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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Red Flags in Natalie Wood's death

In another post's comment it was mentioned that the 4-hour wait to call the Coast Guard should have been the biggest "red flag" in investigating Natalie Wood's death. Although I agree, I can understand how those four hours were confused and misconstrued, being that a local call went out that night at approximately 1:30 with the words, "Someone is missing from out boat."  Then, with everyone telling the first responder, Pam Eaker, that they had been searching throughout the entire night, I can also understand how the words "there was an immediate search" got posted on a report. All of this, yes, was very poor police work, but it happened in all of the confusion. Then, because this was a high-profile case that the media would be on top of, the authorities were anxious to close it fast. All of the facts got squeezed into a tidy little quick, "the family dined with a guest, Wood wandered off, husband called for help upon noticing she was gone--tragic case."

It would have taken only a FEW good questions at the scene to have reached more good questions, but those initial good questions were never asked, and then the coroner took over and when the detectives saw that his observations were drawing more media attention, members of the Hollywood community and the police department put a quick stop to it. Basic medical examiner questions, thus answers, were halted.

The red flag I determined most ignored was the condition of Natalie's body. It was full of bruises, most superficial, but many highly questionable ones, like the small circular bruises at her ankles, and the noticeable facial abrasion.  Even back in 1981, my first thought was domestic violence. How could this not have been a medical examiner's FIRST thought?

But, the biggest red flag that always struck me was Natalie's KNOWN fear of dark water, especially ocean water. She'd talked about her fear in article interviews and on TV show interviews. Even if the detectives didn't know about her fear, they could have ASKED! All of Natalie's friends and family knew about it. Not one of them were asked a question. Phone records were not checked until Suzanne Finstad took on her investigation. It would've been so easy to have learned that Natalie tried to call her sister Lana and others the Saturday morning before she returned to the Splendour. Hundreds should've been interviewed, not just a few restaraunt workers and guests. Marilyn Wayne was never interviewed!

At the scene, having intervewed a few restaurant waitresses and NOT the Coast Guard Captain who found Natalie is more evidence of a really shoddy case investigation.

The petition will be turned in soon...Here's a suggestion....if you have a Facebook page, post the petition there and ask your FB friends to post it to their friends. Every day someone new is signing. It would be helpful to turn in the petition with 1,000 signatures or more.  Thank you to all who've already helped to spread the petition. One last cyber push can help tremendously. We want this case reopened this year, before Natalie's 30th year of injustice arrives in November.

Remember: Natalie's cry from the grave remains: "I am deathly afraid of water, especially water that is dark."

Reopen Investigation of Natalie Wood's death Petition



  1. Everyone in the free world knew Natalie was deathly afraid of water. That's why people were suspicious of the death from the get go, including me. Wouldn't Rasure's wife have known that about her "favorite movie star" and passed it on?

  2. You would think she would've known. But, in the tense hours of a high-profile death, things get "lost" as what obviously happened in this case. It took so many years to get to the bottom of this case, but we're there now and the authorities need to sit up and care about it, no matter how many years have passed.

  3. That there was more than one red flag in Natalie's death investigation says it all. When you wrote your list of reasons to reopen the Natalie case, Marti, it was obviously hard for you to cut it down to size. Numerous red flags existed, numerous mistakes made.

  4. Hello Marti, There was and still is SO many red flags. TO: Wagner, everyone knows Natalie would not did not go into that DARK WATER on her own,It was you Wagner.
    To all please support, push what ever you have to, to get people to sign Natalie's petition.
    Thanks all. Pam

  5. Yes, it is mindboggling how many crucial things were missed in this case. It filled a book. It's not as if we're asking for this case to be reopened because of what Dennis saw and heard. There are numerous violations in procedure that were scarificed to close this case quickly.

  6. I recall in the days following Natalie's death, her fear of dark water was not mentioned in the press until the case was closed. I don't think it was as widely known as some believe that it was. Natalie's fans knew but the average person did not know. If Rasure's wife was the big fan that he claimed she was, she knew. Natalie's friends knew, her family knew, her fans knew. If I was a homicide detective and I read of or was told of Natalie's fear of water I would wonder why her husband did not tell of her fears when he was questioned.
    I found it very strange that the police did not wonder about the bruises but closed the case without knowing where they came from and without examining each of the three men. You have a woman who suddenly disappeared late at night from a boat on which there were 3 men who saw and heard nothing, a woman who was afraid of deep, dark water, whose body was covered in bruises. This was not The Queen Mary. It was a 60ft. sport fisher and she's gone and she's found dead and covered in bruises and the case is closed in a matter of days. It was totally out of character for Natalie to disappear from a boat at night wearing a nightgown but no one wonders about the bruises? There was one person who claimed to have heard cries for help coming from the direction of the Splendour and she was labeled as a liar by the lead detective and the devastated husband does not try to contact the the only person who heard his wife's screams. Was it shoddy police work, was it a star struck detective, was it a rush to close a celebrity tainted case or was it all of the above? How can anyone ignore this? As Marti pointed out, excluding what Dennis has shared with us, the red flags are waving all over this case.

  7. "I'm terrified, always have been, of deep water, dark water, river water."
    "I like to be on the water and near the water but not IN the water."

  8. ...and yet that's where Natalie endured a slow, mentally and physically, torturous death.

  9. I reposted the petition on FB. It would be great to hit 1,000 signatures. I'm reading Natasha by Suzanne Finstad and it seems like every other page refers to Natalie's fear of the water.

    from KB

  10. KB,
    Suzanne Finstad really drove that point home. She also gives an excellent timeline, something the authorities never established. You will learn a lot from "Natasha" -- hope to hear from you when you've finished. Thank you for reposting the petition.

  11. Natalie was petrified of deep, dark water.
    She was clean and neat. If she had this paranoia about dirty water as this person claims, she would not have done mud scene in Meteor. That story about the bathtub scene in Splendor in the Grass is BS. You've never heard it before because it's not true. LMAO at that one.
    Natalie loved to take baths, she said as much many times that she loved relaxing in the bathtub and reading her mail there.
    LOL, I think Dennis would know more about Natalie's capabilities as far as navigating the Splendour and the Valiant.
    Who likes filthy water? LOL
    also, Natalie did many scenes in studio tanks, they are not known for their cleanliness and those who have worked with her have never mentioned her being insistent that the tanks be sterilized. What they did mention was her fear of water, her fear of drowning in water.
    I recall Robert Vaughn who dated Natalie as a teenager saying that they were standing, looking out at the lake and she told him that she was afraid of drowning in deep water.

  12. I've heard it from Natalie's own mouth that she was afraid of dark water. Remember, a big reason for her fear came from the time she thought she was going to drown in the accident on the set of "The Green Promise." I believe that was the start of Natalie's deep-seated fear of dark water. This is the film where she fractured her wrist and covered the deformity (it never healed correctly) the rest of her life with bracelets.

  13. Thank you Marti, Kevinr and Anonymous for correcting this Richard on his lie's, I just hate it when someone writes on this blog untruths about Natalie and like so many have said who better to know about Natalie while on the Splendour then Dennis, Natalie put her most precious loves in Dennis hands, you CAN NOT GET ANY MORE TRUSTING THEN THAT! and when you trust someone you know that person so Natalie knew Dennis and Dennis knew Natalie.

    I believe Richard is a fan of Wagner's.

    Marti I understand why you post negative posts by people like Richard, to show you are not a bias person and only wish to show people like Richard how wrong they are but that doesn't mean I have to like it, but I do RESPECT you for it. Hey maybe Richard will learn what Wagner did.
    Thank you all. Pam

  14. Thank you Pam. This is basically what I explained to you in another post's thread here. I do want to appreciate that people have opinions but I like to keep the facts straight here at this blog.

    Dennis was a VERY trusted Wagner family friend. Natalie left her daughters with Dennis on many occasions. He was as trusted as the family nanny, Willie Mae. Dennis lived with a girl with children when he lived in California. Dennis would take all the kids to Knotts Berry Farm amusement park, he would take them all to lunch...he watched the girls many times aboard the Splendour when Wagner and Natalie would go to Avalon for dinner.

    Yet, many people choose to not believe this. It's ridiculous. It's something there is no need to lie about in regards to benefitting the facts of that terrible weeked...Dennis saw what he saw that night whether he ever babysat Nat's daughters or not. There are numerous witnesses to these facts, yet people will argue this fact about Dennis' part in the Wagner family without sleep until the sun sets three times. You get the picture.

  15. My story for the day.
    I was reading Variety on a break at my desk in my little cubicle. Wagner is signed on to do the voice of "Charlie" in the next "Charlie's Angels" movie. I shouted to the lady in the next cubicle this news to which she replied that it is no great acting challenge for him. He has been phoning in his performances all his life!
    I thought a bit of levity on this particular comment section would be well served right about now.

  16. I've deleted and saved most comments from this thread. Sorry if your was deleted, but any that referred to the problem going on here were stored away. Please let's not post in this thread again. Thank you, and I'm sure you all understand why.

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