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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Talk Forensics Blog Talk Radio, Natalie Wood

Talk Forensics on Blog Talk Radio  Sunday, Feb. 14th, 4 PM Live, Interview


  1. Marti,

    Very good presentation in the short time alloted. There is too information here to be covered in 1 hour. James

  2. too much information for 1 hour

  3. Marti:

    Very well done interview. It was great to hear your voice. I posted another comment on it in the "Walls of Splendour" thread. I agree--this story deserves SO much more time. Someone needs to wake up and pursue this!

  4. Thanks. I agree it's not enough time, and too much information. They want you to squeeze in all you can, and I'd rather elaborate on a few key points, but, I hope it helps. Thanks for being there, JamesV, and thanks for listening Everyone.

  5. It was not enough time but I'm glad you got you're point across and presented the evidence. The woman who hosted the show seemed much more intelligent that the hosts on the other shows you did.

    What was the question she was going to ask about Natalie's children before the time ran out?

  6. I was surprised to hear her say she had a question about Natalie's daughters. I don't know what she was going to ask, but I was prepared to say that I know very little about them.