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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Natalie Wood Tribute

Kevin and Skyler posted this tribute page they created for Natalie at their Facebook page. It reminds us all of the beautiful and talented actress the world lost. Natalie Wood loved life: she simply sparkled in a way that will never be forgotten. She's a true legend. The word "legendary" is thrown around far too casually these days. Natalie Wood is a true example of a legend. Twenty-eight years away from losing her and she is still headline news.


  1. This is great.

    I am trying to spread the word on YouTube, but whenever I mentioned the book the same users, some fan(s) of RJ and Stephanie Powers call me a lying bitch and need to stop spreading "venom", yada yada yada. How can people be so ignorant?

  2. Every picture of Natalie is wonderful. It is so amazing to me that she had SO many different looks, not just depending on what year it was or what she was wearing or how her hair was styled. She just had all these stunning appearances that varied. No matter what, she was always the same beautiful Natalie!

    There are pictures of her from the late 1950s in which she looks older than she does in photos from the 1960s and 1970s. It really is something. I think that she was especially beautiful in the mid- to late 1970s and up until her death. Ironically, that is when she worried about losing her looks. You didn't need to worry, Nat. You just needn't have worried.

  3. Most women have that worry as they age but beautiful women who are in the public eye have a greater worry because they have an audience watching as they age.
    Natalie is forever beautiful.
    The 50s hairstyles and makeup aged the women of that era.

  4. The photo in the bottom left is the one of Natalie that was printed on the galley proof of Goodbye Natalie. I love it. I wish we could've used it, but the owner of it required an astronomical amount to use it, far out of the budget range. I am happy with the one chosen instead, but she is just so "soft and beautiful" in the one shown in this tribute by Skyler and Kevin. Great job. It has been said there are very few "bad" pics of Natalie. I have a few candid ones Dennis took of her with her mouth open or her eyes shut, etc. I've never done anything with them. She was not vain, but concerned about her appearances because she didn't want to let her fans down. I think that would've been impossible. IMO, she is one of the few actresses of all time where a bad photo is an impossibility. She had "it" -- she still does! Incredible!

  5. I think everyone who falls for Natalie first notices just how pretty she is. Then, it is that special way she could get to you by just a look or a gesture. Emotionally, she could move me very much.
    I remember seeing Natalie for the first time on New York's channel 7...they would always have "Natalie Wood Week" on the 4:30 afternoon movie. I saw "Splendor In the Grass" and could not get her performance out of my 12 year old head.
    We didn't have VCR'S then, so I would wait every year for "Natalie Wood Week"...it was the mid 70's.
    When she died, it felt like I had lost s dear friend...the pain was deep and it hurt a great deal.

  6. Of course. That was an era when most teenagers looked 40 by today's standards. Natalie was no exception. I'm glad they only used 60s/70s pics on this poster.

    She was still beautiful as ever in the early 80s...i think so. It's hard to picture what she would look like today.

  7. Kevin, I like the way you describe having been affected like that by seeing Natalie's movies. Those are great memories to have of her. She was mesmerizing, wasn't she?

    Yes, Natalie had it all. She appeared beautiful, caring, strong, vulnerable, tough, touching, and appealing all at the same time. I LOVED the way that she cocked her head and furrowed her brow, peering at someone or something. That was her signature look, whether she was a child or an adult.

    I recall reading (I think it was in Finstad's book) that someone said that it was as if she was communicating directly TO YOU in her acting. She entered your soul and never left it.

    I know that Natalie had concerns about her looks as she aged. It is just that she was SO stunning--she wasn't losing "it" and never would have! She had a perfect nose, mouth, and smile, and her eyes were just unbelievable.

    Natalie was the most beautiful woman that I have EVER seen and expect to ever see.

    Also in Finstad's book, numerous people commented on feeling that they wanted to protect her. I got that feeling, too, from her acting. And I have that feeling NOW about her--I desperately wish that I could turn back the clock to 1981 and warn her. And I want to do something else to help bring justice to her. I just don't know what...

  8. Marianne

    Natalie was amazing! I'm so glad that I discovered her when I did. When I think of it , we only had her for about 10 years from the time I first saw her in SITG to the time we lost her. My one regret is that I never met Natalie.
    Howevever, we have her wonerful performances on screen to remind us of just how special she was.

  9. Hi Marti -

    Thanks again for posting our Natalie poster. We enjoyed selecting beautiful Natalie pix to include in the tribute.

    I just finished reading your book and thoroughly enjoyed it! I found the book engrossing, suspenseful, informative, well-researched and well-written. I was impressed w/ your tenacity to work on this account of the "accident" w/ Dennis for over 25 years. Loved the flow of how you included your and Dennis' personal lives over 3 decades.

    Certainly had no idea there was so much evidence authorites ignored or purposely overlooked. RJ's star power and good looks earned him a free pass big time!

    I'm more convinced now than ever that Wagner is completely responsible for Natalie's death. And the case must be re-investigated!