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Monday, February 1, 2010

Talk Forensics: Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour, Feb. 14th


Talk Forensics, Sunday February 14th @ 4pm Eastern. (Live Show)  Listeners can call in questions.

The show will automatically become a pod cast on iTunes that listeners can download at a later time if they miss the live program.

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  1. I dont believe Wagner is a nice man. I met him once and he was not nice to me at all!
    I dont believe Natalie's death was an accident.
    I think the marks all over her body shows that she was battered and dragged. If she was dragged by her arms then that would account for her legs being so brused. I think she was pushed or thrown off that boat.
    Wagner did not want to save her, otherwise he would have wanted the lights on and he would have been in a panic to find her.
    If someone you love very deeply is missing you jump to action right away.
    If he new she was in that water and did nother about it, well then we all know what that is.
    Also I believe he was involved with St John before Natalie's death. I remember at the time it odd his involvment only eight weeks later.
    And she took an apartment in Beverly Hills just a few blocks down on Cannon Dr. from where the Wagners lived. How odd when she so loved Colorado... How odd... No I would go so far as to say it is possible 1st dagree murder.
    Remember he was at the peak of his success with Heart to Heart. If anything leaked out about either one of them involved with other people that would be the end of his hit TV show. Think about it... He was no longer in love with Natalie and wanted out.
    Yes he was jealous, but alot of men want their cake and eat it too. Remember he has a huge ego, most actor's do.