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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Vetting the Enquirer’s ‘New Natalie Wood Death Theory’ - FishbowlNY

Vetting the Enquirer’s ‘New Natalie Wood Death Theory’ - FishbowlNY

Natalie Wood's case is still open. Her death still intrigues the world because it remains unsolved but still has good reason to be investigated. Her death certificate was changed from accidental to undetermined for more than the new medical attention her autopsy has received. Authorities now believe Natalie may have been assaulted, and unconscious in the water, which leads to the question of how she got in the water. The bogus theory of "retying a banging dinghy, falling and hitting her head" has all but been eliminated from the scenarios and theories over the decades. Such a fall does not account for the numerous other fresh bruises found on Natalie's body. Plus, after many witness accounts of a huge argument transpiring right before her new estimated time of death, it doesn't allow for the "banging dinghy disturbing her sleep" scenario.

It's more than very possible Natalie Wood was murdered. In fact, it's probable. And that's why her case remains open. Anyone with information in any aspect of this persisting case, you can contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.