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Friday, October 1, 2010

She's unmatchable: Natalie Wood- "...the prettiest girl I ever knew"

Who could play Natalie in a movie?


  1. When I look at actresses on TV and in movies, I often compare them to Natalie: could they play her? One, surprisingly, I recently recognized as a possibility was Kathyrine Heigl (she had dark hair when I recognized the possibility).

    Suggest your choices. Thanks.

  2. There's just an "IT" factor about some people that can't be duplicated. Natalie was breathtaking, it would be a brave actress to step up and fill those shoes. Ashley Judd doesn't look like Natalie, but she has those same delicate, baby doll features. I think with really dark hair she could be a go for the part.

  3. Barbora Bobulova.

  4. Marti please check out a video I made of Natalie that I am very proud of. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiFks2S0rLQ

    To be honest I don't link the idea of a biopic being made on Natalie's LIFE. There is a lot of controversy and conflicting accounts of the drama that went on during her "heyday" (I am basing this mostly off what I read in Suzanne's book).

    Ashely Judd is a good actress but she is almost the same age as Natalie was at the time of her death (43) and Natalie was actually in the Dakota Fanning-Lindsay Lohan age range during her "heyday", and I can't think of any well-known actress of their generation who could pull it off.

    Unless the biopic was accurate, had certain aspects emphasized and was sympathetic toward her, but otherwise it sounds like a bad idea.

    However I think a movie should be made about her death and the events surrounding it, based on your book. It is a truly remarkable story, very compelling and interesting. A movie based on GNGS would be a dream come true.

    I agree with you about Katherine Heigl. She is lovely and would be a great choice for a movie based on your book if it was ever made. There are a lot of good actresses out there but not a lot of "stars" who could do a good job of portraying Natalie in my opinion.

  5. Yes, if the paperback is as successful as it should be, I guarantee Hollywood will come knocking on Marti's door. It has all the elements for a great screenplay. You could open the movie with the police already on the boat taking statements and then work your way backward into the story. Kind of like All The President's Men which sounded boring but turned out to be fascinating, as you watched Woodward and Bernstein try to piece together the truth. Only this time our hero is Marti and it is she who starts tearing apart the case, then putting it back together.

  6. I think Natalie Portman is a beautiful and amazing actress and I think she would do a great job. Also, Rose Byrne is an unbelievably great actress and I'm sure she could pull this role off. Obviously, there isn't anyone who could match Natalie Wood's beauty, but these actresses, as I mentioned would do a terrific job portraying her life.

  7. I'd like to see a quality biography written sans the obvious agenda that Lambert had. THE Natalie Wood biography has yet to be written. I'd like to see that happen before a movie is made based on the inferior bios that have been written. Marti?

  8. Catherine Zeta-Jones looks a lot like Natalie did, down to the little upturn of the mouth, and they have the same coloring, but Zeta-Jones is tall and large bones, while Natalie was so petite.

  9. This is going to sound bizarre, but I typed Katy Perry into my computer and got a huge gallery of photos. One or two of the photos were very much like Natalie. Imagine her with dark contacts and take a look.