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Friday, August 24, 2012

Aug 24 Latest Review at Amazon for Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Spendour (THANK YOU!)

5.0 out of 5 stars When will our beloved Natalie Wood receive Justice?, August 24, 2012 By Eddy Greenberg - Amazon Verified Purchase This review is from: Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour Paperback) This book which was accomplished by Marti Rulli evolved over many painstaking years of grinding investigation. Marti Rulli was not a writer who was emotionally detached from her subject. In fact Marti Rulli and Dennis Davern (the Splendor's Captain) loved Natalie Wood consistently enough to mount every obstacle in their way; to tell us in the most authoritative way possible what actually happened to Natalie on the night of November 29th. 1981. I am totally convinced that Natalie did not die from the original official version of "Tragic Accident". That was hogwash from an L.A. Sheriff and Coroner who were at the least incompetent, if not entirely corrupted by celebrity injustice. The original inquiry in what was called an investigation was closed in less than two weeks. Frankly outrageous! Now when the investigation was re-opened in Nov. 2011 the floodgates of information opened up and the hundreds of thousands who loved Natalie are screaming for her justice!! She was allowed to die and could have been saved. So in early July her cause of death was changed to "undetermined", after over 30 years! Marti Rulli has given us a prima facie case outline. An unforgettable read. I have a towering respect for Marti Rulli and Amazon books for making it available.

Natalie Wood Author Reacts to Death Certificate Change - FishbowlLA

Natalie Wood Author Reacts to Death Certificate Change - FishbowlLA

This reporter, Richard Horgan, of FishbowlLA has been very supportive of Natalie's case since it was reopened last November. I really appreciate articles that recognize the effort involved. Too many years have passed, but Natalie's case is at least still open for anything new that might be learned and/or developed. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Status Change in Natalie Wood Case

The announcement that Natalie Wood's death certificate has officially been changed from accident to undetermined is huge. Natalie deserves this change. Facts should be attached to her legacy. It would be virtually impossible for Natalie to have acquired the type of bruising found on her body by a fall from a boat. The change in her death status also shows that the initial investigation into Natalie's death was closed far too fast with lingering questions. Some of those questions have been answered. Natalie's death is no longer considered accident: it is considered undetermined how she acquired her bruises. The 1981 initial investigation into Natalie Wood's death was incompetent. Because it's decades later, it makes it all the more difficult for the current detectives to sort through the trail of evidence over a 30 year period. I am pleased the department added in their announcement that there are "other undetermined factors" involved in Natalie's case, as those "other things" are what they will continue to work on. The LASD is not closing Natalie's case. Obviously, there is more to explore. In the meantime, this development is huge for Natalie Wood's legacy. She did not "get drunk and fall off a boat," as a couple of books would have us believe. No one ever thought Natalie's case would be reopened. It was. And, it will remain open until other conclusions can be determined. If that can't be done, at least we now know, although no suspects have been named, that Natalie's death is a suspicious one. Otherwise, this case would've been closed-up. It is remaining open for the right reasons. The medical examiner has been able to make a determination. Hopefully, the LASD detectives will be able to continue working from there.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Natalie Wood Newsmaker! AJ Hammer Interview

Found this at YouTube...it's more of what was previously shown. AJ Hammer is a great interviewer. Lots of these media personalities really seemed to care. Some didn't but many would display their own opinions after the interviews, and most were pleased Natalie's case was reopened.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Natalie Wood - a haunting death

I prefer to remember Natalie the way she appears in this photograph. I like to think of her entertaining and compelling screen work, and I like the photos where she is smiling and simply stands out as a trendsetter. But when I look at photos of Natalie, especially like this one, I can't help picturing her face in the dark of the ocean. I often think about the tragic story behind this woman's death and how everyone finds the story so compelling, no matter individual opinions. But, whoever is commenting, or thinking, or reasoning about any part of Natalie's life or death, how can they look at a photo like this and not feel the sheer unfairness of the way this woman lost her life and what she may have endured in the moments or hours before she died? It's a haunting death. There's a new book out about Marilyn Monroe. The word murder comes into play again. Unlike Marilyn's death which is shrouded in conspiracy, Marilyn's death is not comparable to Natalie's. No one knows who may have visited Marilyn. No one knows how her diary went missing. No one knows who really saw Marilyn last alive. No one knows if Marilyn willingly took pills. In Natalie's case, we know much more about the circumstances and activity leading to her disappearance from her yacht. We know -- from her husband himself -- about an angry outburst and a wine bottle being smashed. We know Natalie was deathly afraid of water (her cry from the grave), and we know Natalie, who had drunk as many glasses of wine as she drank the night she died many times before, would never have left her yacht willingly wearing a nightgown sans underwear. We know Natalie's body when found was full of bruises, totally overlooked by a sheriff's department and a medical examiner, despite her bruises were inconsistent with a fall from a yacht, and a total impossibility from trying to mount a dinghy. Natalie's socks would never have remained on her feet in that scenario. There is so much more than theory and "conspiracy" in figuring out Natalie's death. In my opinion, her death is no where as complicated as the so-called experts claim it to be. We know who last saw her. And there's so much more. Whoever tells me all this isn't enough will forever astound me.