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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Natalie Wood Autopsy Bruises: Front

These are the actual autopsy diagrams of Natalie Wood. Please comment at this post.
I chose not to include these diagrams in Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour,
but these are the graphic proof diagrams from the Medical Examiner's Office that
Natalie had dozens of bruises, a fact some readers have disputed.
Each mark is an indication of a bruise. Only several were a few days old. 


  1. Thank you Ms. Rulli, for posting these diagrams. It sure does say a lot about the condition and bruising of Natalies body and it does it without being brutally graphic or difficult to view. I would never want to see any actual pictures of her autopsy posted on the web as they would only become fodder for the darkside and negatively exploited. Again, thank you.

  2. Marti:

    Thanks for adding Natalie's autopsy photos on your very informative blog.

    IMO it would have been a good decision to include the written report of Dennis Davern's polygraph test in GNGS. Writing out questions and answers is fine but I would like to view the actual report. Not because I think he is lying. It would just be interesting.

    Marti, it IS supposition when you rely only on words and expressions from Wagner and Powers or their cohorts or even Dennis Davern's "interpretation" of an outward show of sympathy. This outward show doesn't mean "RJ" consoled Powers. It was much more sinister. You or Dennis do not know what was BEHIND the entire thing. Wagner was doing with Powers what he did with Dennis. STALLING. The "closeness" you see between Wagner and Powers is FALSE.

    I appreciate your openness to inform all of us of new news and events. I look forward to reading your paperback at the end of this year. If the NW case is ever reinvestigated and more truth is uncovered, you will be CERTAIN that Natalie Wood knew that William Holden did not die as the coroner stated. There is a lot of corruption involved in BOTH of these deaths.

    Btw, your friend informed me that you know Powers is a lesbian. Were they right?

  3. Hi Marianne9:

    Anything that Stef Powers "says" hits me about the same way as "Wagner says." I completely go into OFF mode because very little of what either says is actually honest.

    Please don't be naive. Powers and Wagner are all about publicity and image. Holden and Wood were QUITE genuine.

    I knew Natalie Wood was murdered before GNGS was released so like you I never needed to view the autopsy diagrams to prove anything. I didn't need the book to convince me either.

    GNGS has convinced MANY people about the death of NW. However, it appears it has confused others. Why did Dennis Davern wait so long, they ask.

    Since GNGS reveals from an eyewitness that Natalie's death was more tragic than the public has ever known, I am grateful for the release of the book even though it is by far too late.

  4. How does the sexual orientation of Stephanie Powers have relevence here? Truth Seeker you appear to have some information, that while interesting and compelling is simply not appropropriate for this blog. Perhaps you will start your own blog and stop riding the coatails of this one. One more tip, please dont refer to Natalie Wood as NW. it just reeks of disrespect.

  5. Marti & Marianne9:

    Let me add...don't underestimate the evil influence of JSJ in play in an attempt to erase the memory of NW. With JSJ's knowledge of the wicked behavior in Wagner's life, she has much control. I doubt if the "let's forget Natalie" campaign originated with Wagner.

  6. To address a few things here, I've heard many, many things about celebrities involved in this circle of people revolving around "The Wagners" ... there are things I know as fact, and things I've heard as rumor. I heard a rumor about Powers but I did not include rumors in GNGS. I've heard rumors about Walken. I've heard rumors about RJW, and rumors about JSJ. I included no rumors. I only included what I could verify to my satisfaction. When I heard rumors about Holden's death and Natalie's death being connected, it sounded more like a cliche conspiracy theory and nothing more to me. If others have evidence or proof of any connection, to each his own direction. My direction was focused on Natalie Wood and my friend's relationship as an employee and friend of hers, and his connection to the night she died.

    Dennis having passed a polygraph was huge for my expectations. I met the man we hired to perform the test and I was completely comfortable with his credentials and with him. I did include his letter of certification in GNGS that Dennis passed the tests. To include a graph would be pointless. Howard Temple certifies the results of Dennis's test.

    For all I do not know, I do know enough to be proud of what is presented in GNGS. That it came late to the public is no doing of mine or of Dennis's. We wanted to present this information many years ago, to the public and to the authorities. When everyone slams the door in your face for over two decades, it's easier to give up than to keep trying. I kept trying. I am glad that I did. If nothing else, GNGS, for anyone who does care about the truth of Natalie's final weekend, it is now available and available forever. I feel I have served the memory of Natalie Wood, and she is the primary person I "worked" for. Yes, Dennis is my friend, but justice for Natalie was my mission. To have the truth available in GNGS is a huge step toward that mission. Marti

  7. Marti:

    I think you are confusing graphs and written reports. The report I am speaking of is listed in Question 3 in the link below:


    Maybe because of your discount the examiner omitted the report.

  8. Sorry, Truth Seeker, I have no idea what you are talking about. The polygraphist's certification letter is printed right in GNGS. The certification letter mentioned in Question 3 of the website you provide follows Dennis's full test questions in GNGS. Maybe you missed it.

    Also, there was nothing left out of the process because of a discount. There was no "discount" --the polygraphist ended up having to take extra time with the questions to assure no interpretation seeped in, but he did not overcharge us for the extra time. He certified the test and we published the certification in the book.

  9. I got the idea of a discount from your words to me earlier which were "Total cost was about $2000, but Howard was very kind, and that was discounted... "

    If a certification letter is the written report then we are talking about the same thing. I just view a polygraph report more along the lines of the following:


    Listing the questions, the kind of instrumentation on LETTERHEAD stationary.

  10. Marti,
    Thank you again for yet another outstanding bit of evidence. I had heard that poor Natalies' body was battered, but I had no idea it was practically from head to toe! There is brusing there, old and new, that have nothing whatsover to due with trying to board a dingy. And the old bruises, what in the world are they about?! All this more than expalins all the noise that Dennis heard that night. Natalie was fighting for her life before she ever left that boat! Barely 5 ft. tall and slightly more than 100 pds. up against an enraged lunatic over 6 ft. tall and nearly twice her weight! Is there a written report that goes along with the diagrams? Any possibility you could post that as well? Please keep the fine reporting coming. With evidence like this being brought into public view, like it or not, the authorities will have to do something! Is just breaks my heart to think what she suffered at the hands of a man she fell in love with as a little girl, married twice and whose child she gave birth to!

  11. Marti, has Dennis ever said anything about domestic abuse in the Wood/Wagner marriage? There'a an awful lot of bruises on Natalie's body. And something just tells me that kind of thing is not a one time affair.
    I would also like to say something to Truth Seeker.
    If you KNOW something that will bring justice to Natalie Wood, SPEAK UP!
    Go to the proper authorities as soon as humanly possible.
    Dropping hints here and there about what you may or may not know does not serve any purpose.
    I, like others, believe a murder was committed.
    If you have information that will right a horrible wrong, come forth.
    If not, please stop. It serves no purpose and helps no one, especially our dear Natalie.

  12. Truth Seeker,
    We purchased a professional poilygraph test. We received a certified letter from the polygraphist and it was published in the book. Any subsequent legal investigation that needs ANY information or verification from our polygraphist, it IS available.

    To Anonymous, I agree that Natalie's bruises are too numerous to wave off as "common" -- at a domestic violence website I read that bruises on lower arms and legs (front and back) are classic signs of domestic abuse results, but as for Dennis ever having witnessed any domestic problems, the answer is NEVER. Dennis thought the Wagner marriage was solid, with no serious problems. He saw occasional spats and observed a few "normal" butting-of-heads episodes, but never did he suspect what he saw Nov. 28th could ever be possible.
    No one knows what goes on behind closed doors, and if ever there is a wife who would want to keep things quiet, it would be a Hollywood wife, especially in the Hollywood era RJ and Natalie were part of. Because Dennis thought their marriage was so strong, his shock of what transpired the night Natalie died only confused him all the more. The saying: he couldn't believe his own eyes and ears, fits perfectly.

  13. Marti:

    We are just going around in circles. As much as you two astronomically paid for DD's polygraph test I just feel a written report should have been included. A Certificate of Examination I don't believe is a written report.

    Before you give me a defensive rant about what an upstanding citizen Dennis Davern is, let me reiterate FOR THE RECORD that I do not think he is lying at all.

    That is the point I am making. Most of the readers (including myself) don't want to contact Howard Temple. They just want to view the written report in GNGS. It looks like you two didn't get one.

  14. In my locale, the most you will pay for a polygraph test is $950. This is specific, criminal, private, domestic, pre-employment. Polygraph tests are usually priced per test, not per question. I have never heard of anyone pricing per question.

    I also have never heard of anyone taking a test with 15 questions on it especially with 12 of those questions being all at the same sitting. According to the website below:


    "How many questions can I ask?

    To get the most accurate results, you want to limit the number of relevant questions to 5. If an examiner tells you that you can ask 10, 15 or more questions...RUN!!! The testing protocols that have been tested and used over the many years that have given us a 98% accuracy rate we done with the 5 question limitation. Some examiners, desperate for business, will tell you want you want to hear so that they get your business.

    The person taking the test will be asked the 5 questions the client provides, as well as will be asked a number of other irrelevant and control questions.

    However, they don't tell you that if you go outside the prescribed protocol, the accuracy rate drops so much that you might as well flip a coin. Any examiner worth their salt will tell you the 5 question rule. If you have more than 5 questions, we will help you prioritize them and determine which 5 questions will still get the answers you need. In many cases, clients will unknowingly ask the same questions multiple times in various ways. Our goal is to get you the most accurate results."

  15. Anonymous:

    I will respond to you at my earliest convenience when you get a user name and start signing in.

    I wish Marti would abolish anonymous comments.

  16. Marti, regarding the issue of domestic violence...I have been re-reading Lana's memoir of Natalie. (I read it many years ago.) Of course she commented on the image that Natalie was concerned about portraying. As you know, Lana said that Natalie told her that she and RJ had some real "whoppers" of a fight but NEVER in front of others--not their children, friends, or employees.

    Natalie told Lana that their second marriage just HAD to work and that it was up to Natalie to make sure of it. Natalie said she knew what she was getting into with RJ again. "This time it will work; it just has to."

    This reminds me of a question I had--I had read in another place that their master bedroom on Canon Drive was soundproofed. One can assume different reasons for this, of course. Can you confirm that this is true?

  17. Truth Seeker,
    Your polygraph information is accurate, and it is why we visited ours in intervals...we would go in the morning and then again at night, and we met on different dates. We met with him 4 or 5 times, to ensure accuracy.
    Howard Temple is a professional, experienced polygraphic, and we did everything by the book.
    For the last time, we DID get his written REPORT and it is published IN Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour on Page 318. I have no clue what else you are asking for, and for the record, I have never gone off in a tangent about what an "upstanding guy" Dennis is. I may defend his truth, but I have every reason to defend it. Take Dennis out of this entire scenario, and the glaring truth is still there.

    I believe they soundproofed rooms merely for privacy. They also soundproofed Splendour, so imagine how loud their fight must have been! Marti

  18. Marti, have you ever heard of some other boat being in the area of Splendour on that terrible night? If so, someone else must have heard or even seen something. Also, have you thought of trying to contact Marilyn (I think that is her first name) Wayne who came forth after Natalie's death? She, as far as I know, has stood by her story that she heard Natalie crying for help that night and so has her son and then-boyfriend. If there was ever a case that should be re-opened, it's this one. How Wagner lives with himself, I'll never know.

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. If DD has contacted the DA or Attorney General's office in CA then that correspondence should be included in the book; along with responses from recipients even if they include denial letters.

    I don't excuse Dennis for obstructing justice (lying to the authorities at the time of Natalie's death) and to your credit, in GNGS you didn't either. However, DD should have IMMEDIATELY contacted the police and sheriff's departments IN WRITING and admitted IN AFFIDAVIT FORM that he lied to the initial investigative teams and there were no "rough seas" or "pleasant weekend." It is not too late to do that today. At least the record would be straight. DD should also include a statement saying NW's death was no accident.

    Your constant "rambling" in defending Davern in GNGS got annoying to me. Howard Temple was wise to include no interpretative questions in DD's polygraph exam. However, almost ALL of GNGS is just that - Dennis's INTERPRETATION of dramatic events. Dennis is WRONG, Marti!

    My final comments (I realize you truly hate me by now) is that Dennis Davern was not a good captain as you claim in GNGS. He was also not a model employee by any stretch of that imagination. At best, he was a skipper doofus that violated marina rules and introduced the Wagners to a new drug - quaaludes. I find DD revolting.

    As you can see, I am not a suck-up. It is ok to dislike me or despise my words. I never came to your blog to expand my friend list.

    I must return to my neglected personal life now which I sometimes put on HOLD. I do this because of my intense love for William Holden and the manly qualities he possessed.

    God bless you.

  21. Truth Seeker,

    Okay, let's settle all of this:

    1) Our polygraphist: Howard Temple is top of the line. A really credible choice and he did give us a report, including his letter we printed. The report basically included all of Dennis's questions, asked and answered, as part of the report...If I had included those questions from the report in the book, it only would have been a redundant effort. Dennis's test was certified and I included that part of the report in the book: the certification. So, I agree, no sense in going in circles on this any longer.

    2) I am not going to defend Dennis here in my response to you, but I am going to explain a few things. I didn't expect everyone to like Dennis, or even to like me. I included certain things in the book, such as Dennis having a stow-away onboard, and about how the marina manager felt about him, etc, because I wanted to show the real Dennis. He WAS a "doofus" (as you say) in MANY ways, but a likeable, charming one for all of those who knew/know him. There were times I wanted to ring his neck, but he never did a harmful thing to anyone his entire life. I imagine you could interpret him handing out quaaludes as harmful, but that was something that went on in Hollywood every single hour or every single day. It's part of the Hollywood lifestyle: alcohol and drugs, and yes, Dennis was a part of all of it. He wasn't an ordained captain of a ship...he hung with celebrities and drove a 60 foot boat. He made tea for Natalie and drove them in the dinghy to shore. When the heavyweight celebs were on board, everyone was sharp and acted more mature. When the pot smokers were on board, mostly everyone smoked pot. Everyone aways had cocktails. Sometimes they all overdid it, partying late into the night. Then, there were many family oriented cruises, and Dennis was a genuine "Uncle Dennis" on those cruises.

    The Wagner family was completely pleased and satisfied with Dennis as the skipper of their Splendour. He was liked by most all regular guests, too. If you choose tobelieve differently, that is your perogative.
    Over the decades, of all the people I have known and know, (many) no one has acquired more lifelong friends than Dennis. I guess it's akin to the saying "you had to be there" -- if you met Dennis, you would know what I'm trying to explain. He's an everyday guy. He is human and make mistakes, but also is a harmless guy. He's not money-grubbing (he works tremendously hard)..he's an excellent father, and he's a good business man, so trusted in his field, and yes, even as a captain, which he was one for about five years for an older wealthy couple after the Wagners, and that couple will defend Dennis to their death, because they KNOW HIM. I didn't portray Dennis for everyone to like him....I portrayed him as the real person he was and is. I'm fine with you hating him, and I don't hate you because you hate him. I understand. But, Dennis had nothing to do with what happened to Natalie. He was an innocent, fully manipulated bystander.

    Yes, I wish along with everyone else that he had been a stronger, smarter person the night Natalie died. No one wishes that more, however, than Dennis, himself.

  22. Marti:

    While Dennis certainly made his share of sad mistakes, I can't imagine the torment that he has gone through in the last 28 years. We all wish he would've acted differently on that rotten cruise (not to mention the others). It is a wonder that he has survived and done well for himself.

    I like how you describe that you "worked for" Natalie. That was touching--this was about her, and Dennis was able to help accomplish this. Again, I am so glad that GNGS came out during Wagner's lifetime.

    As time passes, I find myself staying very, very angry at Wagner and even growing angrier as I find out more. I suspect that we will find out even more to make this story worse, including the information from Roger Smith.

    It does seem that Wagner rushed to put out his book before GNGS could get out (and also to smooth over his image after the Finstad and Lambert books). Wagner had a book signing at a Barnes and Noble a couple of miles from our house. If GNGS had come out BEFORE that, I would've been tempted to go there and say something to him!

    But if I had, it occurred to me that I probably would've been hustled off and maybe even arrested! How ironic would THAT have been? I could've spent more time in jail than Robert John Wagner ever did for what he did to Natalie.

  23. Marti, re: the soundproofed bedroom at home--I imagine that Natalie really needed it to be that way for their big rows. I understand that she had the bedroom soundproofed immediately after they bought the home. She was very smart and savvy.

    I wonder if it EVER crossed Natalie's mind that Wagner might at some point do harm to her. I can see it being something that she never shared with a single person--we'll never know. It's heartbreaking to think about.

  24. To Anonymous who asked about Marilyn Wayne: Yes, I would like to talk with Marilyn again and hope to locate her.

    To Marianne,

    Thank you for your sensitivity toward Dennis. Yes, not only did his life become a living nightmare for several years after Natalie's death, he also felt helpless. Others did, too. Lana Wood is an example, Coroner Noguchi is another, and Marilyn Wayne, off for a carefree Thanksgiving weekend in 1981, has become another scapegoat and is deemed a liar. And Lifeguard Lieutenant Roger Smith's story will shock people, but it will send a very loud and clear message!
    Every single person I've contacted who was vocal about the weekend Natalie died have lived altered lives because of it! I become more and more frustrated and angry about this as time goes on the case remains in limbo. The person responsible for this injustice travels around talking about his "charmed life."

    "Pieces of My Heart" was planned by a man who thought "Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour" would never see the light of day. GNGS was first mentioned in 1984 in an article in the Star Magazine. Much of its foundation was written at that long ago time. That should give everyone an idea of how long we've tried to tell this truth, and answers the question we are always asked: Why so long a wait?

    GNGS is on the market at least while all of the participants of that fateful cruise are still around to know it has been released. That is my comfort. That was a goal achieved.

  25. Who is Robert Smith?

  26. Marti, Requesting that you allow Dennis to answer questions here or you create a blog just for him. I and I am sure many other GNGS readers would like to hear from Dennis himself. Do you think this could be possible?

  27. It's Roger Smith. He was the lifeguard who worked for the Coast Guard.


  28. Dennis is far too busy to man a blog. He is not what one would call a "computer person" either --he works at marinas for long hours daily. Often, when we've given interviews, he has to take a break from work to do so at the marina of the day. His work has him traveling a lot, too.

    I am the one who continues to gather information pertaining to the Wood case. My daily work primarily centers around using a computer so it's far more convenient for me to blog. If anyone would like, I will be happy to ask Dennis any specific questions and promise to post his exact response here.

  29. Marti,
    My God, when you look at all of the bruises that Natalie sustained you can't help wonder how the suthorities were able to dismiss this case as accidental. Add to that the fact that she was found floating in her nightgown with a down jacket on...there were three grown men on the boat...the boat was in a state of disarray...I'm dumbfounded. Natalie wasn't shown the least bit of respect.

  30. Hello Marti! I hope this post finds you well.

    It may help to gain some insight into that marriage.

    What happened that night seems like the culmination of long standing rage.

    The way RJ seemed at times to sarcastically defer to Natalie, i.e., Lana Wood's book and yours as well, I think more than a little bitterness and jealousy comes through.

    I was just wondering if you have ever tried approaching Natalie's older half-sister Olga?

    What about one of Natalie's friends?

    Lana Wood also may be ready to speak about the real state of that marriage, and not the fan magazine version.

    After all these years, someone may be willing to talk to you.

    Plausible cause sometimes takes strange shapes.

    Thank you for listening!

  31. Yes, I have talked a lot with Lana Wood since the publication of Goodbye Natalie. She has informed me that through the years RJ has "protected" Olga from learning anything new about Natalie's case. RJ supposedly calls Olga and asks her to be sure not to listen to any of the "innuendo" and he pleads with her to not read any of "the trash" going around about Natalie's death. Supposedly, he even has asked a neighbor of Olga's to keep an eye on her to help make sure no Natalie death information ever reaches Olga. Even Lana finds it difficult to talk about the subject with Olga, because Olga does "not want to hear it."

    I found it so strange through the years that Natalie's friends never publicly had a comment...even in the documentaries, not one spoke up. Some would shake their heads in silence indicating they might "think" something, but not one ever released a meaningful comment.

    Early on it was easiest to blame the egotistical coroner. When Dennis first released information, then it was easiest to blame the messenger.

    I would fall over and cry to hear just one of Natalie's friends come out with a statement to the effect of, "Hey, something's not right here!" Only her sister Lana has.

    The wall of indifference to Natalie's questionable death is the most astonishing thing I have ever witnessed. As I tried to climb it through the years, it just kept getting higher and higher, and still seems to grow. It gets frustrating trying to be the wrecking ball to bring it down, and I appreciate ALL of the concern and support and I now have more help than ever, but the wall is still stronger than the ball. (If I sound frustrated it's because I've been trying to talk with someone important to this case, and am only being ignored again. Sorry.)

  32. Why would Wagner not want Olga to hear any of this? She has nothing on him, and she's only a half-sister after all, it's not like she can do something about the case that Lana can't.

    Stefanie Powers has been married 3 times so I see no reason to speculate her sexuality.

    I find the rumors that she murdered William Holden ridiculous. Holden was already dying of cancer, what reason would Stefanie have to kill her dying boyfriend?

  33. Marti:

    You have LOTS of support behind you, and we will never give up as long as you persevere, as well. It's really just remarkable what you have done for Natalie! And you have much admiration and gratitude from Natalie's fans. It was a painful story to hear, but it must be heard by people who love Natalie.

    It's discouraging to hear that Olga "doesn't want to hear it." Then again, it might be too much for her to bear. I realize that she is 81 now. I had been wondering what her thoughts on this were. Now I see she is another one that Wagner has managed to dupe.

    It's striking that three people who HAVE pressed Wagner or have given information contradictory to his have been heavily trashed by Wagner or threatened: Dennis, Lana, and Marilyn Wayne. Wagner made a point in his book to make very mean and rude remarks about Lana's acting and writing career. (Her book did pretty well when it came out.) Gavin Lambert, furthering the Wagner agenda, also trashed Lana. And of course he trashed Natalie, using the same words that Wagner did. Just shameful.

  34. Powers had two brief marriages. In the second marriage she and her husband did not live together for most of the marriage.

  35. Marti,

    I can only imagine how frustrating this situation must be at times for you!

    Even Natalies' own friends and family have turned a deaf ear to what happened.
    The whole thing is like being in an alternative universe, where right is wrong and wrong is right!

    But take heart, you are own the side of right.
    Trying with every tool available to you to do what you can for Natalie and bring her muderer to justice.

    This is not a topic that SOME PEOPLE want to hear about. They want it kept under the carpet, where it has resided for so many years.

    But there you are, still working away to shine a light into the darkness.

    We are all so very proud of you!

  36. Marianne, it's true, whoever crosses the line in regards to Natalie's death, is forever after treated like dirt and made out to be a liar or sub-society material. In GNGS, I had included the actual letters Dennis and I had received from Wagner's attorneys in 1992. The editor cut them. In those letters, they had quoted Salerno as saying Dennis is nothing but an opportunist, as Lambert said in his book of both Lana and Dennis. I was rarely mentioned in the "writings" out there, but Finstad had a regard for me, even though it could've been taken as double edged, but I have the highest regard for all that SUzanne investigated and presented. Her work broke a huge barrier, and I appreciate it. I was ordered in Wagner's attorney letters to submit a sworn affadavit that I would NEVER mention anything publicly about the death of Natalie Wood. Isn't that a strange request to make of an advertising businesswoman in NJ? I can't wait to read your review, Marianne. You have such a keen eye and mind in regards to this continuing atocity of justice. Thanks, Marti
    PS: My attorney was floored over their request and he told me to never reply to it, no matter who ever represented me, to NEVER reply! I didn't.

  37. To Anonymous,
    Thank you for your comments about appreciating me for wanting to shine a light into the darkness. I can't imagine who wouldn't want the same thing in this baffling case. As you claim, it IS like being in some altered world where right is wrong and wrong is right. It astounds me! Thanks, Marti

  38. Something I notice about the bruises on these diagrams: there's no way they all could've come from trying to climb into a dingy. I think there are many little insights in Rulli and Davern's book, mostly by Rulli in the investigative parts. Those bruises on the fronts of Natalie's legs, up high on her legs, could never have been caused by any part of the dinghy. If she got into that kind of a position on the small rubber boat's rims, she would have been top heavy and been able to get into the dinghy. God, how could no one have seen this or figured this out about our beautiful Nat's horrible death? Those upper leg front bruises came before Nat was in the water, not after. Some famous doctor has to get on this case!

  39. Wow, Marti, every time I think this story can't get ANY sadder or stranger, I find out something else. They ORDERED you to sign a sworn affidavit? That is downright scary, and it speaks volumes about Wagner's culpability. What INNOCENT person does that?! Why would there be a need to do that? It's only to cover guilt.

    Natalie's friends and almost all of her family don't want to talk about it. It does sound like an "alternate universe." I am stunned.

    I would like to echo what "Anonymous" expressed very nicely at 12:52 p.m. on Feb. 26th. Marti, you are an inspiration with your dedication to this! Natalie's legion of fans will not let this go.

    I will post my review at Amazon within a couple of days. I got caught up in a few things this week that prevented me from doing it sooner. I will also eagerly read Ginger's review. I am so glad that someone else who was close to Natalie can see this for what it is.

    Marti, my friend just finished GNGS, and she was impressed by your credibility. She found the story very upsetting.

  40. Marianne,

    Glad your friend read GNGS, too.
    Yes, it's true about the Wagner attorney's and I still have the original documents from them to prove it. They DEMANDED (in writing) that I NEVER breathe a word of the Natalie Wood case, and they sternly requested I put in writing that I would not. They didn't get their way.
    Not only that, I have an author friend who was writing about Natalie, too, just last year. She called Wagner's attorneys and was told by them that if she writes one word about the night Natalie died, she will live to regret it. She removed Natalie from her manuscript which is about several high-profile deaths. She has children and was very frightened by the verocity of the "demand" made of her. Then, she rethought it, and returned Natalie to her manuscript.

    People will never stop writing about Natalie. I don't know how any person or group can think they can stop this legend, or the TRUTH of this legend. Every word I say is true, and I, too, will willingly sit on ANY polygraph machine ANY PERSON would request of me. This story is almost too bizarre to believe: but sometimes truth IS stranger than fiction. In this case, it's just a bungled mess! I really hoped GNGS would straighten most of it out, but my dear friend, Dr. Lyndon Taylor believes it may be too late.

    For several reasons, it came late, but mostly it came late because of resistance to it, not because we wanted it to come this late. I look forward to your review. Thank you for caring, Marti

  41. Marti:

    That is very chilling about your friend being threatened, but it is SO much in line with everything else we have learned, particularly re: Wagner's behavior. He might not have to answer to anything in his lifetime on this earth, but I believe he will eventually answer to another power. His lawyers won't be able to defend him then.

  42. Marianne9, Your right on with your comment about RJ answering in this lifetime, he will answer to another power, and I'm sure he thinks of it every day. JUSTICE SERVED!!!! Almost?

  43. Anonymous at 7:23 p.m.--Yes, there is no number of his lawyers and goons that will be able to help him when that day comes. With GNGS out, I doubt that Wagner rests very easy these days.

  44. Anonymous10 Was there port side of ferry approach lane, about two columns over. We were moored 4th row. Splendor was on right up toward beach. Only heard Music, that's it. Knew them them briefly from BBC several years before. Knew Dennis too! ;)

  45. I haven't read the book but it sounds like Dennis is claiming he lied at the time of the investigation. My question is, why did he lie?

    Even if Robert Wagner threatened his livelihood, as in, "No one will ever hire you again," is that enough to make a normal person perjure themselves in an investigation of this magnitude?

  46. I just watched a video on youtube of Lana Wood saying the reason she wants the investigation reopened is because she was recently told by the Coast Guard that when Natalie was found, her fingers and legs were "still pliable," in other words, rigor mortis had not set in.

    Does anyone know if the process of rigor mortis is affected by being submerged in cold water?

  47. Wagner should have fried for this one. Why are her so called friends so spineless? Friendship is loyalty and that means tell the truth about that whimp of a man Wagner. If this happened today he would have a huge trial going on and would probably be answering to Bubba on a nightly basis... which would be perfect for his primadonna ass.. How is the relationship between Wagner, Natasha and Courtney. Can they even look at this dispicable person in the eyes. My heart goes out to Lana she never got the credit she deserved and as for Olga I guess ignorance is bliss? Why would she listen to that bastard unless he is paying her off. WHO does Wagner think he is threatening everybody...John Gotti... too bad Gotti isn't still around , he would take care of business that needs to be addressed... Wagner I hope you get what you deserve.. how could you put bruises on a tiny lady like beautiful Natalie ... you're nothing but scum. You need to quit with the terrible commercials too. I hope you're living a hell on earth that's what you deserve...

  48. Marti, I have just finished reading your book,and found it very disturbing. I hope after all these years the truth will emerge about the last hours of this beautiful and talented woman. I never really bought the official story of that night, and in reading this I was overwhelmed by the events leading up to Natalie's final moments. Justice needs to be served here, I hope your book paves the way for it.

  49. All of these bruises could not have come from a fall!

  50. What does the mark on her neck say on the autopsy report? I can't read it.

    ...from KB

  51. Marti,perhaps it is the most important in this world that you are and you deserve a medal, which would give you love Natalie. You write fairly and are well informed and without you is nothing here. It is vital that you had to go Natalie details and explain how you see and how you love it that you are fighting and still, and after many years you still so here on the pages you intend a dedication to Natalie and I am a fan who is still young and want to express love as a dear greeting to you and let you have first class! Natalie is my discovery, legends, and it far exceeds other top legends, as she was an intelligent and powerful role model person in his lifetime and so they just not lucky place for the end of our heart will be bleeding and sympathize a little in the Music I listen to them think how they suffered and their Marti, as you see a light at the eternal sky in the form of a star to stay, sometimes helps to see what others do not want to see more, I believe you and I'm a big Fan of Natalie WOOD! For Ever:)

  52. I'm writing from Turkey and have read this from the very beginning and just ordered the book GNGS. And before having even read the book, must admit that it doesnt take rocket science to join all the pieces of this puzzle that I've been so far reading on this blog and other related pages. I just wanted to say I truly appreciate the devotion and love Marti, Lana, and all other fans have put into this despite all the opposition and threats that they been receiving. So even in the worst possible scenario just know that God is seeing all this, and RJW will sooner or later have to be judged whether it be on this earth or not, eventually prooving that all our tribulations will pay off in the end.

    I thank you dearly Marti, Lana, and all involved. And beg you all to please continue sharing all new bits of info in relation to this saga. Kind regards from a dear loving Natalie Wood fan all the way from Turkey.. The world has seen no other like you and I doubt it ever will!

  53. Rebecca Howell

    Marti- What does it was on the neck? I see a dot on her neck but can't make out the righting. It doesn't look like bruise. do doctor's deliberated have bad handwriting or what!

  54. Rebecca Howell

    Sorry I do speak English... I meant "What does it say on the neck? I see a dot on her neck but can't make out the writing."

  55. Natalie Wood was the my favorite actress no one in Hollywood will ever begin to compare to her. I just ordered goodbye Natalie ,Goodbye splendour. As far as Robert Wagner goes I have always held him responsible for that horrible night,I hope he rots in Hell.

  56. I would just like to add that I was actually there that night anchored just inside of Fisherman's Cove which sadly means that Natalie would have literally floated right by us that night.
    Both myself and my friend with me heard nothing, although we went to sleep probably around 9-9:30pm, but there was nothing loud enough to have woken us up, such as a loud argument on the back deck of the Splendour or very loud music on the flying bridge either.

    We could actually see the Splendour where we were anchored however I had no idea it was the Splendour until we got back to Newport Beach the following day and saw the news.
    Then we put 2 & 2 together and said hell we were right there within eyesight the whole night and knew nothing about it.
    We were up early in the morning and saw the Coast guard cutter and a harbor patrol boat scooting around but thought nothing of it because that wasn't unusual to see really.

    That night we were the only boat that I could see in Fishermans Cove with people on it.
    and nobody was between us and where the Splendour was anchored/moored.
    Now maybe we were just asleep and since it did sprinkle rain that night maybe the pattering of rain on the canvass cover on my small fishing boat covered up any noise we may have possibly heard or could have woken us up.

    But personally I believe that Natalie drowned by accident from slipping on the back swim step either trying to secure the dinghy or possibly trying to get into it.

    I have been on the Splendour before also, was about a year or so prior to the accident, I worked for a Marine Windshield company at the time and we replaced the Venturi on the flying bridge.
    My girl friend at the time had also met Natalie at the Wharehouse restaurant in Newport when we were dinning there, she went to the lady's room and there was a little girl standing in the bathroom seemingly by herself, so my girlfriend asked if she was OK or needed anything and asked her name "Courtney" she said.
    But then Natalie steps out of the stall and thanked her for her concern and was very nice and cordial.

    So I have a strange attachment to this.

  57. the bruises on natalie,s body could have come from her body hitting the rocks before she was found.wonder was alcohol found in her system???? it was common knowledge that she drank like a fish everyone out in hollywood knew it.

  58. I was actually looking into writing an article on my blog about this story about a month ago. I have always felt that Natalie's death just didn't sound like the pieces fit as the media often said. Just today I came across the entire autopsy report and saw there is way too many bruises, that they claim is "superficial", on her body to ignore. How they could say it was accidental astounds me. I really enjoy your blog and I was wondering who JSJ is that your comments refer?

  59. Personally I think the most compelling evidence is that she had no panties on, but was able to keep both her socks on. Socks can come off by someone simply tossing and turning in bed, but yet authorities want us to believe she was clinging to a dingy for her dear life but pet both socks on? And then there is the fact she had no panties on during a time period when women were extremely conservative, so for someone as classy as NW I doubt she regularly went to bed without panties.
    My theory is quite dark and may offend others, but I'm going to say it anyway. I think in the mist of the fight RW wanted to prove to her his authority he had over her and forced himself upon her. In the mist of that I think he strangled her. I think she was either dead or unconscious when she hit the water. Either way, her legs never kicked, that is the only possible way for those socks to have remained on her feet.
    I think the fact that there has never been an investigation concerning this case, is an injustice to not only NW but to every woman who has made the mistake of marrying a controlling a** who can't control his drinking.

  60. P.S. for anyone that is courious. Bruises can only occur on a body that is alive. Once someone is dead, so are all of the cells in the body.

    1. Not true. During the agonal phase, shortly after death and up to six hours after death, blood can pool where the skin has been struck. So it is possible that she was bruised by debris in the water as well.


      Honestly, you all talk about letting Natalie have dignity in her death, yet you continue to bring up all this stuff, Lana Wood especially, and her children suffer. I agree with the people who say "leave it alone". You got it reclassified as "drowning and other undetermined factors". It seems like no one will be satisfied until someone is strung up for the "murder". It doesn't matter to her children, so why should it matter to us?

  61. Why after all these years....who cares anymore about. Everytime he is on TV talking about 'reverse mortgages' I want to puke. SHe is with whatever God she believed in now. Leave her the heck alone.

  62. Marti,
    I am a german journalist. You´re doing a very good job. Thank you for your work. Susanne

  63. It is now may,2014,and just finished gngs,my heart never sat with the oficial story,havent heard anything lately on the case,i was wondering if anything has happened in the case,im assuming,the police are covering everything before anything come out...great book,couldnt put it down,may justice prevail for natatile and wagner.

  64. Tell me, have you considered your "dear friend" Dennis? Maybe Natalie got dressed to leave and asked Dennis to take her. He was drunk too, and may have refused to, starting a fight between them. I've found in lots of murder cases that the one who comes forward with "new information" is usually the guilty party.


  66. Well, it seems someone does care -- it's February 2018, and Wagner is considered a "Person Of Interest". Detectives are assured something happened (assault?0 to Natalie Wood "before" she went into the water. Who would know what happened? Three men. One who has spoken and feels compelled to speak; the other two are mum. It seems all the drugs/alcohol/affairs, etc came into play that fateful night . . . .

    Fresh bruising, is the linchpin of the re-opened case; along with certain "witnesses" who were ignored in the initial investigation. Remember, this was pre-O.J. days, and everyone in Hollywood kept their opinions to themselves. Certainly, no accusations or incrimination of an A-Lister Star. Looking at the autopsy photo of the bruising, one can see the left side was affected predominantly, Forensics can explain "what might have happened". The lower left leg, front and back sustained heavy bruising. What could make those marks? An instrument? "Kicking, as kicking someone off the boat?" Was she held and kicked? Or did she attempt to re-board the boat, and was kicked off from the steps? Did she fall back into the water after several attempts, pried off from the handles, and the bruising was sustained from the steps? Didn't Wagner want her off "his" boat (according to Davern).

    New light has come into the investigation; new detective, and new witnesses. Maybe we'll never know the real answers as to what happened; however, we know that this case will not be closed until the last man standing is no more.