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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Questions for Dennis Davern

Someone suggested to have Dennis answer a few direct questions at this blog. Please ask your question here in the comment section, and Dennis's response will be posted.


  1. I'd like to ask Dennis something about Natalie's funeral. Was he asked to stay close by RJ? I saw in the newspaper pics long ago and in footage that it was Dennis walking with RJ. I thought that strange. Thanks for this chance to "talk" with Dennis. Helen

  2. Many people are angry at Dennis for not immediately calling for help when he found out Natalie was missing from the Splendour. We know the story, but my question is, did Wagner ever express anger to Dennis for not calling for help, after the fact? -- James

  3. Dennis, If the information you provided for GNGS is true and fact then obviousley you are a part of, and guilty of conspiracy to conceal evidence. A crime was commited according to your information and you turned the other cheek. You claim to be remorseful for your actions but then you claim that GNGS is your redemption and is justice for Natalie Wood. In all, a life was lost that you could have saved. Are you willing to pay through the judicial system for your actions, and why haven't turned yourself in.

  4. I have the answer to #1 (Helen's) question: Dennis will be calling me back to hear the other questions. I read the question about why he was near RJ at the funeral. Dennis responded:

    "I really can't remember if I was asked or not. It was more a natural thing because I really wasn't associated with the other people attending, lots of mega stars. I knew some of them from cruises, but I guess because of all the shock and me staying at RJ's, it just was a natural thing that I stayed close to him during the funeral."

  5. Dennis Davern answers:

    Question, #2: Did RJ ever express anger at Dennis for not calling for help for Natalie?

    Answer: "Absolutely not! He's the one who refused to let me call for help."

    Question #3: in reference to Dennis not cooperating with police...

    "I was young and ignorant. At that devastatng time, when I was told 'this is what we have to do' I did it and asked no questions.
    RJ didn't tell me Natalie needed to be saved...he said she was missing. I didn't refuse to save her. I begged him to let's try to save her, and I thought she was with the Zodiac (the dinghy) and I believed him. Morning was totally shocking, and I being petrified and devastated, did as told. I have been willing to do anything the system would want from me for a long time."

  6. "a life was lost that you could have saved." "Did you turn yourself in?"
    Dennis was not responsible for Natalie's death, RJ was. Did he turn himself in? Did he go to the police to say "Hey, I lied to you about a few things."
    At least Dennis is willing to tell the truth, he has told the story about what happened that night. He wants the case re-opened. That should answer your question. Apparently he is willing to accept the consequences. That's more than we can say for Wagner, isn't it?

  7. My question at 4:03pm was to Dennis and to be answered by Dennis through Marti, not an anonymous poster. Thank you for your embellishment anyways.

  8. Anonymous (7:12) did not embellish and answered quite thoroughly. Dennis's story is in GNGS. He is willing to cooperate fully with authorities. The authorities know it. There are no charges against Dennis, therefore, nothing to turn himself in for. There isn't even a case!
    Yes, a life was lost, but it was not Dennis who caused that loss of life. When his head cleared, he decided to tell the truth. That was 27 years ago... and turned into a difficult journey.

    With that said, I'd like to clarify that I won't mind asking Dennis most questions, but if the questions are already answered in GNGS, I might refer to the chapter or reiterate. Thanks, Marti

  9. Marti, your 11:26 post "speaks volumes." I am not complementing you. You agree to a Q and A with Dennis, you let an anonymous nobody speak for you, now you will be referring to the book, in another words "no outside the box" one can only assume that is where the real truth lies. The readers feel you are insulating Dennis. The readers want to hear from Dennis not you after all it is his story.

  10. This blog is for the book. Marti Rulli is the author of the book.
    As for "insulating" Dennis, he told his story through the author of the book. There is nothing you could ask that has not already been answered except for your acrimonious query.
    Your "anonymous nobody" comment speaks volumes about you. That is not a compliment.

  11. and if anyone has been insulated for the past 28 years it has been Robert Wagner. After all is said and done HE is the man with the secrets that will never be told. He should be as open and honest about himself as Dennis has been about himself.

  12. I am not insulating Dennis. We've been on over 50 radio shows, we've done TV interviews, and we've presented the truth in GNGS. He has spoken for himself. Dennis has given me full authority to "speak" for him, but for this blog, I do not mind getting his own words for certain questions.
    We welcome questions because we do want this case understood to the best of everyone's ability and compassion to do so.

    The purpose of this blog is to keep interested readers updated on new developments, as this subject matter is clearly a perpetual topic, and to answer new questions.

    Hard questions versus insults disguised as questions are two different things. There are plenty of places online for those who want to work with scenarios rather than to work with truth in regards to this case. My blog won't become a punching bag for Dennis or for myself. We've told the truth and are willing to answer questions or to elaborate on that truth.
    Dennis was a participant in the circumstances surrounding Natalie Wood's death. He knows what happened and he has told what he knows. His account was passed on a CERTIFIED polygraph test, so if you choose to not believe his account, we aren't here to fight you on that. Ask a legitimate question, and we are happy to answer.

  13. Dennis,
    I would like to know if you ever noticed Natalie being a little timid around Wagner? If at times she seemed to just go along with what he wanted to keep things calm?
    Wagner appears from the book to sometimes have a pretty short fuse and the seemingly almost constant drinking he did on Splendour certainly did not help.
    I realize that in a marriage we all sometimes 'go along to get along', but I have read in other books that Natalie had expressed concern about Wagners' drinking. Did she ever say anything about it to you?
    Thank you, Dennis.

  14. Anonymous (10:26) Good question: I don't think I ever asked Dennis your question: I recall him saying that up until the night in the motel room, Natalie had never said much to him about RJ's drinking...but maybe Dennis can offer some insight into this. I'll be talking with him this afternoon, and will get back to you.
    Thanks, Marti

  15. Marti, My speculation on how this Q and A would operate was spot on. You say anything "outside the box" is a scenario, you say what Dennis claims is the truth, but there is no evidence, you say he was a "participant in the circumstances surrounding Natalie's death" but you say Dennis is innocent. Once again your post "speaks volumes." I would wish you goodluck on your adventure but your adventure is far from over. Goodbye.

  16. One more thing you statement that "Dennis was a participant in the circumstances surrounding Natalie Wood's death" I hope you know you just sentenced him by putting that in writing in public and you are also saying that he had a part in her death. That "speaks volumes."

  17. Anonymous 11:07 and 11:22, I would appreciate if you would not post at my blog any longer. I have "sentenced" Dennis to nothing. He was a participant. That means he shared the dinner table with the party of four aboard the Splendour that night. It means he took care of the dinghy when they returned from dinner. It means he was in the main salon when Wagner lost it and smashed a wine bottle in sheer maniac fashion and accused Walken of wanting to have sex with Natalie. It means he overheard the fight in the master stateroom. It means he participated by trying to interrupt the argument. It means he did what he was told: went to the bridge to wait out the fight. It means he saw the couple's fight carry over to the back deck, and he went to the back deck to find out what was going on when things quieted. It means he was THERE, not that he had anything to do with how Natalie got into the water. It means he wanted to immediately turn on the searchlight to look for Natalie. It means Wagner would not allow him to do anything to try to help Natalie. It means Dennis obeyed his boss for reasons he latered realized was a poor choice, one he regrets.

    Now, please, do not post at my blog again. Thank you.

  18. Marti

    Ask Dennis to what degree the rooms on the Splendour are soundproofed. Could someone in Walken's cabin have heard a loud fight in the master stateroom, since it's only one room away from the salon?(either through ventilation or just simply through the walls).

    I noticed that in GNGS there is a lack of detail to what occurred at Doug's Harbor Reef. In Finstad's biography she collected restaurant workers' recollections that depicted Wagner as being kept out of conversations and that Wood and Walken openly flirted. Can Dennis verify or add details to this? It would help understand the mind set of Wagner.

    Lastly, how rational is Wagner when heavily inebriated? He cites drunkenness as a reason for his lack of function and thinking to his wife's missing whereabouts. Can he in fact "handle his liquor?"

    Michael B

  19. Could you ask Dennis if he had any casual contact with Lana Wood before Natalie died? and was Lana ever a guest on the Splendour?

  20. Dennis's answers:

    No, Natalie was never really timid around RJ. They really enjoyed their trips out on Splendour. It was their relaxing times, and cocktail hours were always fun, enjoyable times. There was never excessive drinking on trips. It was regular social kind of drinking. Natalie didn't overdrink, and RJ handled his alcohol better than anyone. Sometimes we all drank a lot. Sometimes we didn't. No one was ever fall-down drunk and up until the outing with Christopher, nothing ever struck me as unusal. RJ usually seemed rational to me, drinking or not. I was shocked when he broke the wine bottle.

    When we were having dinner at Doug's it was tense. RJ wanted to leave the restaurant. He was annoyed when Natalie wanted to stay. It felt good to get off the boat for a few hours, but RJ didn't like displaying the party in public. He was really getting upset and Natalie finally said, 'Oh, okay, let's go back to the boat.' She was having a good time, or at least trying to, but RJ wasn't in the mood for a good time that night. No one was doing anything out of the ordinary at our table, even Natalie. She was trying to enjoy a night out for dinner. I have no recollection of her breaking a wine glass. If that happened, I just can't remember it, or maybe it happened when I went back to Splendour with Christopher for wine. RJ made the night really uncomfortable for everyone.

    Splendour's walls were well constructed, but no effort was ever really made to go extra measures to soundproof any of the rooms, even the master stateroom. Christopher probably didn't hear the argument because his cabin was far forward and down. He was sound asleep when I looked in his room. It's totally possible he heard nothing because of the location of his cabin. The argument was loud, but I don't think he did hear because his door was closed and all the rooms in the far forward cabins had thick carpeting so when the doors were closed it was real tight. I don't know for sure if he heard anything, but I really don't think he did.

    Yes, I saw Lana several times at barbecues and parties at RJ and Natalie's house. I knew her casually. She was always nice to me. I can't recall Lana ever being on board the boat.

  21. Hi Dennis -

    Natalie was very upset and feedup w/ RJ's jealousy by Friday night at the motel. Is it possible that Natalie - during the heated argument - threatened to visit her lawyer about divorce proceedings?

    Then maybe, RJ became irrational at the thought of divorce yielding him ZERO($$). In his rage, perhaps he threw Natalie into the water hoping to eliminate their divorce and to gain all her money.

    How serious was Natalie about divorcing RJ?

  22. I spoke with Dennis about this and will answer with the information we talked about in regards to the Wagner marriage.
    Dennis says that Natalie never mentioned divorce. She was mad in the motel room on Friday night and in anger remarked that she was mad enough to see a lawyer. That, of course, doesn't necessarily mean she would have, or that she had ever contemplated divorcing RJ. Dennis doesn't know what went on behind closed doors with the couple. He only heard what transpired behind closed doors the night of Nov. 28, 1981, which shocked him.
    Natalie never discussed her marriage or personal thoughts about her marriage with Dennis. Dennis knows that Natalie was angry enough to say a few things the Friday night he spent with her but he believed RJ and Natalie would soon make-up.

  23. Dennis:

    Why have you never submitted a notarized affidavit to the LAPD to place in the NW Official Case File? You could admit to initially lying to authorities, explain the true facts about the weekend and state her death was no accident.

    Why haven't you done this?

  24. This isn't a question that stems from GNGS, but it comes from the "Walls of Splendour" thread that included Wagner's interview with Larry King. I posted in that thread to note that the interview made me think that Wagner had come up with yet another lie. This one regarded Natalie and Jill St. John.

    Marti, can Dennis confirm that Natalie and Jill St. John were NOT dear friends? Wagner has claimed that they were, but I don't think they were. Yes, they were classmates in a ballet school as children, but as far as I know, they were not bosom buddies as adults.

    In the other thread, I stated why I thought he made that claim.

  25. I know that this was briefly mentioned in GNGS--Natalie and Stefanie Powers. It doesn't have to do with the fateful cruise. Dennis told you, Marti, that Natalie dismissed rumors of something going on between Wagner and Powers. I recall those rumors at the time they were around, and I've read other things since.

    For instance, Natalie reportedly visited the "Hart to Hart" set often, sometimes taking the girls, and also had Stefanie and her mother over to dinner so that the girls would see Stefanie was a nice woman who just worked with their dad. She didn't want them to be upset seeing him kiss a strange woman. (How sensitive of Natalie to do that.)

    Can Dennis add any more to what Natalie told him about Stefanie? It seems that they got along well, but I was wondering if he could confirm that. I know Powers didn't go on the boat, but did Dennis have any chance to observe them together elsewhere?

  26. Marti

    Ask Dennis if Detective Rasure ever asked him in his two interviews regarding a fight that occurred between the Wagners. When Paul Wintler, the first rescuer appeared at the yacht, he was told by Wagner that he had gotten into a fight with his wife just before he stated she was missing. I'm curious to know if Rasure ever gathered this information and relayed it to Dennis in the form of a question. Thanks.

    Michael B

  27. Marti,
    Could you ask Dennis this:
    I believe Thanksgiving day 1981 was on Thursday November 27th. Was Dennis at the house anytime that day or for dinner? Lana wrote in her book that on that day Natalie was acting strange, nervous, fidgety, she was being very short with people even Natasha when she begged them not to leave for the weekend. If Dennis was there did he observe this behavior in Natalie? If he was not there did he observe this behavior the next morning when they shoved off.

  28. Dennis:

    Out of principle, don't you think you should donate all the proceeds of GNGS to charity?

  29. Dennis's answer to Truth Seeker about submitting a notarized affadavit to the police.

    That's a good question and there are just so many reasons why I didn't but that doesn't mean that I didn't want to or still wouldn't. I do want it on record that I didn't tell all I knew when I was represented by the attorney RJ got for me. I think most of my reasons are explained in the book, and when we tried to get the detective on board (Salerno) before the book was published, he made it clear the case would stay closed. I have no regrets that I turned to Marti so that everything could be explained in detail.

    From Marti in response to Truth Seeker's suggestion we donate proceeds: Sorry, but I think that is an ignorant question, rather suggesting we are not decent people if we use any proceeds differently.
    Out of principle? Out of principle, Natalie's death case should be reopened and I've spent plenty of my own money over the years to try to help that to happen. I am in debt to GNGS, not a reaper from it. Are Wagner and other authors expected to donate away their book profits if writing about a sensitive subject? Why Dennis? Because he was an innocent bystander who saw something worth writing about because the law won't do their jobs? We didn't write GNGS for profit. No one spends 25 years on something for "book proceeds." At least I know that we didn't. If you don't want to believe that, fine, but I won't defend my purpose again. It's made clear in GNGS.

  30. Marianne, I asked Dennis about Natalie and Stefanie. Dennis says they were not close, but Natalie seemed to respect Stefanie. Natalie once told Dennis that she was glad it was Stefanie playing Jennifer on Hart To Hart because she liked her. There was never animosity or jealousies that Natalie talked about or showed. Stefanie was not a threat to Natalie, ever. I also think it was sensitive of Natalie to take her girls to the set and to explain to them why "Daddy sometimes kisses someone else" -- she also explained that it would be her job too, to sometimes have to kiss someone else.

  31. Michael B, to your question, Dennis responded,

    No, Rasure asked me mostly about Friday night, about me staying with Natalie on the island in Avalon. He didn't ask any questions about a fight. I was told by RJ to not answer any of his questions and told Rasure that, that I couldn't answer without talking with RJ or with an attorney. Rasure didn't push for anything. That shocked me. I was ready to be grilled.

  32. Chad,

    I went over it again with Dennis about Thanksgiving, and as told in GNGS, Dennis did not see Natalie on Thanksgiving. He called their house later that night hoping the cruise would've been canceled because of the nasty weather, but RJ sounded miserable on the phone and then Natalie got on the phone. She sensed that Dennis didn't want to take the boat out in the pouring rain the next day, so she sounded cheery with him, promising she'd bring him some of Willie Mae's special treats. (Willia Mae was the Wagner housekeeper and nanny).
    When I talked with Lana about the Thanksgiving evening at Natalie's, Lana told me it was the strangest ever. She sensed some tension, for certain. When she had called Natalie earlier in the day to ask what time to arrive, Natalie told her to arrive at 7:42. Lanan laughed, thinking it was a joke, but quickly realized Natalie wasn't kidding. Natalie said, with no humor in her voice, "Seven-forty-two, Lana." Lana knew immediately that it wasn't going to be upbeat mood at the Wagner home that night, and it wasn't. Lana said it was an extremely strained mood.

  33. Marti,
    In response to your answer about donating proceeds...Hear, hear!

  34. I was fairly certain that I would get an answer of this type regarding Dennis' submission of a notarized affidavit to LAPD. There are NO valid reasons in GNGS that state why this wasn't accomplished. Who cares what Frank Salerno said....Dennis should do the right thing.

    But then again, there is no limelight or profit in doing the right thing behind closed doors.

    Dennis Davern is sickening! An affidavit should have been filed with LAPD YEARS before writing a book that whitewashes his ignorant dumb fool character.

    Page 138 in GNGS is quite painful for me. DD NEVER WAS COGNIZANT OF WHAT EVEN IMPLEMENTED A CRUISE FROM HELL. Nonetheless, he softens Natalie's heart at Pavilion Lodge toward evil Wagner (especially when he reiterates "RJ's" statement regarding Natalie, "she takes my breath away...").

    Without this ignorant fool instigating this conversation, Natalie might have taken a seaplane and LEFT! I can't stand this man.

  35. My question about donating proceeds to charity was directed to DENNIS DAVERN and not his female longwinded mouthpiece.

    "Innocent" people do not lie to authorities. Dennis DID. This caused a ton of damage to justice for NW. I just don't see how he can ever TAKE ONE RED CENT for TV interviews, books, articles, ANYTHING....OUT OF PRINCIPLE!

    Even in an attorney's office, Davern lied and stated the reason he spent the night with Natalie was because of "rough seas." However, he has never even submitted ANY documentation for the NW Official File that states he was a liar and his version of reality.

    There is no VALID reason in GNGS for DD to have waited this long to reveal HIS truth about the death of NW. As I stated in another thread DD should have already contacted the LAPD, Sheriff's office, DA, Attorney General, Congressperson IN WRITING and only THEN moved forward in penning a book.

    The only ignorance I see here is YOU and lamebrain Dennis Davern believing a case will be reopened based on a book filled with "heart" (emotion). Dennis never even saw Natalie's murder or any physical attack. He would be SHOCKED at who the real murderer is!

    You two think it is more important to write a book filled with DD's INTERPRETATION of events rather than take the proper official steps to correct lies and request investigation. Of course, as I said, THESE steps have no limelight or profit for Dennis Davern.

    Books loaded with "heart" (emotion) usually do not reopen cases. I signed the petition last year but as I told Gail Abbott MONTHS back, I don't for a New York minute think they will reopen this case based off GNGS. The book is based off hearsay and supposition and only points A FINGER OF SUSPICION towards Wagner. This is all the more reason Dennis Davern should have come forward IMMEDIATELY.

    I have no interest in returning to your site but wish you the best.

    1. Please tell me who the real murderer is. Susanne

  36. Marti and Dennis,
    Thank you again for giving us the real story about Natalie's last night. For years, I was bothered by the official version of how Natalie died...it just didn't seem to fit.
    I know this will not bring her back, and it may not make Robert Wagner finally answer for what he did. However, it means so much to me (and Natalie's fans) to have the truth.
    I appreciate it more than words can say, and I will help in any way I can to get the truth out there. Thank you.

  37. Thanks Ms Rulli, for your tireless efforts to bring this story to light. Thanks too to Dennis, for having the balls to stand and be responsible for his involvement and willingness to be availavable to the authorities and the public.

    It's a sad but true fact that there will always be the fringe dwellers like Truth Seeker, who for whatever reason, will simply never be able to grasp the truth they (claim to) seek. She clearly has an agenda that is somehow threatened by the publication of GNGS. Those who are fascinated with or obsessed with celebrities are often troubled by anything that doesn't paint their heros with the palette of myth. The truth does indeed hurt.

  38. Truth Seeker I detect that your comments emanate from a sense of frustration, which I understand and empathize with. I cannot disagree with anything you say regarding what Dennis Davern could have, should have and would have done long ago. That cannot be changed; we cannot go back in time. But Dennis has stated that he is willing now to do anything the system requires of him. Do you think its better for him never to have done anything at all? JamesV

  39. Marti, were you able to ask Dennis about Natalie and Jill St. John NOT being good friends, although Wagner claims they were? I believe it's yet another attempt to burnish Wagner's image and behavior after Natalie died. "Oh, isn't that touching? He found love again with one of Natalie's oldest and dearest friends! She would have approved!"

  40. Truth Seeker,

    I am glad you have willingly decided to not return to this blog. I will not delete your former comments because they are good examples of what REALLY stops this case from moving forward.

    You have no clue what it involved to get as far as we have gotten. It is short of a miracle that GNGS was even published. For years, we faced resistance you cannot imagine, and we made decisions (WITH legal counsel) based upon the best way to get the truth of Natalie's death to the public and to the media, not to get it to the deaf ears of the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. We think we made the right decision to have public and media support behind us first, and the only way to get that support was to go BOOK first. Otherwise, we had every reason to believe that Dennis's testimony would be filed away forever, or used in a way to prevent us from telling the truth. Now that GNGS is available, we are more free to take proper actions, and we can accomplish more and be taken more seriously with SUPPORT. (of which we so appreciate!).
    There was so much more to this case than just Dennis's account, and I tried my best to get to it.

    Truth Seeker, I believe you are chasing fantasies and that you are a loose cannon aiming at unimportant targets. I don't have time to be chasing down your bad shots, and I won't allow you any longer to degrade me or Dennis at my blog. People like you are the primary reason that the authorities do not take this case seriously. People like you have hurt the chances of this case being reopened far more than Dennis ever has. You are as much to blame as the authorities as to why this case goes ignored, yet you visit MY blog to tell ME, someone who has worked for 25 years for this moment of revelation, that WE are in it for selfish purpose. You have had your chance here with your innuendo and hearsay about a murder that never happened (Holden's) and you can read for yourself the going reaction of your conspiracy blather. It looks to me that you are nothing but resentful that Dennis's TRUTH has thrown a huge wrench into your fantasy conspiracy scenario. We don't confirm your little head story that multiple people are involved in Natalie's death, so you attack the turth of that night, instead. It was Wagner on the deck with Natalie, Truth Seeker. Just Wagner. Accept it and you might live a less stressed life.

    Dennis's story is not an "interpretation" of what happened the night of Nov. 28, 1981. It's what he SAW and HEARD. Many people are relieved to hear his truth, as it's not some crazy scenario like you present. IT MAKES SENSE! Usually what is TRUE does make sense. But people like you can't rest on truth. Your lives might become less colorful.

    I've worked far too hard and far too long to tolerate your ignorance any longer. And, yes, I had many moments along this journey when I asked myself, "Why do I bother?" If you want to talk about emotion and heart, first try to develop some for yourself. What drove me was exactly people like you, but what drove me most of all, in the middle of many nights when I would just cry and feel like I can't go on was to think about Natalie floating in that water. I would picture her shivering body, feel her fear. I would imagine what she was thinking, as she hoped and prayed she might see that little light off in the distance, the light of a rescue boat coming to save her. But that didn't happen. She floated on in fear while most likely thinking about her life and her daughters' lives, all while gathering the strength to keep her face from falling forward in the into the cold water.

    Contrary to your little fantasy mission and whatever you may think, those thoughts of Natalie are what still drives me. Dennis and I are not through with our ultimate goal. We made our decisions, right or wrong, on how to get to that goal. You've made it clear you don't agree. I get it. And this is the last I will waste time on it with you.

  41. Marianne,
    Sorry if I didn't make it clear: No, Natalie and Stefanie were not what one would consider close friends. There was very little contact between the two of them. so I would venture to say that tehy weren't even friends...they had regard for each other. They were not close, however.

  42. Ms. Rulli, I thoroughly enjoyed your "long-winded" response. :-) I can't even imagine the resistance you encountered and I thank you for continuing. You called yourself a "nobody" in Goodbye Natalie, but I see you as a somebody who got a lot done, and people like Truthseeker as a nobody getting nothing done. If he knows so much, why hasn't he gone to the police? Pot calling kettle black, IMO. You needn't worry that we don't see through his ploy. You needn't worry that we don't recognize your valuable contribution to the truth of Natalie WOod's death!

  43. Quick point. Truth Seeker is a female, using Wm. Holden's pic as her avatar. She's been enamored with the actor, Holden, presumably her whole life and has concocted such a bizarre scenario involving his death that it simply smacks of fanatsism and pure fantasy. Easy to see where the word "fan" comes from.

  44. Dennis has been trying to tell the truth for years. I'm sure Rasure has seen or read many of the revelations that Dennis made. Rather than calling his buddies at the LACSD and saying that he may have made a mistake in his call on Natalie's death, Rasure calls Dennis a liar. It's easier to call Dennis a liar than to admit that he made a very public error, that he was starstruck by Wagner. Rasure totally discredits Dennis but people ask why Dennis did not contact the police. My questions is, why have the police not contacted Dennis?

  45. Gail.
    I agree...the detectives were not interested in digging for truth when Natalie died, nor when crucial information was made public not long after. Not only did the LACSD totally ignore Marilyn Wayne, they made untrue public statements to discredit her. Then, publicly, they called Dennis a liar. They did a lousy job no matter what angle you look at this case from: Dennis's reluctance to offer information, the physical evidence (allowing islanders to "watch" the boat and stay on it while it was taped off, not cooperating with the medical examiner's office, the autopsy, and in letting the three surviving participants to go home without being physicallly checked, or interrogated. Not one official procedure was followed by the book in this sad case.

  46. Marti,
    I'm ignorant of the law in a case like Natalie's, and I know you are dealing with lawyers. Can any of this (Dennis' testimony and polygraph tests...etc.) be presented directly to the Office of the Los Angeles State Prosecutor for consideration to reopen the case, or does it have to be processed through the police dept. first?

  47. Hi Kevin,

    I am in the process of finding out if we can bypass the Sheriff's Dept. Will get back to you shortly. Fact is, Dennis's testimony WILL be submitted. We'll see how they will handle it.

  48. Hi, Marti:

    Just to clarify...you DID answer my question re: Natalie and Stefanie. Thanks!

    But my other one was different--I had asked if Dennis could confirm that Natalie and Jill St. John were NOT friends, as Wagner claims they were. I am fairly sure that they were NOT friends--Wagner's claim is merely another attempt to make himself look better.

    As I had mentioned before, I think Wagner's aim is to have people think, "Oh, isn't that touching? He married one of Natalie's oldest and dearest friends since childhood! Natalie would probably have approved of that! Who could find fault with THAT?" That is just my thought on what he's aiming for--again, to calculatingly burnish his little image.

  49. Marianne,

    Sorry...I read "Jill" and thought "Stefanie": weird how the mind works sometimes. :-)
    Jill and Natalie were definitely NOT friends. Of course, they knew of each other, but calling them friends is reaching...FAR reaching!

  50. Robert Wagner loved his scotch on the rocks this was no secret, generally when celebrities work hard they play hard and deservingly so like everyone else they need to unwind. Natalie was much in the same except for one difference she was known for. When it was time to party Natalie partied, when it was time to work she was known for not drinking at all during filming and following a diet and exercise program. Brainstorm was different, she was drinking heavy during filming, most likley not during working hours but it was reported she was drinking on lunch brakes and during the evenings. This was a concern along with a few others for RJ.

    My question to Dennis is did you notice Natalie's drinking habits change before and during her work on Brainstorm?

  51. Dennis's response:

    I didn't see Natalie much when she worked on Brainstorm in North Carolina, but the few times I did see her around that time, she was no different than ever before. I never saw Natalie drunk, even on nights she drank a few extra glasses of wine.

  52. Actually, the story about Natalie drinking during Brainstorm was out of Lambert's book. I believe nothing that was written in that book as it was written for Robert Wagner. Pure garbage. That book was an example of RJ trying to dirty his wife's reputation to save his own. It backfired.
    RJ's only concern was and is RJ.

  53. Yes, there was plenty in Lambert's book that was nothing more than fabricated information to make it appear as if Natalie had lost control of her self physically and mentally, so far to state that she had liver damage from drinking. Her autopsy remarks of a perfectly healthy liver and overall good heath.
    Natalie took good care of herself, and as for "losing it" -- that is absolutely not the case. When she was away working on Brainstorm, she made daily and nightly calls to her girls and never missed an important date (she would fly home) and she was quite herself at this time in her life, maybe the only difference being that she was a little excited to be having a movie being released with a cast of Oscar winners!
    Lambert (with RJ's approval) tried to slant the fact that Natalie was only away working into a backfiring back stab at a wonderful woman who was already gone.

  54. It's shameful that they tried to make Natalie look like the person who had lost control. We all know who REALLY lost control--and not just on the weekend that Natalie died.

    I watched a tape of "The Cracker Factory" today. Natalie was excellent in it, as usual. I don't know why she wasn't nominated for an Emmy. But again, it struck me that she was playing an alcoholic when in real life, it was her husband who had that problem. And it led to her death.

  55. Marti or Dennis,
    Is what Jocko says at 8:39AM and 12:15PM on page 7 of Ginger Blymyer's review of GNGS for real?

  56. Marti,
    on 3-8-10, there if information on Natalie on the Court T.V.com forum board.
    Thank you for all you have done.

  57. Marti, I am so glad you and Dennis had the courage of speaking out about the truth of Natalie Woods death in GNGS, and what really happened. We all knew that something was off. RJ Wagner is a murderer as far as I am concerned and Natalies death needs to be REOPENED. He needs to pay for his neglect in looking for her. If I can do anything to help in this respect, please get in touch with me.

  58. The autopsy didn't say Natalie Wood was murdered. I'll take the investigator's word over Marti Rulli or Dennis Davern anyday. Case closed