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Friday, October 1, 2010

I Climbed a Mountain

I haven't seen this photo in over 25 years until just recently when my daughter-in-law converted some old slides to computer for me. Yes, it's me when I was young and brave (I climbed a mountain!) and thinner and youthful and happily raising my kids.
This was taken about a year before Natalie died, and, ironically, I honestly remember that the next vacation I was planning to take (this was a Blue Ridge Mountains vacation in 1980, and I was 28) would be to Los Angeles, California, to meet Natalie Wood. This vacation was a good one, but I had been saving for the family to visit Dennis and see the Splendour he captained, but knew it would have to wait another year or two. I had been looking forward to meeting Robert Wagner, too. I was sure I would really like the two of them for Dennis had told me so much about them.
I never got to meet Natalie, but I do know that I've never been afraid of much in life. When summer of 1981 came, I almost drowned in the Delaware River on a white water tubing trip. Here, I stand at a mountain top, and now I am the author of one of the most intimidating books on the market.

I've been feeling frustrated and a little "lost" this past summer, getting things back on track, but now I'm feeling much better. I thank all of you for helping me through this mission, and it truly is a mission, just like wanting to get to the top of a mountain to see the view from "up there." It can get scary during the one-step- at-a-time it takes. I want to see the view of what it's like for justice to prevail. And, when it happens (and it will) I think I will have the same introspective expression that I have on my face in this photograph, after getting to the top of a mountain...you can feel so small in the vastness of it all, but yet you pursue...


  1. OMG, Marti Rulli! We worked together back in the old Herald days and we haven't seen each other since. You were always the spark of that place, Marti Rulli. "Hey can you fix the copy machine jam?" No one could fix that dinosaur up like you. No one could get Mr. K out of a funk like you and Sheryl. No one had your enthusiasm and ambition. We all knew we'd never experience another work environment like that one, didn't we? When it ended and we all went our separate ways, we took the experience of a lifetime with us, but as I look around your blog and see what you've done, I'm almost giddy. You and Sheryl......both of you are remembered so fondly. I wish you the best.
    Believe it or not, I just heard about your book, found you on FB. (befriended you again, and also emailed you, but in case you don't see it.....)
    I'll be reading your book ASAP as I always loved Natalie Wood, but for today, I wanna ask one thing: how the hell are you? ("zzzz" remember?)

  2. Marti, this is a really nice post, reminding us that a real and caring person is behind the search for justice for Natalie. Goodness, you were a child when this story landed in your lap! You've done a remarkable job with it. We all look forward to judgment day.

  3. Looking at that picture, people can get an idea how much time you have put into this.

  4. Hey, my Herald friend, I emailed you. Thanks for your comment. Cheryl (it's with a C, not an S) is well but I haven't spoken with her for a while. I'll have to give her a call. Good to hear from you.

    And, yes, I've literally put half my life into GNGS. I have not one regret. Thanks, all.

  5. I wish you had gotten to meet Natalie Wood Marti. You have done so much for her memory and her dignity, without ever having known her personally. It is a shame you two never met.