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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Status Change in Natalie Wood Case

The announcement that Natalie Wood's death certificate has officially been changed from accident to undetermined is huge. Natalie deserves this change. Facts should be attached to her legacy. It would be virtually impossible for Natalie to have acquired the type of bruising found on her body by a fall from a boat. The change in her death status also shows that the initial investigation into Natalie's death was closed far too fast with lingering questions. Some of those questions have been answered. Natalie's death is no longer considered accident: it is considered undetermined how she acquired her bruises. The 1981 initial investigation into Natalie Wood's death was incompetent. Because it's decades later, it makes it all the more difficult for the current detectives to sort through the trail of evidence over a 30 year period. I am pleased the department added in their announcement that there are "other undetermined factors" involved in Natalie's case, as those "other things" are what they will continue to work on. The LASD is not closing Natalie's case. Obviously, there is more to explore. In the meantime, this development is huge for Natalie Wood's legacy. She did not "get drunk and fall off a boat," as a couple of books would have us believe. No one ever thought Natalie's case would be reopened. It was. And, it will remain open until other conclusions can be determined. If that can't be done, at least we now know, although no suspects have been named, that Natalie's death is a suspicious one. Otherwise, this case would've been closed-up. It is remaining open for the right reasons. The medical examiner has been able to make a determination. Hopefully, the LASD detectives will be able to continue working from there.

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