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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Evidence Testing Explained Again

Once again, I am hearing that my testing of the socks and down coat theories were unnecessary, perhaps ridiculous. People can't seem to grasp the meaning of the important tests, so I will explain again.


THE COAT TEST: Coroner Noguchi was adamant that Natalie's down coat "weighed her down" and "hindered her ability to stay above water" -- he calculated her down coat weighed over 50 lbs when wet: my weighing showed only about 15 lbs OUT OF WATER.
My down coat testing proves how ridiculous a theory Noguchi's is. I WORE THE COAT WHILE IN WATER and weighed it out of water.
He claimed Natalie probably drowned fast because she didn't think to take off the jacket. Again, ridiculous. The jacket served as Natalie's life preserver because down jackets are 100% buoyant in water and I performed my test to prove it. I know of others who also tested down's ability to keep one afloat in water and their results were the same as mine...it's virtually IMPOSSIBLE to sink yourself while wearing a down jacket in water. THIS MEANS: until hypothermia overcame Natalie and she lost her ability to hold her head above water, the DOWN JACKET KEPT HER ALIVE. THERE WAS PLENTY OF TIME TO SAVE NATALIE HAD A RESCUE EFFORT BEGUN IMMEDIATELY.

Is this so hard to understand? Why do people ridicule this test I performed that proves an entire medical staff WRONG!?

The SOCKS TEST: Again, Coroner Noguchi instead of TESTING, blurted out THEORIES of Natalie's condition. Natalie's autopsy indicates over 25 bruises, scratches and abrasions on her body, many of them shown on her lower legs. Noguchi's quick THEORY is that Natalie acquired the bruises while trying to mount a dinghy for hours to save her life, but that her coat "dragged her down" --- he also SURMISES that she kicked her way across the cove trying to get to shore.

My socks test proves that Natalie could NOT HAVE ACQUIRED HER ANKLE BRUISES PER NOGUCHI'S THEORIES, because even with slight movement, socks WILL NOT remain on your feet with even slight activity in the water. While wearing a down jacket in water with socks on, the jacket somehow places you in a "sitting position" thus securing the socks even more. Had Natalie tried to mount a dinghy, her socks could not have stayed on her feet.
CONCLUSION: HER ANKLE BRUISES HAD TO HAVE BEEN ACQUIRED IN A DIFFERENT MANNER THAN TRYING TO MOUNT A DINGHY. Knowing about the stateroom argument, it's likely Natalie's bruises were obtained while still aboard the Splendour.

Some people have tried to say that debris in the ocean could have caused her bruises. That is absurd. Natalie FLOATED, and nothing in the ocean caused the circular "hand print" type of bruises her ankles showed.

How can I explain this any better? How am I missing my mark here? Is there a better way to explain these tests? Is there any neutral point that can be reached with the people who simply cannot grasp this LOGIC?



  1. Marti, some people don't want to grasp what your important tests reveal. It's as simple as that.

  2. I agree. People who cant's understand the relevance of your testing are pre-conditioned to not want to understand it. You did good work Marti, better than any so-called pro on this case.

  3. Noguchi said the coat was dragging her down. So, if she was in the water for hours, how is it that she was found FLOATING, supported by the jacket? Wouldn't it take on an incredible amount of water in that amount of time? Wouldn't she have sunk? Apparently, Noguchi intends to rewrite the laws of gravity too. Just man up and say you were wrong.

  4. There were screw-ups all around on this case, and Noguchi certainly committed key ones. He also was pressured by his higher-ups, who in turn were influenced by Frank Sinatra, who ostensibly was trying to "protect Natalie" in not wanting details examined and made public.

    In reality, Sinatra protected the person who caused her death. Ironically, when Natalie and Wagner first got married, Sinatra had told Wagner that, if he ever hurt Natalie, Wagner would have to answer to him. But in the end, the stars certainly aligned for Wagner, didn't they?

  5. Noguchi did not even bother to make sure his OWN theories were not inconsistent! Noguchi first claimed Natalie probably drowned fast because she didn't think to take off the down jacket. Then, to explain the bruises, Noguchi claimed that Natalie acquired the bruises while trying to mount a dinghy for hours. Either Natalie drowned quickly because of the heavy coat, in which case she should not have had any bruises on her legs and arms, or she survived for hours, in which case the down jacket could not have dragged her under! Are we missing something here or it just assumed that the public are stupid and can be made to believe anything just because it is said by a so-called "expert?"

  6. Marti, I have followed you and this book and have read every single comment posted here and on the Amazon site and the death board (before it became a joke) and when you get right down it, the only people who try to debunk your tests are fans of Wagner. Yeah, they're a small but very vocal minority but once you discount them as irrelevant you're not left with many detractors.

    Of course your tests make sense, common sense it all it takes to understand what your tests prove. And common sense was all it took to easily see for yourself just how silly those assertions made by Noguchi were. Noguchi got it wrong. Plain and simple. And again the only people who are clinging to his gaffs are fans of Wagner who will do anything they can to throw guilt off of Wagner. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

    One memorable, to me anyway, post that was found on Amazon went so far as to say the reason that Natalie was found without her underwear was because all that fighting to stay alive in the water caused her underwear to slide down and OVER her socks and were lost to the sea. The absurdity of this statement is obvious, but scarier than that is the fact that the poster was actually using some critical thinking in trying to explain some of the physical realities that existed. She was able to recognize that kicking around in the water would cause some garments to become lost but CHOSE to skip right over the fact that Natalie's socks had literally inches to move to become free of her feet but her underwear which were 3 feet higher on her body and protected, by some degree, by her outer clothing could somehow sneak all the way down her legs OVER and PAST her socks. I laughed in disgust and pity when I read that.

    Marti, the curse here is that celebrity is involved. Celebrity skews the playing field and changes the rules, standard logic will never apply to these kinds of cases and never have.

    I see the nature of your battle and I believe it will take extraordinary measures in an already extraordinary set of circumstances to prevail. And by prevail I mean having your work accepted by the greater media and law enforcement and ultimalety culminating in Wagner having to answer for his actions that night.

  7. The irony is even Wagner has come to realize that the down jacket floats. Why else would he insist on rendering the garment to the status of a vest?

  8. Noguchi must have had some coroner skills or he wouldn't have had that job. How could he have made such crucial mistakes? Most importantly, why won't he join up with Marti now and correct those mistakes? It will be embarrassing, yes, but it's worse to go down as a clueless, ineffective coroner. Does he not see how this taints his whole tenure there? Help Marti now and at least recoup some of your pride. Noguchi doesn't have to go down in history with Rasure and the others.

  9. Marti -
    You are not missing the mark ANYWHERE.
    You have explained your tests and the results CLEARLY AND SIMPLY.
    And yes, your tests DO COUNT.
    The only problem is a 'certain segment' do not want to believe you or the results because it is yet MORE PROOF of everything you, Dennis, Marilyn and Roger have said.
    But the truth is the truth and NOTHING can change it.

  10. May I add some theories to the mix, if anything to warrant further forensic testing of what possibly went down that night?

    How did the red down jacket "suddenly" appear? Wasn't she wearing it that afternoon on shore with Walkin? Perhaps it was left in the dingy, and she somehow was able to grab onto it for warmth, while RJ either cut or loosened the lines. After all, he was sreaming for her to get off his boat. He knew dark water scared her. He was mad as hell and wanted to teach her a lesson that went too far. Or did he toss the jacket to her before or after pushing her into the water? Did Robert Wagner for a moment leave Natalie alone during his tantrums? I doubt it. Most "out of their mind" drunk people on a rant stay with their diatribes until "something drastic happens" whether it's accidental or intentional. Was drunken Wagner's sick, twisted power play of pitching Natalie into the water something that could have happened that night? Perhaps she slipped and fell in with RJ watching with arms crossed saying, "Okay bitch, wiggle your ass and swim." I still can't get past the socks staying on. If she fell in feet first, the force of the water would keep them on. Head first would have forced them off by the pull of water. I do not believe she left volunterilly. She would have insisted Dennis accompany her. Was RJ so upset by Natalie spending the night with Dennis the night before that that was reason enough to scare Dennis away from helping Natalie?

  11. If RJ did know about the two sharing a room, Natalie's death would have been a huge inconvenience for any prelude to kill Dennis too. Any methodology to kill him slowly with too much booze while keeping Davern under his thumb after Natalie drowned, failed. What really happened to Paul Davern? What did he know that he wanted you to know? Was it that RJ "slipped" and told Paul that he wanted to kill Dennis that night?
    Was Walkin pissed that rumors abounded about an affair with Natalie when all the while (perhaps in Walkin's summation) he was paraded as a beard for an alleged affair between Natalie and Dennis? Could this be this why Walkin lied to authorities?