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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Natalie Wood's Sister Wants Death Case Reopened


  1. Lana is in such a tough spot. She can't accuse Wagner without the wrath of hell coming down on her, yet she needs to give the public credible reasons to drag this up again. It doesn't help when you have the opening reporter saying that Natalie have overcome her fear of dark water. Does anyone reporting this case ever get their facts straight?

  2. That is a ridiculous statement and anyone that would believe it is a bigger putz than the dummy reporting the copy.
    I swim. I've been swimming for about 57 of my 62 years on this planet. I've never been afraid of water, dark or otherwise. I was one of the toughies that went to see Jaws on a Friday and did a great dive off a boat into the Pacific on the Saturday morning.
    I can tell you, there is no way in hell I would jump into a dinghy on a cold rainy night because I was pissed off at my husband or to go "boat hopping". I don't think somebody like Michael Phelps stoned on his bong would even do something that stupid.
    Oh sure. Natalie Wood who had a life long fear of dark water was cured of it and decided to jump in a dinghy without a life jacket on and go tooling around Catalina. Sorry to be so upfront here but who the hell are they bull shitting? I have always felt the only way Natalie Wood would have gotten into that dinghy by herself is if she knew her children were in some sort of danger and no one was there to take her to shore or if she never got in the dinghy but was pushed into the water.
    I don't mean to sound rude but I'm so tired of hearing all the lies and excuses from Wagner and all his Jonathan Hart fan club members.

  3. 3:09pm, You didn't offend me and I didn't find anything rude in what you said. If anybody did it's because they are too dense or blinded by that old fart RJ to see the truth right in front of their nose.

  4. I would like to know what kind of 'wrath of hell' would come down on Lana?
    Her acting career is over and from what I understand Wagner has nothing to do with her.
    Short of murder or burning her house down, what can he do to her?
    I'm sorry, but I for one am tired of so few people having any guts when it comes to this case except Marti, Dennis, Marilyn Wayne and Roger Smith.
    Natalie was Lana's sister for crying out loud.

  5. Her acting career is over because Wagner made sure of that. Other people have been threatened why wouldn't Lana fear for her physical safety and that of her family? She has spent her life savings helping her daughter recover from cancer, lost her career and a sister she loved very much. Yet she is still willing to back Marti up. Doesn't sound gutless to me.

  6. Excuse me but Lana Wood's acting career is not over, see for yourself.

  7. Lana is afraid of Wagner. People don't see that because they don't WANT TO SEE IT.

  8. Sorry, I just assumed she no longer acted. Wagner really worked overtime on trashing her. Also, Lana only had her suspicions when Natalie died. It was Marti who investigated and found flaws in the case. Lana didn't have a lot of options at the time. Officials were on Wagner's side and Lana had nothing concrete to offer. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

  9. Fellow Posters,
    As one wiser than myself (I nick-named that person 'One Mind') stated on this blog, everyone here agrees that we want justice for Natalie (with the exception of Wagner fans)even when we do not always agree about particulars of this case.
    I am sure you stand by what you have posted.
    I respect your opinions as you see them.
    I stand by what I have posted.
    Please respect my opinions as I see them.
    Most of all, let's remember that we are on the same side, Natalie's.

  10. I am the 'one mind poster', I am also the one right above your last post and the one that said I don't think Lana is gutless. I always recognize your posts because you use the single ' quotations marks instead of the double ". I completely respect your opinion and do not mind in the least that we disagree on this point. I have reread my two posts and don't think I was harsh or disrespectful in any way. You and I will always be on the same side.

  11. I think the video is a very powerful call to reopen the case. Lana Wood being afraid of Wagner just validates the point even more that the case should be reopened.

  12. also, let's remember what Marti told us about how Wagner keeps in touch with Olga, tells her what NOT to read. Why? Is he afraid that she will read something that might make her believe that he is not the man he pretends to be, is he afraid she will out live him, that she might have some credibility with Natalie's fans and the general public? Why does he care what she thinks more so that what Lana thinks? Maybe Natasha and Courtney respect her and he's afraid of that? He could care less what Lana thinks of him because he knows she has a fear of him. Olga does not.

  13. We are all really frustrated at how this case played out. There is also an incredible amount of anger toward those who did not advocate for Natalie. I think Lana played the only hand she had at the time. It would be unfair to make her a lighting rod for our discontent.

  14. One Mind -
    We meet again and again it's a pleasure.
    What you hear from me, as always, is frustration.
    I suppose I've watched too many old movies and just want the cavalry to show up and help us.
    NO, in no way were you harsh or direspectful!
    This case is a very passionate subject because we all care so much.

  15. Thank you, I also enjoy your posts and your passion about the case. Once again, I am the post directly above yours. That's why I addressed the frustration we all feel. You can't help but want to lash out at someone. These feelings are hard to contain. I'm not trying to change your mind about Lana, I just know that when you change the prism that you look through, sometimes things look differently. I know I have learned a lot from other posters like yourself. Above all, I again respect your opinion and I am pleased to be sharing this journey with so many caring, intelligent people.

  16. Well in Marti's book Lana was quoted as saying she believed Wagner put the word out on her, blacklisted her, and that's why she couldn't get work. But recently (this year actually) Lana has been acting in a few B-movies. It's the first time she's acted in like 25 years.

    Why in the world won't she publicly accuse him of foul play? She narrated Suzanne's biography on Natalie in an audiobook, which accuses him. She wants the case reopened, yet she says nothing about Wagner being guilty. It doesn't make sense.

    Lana is really the only one who can speak out about this. Why would Wagner even bother with her elderly half-sister Olga? I do believe he has something over her, and that she "fears" him. But come on, fearing for her physical safety? That's pretty extreme. It more likely has something to do with money.

  17. Marti, you and Dennis have basically accused Robert Wagner of murder in your book. He hasn't made any attempt to contact you recently, right?

    So why won't Lana do the same? What does she fear will happen if she publicly accuses him of foul play?

    I just don't get Lana. She got the chance to speak about the case on TV but said nothing about Wagner killing her or anything of that nature. If she believes he is guilty then why won't she say anything?

  18. Also, did anyone hear the radio interview that Lana did this year, on January 6? I listened on iTunes and sent an email asking if she believed Wagner killed Natalie or not. The DJ did not read my email on the radio. The interview was pretty long, but it wasn't until the last 5 minutes that they talked about the book. They asked Lana if she wanted the case reopened and she said "I don't know, I don't know".

    What's the explanation for this? I thought she believed Robert Wagner caused her death, but she won't say anything about it. You and Dennis haven't gotten a single interview with the mainstream media since the book came out. Lana has been interviewed for all kinds of Natalie-related media, yet she's never said she suspected Wagner of killing Natalie or having anything to do with her death. I don't want to sound judgmental, but a lot of us would really like to know why.

  19. Lana is extremely cautious in what she says to strangers on the Internet. That's just the way it is. She reveals her true feeling to people she trusts. If she thought that Natalie's death was an accident and that Wagner was a boy scout, she would not have hired a private detective, publicly stated that Wagner has never been up front about the night Natalie died or stated that she believed Dennis. I don't need to hear her publicly say "RJ killed Natalie".

  20. Has anyone ever found out what the private detective told Lana?