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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Natalie Wood - a haunting death

I prefer to remember Natalie the way she appears in this photograph. I like to think of her entertaining and compelling screen work, and I like the photos where she is smiling and simply stands out as a trendsetter. But when I look at photos of Natalie, especially like this one, I can't help picturing her face in the dark of the ocean. I often think about the tragic story behind this woman's death and how everyone finds the story so compelling, no matter individual opinions. But, whoever is commenting, or thinking, or reasoning about any part of Natalie's life or death, how can they look at a photo like this and not feel the sheer unfairness of the way this woman lost her life and what she may have endured in the moments or hours before she died? It's a haunting death. There's a new book out about Marilyn Monroe. The word murder comes into play again. Unlike Marilyn's death which is shrouded in conspiracy, Marilyn's death is not comparable to Natalie's. No one knows who may have visited Marilyn. No one knows how her diary went missing. No one knows who really saw Marilyn last alive. No one knows if Marilyn willingly took pills. In Natalie's case, we know much more about the circumstances and activity leading to her disappearance from her yacht. We know -- from her husband himself -- about an angry outburst and a wine bottle being smashed. We know Natalie was deathly afraid of water (her cry from the grave), and we know Natalie, who had drunk as many glasses of wine as she drank the night she died many times before, would never have left her yacht willingly wearing a nightgown sans underwear. We know Natalie's body when found was full of bruises, totally overlooked by a sheriff's department and a medical examiner, despite her bruises were inconsistent with a fall from a yacht, and a total impossibility from trying to mount a dinghy. Natalie's socks would never have remained on her feet in that scenario. There is so much more than theory and "conspiracy" in figuring out Natalie's death. In my opinion, her death is no where as complicated as the so-called experts claim it to be. We know who last saw her. And there's so much more. Whoever tells me all this isn't enough will forever astound me.


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  2. I totally agree with you....that is why I wrote the article I wrote on my blog, too. There is not one person on this earth that will make me believe she just fell into the water alone. Someone beat the crap out of her and she ended up begging for her life in those dark waters. And what about the witness who heard her dying screams and a man's voice saying "we are going to help you"--but no one did. Her death will always be one that will bother me to my core.

  3. Dreaming Casually,

    In this day and age (look at the last two "trials of the century") even good solid circumstantial evidence isn't enough for a prosecution. I wonder how soon it will be before if a crime isn't on video or recorded, it has no chance whatsoever for prosecution. But, I remain confident. Natalie did NOT leave her boat by choice. Of that, I am certain.

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  5. Thank you for keeping her in on our minds. For telling her story. For trying to get the truth out there so she can rest in peace. You are her voice.