes the investigation? Then why didn't he press for a longer investigation in 1981? Surely his celebrity status would've bought him that--IF that is what he had wanted. The case was closed in three days!

    And he has "millions and millions" of times gone over it "with people." Why didn't he "go over it" even ONCE with Dennis? (I know I've mentioned that particular point before, but I have to repeat it!)

  2. Marianne, excellent questions and I completely agree! This are questions that the authorities didn't ask before and hopefully will ask now!

  3. Thanks for the heads up Marti, I'll be watching.