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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Time to get to know Natalie Wood, the most beautiful woman ever ...

Natalie Wood is considered one of the most beautiful women ever, if not thee most beautiful woman ever. Her petite, curvy body enhanced her femininity, her proportioned frame perfect for all fashion, and without a doubt her eyes are the most beautiful dark, soul-reaching eyes any person could ever have. Natalie's beauty and persona was a no-gimmick package. She transcended the screens we watched her films on and touched our hearts. She was fresh, sexy, cute, funny, sparkling, and a spectacular, yet modest beauty. She was a Hollywood star who lives on as a legend in films such as Miracle on 34th Street, Rebel Without a Cause, West Side Story, Splendor in the Grass, Sex and the Single Girl, Gypsy, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, and many more.

Natalie was married twice to actor Robert Wagner, who would most likely be satisfied to never hear the name Natalie Wood again. That's because Robert Wagner lied to the police at Natalie Wood's mysterious death scene. He told police he didn't know what happened when Natalie's bruised body was found floating in the ocean in her nightgown and down coat. Fact is, Wagner did know what happened because he was with Natalie at the time she "disappeared" from their yacht, the Splendour.

Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour  is a detailed account, from the witness boat captain, Dennis Davern, of the entire 1981 Thanksgiving weekend Natalie was entertaining her co-star in Brainstorm, Christopher Walken, aboard the Wagner family yacht. Natalie Wood did not "get drunk and fall overboard while tending a noisy dinghy" as her husband, Robert Wagner would like the world to believe.
The stunning and tragic truth runs deep. 

Thank you to all new readers of this honest, necessary story told in Goodbye Natalie.

Amazon.com: Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour (9781597776394): Marti Rulli, Dennis Davern: Books

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  1. Hi Marti,
    Thanks for the DM after I asked who Natalie Wood is and I'm happy to visit here to explain that many of us don't know who Natalie is. I'm 28. Believe me, we live in a Justin Beiber world, but I've always been fascinated with old Hollywood, as are many of my friends. I never realized Natalie was Maria in West Side Story. I fell in love with that actress, now I know is Natalie.
    I googled her and I ordered your book. I can't wait to read it and will get back to you. Keep tweeting, nice to meet you.
    Terry S.

  2. Terry,

    Thank you for posting at my blog. In our messages, I knew you actually did know who Natalie is but didn't connect the dots. I will Tweet this blog post to others, too. The members of this blog certainly know Natalie but I realize there are many younger people that do not know as much about her as her longtime fans do. I hope you will tell others about Natalie...lend out your book when you're done, watch some of her movies, and please help others to care about justice for Natalie. Thank you for taking the time to post here. I truly appreciate it.

    Sincerely, Marti

  3. I was recently at a sweet 16 party for my neighbors' daughter. One of the guests, a teenage girl, resembled Natalie and I mentioned it. Not one of the teenagers attending knew who Natalie is, not even a girl who starred in the school's play, WEST SIDE STORY!


  4. Terry, it's exciting to think that a new generation is appreciating the talents of Natalie. When I was 11 I thought she was the most breathtaking thing I had ever seen. She was my adolescent ideal of what I should look like when I grew up. If I could just look like Natalie the world would be perfect. It would be the key to everything - world peace - nuclear disarment - you get the idea. Of course I missed the mark by a wide margin, but she is no less enchanting to me and I still consider her to be one of the most beautiful women ever. Rent out Gypsy, you'll see her at her vulnerable, gorgeous best.

  5. I always wanted to look like Natalie, too. The one thing I most liked about Natalie is that women, not just men, appreciated her beauty. She possessed the kind of inner beauty that drew us to her, I think. We wanted to look like her because she was the epitome of "true beauty".
    I could darken my eyes with pencil and shine my hair with gel and dye, but even if I didn't look like Natalie physically, I "felt" like her and that was enough. "Be beautiful on the inside" is what Natalie's beauty also "spoke" to us. We all identified with her. I never identified with Marilyn or Elizabeth, I identified with Natalie, the real beauty.

  6. Young people don't know her name because her husband wants it that way. You'd think her daughters would talk about her more. They protect him. I suppose they must. How sad.

  7. Natalie had a warmth and sweetness that made her find a place in the hearts of people who watched her on the screen.
    She had an across the board appeal--men liked her, women liked her, children liked her. She had that undefinable quality that made her a star, that made her fans connect with her, that made her go straight to the heart.

    No one went out of their to keep her memory alive, least of all her husband because keeping her memory alive would mean keeping the memory of her tragic death alive, also. He does not want that and we know why. Thanks to Marti for doing her part in keeping Natalie's memory, the memory of her life alive, as she does on this blog.

  8. Hi Marti, I'm glad you posted this, cause I have come across young people who don't know who Natalie is. I have been watching Natalie's movies over again, and last night I watch bob,carol,ted& alice, and what a hoot I laugh my head off, that movie was breaking ground, superb action on all 4 of them. I had rented it from the Library and it had special features so after watching it I watched it again with Commentary with Robert Culp, Elliott Goluld, Dyan Cannon and Director Paul Mazursky, they where at Dyan Cannon home which you can't see them but they talk about the movie as hey watch it, it was sad cause they talked about Natalie and you could tell in their voices how they missed her. Dyan Cannon was a good friend of Natalie's why have Natalie's friend not spoke out. One of the things the director said which was wrong was he put Natalie at 35yrs old at the time of the movie and that is not true she was only 30-31. Natasha wasn't even born yet.
    Thanks, Pam

  9. Pam,
    Thanks for your comment. I want to add B&C&T&A to the list (I'll edit it in) on the original post. I tweet this blog out to many, and some new people have been asking questions, which is wonderful. I think, coming up on this 30th anniversary of Natalie's death, if we all make an effort to make this a "Natalie Wood revival year" it will help serve the mission to get the case reopened. Suggesting a movie here and there to someone new and marking the 30th year she has no longer been with us is a tribute she deserves. I wouldn't doubt there are new young actresses who don't know who Natalie is!

    I had always hoped I would hear from at least ONE of Natalie's friends. The closest we came to that was the review by Mrs. Sydney Sheldon at Amazon of Wagner's book, "Pieces of My Heart." There, in a comment thread at her review, Mrs. Sheldon admits to having read GNGS, and insinuates she totally believes it, but she also let us know why she won't speak publicly about it. Although she called out Wagner on a specific lie in his book (there are so many), she admits she does not want to hurt Natalie's daughters by publicly commenting about Natalie's death. I suppose most of Natalie's friends feel the same way. I know, if Tommy Thompson, Natalie's reporter friend, were still alive, he'd be right with us.

    Dyan Cannon was very close with Natalie. Dennis was in Dyan's company several times. She would know how close Dennis was to the Wagner family, as Alexandra Sheldon also admitted. Some readers had the nerve to suggest to Alexandra that she should contact Wagner as she probably misunderstood Wagner's insult to her late husband in his book. This saga gets infuriating!

    I've heard "Hollywood feedback" about GNGS, all positive, but in that tight community, people refrain from speaking their truest thoughts. You never know whose toes you are stepping on, I suppose, what part speaking out might cost you, etc. As for Dyan Canon, Elliot Gould, they "speak" in various ways... but one strong voice could sure make a difference for Natalie's legacy.

  10. I don't care HOW famous my father is, if HE killed MY mother, I'd have not ONE qualm helping to put him behind bars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'd do the same if it were my friend murdered, famous or NOT!!!!!!

  11. All of the evidence in the Natalie Wood case is not in Wagner's favor. All he has is his own lie that he doe not know what happened. The case was closed based on Wagner's verbal lie. The bruises on her body, the fact she would never go near the dark water, Dennis' witness of a terrible argument, the bottle breaking, it all works against Wagner's lie. Only in Hollywood, folks, only in Hollywood...

  12. Natalie Wood's beauty is breathtaking. It sickens me to think someone got away with something sinister in her death.

  13. Most of Natalie's friends have ceased to be relevant in Hollywood. I can't see how speaking up now would jeopardize their career or business interests. It's just easier to keep their mouths shut than be a true friend.

  14. I have to agree with Anony 4:00pm Natalie's daughters are NOT kids anymore, I'm sure they had heard, read, seen on the internet all about what is being said what their father did, I would bet Money on it that they have read your book Marti, hey they may have even popped in on your blog Marti, I know if I was in their shoe's, I would be screaming from the statue of Liberty, and for any of Natalie's friends all I have to say is "Wagner is small potatoes". The bottom line is the word "JUSTICE" Natalie Wood's family and friends need to get off the pot and stand behind Dennis. I'm watching the The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, it's a good movie too, Natalie was just to cute.
    Thanks all. Pam

  15. If ever they do visit this blog, Pam, I hope they understand that none of this was meant to hurt them or any of Natalie's friends and family. Nor was it done as a bad reflection on Hollywood. I love Hollywood. Hollywood entertains the world and sometimes in awesome ways. I love the Oscars and the Golden Globes and admire the industry, but that old "protect your own Hollywood community protection thing" has to go, especially in a case such as this. Hollywood is like a hurricane, Hollywood being the "eye" of the media frenzy surrounding it. Sure, I agree the media invades too much, but in this case, not enough. It's irony at its best, or I should say at its worst.

    This is such a sad story, never meant to harm Natalie's relatives, especially her daughters. That weighed heavy on us and still does, but truth has a way of superceding certain things. This is one of them.

  16. The media neglects this case for the same reason Natalie's friends avoid it. No one knows what to do with it. The bravery ends with you, Marti. Journalism is a joke. Not to put any pressure on you, but you said it as much yourself in your book: you are Natalie's last hope. We support you.

  17. Hi Marti, I think the untruth is what is hurting to Natalie's daughters the truth in the end is what's going to heal us all. And if they do ever pop in and read what is being said here I believe anyone can see those who write the truth and love for Natalie and for those who just want to stir up the pot, we see who and what they are so I would think family and friend of Natalie's would too.
    Marti everything you have written here and in your book has always be said and done in a way so that Natalie's daughters and Lana Wood where up most in your mind and heart and when I say this I speak of Dennis as well. I would not write or even come back through the day if I did not believe in this blog that you have done for Natalie. I thank you again Marti and Dennis.

    p.s I love Hollywood too. The Hollywood of Natalie's time I believe is gone, the Hollywood today I believe would have hauled Wagner off to jail where he belongs.

  18. Marti,
    I'm watching the Steelers/Jets game waiting to see who'll be playing the Packers. Super Bowl is big at my house. I recall reading you're a baseball fan, don't know if you're into football much. Do you know if Natalie had a favorite sport or watched sports? Did the Wagners ever have any famous sports players on their yacht?

  19. As one of the younger people who became a fan of Natalie, she is truly timeless. And light years ahead of most of so-called "young stars" of today! I love vintage Hollywood. And I truly believe there is a dark side and cover ups - which is why Wagner has gotten away with as much as he has for so long. It must be an awkward to be in the position of having known Natalie well and being afraid of saying anything in support or defense of GNGS. Are they afraid?

  20. RJ was into sports, football, baseball. Natalie wasn't into it. She said that she didn't know which teems were baseball and which were football. She played tennis and she skied. Those were the only sports she was into. When they were married the first time she tried to like golf but it didn't last. She was very proud that RJ mastered every sport he took on.

    She did love to play cards, poker and gin rummy


    Reading the comments about people who don't know about Natalie, well, there's a lot to it. Even Natalie's sister Lana said, according to your book, that she knows people in their 30s who don't even know who Natalie is. This last Christmas, I had all of my relatives over and the subject of the movie BRAINSTORM came up because it was recorded on our DVR. I mentioned that Natalie Wood was in it, and one of my great uncles, who is 63, said that was impossible because Natalie Wood hasn't been in a movie in 40 years. That made me so mad.

    It all has to do with the fact that Natalie was a child, teenager, and 20-something in all her famous films. She would be 72 now. There are a lot of people at my school who know who Jane Fonda is. She's 73, but has been in more recent movies and that's why people know her. Same thing with Julie Andrews, and men like Sean Connery or Clint Eastwood or Harrison Ford, all for the same reason.

    Unfortunately Natalie just isn't known to most people born after 1960 or so, except the ones who were alive to remember when she died. That doesn't help generate the public's interest in her. We just have to pray and not give up hope, that her CASE will be reopened and corrected. As for her legacy, it is what it is. Life's just unfair sometimes.

  22. Yes Anonymous 4:00 pm I'm totally with you!

    But you know the funny thing? Wagner isn't even the father of her oldest daughter! She has NO REASON to not suspect him. It's her CHOICE to side with her FORMER STEP-father, and IGNORE her aunt and cousin, who are her only BLOOD RELATED relatives from her mother's side, with the exception of her half-sister Courtney. Shame on you Natasha!

    But I also still don't understand, why Lana Wood continues to speak in Wagner's favor. That just doesn't add up. I mean is he paying her hush-money or something? She'll tell biographers that she suspects him, yet when she has a camera in her face and is asked if she believes her sister was murdered, she always says "No" or "I don't know." What's with this woman?

  23. I agree, Pam. Only truth can heal, even when truth is painful. As for Natalie's daughters siding with their father, even after some public scrutiny, I do understand that kind of bond. It's probably caused great turmoil for them at times, but I wish them peace with the truth, if they ever choose to accept it.

    As for Lana, it's more complicated, but Lana has those same torn thoughts. I know for a fact Lana cares about what happened to Natalie as much as, if not more, than anyone. Lana and Natalie were much closer than Wagner would have us believe.

    As Anon 9:44 said, Natalie was not into sports. Dennis says sports was rarely a conversation topic in their presence. Wagner would talk about Super Bowls and World Series occasionally, and he did like golf, but no sports figures were ever on board the Splendour.

    Me, I love sports. In order: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Tennis. Soccer and Ice Hockey playoffs, maybe. I watched football today. Good games.

    When I worked for Calkins Newspaper Group, my department had a share in their penthouse suite at Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium (torn down about 9 years ago). Now, that was one great job perk! The plush enclosed suite held about 20 people and came with Valet Parking tickets, private elevator to the suites, private caterer and open bar. I used it many times for friends and family, too, and we had some great times up there. I got to pick about 25 baseball games and a few football games each year... the stadium catered to both sports those years, plus concerts. I saw some good concerts at "The Vet" too...Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen to name the best. I sure wish I had the suite for this year's upcoming Phils' pitching line-up. :-)

    Actually, I prefer baseball from outdoor seats, but I did come to like football from watching from the sky box.

    For those who've made previous comments about MY intentions, inferring that I've used a woman's tragedy to benefit my own life, it angers me so much because I've had a great life thus far, with lots of fun and fantastic memories, and wonderful opportunites. I've worked hard all of my life and am proud of my accomplishments. I also know how to be grateful and I know how to appreciate. Things didn't come easy for me, but diligence usually pays off, but nothing was ever handed to me. Those who say my book was an attempt at "profit and attention" are ignorant...only people who would do something like that could say such a thing... as if "it takes one to know one"....? Well, they DON'T know me, and their comments are based on pure ignorance or their own way of thinking. In between working, I stole time to bring Natalie Wood justice and a voice, something I will never apologize for. (sounds like I'm on offense, but it's actually defense...these ridiculous comments have been made!) And the media always asks, "Why now?" How about it's now because the LACSD refuses to admit their mistakes? How about, if only someone beyond the tabloids would care enough to bring this woman justice?

    One of the primary reasons many people don't recognize the name Natalie Wood is because of the shame her husband has wanted to hide, and by keeping her memory buried, he has been able to keep attention away from the subject of her death.

    It's not too late for Natalie to have a voice. It still takes effort, however, and I'm willing to continue giving her that effort. Thank you to all of you who help in exerting effort toward that goal, too.

  24. anon 12:12==
    to say that Natalie is not know to people born after 1960 is untrue, that's an exaggeration. You are obviously very young so you would not know that as well as those of us who were born after 1960.

  25. Natasha and Wagner have a close father-daughter relationship. Let's not forget that he controls Natalie's estate and the assets that went with it. When he dies, Jill will be in control of his estate. Natalie's daughters live high and don't seem to work a great deal.

  26. That is XS3 who was formerly oh9 who was formerly ineedwater. All from the IMDB site and serveral other sites as well. She has major issues with the following:
    a woman over 40 adopting or having a child.
    a woman over 40 adopting or having a child of any color except Caucasian. Example: in both issues she notes Sandra Bullock, over 40 adopting a child of color.
    Any man considerably older than a woman in film. Example: Cary Grant romancing Gracy Kelly in To Catch A Thief.
    She is an ageist of the first order. Example: Jane Fonda is 6 months older than Natalie. This is a major issue to her as she refers to the vast age difference between the two!
    She like the photo of Natalie because she looks very modern in in. Show her photos of Natalie pre mid 1960's and she will hate them.
    She despises any actor or actress who is a Liberal Democrat especially Susan Sarandon. She wishes them death! (I have no idea why she likes the Liberal Natalie Wood. Strange!)
    Her posts are littered all over IMDB and she has been soundly told off by everyone.
    She is a bigot in all areas of her life. On point, I along with most on here have nothing good to say about Wagner but she takes it one step further and addresses him as Fag-ner.
    Anyone cane check IMDB. The posts are all there providing she hasn't run back in and deleted them or they have been reported.

  27. I've seen her ageist, racist, homophobic posts. How sick that she wished death on a person because of their politics or for any reason. She's everything Natalie was not.

  28. I might look at the IMDB boards maybe 4 times a year, if that, and that's the truth. I find them way too confusing. I check out the forum maybe once or twice a month as once in a while there's something posted there I should see. Last year, when I posted a beautiful photo of Natalie's daughters taken by Dennis, I was called filthy names at IMDB and the forum for doing so.

    I know there are many crass, hard-opinionated people at private groups and other open forums in relation to Natalie and her life.

    There was one poster at the forum who moderated a private Yahoo Wagner group, who very civilly and politely would defend Wagner at the forum right after GNGS was published. She once said she attempted to talk privately with me, but I had never heard from her. Ever. So, I'm not sure why she said that. All of the others were quick to attack me, and some were relentless.

    I want to stress that I appreciate others' opinions, and to each their own, but those of us here all possess a fairly decent, if not highly-knowlegeable handle on Natalie's life and those who shared her life with her, from friends to family.

    We know why Natalie's name isn't as recognizable as Marilyn Monroe's name or ELizabeth Taylor's names are, amongst YOUNGER people. Natalie's name was confined to tabloids and tabloid shows for virtually the first 20 years after her death, and her surviving family seemed to be okay with that. The media seemed to be okay with allowing questions to linger. Not one dedicated journalist cared about truth in Natalie's death, until Sam Kashner came along, and even he didn't contact ME, the person who had studied her death from all angles. But Sam read my manuscript before writing his article, and I'm glad he did. Then Suzanne Finstad cared, but her book reached Natalie's base audience more than a younger generation. And Suzanne's movie was based on the fabricated theory of a banging dinghy.

    A lot of work is needed to get the younger crowd educated on Natalie because a lot of work was invested into keeping Natalie Wood's name hidden. Younger people will appreciate Natalie once they see her work, but the effort is to bring her to life again, and to have her "mystery death" exposed with the reopening of her case, which DESERVES to be reopened.

    Natalie was a liberal-minded person, a decent, fair, kind, and thoughtful person. I do not condone racist, ignorant, small-minded, or FACTLESS comments of any kind here at my blog, and this can serve as a pre-warning if it's needed.

    It's not complicated why Natalie's name isn't prominent with the younger generations. A police department and the person they cleared wants it that way for their various reasons.

    When an incompetant (in this case) lead detective follows the ONE PERSON telling the truth about Nataile's death around and calls him a liar and a drunk, that is unprofessional and strange, to say the least. When the husband of a drowning victim and the case's lead detective do not care what the last person who heard Natalie's voice has to say, well that's even more strange.

    Let's make this Natalie's year!

  29. So true, Marti, that it's odd that Wagner never tried to talk to Marilyn Wayne about the specifics of what she was saying. Wayne heard Natalie's cries for help. It would make sense that if it was the tragic accident Wagner professes it to be, that he would express some interest in what she heard and when she heard it. Instead, he tries to shut her up. How does that make sense to anyone? And both Rasure and Bombard dismissed Marilyn Wayne. Why on earth would this woman lie?

    Thank goodness, Wagner's attempt to dirty her name and enhance his own, failed. That would be Gavin Lambert's, Natalie-A Life. Word got out that the book was a bore and an attempt to put Wagner on the pedestal that Finstad knocked him off. Most of Natalie's fans saw it for what it was, Robert Wagner's way of answering the questions raised in Finstad's Natasha. Wagner had not one kind word to say about his late wife. After the book was released he said that he had not read it and doubted that he ever would, that it would be too difficult for him. Another pity party for Robert Wagner!

    I have a story about Wagner's desire to have Natalie be forgotten and have all that she left be diminished. I will send it to you in a private e-mail. His supporters would say, "Oh no, not RJ." YES, RJ!

  30. Dear Marti,

    You are so right. You've got this case pegged in a way the media amongst others have missed.

    There are several young people I buy gifts for each year, most in my family and my wife's family, but also some outsiders being employees and friends. I'm intending to purchase several GNGS paper editions with the new epilogue to give as gifts to these people. It will encourage reading as well as enlighten these younger people to whom Natalie Wood is and the tragedy she suffered her final weekend. It's something others could think about: adding a book or movie about Natalie to your gift lists.

    I view your book as more than a mystery solved, a case called upon. It's much more than a traditional Hollywood story. There are many life's lessons to be learned. Young people can benefit from it beyond the tragic death of the most beautiful starlet we've known and loved.

    My first date was to a Natalie movie. I married the woman I took to that movie and she is the love of my life. We both admire Natalie and talk about her often. My wife abhors R.J. Wagner. The feeling is mutual.

    I have not commented here for ages, but wish you success and progress with your book, as always. I suggest something to you. Have you considered visiting colleges and/or universities to talk about your book to social classes, criminology amd law classes, journalism, communications courses? Your book fits all: it's an idea on how you might reach the young new audience with your mission for justice.

    My best to you. I'm off on a business trip, and plan to mention Natalie to a younger associate traveling with me. Will comment upon my return. Have a wonderful week. "T"

  31. Marti, I'm reading "Natasha" by Suzanne Finstad and I came across the line where she says Dennis wanted to save his story for a for-profit book. I had a chuckle because that was exactly what Suzanne was doing - saving everything she had gleaned about Natalie and putting it in a for-profit book. It seems logical to me that if you, Marti, had put so many years into writing GNGS, you wouldn't immediately hand over everything to another author to make a lot of money from.

    Finstad's book talks about how Natalie was struggling with getting older and things being different with Hollywood and her career. The way the book is written, it seems to me that with Walken, Natalie was trying to recapture the feelings and moments she had with James Dean so many years earlier. Aside from whether or not she was having an affair with Walken, I feel like her intentions were good -- she was trying to grow as an actress and be inspired the way she was with Dean. She had so many exciting things to live for, both in her career and in her family.

    from KB

  32. Hey wait Anony 9:27am I want to hear what you have to say too, Please tell Marti she can email me your story, I promise to keep it to myself. I don't know what this IMDB is, I must be out of a loop here, but I only come to Marti website because I want the truth. I have seen many website out there that people who love Natalie had done, but even there you will find many wrong things written about Natalie.

    Anony 6:21am who are you talking about, is this person writing on here????

    Thanks all, Pam
    Thanks all.

  33. KB, I agree. Natalie felt "recharged" by Walken. He was cutting-edge, and admired as a promising new actor on the Hollywood scene. One thing about Natalie, she was genuine and loyal person. She may have seen sparked by Walken, but not to the point she would jeopardize her cherished family. It was career-oriented, her desire to recharge her career, not her love-life. She would never have invited Walken on a private, intimate cruise if she had been having an affair. Remember, she left Walken on board with RJ on Friday night. I can understand how a lot of people will question her intentions, but having co-stars on board was a very normal thing. Suzanne insults my and Dennis's intentions a few times. I think she was a litttle angry with me that I wouldn't tuen over my 18 years of work at that time. I had confidence in myself to present what I had learned. Suzanne, although I completely appreciate all of her book efforts, told a bold lie about the secretary Dennis supposedly spilled his guts to before Lana got on the phone. Suzanne is an attorney. She knew how to cover herself. Cheryl Quarmine, if I recall the name corretly, never heard "the story" from Dennis. NEVER!

    "T" -- thank you posting and for your suggestions. I've been invited to several school functions, some I passed on, but it is really a good idea. Have a good trip, and thanks for helping keep Natalie's memory fresh.

  34. Pam, I didn't get email yet. Will comment on it, but there are many ways Natalie's memory has been stifled. Wagner acts "surprised" she is legendary in interviews and sounds offended that his idols haven't reached her status.

    That person referred to was the person who suggested Natalie isn't remembered by younger people and that her legacy is what it is. Actaully, Natalies legacy is substantial. I don't know the person but apparently others know her from IMDB and weren't happy with her insulting remarks there.

    Many decent people are here, following Natalie and protecting her from insults. I appreciate learning early on learning who's who following this ongoing saga. I just wish the law would appreciate the attention this case deserves.

  35. It's a disgrace the way people who pretend to be fans talk about Natalie. I'm so pleased that Marti keeps this site clear of that.

  36. KB,
    Let us know what you think about Natasha when you're done. I read it over 7 yrs. ago. It left me wanting more about what happened to Natalie, but good job on her career. HC

  37. I enjoyed "Natasha" by Finstad because it was such a thorough look at Natalie's life. Earlier in the book there were quotes that were hard to figure out who said them. That seemed to improve as the book went on. I was disappointed there wasn't an epilogue that briefly talked about where the main players in Natalie's life are today. Mainly I was curious about Mud because she was so intertwined in Natalie's life.

    I appreciated how Finstad made everything about Natalie's last days sound suspicious (which I think is the correct thing to do). If I'd read "Natasha" before GNGS, I'd be thinking, "Holy cow! Somebody look into her death! This is an injustice!"

    So much of what's been written about Natalie refers to her drowning death off Catalina, but they don't touch the mysteriousness of it. I think that if more articles about Natalie talked about just a few of the suspicious things that happened that weekend, more people would want to know details. For years people were obsessed with Marilyn Monroe's death -- Was it murder? Was it suicide? Was it accidental? -- and there were TV programs that examined it. I sure hope I see something like that about Natalie's death someday. I'm afraid it won't be until after RJ's gone.

    from KB

  38. Oh, one last thing that occurred to me about Finstad's book: Finstad did seem a bit bitter in the book that Dennis didn't share his story with her directly. I suspect Finstad was really hoping she would have the most comprehensive bio on Natalie Wood's life and death (hence the title "Natasha: The Biography of Natalie Wood"), and maybe was worried that the book would be hard to sell without clear answers at the end. She did a great job of gathering a lot of information about Natalie's last days though. There were many little facts that weren't in GNGS, which I think is fine because GNGS was about Dennis' direct experience that fateful weekend, not about everybody else's direct experiences (like the waitresses, the other patrons in the restaurant, etc.)

    I can see how Finstad could be frustrated, but so much about Natalie's death has been shrouded in mystery and the rest of us are frustrated too. If anything, I think Finstad's approach encourages the reader to think, "This needs to be reopened."

    from KB

  39. KB, you are so right, I did read(listen) to Natasha first and it did leave me with what you said, "Finstad made everything about Natalie's last days sound suspicious" I'm glad Marti and Dennis didn't share GNGS with Finstad for her boo. Because both books NATASHA & GOODBYE NATALIE GOODBYE SPLENDOUR need and do stand alone. These books are so far apart but have something in common (Natalie) and in the end they come together and because of this I believe we will see JUSTICE FOR NATALIE. So I thank all three author's and Lana Wood for reading Natasha to me.
    I just love that they called their Mother "MUD" when you hear Lana say it in the book for the first and many times after I did have to laugh and a lot of times it did ease the pain.
    Thank you all.

  40. Hello Marti and all, I have told many times I have been watching Natalie's movies over again. Well one I can't ever remembering watching is "The Green Promise" 1949, OMG Natalie IS THE STAR in this movie, about 75% of it is on her, and it's a really good story, I would have to say this is one of Natalie's best performances and I believe Natalie never had a bad one. She had me laughing so much and I'm home sick with a temp of 100.9,someone sitting on my chest with their hands around my throat, and this beautiful little girl is making me laugh and smile. I love it. If you have not watched it, go out and get it, it's on DVD. Thanks all.

  41. Pam, have you seen Driftwood? She gives an incredible performance in that film.

  42. Not that I remember as a kid but it's on my list to get, I plan to get everyone of her movies, I've gotten a good start, I have the Cracker Factory coming,got West Side Story Monday as a gift, I have her collection set, Biography, Starring Natalie Wood Press Screener, Meteor, and I just got in the mail the tv movie The Mystery of Natalie Wood. So I will go looking for Driftwood. Thanks for letting me know now.Pam

  43. Marti -
    I think a great part of the reason why Natalie is not remembered in the same way as Marilyn Monroe and other deceased stars is 99.9% the fault of ROBERT WAGNER.
    He controls her estate and any product merchandising concerning her. I have heard that he has contracted a company whose main clients are the families of deceased celebrities for that very reason.
    But please remember, if the family does not approve, nothing happens. Nothing. And he has certainly made sure of that.
    Wagner's behavior in this matter reminds me of an old Chinese proverb, 'Never wake a sleeping tiger.'
    Out of sight, out of mind, Wagner hopes!
    I think he would heave a huge sigh of relief if the memory of Natalie Wood were wiped off the face of the earth.
    When Natalie is mentioned, so is her horrible death. The more exposure she has, the greater the possibility of it snow balling into new questions about her death and perhaps a second investigation (Yours was the first and only as far as I am concerned) into what really happend that night aboard the Splendour.

  44. Yes, I have no doubt he wants to keep the name Natalie Wood as far from the public as possible. He kept it very controlled when talking about her while promoting his book on book tour.

    I've been very busy this week and was hit with some sort of 24-hour bug: yesterday I felt like I couldn't move, and was so afraid I had caught the flu after neglecting to get a flu shot this year! But, today I'm feeling a little better. We were hit with another foot of snow last night while I slept for 20 hours straight!

    KB, Natasha is an excellent biography of Natalie's career and life, and Suzanne was upset she was not able to talk with Dennis, but she did an excellent investigation on her own. Suzanne, like myself, knows how credible Marilyn Wayne is and the detectives really missed a vital witness by not talking with her.

  45. Hi Marti, just wanted to stop by while I was up out of my sick bed, it hit me yesterday and bad. Went to urgent care today and they put me on meds. Temp was 103 in the left ear and 104 in the right. I never get sick, I hate this. I was ask if I wanted the flu shot last week when I saw my dr and I said No I have never gotten one and besides I never get sick. HA HA on me. Thanks all. Pam

  46. Pam,
    The only flu shot I ever got was when I was 27 years old and I caught the flu from it. I know they say it's highly unlikely for that to happen, but I caught it for a week after the shot, ao I've never taken another, but lately I've been thinking that I should start. Whatever I had is lingering a little, but the fever passed in one night and I worked through the day a little groggy, but think I'm getting better. Hope you feel better quickly, too.

  47. I'm thinking I want to watch The Great Race with my almost five-year-old. I've only seen clips but it reminds me of some of the fun old live action Disney movies.


  48. LOL KB. The Great Race is a great movie but after Rebel all of Natalie's movie where rated PG-13- Parents Strongly Cautioned, which is funny with todays movies. I just love all of Natalie's movies.

  49. Does anyone know anything about the rumors about Robert Wagner being gay or bi-sexual? My father-in-law was told my someone who worked at Universal back in the late 60s, when he was married to his second wife, that while he was living at the studio, he had handsome young men visiting him very often, that the gossip around the studio was that at that point he and his wife lived separate lives and his life was as a closeted bi-sexual man.
    Marti, did Dennis ever tell you anything about Wagner's sexuality beyond what was written in the book?

  50. It's what broke up his first marriage to Natalie, and it's not hard to put two and two together, sure do with my brother was live today, he knew a lot of the gay actors and people who work in the business, writers, producers.

    Marti I'm still sick got acute bronchitis and infections in both ear's. Got another friend to sign the Petition today. I hope your feeling better. Thanks all, Pam

  51. Hi Marti, just wanted you to know, I took your writing on Time to get to know Natalie and posted as a note with some picture onto my facebook and I will keep posting like I do the petition, your blog,anything that will bring even just one person to sign the petition, read this blog, your book,one set closer to Justice.Be sure and check it out. Your friend, Pam
    Thanks all.

  52. Sorry I've been absent...extremely busy week while not feeling well. Caught up now and feeling better.

    Pam, sorry to hear you're still sick. I had bronchitis once and it took a while to feel right again. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
    I 100% believe Natalie's first marriage was destroyed because of the story Suzanne explained to us. In my research, I came across the rumors up close but I didn't want hearsay in GNGS, so I stuck with what can be verified.

    Anon 6:25, yes, I did ask Dennis about what I had heard but he always seemed surprised by the rumors he had never heard anything about. He really thought Natalie and RJ were the happiest couple ever. It's what made accepting the weekend of Nov. 1981 all the more difficult for him to process.

    If who RJ slept with related to motivation, I would delve more into it, but I think jealousy, sefishness, and insecurities were the primary motivators for Nov. 28, 1981. I don't know how deep it goes or what complex issues were in his mind when he DELIBERATELY REFUSED to do anything to immediately help save his wife from the ocean, but I do know he was with her when she went into the water, and he knows HOW she got into the water, and he LIED to the police about his part in Natalie's death. What INNOCENT husband has to lie to the police?

  53. Anon 6:25-The rumors about Wagner's sexuality have been around for a long time, before the late 60's. In his book he skirted over this issue as he does with most topics he does not want to be truthful about. He was never the big Hollywood playboy he alluded to in his book. It's not a coincidence that most of the "romances" Wagner made reference to in his book were big secrets, affairs that no one knew about. LOL
    Many men in show business use a "happy marriage" as a beard. Wagner has been married most of his adult life. His fans use that to belie the truth about his sexuality. "He's married" does not mean he is straight, especially in Hollywood, especially someone of that era.
    He hides it for the same reason he hides the truth about other aspects of his life, his image. He's all about how it looks!
    Suzanne Finstad did not pull the story about the end of the first marriage out of a hat, she didn't invent that story.

  54. Maybe Wagner was attracted to Chris Walken? Maybe that's another reason for Walken's silence, maybe he and Wagner had a thing while Natalie was on the island with Dennis.

  55. Only Walken and Wagner would know about that, but I highly doubt it.

  56. Marti,
    I only have one question for you. Someone on the death forum is using the word faggot in describing one of your non supporters. Would you condone this type of homophobic term used to describe anyone whether they agree with you or not?

  57. Anon 11:26

    Odd question, but of couse I would NEVER condone the use of such a word. I want nothing to do with the exchanges at the forum. All I see there are people arguing with one another and calling each other names.

    I'm a very liberal minded person. Racist, ignorant, bigotted, or insulting words always rub me the wrong way, and I never condone the use of them. All of us have called people names at one time or another in our lives, but to call someone something insulting that is literal to something natural is the worst inexcusable behavior.

  58. Before people misunderstand you, Marti, I want to say I comprehend your answer to Anonymous 1126. They took the "N" word out of a classic book because it became a derogatory word for something that was the literal way to describe a slave long ago. The use of the word faggot is a disgusting way to describe a more mellow person.
    I hate the way people treat each other at the forum.

  59. Anon 1:24

    Thank you, yes, you understood me, and I have never and will never condone the use of such words.

  60. Marti,

    Do you believe "to each his own" when it comes to gay marriage?

  61. I believe in "to each his own" for anything providing no one is in harm's way relating to "to each his own" -- but, in regards to gay marriage, I don't see it as a "to each his own" thing as if gay marriage is separate from normal. For example, a certain percentage of people have natural blonde hair, and that IS NORMAL. A certain percentage of people, female and male, ARE GAY, and that is NORMAL. To be "blonde" naturally doesn't fall into a "to each his own" category and nor does being gay, in my opinion.

    I hope I'm explaining this corretly. I have nothing against blondes and I have nothing against gays, because each is what that person IS. And I wish for all good people a wonderful life, who wouldn't?

    I believe everyone has the right to be with who they want to be with and shouldn't be talked about or ridiculed for it. Be true to oneself.

  62. I am highly suspicious of this ridiculous line of questioning. I'm surprised Ms. Rulli isn't.

  63. Marti, ignore these questions. The Wagner troll checks this blog day and night. He does not like the subject matter so he is here to stir up trouble.
    He is the imp who is posting back and forth to himself on the forum.

  64. Well I for one Marti love your answers, very will put no reading between the lines, I just knew you are this type of person when I read your book. Your a kind compassion, giving, respectful person, and this is why you wrote a beautiful book about a beautiful Natalie because you connected with her through your same personally and I'm sure this is why Dennis cared so much for Natalie, he saw so much of the both of you to a like. I see it. Thanks all, Pam

  65. Marti -
    I also like your answers very much and learn from them.
    You have a sense of calm and logic about yourself that transcends. Even in the eye of this 'tornado', you obviously hold fast to your bearings and am very much a peacemaker among those of us a bit more 'vocal' than others here.
    This site is a refreshing and welcome change to the forums I found when I was first seeking information about Natalie's death.

  66. Thank you both for your kind words.... I want this blog to remain peaceful. We can all have different opinions about things, but we should respect each others' opinions because I really am so grateful to have such a wonderful group of people following this blog. I do find it difficult to tolerate closed-minded ideas and unfairness, and prefer to keep this blog more open-minded. There's an ultimate goal involved and we can all get there together...and peacefully. I don't mind answering any type of question providing it is asked for legitimate reasons. I appreciate fairness. God, this case needs fairness beyond all else. Thanks to all...

  67. Natalie is my pick for most beautiful woman ever to have walked the face of the earth. Not only was she absolutely gorgeous, she had an appeal that no other actress in her time possessed, and none hence. Her eyes seem to peer into your soul. Im a 70's born guy but splendor in the grass is one of the best movies ive seen. Go figure. Anyways, hands down winner is Natalie. Runner ups are audrey hepburn of course, keira knightleys beauty is fantastic along with a young diane lane and charlize theron. Mentioning keira might affect your opinion of my taste, but i truly feel that god worked extra hard on her.

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  69. I've been head-over-heels in love with the ghost of Natalie Wood for years. I doubt I'll ever get over her.