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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cyber Stalking Article

Here is a link to a comprehensive list of what constitutes CYBER BULLYING, STALKING, and HARASSING.  I've cut two of the informational items and pasted here, but the article is a good one about protecting yourself from Internet stalkers who think they can remain anonymous. Their actions are AGAINST THE LAW and easily reportable. I will report anyone who stalks this blog, harasses its commentators, etc. Their Internet providers will be notified along with the law. Yes, there is an increase in this type of activity, but the law IS cracking down and eventually will do something about it. Report those who harass you! It only takes a moment.

Computer Crimes: Are You Protected?

Cyberstalking: Similar to regular stalkers, cyberstalkers attempt to monitor their victims and find information by contacting people they know. Cyberstalkers may attempt to illegally gain access to a person’s computer to read their emails or monitor their online activities. They frequently harass their victims by contacting their friends, colleagues, online contacts, etc., to either defame them or to gain pertinent information about their personal and professional lives.

Harassment: Online harassment can consist of threats and repeated abusive emails or electronic communications that intend to harass or harm the recipient. Cyberbullying is one example, and incidents of children being bullied on social-networking sites is on the rise. Posting defamatory content online -- whether on sites like Facebook or elsewhere on the Internet -- can also constitute harassment.

November 1981 -- November 2010

For today, hope you all enjoy Halloween.

Tomorrrow starts November, the 29th anniversary month of the tragedy off Catalina Island in 1981 when Natalie Wood mysteriously lost her life.  There will be a huge surge for re-opening the Natalie Wood case very soon. I will keep you posted with every detail and hopefully, my next post will be to announce the paperback and Electronic version releases of  "Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour"  containing the new information we've talked about here.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Possible Photo of Natalie Wood for Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour

Here's the photo I've chosen for the paperback if we can't use the hardcover photo. I think it's from the same shoot, and available. I like this one even better. Will keep you posted.

Robert Wagner Natalie Wood Parade Grand Marshals

This day meant so much to Natalie. Dennis says she was so excited to participate in the parade, and that she felt so honored to have been asked. She loved the holidays and went all out every year to turn her home into a Christmas wonderland. It would start with Thanksgiving Day...her home was opened to family and friends with a huge buffet and good cheer. The mood would carry over to Christmas than culminate with the Wagner's black-tie New Year's Eve party each year. Dennis attended many of the holiday festivities at the Wagner home each year. He says it was always lively and fun-filled.

Natalie loved her husband and she loved her family. She married her husband twice because she was a caring, loving, hopeful person, and she always wanted a lasting love and a family life. She also wanted a successful acting career and in no way did her ambition detract from her love of family life. Natalie was living an optimistic life at the time of this parade, but within two years of it, she would be mysteriously dead because she had married a man twice she didn't realize would not want the same for her as she wanted for herself. Many women juggle career and homelife, and Natalie saw no harm in wanting that. However, she was married to a man who did. He called her desire to work "career demons."

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Latest Amazon Review of Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour

Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour

People are still reading, and still becoming angry over the injustice Natalie Wood has received over the decades. This review is aggressive, but a fair indication of how people really feel. This perceptive reviewer has the courage to get to the point!

Arrest Wagner NOW! Finally Justice for Natalie!
October 22, 2010

By Never too late 
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour

This is an extremely well written and fascinating book! It held my attention throughout, I had a very hard time putting it down and finished it in less then 2 days. I truly hope this case is re-opened as Robert Wagner should be put behind bars for the murder of his wife, the Mother of his child, Natalie Wood. Marti and Dennis should be applauded for their persistence and diligence in seeking the truth no matter how long it has taken them. In my opinion, Robert Wagner has gotten away with murder for 28 years due to his celebrity status and money and it is time for him to answer the tough questions. He needs to be held accountable just like any other citizen and since there is no statute of limitation for murder it can never be too late. This animal waited for hours to seek help and to search for his missing wife...WHY? If she had been rescued he would be behind bars for attempted murder and he would have lost everything! Instead this man is allowed to remain free and he has destroyed the lives of many, many people including Natalie's two precious daughters Natasha & Courtney. Not only did he take the life of their Mother but he also kept them from sharing their lives with her immediate family, their Grandmother & their Aunt Lana. Lana could have provided them with stories, memories and in some small way kept their Mother alive through just her appearance and mannerisms. Robert Wagner is a ruthless, shameless murderer and it is time for him to pay for the sins of his past. It's never too late and Natalie deserves to be heard! Thank you Marti & Denny for not giving up, not letting go and for providing the voice for Natalie!  (end review)

Also, here is the current bestselling status at Amazon for GNGS today: Top 100 in three categories for an edition not even released yet. To be in the 20,000's in a pool of millions of books says something! Those who think GNGS is going away are so wrong! People obviously do care about truth and justice:

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #27,437 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
#50 in Books; Biographies & Memoirs & Leaders & Notable People > Rich & Famous
#60 in Books > Biographies & Memoirs > Arts & Literature > Actors & Actresses
#67 in Books > Entertainment > Movies > Biographies

Friday, October 22, 2010

Good News about Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour

We're closing in on the Kindle, e-download format, and paperback release date! Just about everything is ready to go with the exception of the cover. We're trying to determine if we can use the original cover for the paperback...need to make sure the rights were released to us. Personally, I'd like a new photo for the paperback, but that would take more time and we 're hoping to release within a week. I can't wait!

Once the new release is taken care of, so much more will follow. Thank you all for your patience!

Friday, October 15, 2010


As the 29th anniversary of Natalie's death approaches, I am feeling even more passionate than ever about getting her case reopened. I wish things would and could move along at a faster pace, but our progress depends on so many others being involved. We're getting there, I promise.

I have been ultra busy this past week but have also been involved with some book production preparations. We're getting closer. I'm disappointed we're not up and running yet with the new release, but hopefully it will be soon. I will keep you posted. I was looking up some quotes for use elsewhere and came across a few that rang true for me. I love proverbs and quotes, especially these following: 

"I'd quit, but the dead won't let me." -- Rowan Gant

"Nobody will think you're somebody if you don't think so yourself." African proverb

"What you see depends on what you're looking for." - unknown

"Being a writer is like standing naked in the High Street hoping people won't find you ridiculous."
Graham Storrs

“Chase down your passion like it's the last bus of the night.” ~Glade Byron Addams

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Robert Wagner - Larry King live 2002 Part 3/5

Larry King, Robert Wagner 2002 interview. Someone finally posted this interview at YouTube that I wrote a little about in "Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour" -- this 3rd part is about when Larry asked Wagner about Natalie's death. Wagner's response was evasive as always. The book they talk about is Suzanne Finstad's "Natasha" -- Wagner say the police said Finstad fabricated throughout her book. Hardly. Suzanne established the ONLY FACTUAL timeline ever composed of the actual events of that night, something the police FAILED to do. Wagner stutters his way through, as usual, when asked about Natalie Wood's death. The other 4 parts are available at YouTube. In part 4 a caller named Natalie asks about Natalie, but all she got back was the old "I took her out at 18, and watched her evolve." Each part has something interesting that shows this actor's true character.

Friday, October 1, 2010

She's unmatchable: Natalie Wood- "...the prettiest girl I ever knew"

Who could play Natalie in a movie?


I Climbed a Mountain

I haven't seen this photo in over 25 years until just recently when my daughter-in-law converted some old slides to computer for me. Yes, it's me when I was young and brave (I climbed a mountain!) and thinner and youthful and happily raising my kids.
This was taken about a year before Natalie died, and, ironically, I honestly remember that the next vacation I was planning to take (this was a Blue Ridge Mountains vacation in 1980, and I was 28) would be to Los Angeles, California, to meet Natalie Wood. This vacation was a good one, but I had been saving for the family to visit Dennis and see the Splendour he captained, but knew it would have to wait another year or two. I had been looking forward to meeting Robert Wagner, too. I was sure I would really like the two of them for Dennis had told me so much about them.
I never got to meet Natalie, but I do know that I've never been afraid of much in life. When summer of 1981 came, I almost drowned in the Delaware River on a white water tubing trip. Here, I stand at a mountain top, and now I am the author of one of the most intimidating books on the market.

I've been feeling frustrated and a little "lost" this past summer, getting things back on track, but now I'm feeling much better. I thank all of you for helping me through this mission, and it truly is a mission, just like wanting to get to the top of a mountain to see the view from "up there." It can get scary during the one-step- at-a-time it takes. I want to see the view of what it's like for justice to prevail. And, when it happens (and it will) I think I will have the same introspective expression that I have on my face in this photograph, after getting to the top of a mountain...you can feel so small in the vastness of it all, but yet you pursue...