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Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the Oscar goes to ..... Natalie Wood!

It would have been nice to one day hear those words, and I'm sure Natalie would've appreciated the honor, but unless the Academy changes their rules, Natalie will never be entitled to an honorary Oscar, either.

In my opinion, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences owes Natalie Wood a long overdue Oscar. I called the Academy in 2008 to inquire if they had ever considered bestowing Natalie with a lifetime achievement award. I was told that it is in their rules (Rule #24) to not consider posthumous special awards. Lifetime achievement awards fall into that category. I was told by Libby Wertin of the Academy that if I would like to voice my opinion, I could e-mail from the link at www.oscars.org/contact/general.html.
I sent an email but never recieved an answer.

Before age thirty, Natalie Wood had earned three Oscar nominations and made over forty movies, some to never be forgotten. True CLASSICS.
Natalie never received the coveted Oscar, but from 1946 until even after her death, Natalie received numerous awards and nominations for her work. (Hope I got these correct)

1946 Won Box Office Magazine’s Most Talented Young Actress of 1946 for Tomorrow Is Forever

1956 Won National Association of Theatre Owners Star of Tomorrow Award

1956 Nominated for Oscar, for Best Actress in Supporting Role, for Rebel Without a Cause (1955)

1957 Won Golden Globe Most Promising Newcomer – Female

1958 Nominated Laurel Awards Golden Laurel for Top Female Dramatic Performance for Marjorie Morningstar (1958) – 5th Place

1958 Laurel Awards Golden Laurel for Top Female Star – 13th Place

1959 Nominated Laurel Awards Golden Laurel for Top Female Star – 7th Place

1960 Nominated Laurel Awards Golden Laurel for Female Star – 9th Place

1961 Grauman’s Chinese Theatre Handprint Ceremony, Inducted in Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame”

1961 Nominated Laurel Awards Golden Laurel for Top Female Star – 14th Place

1962 Laurel Awards Golden Laurel for Top Female Dramatic Performance for Splendor in the Grass (1961) – 3rd Place

1962 Laurel Awards Golden Laurel for Top Female Star – 5th Place

1962 Nominated for Oscar Best Actress in a Leading Role for Splendor in the Grass

1962 Nominated Golden Globe Best Motion Picture Actress – Drama for Splendor in the Grass

1963 Nominated for BAFTA Film Award for Best Foreign Actress for Splendor in the Grass

1963 Nominated for Golden Globe Best Motion Picture Actress Musical/Comedy for Gypsy (1962)

1963 Laurel Awards Golden Laurel for Top Female Musical Performance for Gypsy (1962) – 2nd Place

1963 Laurel Awards Golden Laurel for Top Female Star – 2nd Place

1964 Won Mar del Plata Film Festival Award for Best Actress for Love with the Proper Stranger (1963)

1964 Nominated for Oscar Best Actress in a Leading Role for Love with the Proper Stranger

1964 Won New York Times Film Critics Award for Best Actress for Love with the Proper Stranger

1964 Nominated Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Actress – Drama for Love with the Proper Stranger

1964 Laurel Awards Golden Laurel for Top Female Dramatic Performance for Love with the Proper Stranger – 2nd Place

1964 Laurel Awards Golden Laurel for Top Female Star – 3rd Place

1965 Nominated Laurel Awards Golden Laurel for Comedy Performance, Female foe Sex and the Single Girl (1964) – 6th Place

1965 Laurel Awards Golden Laurel for Top Female Star – 6th Place

1966 Won Golden Glode Award for World Film Favorite

1966 Nominated Laurel Awards Golden Laurel for Female Star – 8th Place

1966 Won Henrietta Award for World Film Favorite – Female

1966 Nominated Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Actress – Musical/Comedy for Inside Daisy Clover (1965)

1967 Laurel Awards Golden Laurel for Female Dramatic Performance for This Property Is Condemned (1966) – Female Star – 3rd Place

1967 Laurel Awards Golden Laurel for Top Female Star – 3rd Place

1967 Nominated for Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Actress – Drama for This Property Is Condemned

1968 Laurel Awards Golden Laurel for Female Star – 12th Place

1970 Laurel Awards Golden Laurel for Female Star – 9th Place

1971 Laurel Awards Golden Laurel for Female Star – 9th Place

1980 Won Golden Globe for Best TV Actress – Drama for From Here to Eternity (1979)

1984 (posthumous) Nominated for Saturn Award Best Supporting Actress, Brainstorm (1983)

1984 (posthumous) Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA, Nominated for Saturn Award, Best Supporting Actress for Brainstorm

1987 (posthumous) Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Hollywood Walk of Fame

Natalie Wood will forever be a part of American culture and history, immortalized in her classic films and roles. Her missing Oscar detracts nothing from her accomplishments. She was and always will be a true star!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Adorable Natalie Wood

I love this photo of Natalie. Her smile in it reminds me of her smile on the cover of "Goodbye Natalie" .... Posting it as my last post until Friday... busy week ahead. Wishing everyone a good week...

Monday, February 21, 2011

What WAS Christopher Walken doing on THAT boat?

I had a restless night's sleep last night, probably because I have a busy week ahead of me, including some work relating to GNGS. I fell asleep with the TV on, thinking about Christopher Walken because he had been interviewed for a few shots in Saturday Night Live's "backstage" TV special last night, and I saw Walken, and strangely, I felt no animosity, which caused my mind to race.

Yes, I still become frustrated with Walken because he is the liason -- the ONLY person-- who can verify the bottle smashing episode. Natalie was, indeed, in the main salon when Wagner smashed the bottle, and Walken knows what Wagner accused him of during the smashing, although it's already evident Wagner is lying: (1) Wagner said in Lambert's book Natalie was present during the bottle smashing, then changed it for his own book (2) Dennis passed the details on a polygraph (3) Wagner had never denied Dennis's account of the bottle smashing. So, if Walken would contribute the actual truth of even just that issue, it would serve as further evidence of Wagner's blatant lie.

Dennis liked Walken and actually sympathized with him, during and after the cruise. Here's why: Dennis felt that Walken was unexpectantly caught in the middle of a marital issue, just as Dennis himself had been. Although Dennis did not want to make the trip to the Island in dreary weather, he had expected to have a pleasurable cruise once they got underway, and he figured Walken felt the same way. But there was immediate tension as Wagner's animosity toward Walken was immediately obvious. Walken and Dennis tried to make the best of it and really went out of their way to ease the tension. As we know, Dennis went so far as to offer a pill to everyone by Friday afternoon, to calm the situation. By Saturday night, Walken offered to share a joint with Dennis when the two of them took the dinghy from the restaurant to get wine from Splendour. Dennis sensed that Walken was relieved to get away for a few minutes from Natalie and RJ. It was THAT tense!

Natalie had expected RJ to treat her Splendour guest with the same hospitality he usually treated other boat guests, but Wagner was obviously jealous of and irritated by Walken's playful personality. Wagner apparently expected Natalie to take advantage of the opportuntiy on their private boat to show her co-star how much in love with her husband she was, but in Natalie's mind, that really wasn't necessary because it was a SOCIAL CRUISE, and not a place to rectify something that was in Wagner's mind only. Natalie was angry that RJ wouldn't let up, and that only made her more angry. It was obvious, by dinnertime on Saturday night, Walken wished he had never accepted the cruise invitation. Thus, Dennis sympathized with Walken for having to be in such an uncomfortable situation. In fact, Dennis sympathized with himself for being in the middle of such an awkward outing. But, Sunday morning, they'd be heading home, so Christopher and Dennis simply tried to remain neutral. Then the uncomfortable evening led to the bottle smashing, completely, utterly shocking everyone on board.

I truly believe that Walken and Dennis stayed tight-lipped immediately following the tragedy mostly due to a continuing sense of shock and awe and confusion. Sure, Walken had his reasons: he was married, too, and Wagner had accused him of having sexual or romantic feelings for Natalie. Walken's career was just starting and he was frightened of being in the middle of what he believed the media would turn into a scandal. He really didn't know what happened after he went immediately to his cabin followng the bottle smashing. Dennis truly believes Walken was in a certain sleep when he checked his cabin.

So, I started thinking about Walken heavily last night. Walken must know the arguing between Wagner and Natalie wouldn't have ended with the bottle smashing. He knows he was the cause of Wagner's jealousy, and he proabbly still feels his guilt for being the person who caused the tension, but he is not really to blame.  

On "Curb Your Enthusiasm" last year when Jerry Seinfeld asks the question, with a sarcastic grin on his face, "Yeah, what WAS Walken doing on that boat?" the answer is rather simplistic: WALKEN WAS TAKING A SOCIAL CRUISE WITH HIS CO-STAR AND HER HUSBAND TO PASS THE TIME ON A HOLIDAY WEEKEND.

But, on this cruise, Natalie Wood ended up dead.

Surprisingly, the question I asked myself last night is one I had never asked: Would Walken have taken this cruise if, in fact, he were having an affair with Natalie? Think about it. What man, unless a truly heartless, selfish, sick and devious one, would go on a "weekend date" with the husband of the woman he was having an affair with? It stands to reason, the "other man" in an affair would stay as far away as possible from the husband which only enforces what Natalie had told Dennis: she wanted only to show her co-star and new friend, Christopher, a pleasant time, a holiday cruise, while they were in L.A. to finish up shooting Brainstorm. Natalie actually WAS showing off her private world with pride, and she included her husband, who she LOVED, because she was happy to be home in her private life after having been away for months.
She would've included Walken's wife if she had been on the West Coast that weekend, too!

It's evident that Natalie, or Christopher, were NOT the type of cruel personalities to flaunt a secret relationship on a tight-quarters cruise with Natalie's husband on board. It was all in Wagner's mind. Jealous people (to the degree of bottle smashing and beyond) are often people who base suspicions on their own capabilities. Add enough alcohol to fuel the immaturity and deranged thoughts, and the stage is set for disaster.

Dennis has always said he'd like to talk with Walken. I doubt that will ever happen, especially after Wagner's book where he calls Walken a "gentleman" most likely a compliment based on Walken's silence. Wagner sure didn't consider Walken a gentleman during the fateful Splendour cruise, and Wagner previously said he was uncomfortable with Walken being at Natalie's wake. Now, Walken, in Wagner's eyes, is a "gentleman."

Walken should come forward. Dennis has been revealing what he knows for over 25 years. Walken has been silent for 30 years (with truth). It's time. People who like Walken would like him better if he would do the right thing. But, seems he has made a committment to remaining silent, something I'm glad Dennis eventually chose differently on.

I woke up at 3:14 AM last night and Rhinestone was on an HBO channel. Dolly Parton was standing in a bar with Sylvester Stallone. Right behind her, in the scene, stood Dennis Davern, dressed in a western outfit, playing a bar patron, a part from his general-extra acting career Wagner got him started in. When Rhinestone was made, Dennis and I had been talking a lot about why Natalie Wood ended up in the Pacific Ocean. It is also around the time Dennis was hoping to move away from L.A. so that he would never have to see Robert Wagner again.

Dennis has been a scapegoat for blame, and so has Walken, Marilyn Wayne, and others. I suppose the point of all my thinking last night is this: there really are no valid scapegoats. There is one person responsible for the tragic results of the November 1981 Thanksgiving weekend cruise when Natalie lost her life.   

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Hauntingly Gorgeous Photo of Natalie Wood

Does anyone know anything about this photo? I love it! I would have loved it for the book cover.
Today is the first I've ever seen it. She's wearing the same earrings as on cover of Goodbye Natalie. This photo appears screened.

Adorable fashion photo of Natalie!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Robert Wagner on his love affair with Barbara Stanwyck - 12.13.08

This YouTube video of Wagner talking about his book in 2008 exposes a few things. The character of this man is important to the story in Goodbye Natalie because this is the man who continues to reveal not only an animosity to giving details of Natalie Wood's death, he actually creates stories to avoid the subject. A man married to Natalie Wood TWICE, IF she truly had accidentally drowned, would TALK about it, and not be on a stage talking about a May/December romance with Barbara Stanwyck, and become so emotionally affected over it 55 years later. There is ample evidence Wagner had nothing more than a brief fling, if that, with Stanwyck, and nothing near what he portends happened.

Here, and in most of his interviews, he talks about how Hollywood icons "helped him and taught him" and about "all he got from them and learned from them" - but he NEVER mentions anything about what he "got" from Natalie. Has anyone ever heard him talk about something he learned from Natalie in regards to career? He MARRIED one of Hollywood's best, a LEGEND in her own time, TWICE, but all his emotion and gratitude is for all those around him, BUT never Natalie! Sometimes he says, "She had a good run." He often credits her with being a great mother. Well, there are two daughters involved, so I suppose he must, as she WAS an excellent mother.

As with most of his kiss and tell "victims" in his book, they are not around to defend or verify his stories. He claims in this video to have come to title his book after becoming overly emotional remembering Barbara. Anyone with ANY sense knows this is ALL an act, 55 years later. In his book, this man gets more emotional over the late greats such as Spencer Tracy, his romance with Stanwyck, and the death of his dog more than he ever does about a tragic "ACCIDENTAL" death of a woman he married TWICE?

I was left with so many questions after reading "Pieces of My Heart" and all of them are VALID questions. The book is a scan of a life, and it is filled with PROVABLE lies. What's worse? People believe it.

Who did Natalie Wood really call Saturday morning, Nov. 28th, 1981?

A beautiful photo of Lana and Natalie. Make no mistake about it, they were extremely close. It was Lana Natalie called the Saturday morning of the last full day of her life, but she couldn't get in touch with Lana. It was Lana who Natalie told Dennis she could trust enough to call. It was Lana, Natalie's SISTER, who she wanted to pick her up after taking a seaplane to the Mainland (but no seaplane was available).

In Lambert's book he talks about Natalie having left messages for Mart Crowley (the Wagner family friend) and Josh Donen (Wagner's stepson from marriage to Marion), telling that there was trouble on the cruise. Why didn't Mart or Josh report this to the police? 

Maybe Natalie did make a few extra phone calls after she couldn't get in touch with Lana that ominous Saturday morning, but it was Lana and ONLY Lana she mentioned to Dennis. I believe it is something that bothered Wagner, that Natalie wanted to turn to Lana, and he wanted us to know Lana is not who Natalie called. Again, if Natalie had reported "problems" to Josh and Mart, why didn't it raise concern long before Lambert's book in 2004 when we first heard about this information? 

It is ONLY Lana who Natalie did want to reach, PER the last person she confided in: Dennis Davern.  


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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BlogTalkRadio Swoop's World Interview: Debunking the myths, lies, and misinformation surrounding Natalie Wood case.

I hope to generate interest in the truth of what really happened the night Natalie Wood went "missing" with tonight's interview. That's what Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour is all about: debunking the misinformation and lies that have surrounded this 30 year-old mystery case.  Some people still create their own theories, based on factless information, but what is most important and special about GNGS is that it is based on the account of someone who was there: Dennis Davern.

Dennis is not only the person who spent Natalie's last full night with her, as friend and confidant, he is also the only person who witnessed what transpired in the minutes prior to Natalie's "disappearance" -- he has passed a polygraph test, administered by a credible, certified expert in the field, and I have done all I can to substantiate Dennis's account by talking with other witnesses never interviewed by the LA County Sheriff's Dept. 

I hope to help convince new listeners that the Wood case was not properly investigated, and I hope to convey how truly missed Natalie is by her family, friends, and fans. The industry lost one of its best on that terrible night in 1981.

If you can't listen tonight, the interview will be available at Swoop's World website, and I hope to post it at my blog. This is the link to the actual episode. This is where you can go online to listen live as well as after the show is archived. http://ht.ly/3Vljs

This link is to Swoop's World homepage on Blog Talk Radio.

I spoke with Swoop last night, and I really like him. He's conscientious and I believe he cares about the injustice Natalie's case has endured.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Swoop's World Blog Talk Radio Interview: Feb 16th

Author Marti Rulli ‘Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour’ on Swoop’s world Primetime

I'm looking forward to this interview on Wednesday, Feb. 16th at 8 PM Pacific Time (11:00 PM Eastern time -- sorry so late, Eastcoasters) because Keith "Swoop" Lewis has experience with law enforcement, and he comprehends Goodbye Natalie completely. He can look out his window in Long Beach, CA. and see Catalina Island off in the distance across the ocean, and Natalie Wood's death has always bothered him.

This is the link to the actual episode. This is where you can go online to listen live as well as after the show is archived. Prior to the start of the show the player on the page will not work. However there is an option there to "Set a Reminder" to be notified prior to the start of the show.  http://ht.ly/3Vljs

This link is to Swoop's World homepage on Blog Talk Radio. It has information on all the program's shows, past, present and future. You can click to open the episode page from here also.


Hope you can listen to the show, and join the chatroom. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dennis Davern Identified Natalie Wood

Because Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour was not released until 2009 does not mean Dennis waited 30 years to tell his account. His memory is so vivid in the book because his details were released shortly after Natalie's death. No one forgets a conversation he has with a woman hours before her death...ever, but in this high-profile death, Dennis went over everything again and again to ensure he would never forget. I started recording Dennis's account in 1983. Dennis started evaluating the minute after he identified Natalie's body. Some people disregard that GNGS contains the account of the person who identified Natalie -- the person who spent her last night with her.

Because Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour was not released until 2009 does not mean we didn't try from early on to get the authorities to reopen the case. It does not mean we didn't want justice in the 1980s as much as we want it today. Anyone who spreads lies and rumors that GNGS is an attempt for fame and fortune is purely ignorant. Fame and fortune doesn't come from a book like GNGS, and we've known that since we started. We could've given many publishers scandal and lies many years before for huge financial gain but we never did.  What DOES come from GNGS is TRUTH. Finally, the TRUTH is available about Natalie's death and that was what we set out to accomplish, and we achieved that goal. The next goal is to get the media and authorities to take another look. The case and the truth is in GNGS. That is a goal we will accomplish, too.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Natalie Thanks Dennis

In 1977 Dennis was part of the Wagners' fifth wedding anniversary party on board the Splendour.
It was one of the best pleasure cruises for the Wagners. Natalie had a replica of Splendour made for RJ, enclosed in glass, and she smiled from ear to ear the entire cruise. She was happy. She loved her family, she loved her lfe. She had so much to live for.  

Here's the thank you card Natalie sent to Dennis to thank him for candlesticks he gave the couple as an anniversary gift for their fifth. Natalie signed it, "The Wagners" as she was dedicated to being the wife and mother of the Wagner family, her family.

February 10th

Today Wagner turned 81. I thought a lot about it today. He has been able to live his full life, to watch his daughters grow into women. He has lived.
It's almost 30 years since Natalie Wood was robbed of her chance for a full life.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Natalie Wood & James Dean (Happy Birthday, James Dean)

Wonderful video of "Natalie and Jimmy" - In "Rebel Without a Cause" both are
responsible for transforming the movie industry...their performances (along with Sal Mineo's) showed us what we can expect -- and get -- from a movie. Truly, these actors are legendary figures who will live on forever. Today would have been James Dean's 80th Birthday.

Monday, February 7, 2011

To Readers of Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour

I've said it many times that it will take PEOPLE to define GNGS, people that care and want to help achieve true justice, and I just want to take a moment to remind that ANYTHING you do, even just telling someone else about the truth of Natalie Wood's death IS A HUGE HELP.

I get so many emails, and it's encouraging and heartwarming to see how many people really do care. Some readers seem to feel helpless, though, on how to help. Last night, I read an email from a woman from Canada, Corrie, who contacted me last year after finishing the book. She was so upset for what Natalie endured she felt compelled to talk with me. She has tried to help by calling TV producers, and various things, but the media mostly ignores "call-in ideas" -- Corrie wishes she could do more, but I've told her she has done plenty.

Corrie asked me: Why doesn't the media or the law DO SOMETHING?

I answered:
I'm motivated for more than justice for Natalie itself because I am simply overwhelmed with the way decent people truly care about someone who has been gone for almost 30 years. I am so grateful there are people who don't push injustices like this aside, the way the authorities have. I can't wait for the day we can all celebrate TRUE JUSTICE for Natalie Wood.

Goodbye Natalie

Beautiful (appropriate) Song for a Beautiful Woman! This tribute brings tears to my eyes.

Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour - Latest Amazon Review

The following review is so appreciated, along with all of you who stand by me as we continue on our quest to bring Natalie Wood due justice. I do not know Phyllis, but I thank her for posting her review of the PAPERBACK.
Thank you to ALL who see Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour for its intended purpose and meaning.
(Review follows)

Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour

5 stars
A very important book for anyone who loved and admired beautiful Natalie Wood, February 5, 2011

By Phyllis Cupparo (Rancho Cordova, California, US)
This review is from: Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour (Paperback)

When I first read the original hardcover version of GNGS, I wrote to Marti Rulli and commended her and Dennis Davern for having the courage to write this book. I could feel the agony they went through in telling Dennis' account of the weekend his beloved employer and friend met with her most untimely death. Marti does such a good job of explaining all the timelines and detalis. This new paperback version contains new information that further illustrates how the authorities did not investigate Natalie's death and just proclaimed it accidental and left it at that! Astounding! I adored Natalie Wood. She was my favorite actress from the time I was a preteen. Her beauty and the depths of emotions she reached in her roles, touched me and moved me to tears and remained with me. I enjoyed reading about her personal life and I was so happy when she became a mom. Her death deeply saddened me even more because her beloved daughters were still so young. I once had the good fortune to see Natalie in person. She was so petite and even more breathtakingly beautiful in person! She reminded me of a porcelain doll. It still angers me and breaks my heart when I think of her being physically abused and bullied by her husband in a violent, drunken rage. Once again to Marti and Dennis (my fellow New Jersey natives) thank you for this fine book. My best of luck to you, Marti, in trying to have the case reopened. Thank you, Dennis, for sharing your memories of what a lovely and extraordinary person Natalie was.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reopen Natalie Wood Case Petition

Reopen Investigation of Natalie Wood's death - Petition signatures - Page: 1

Most of the comments, especially the last two made at the petition, are compelling and prove there was always suspicion about the truth of Natalie's death. It is never too late for justice, especially for someone as renowned and admired as Natalie. It's been said several times this past month: no one ever really had anything negative to say about Natalie. She was a good, decent person. She was a helpful, dedicated friend, a loving wife, a caring and lovable daughter, sister, and mother ... she was a special person admired worldwide for her talent. She deserves the truth of her death attached to her legacy. Natalie will be watched for generations to come.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Inside Daisy Clover" Inspired Design by JULIE ANN SMITH DESIGNS


I always get lots of emails from readers when they've finished "Goodbye Natalie" and I just read two interesting ones. One was from Courtney who wants to do all she can to help spread the word about the injustice the Natalie case has endured.

Another came from Julie Ann who feels the same way and has designed a piece of jewlery in memory of Natalie Wood. (Pictured above). Julie Ann has a blog I just started following. She wrote a wonderful tribute to Natalie in her Friday, January 28th post if you'd like to read it. (blog link above)

I thank all readers of GNGS who come away caring about Natalie Wood and the unfairness that her case was closed without a proper investigation. More and more people are becoming aware of the injustice and I am so confident something will be done to expedite the reopening of Natalie's case this year.

Julie Ann had accepted the "accident" fed to us throughout the years. She does not any longer! Her husband always suspected more and now he is convinced justice was not served for Natalie Wood. They are both angry and both have signed the petition.

Reopen Investigation of Natalie Wood's death Petition

Julie, you sent your heartfelt THANKS to me, and I openly return MY heartfelt thanks to you. Your creation for Natalie via "Inside Daisy Clover" is beautiful! My best to you and your family. THANK YOU to you and to Courtney and to all friends and readers who help to enlighten others about Natalie Wood's case and travesty of justice. Let's all continue to do what we can to keep the wonderful life and career and memory of Natalie Wood alive, and to justify her negligent case investigation. I work on it every single day!

Here's the direct link to Julie Ann's tribute: http://julieannsmithdesigns.blogspot.com/2011/01/day-29.html

Link to Julie Ann's Shop  julieannsmithdesigns Artisan Studio ArtFire Buy & Sell Handmade