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Friday, February 11, 2011

Dennis Davern Identified Natalie Wood

Because Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour was not released until 2009 does not mean Dennis waited 30 years to tell his account. His memory is so vivid in the book because his details were released shortly after Natalie's death. No one forgets a conversation he has with a woman hours before her death...ever, but in this high-profile death, Dennis went over everything again and again to ensure he would never forget. I started recording Dennis's account in 1983. Dennis started evaluating the minute after he identified Natalie's body. Some people disregard that GNGS contains the account of the person who identified Natalie -- the person who spent her last night with her.

Because Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour was not released until 2009 does not mean we didn't try from early on to get the authorities to reopen the case. It does not mean we didn't want justice in the 1980s as much as we want it today. Anyone who spreads lies and rumors that GNGS is an attempt for fame and fortune is purely ignorant. Fame and fortune doesn't come from a book like GNGS, and we've known that since we started. We could've given many publishers scandal and lies many years before for huge financial gain but we never did.  What DOES come from GNGS is TRUTH. Finally, the TRUTH is available about Natalie's death and that was what we set out to accomplish, and we achieved that goal. The next goal is to get the media and authorities to take another look. The case and the truth is in GNGS. That is a goal we will accomplish, too.


  1. I agree with you Marti. You are the only person who has ever done anything valid to bring Natalie her justice and people accuse you of ulterior motives out of pure ignorance. Don't worry about those people. They don't matter. What you have accomplished is what matters. I tip my hat to you and Dennis. I also thank you for bringing us the truth. I always wondered about this case. I am grateful to know the truth, and it's exactly what I always suspected, despite being a former Wagner fan. No, I am not a fan of his any longer. There is no need to be. He belongs behind bars.

  2. I've seen some of the ridiculous comments made about GNGS since it's release and many of them by simple minded people who refuse to see a chink in Wagner's well polished armor. Many of those who ridicule the book have not read it.
    What they do is visit internet sites and repeat the inaccurate, ignorant comments made by others. They see what they want to see.
    Out of all the people involved in this case, including those responsible for the investigation only ONE person has sought justice for Natalie and is NOT Robert Wagner, it is Dennis Davern. Everyone else is content to let the injustice live on, Robert Wagner is content to "not know what happened" to his wife. Of course he does know but he continues to smile into the camera's eye as he cons the public, his friends and his family. Some people are naive enough to buy it, others buy it because it makes their life easier.
    Keep going with this Marti, and tell Dennis thanks from all of us who grateful to him for being Natalie's voice, for caring that she has a voice, for being the only person connected to this tragedy who really gives a damn.

  3. Very well said Marti. I believe those people who slam GNGS haven't read the book and are doing so for Wagner. For anyone who does read the book will see the truth for what it is,and the out come is for Justice for Natalie, that is the only gold that GNGS was written for and I for one believe because of GNGS Natalie will get her JUSTICE AT LAST. Thank you Marti and Dennis.
    Always Pam.

  4. Thank you for these comments. It gets frustating sometimes, but when it does, I quickly remember the bigger picture involved here. People who measure GNGS's purpose by its publication date simply don't get it. Thank you to ALL that do! The success of this accomplishment lies in the fact that the truth of Natalie's death is finally available for anyone willing to accept it.

  5. Good points to make, Marti--this book is the result of many years work. People need to understand that.

  6. You know what bothers me most, Marti? I've read where people criticize Marilyn Wayne for not jumping into the ocean to help Natalie. They say things like, 'if she thought someone was drowning she should've jumped in to save the person'. Forget about the fact she had a young son on board her boat who could've become motherless had she jumped in the ocean. They blame Marilyn. or Dennis, or anyone to take the heat off the person responsible for Nat's death. Marilyn, according to your chapter of her story, did all she could and was terribly troubled she could not do more. People who lay blame on Marilyn have warped minds IMO. Sorry, it's how I feel. One person is responsible for Nat's death and that's Wagner. I do not question one word of GNGS. Thank you again for taking a good portion of your life to tell us what really happened.

  7. People tend to miss the intense purpose of your words I think. The powerful words in your post are about Dennis being the person who spent Natalie's last night with her. Imagine being that person? People have no right to say he doesn't remember. Imagine being the person who not only identified Natalie but who she last confided in? Clearly, Dennis is the only link to justice for Natalie.

  8. and the same people who blame Wayne for not jumping in the water to rescue Natalie, defend Wagner's decision to wait 4 hours to call for a professional search.
    With Wagner's fans it's Dennis' fault or Marilyn Wayne's fault but when attention is called to Wagner, it becomes an "accident".

  9. Marti, Dennis, please don't let cruel people upset you. These people don't like to hear the truth. Some just like to throw darts. I just want to keep encouraging you to continue to speak up for Natalie. You've brought so many of us "into the light" and I'm so thankful for that. I'm telling everyone I know about this book. Justice will prevail in the end. I just know it. We love you!

  10. I agree with the comments at 4:49 and 6:08 - if anyone should be asked the question, "Why didn't you do anything?", it's Robert Wagner.

    I finally saw the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode ("The Reunion") where Larry and Jerry talk about Natalie's mysterious death, and it sure seemed like they must have read GNGS. I immediately thought to myself, "I wish I could be a fly on the wall in Hollywood to see what they think of GNGS."

    Everything in GNGS is backed up by evidence, other witnesses, and even RJ's public statements. GNGS is simply the best information available about that fateful weekend.


  11. Anon. 10:34 -- thank you! I love you (and all my friends here) too!

    KB, when I saw that episode, I couldn't believe my ears. Sure, it was done in Seinfeld's snide, funny way, but it was obvious what they insinuated. I've always said, "a lot is said in a joke!" Thing is, I received a notice from my publicist at that time BEFORE the show was to air, and she let me know they were going to refer to "the story in GNGS" (without mentioning the book for obvious, elusive, "careful" reasons), so that means that the producers had informed my publicity company that it WAS, indeed, an INTENDED reference to GNGS.

    I've heard, in private, that the Hollywood community is well aware of GNGS and that most believe the truth it reveals.

    If one, just ONE, celebrity would speak up for Natalie, it would mean the world toward justice for her.

  12. People who deflect attention onto Marilyn Wayne are grasping at straws. In which case is it more questionable for someone not to do something?

    A) A complete stranger on a nearby boat with a young son and a boyfriend who won't let her jump in the dark water because it's not clear how far away the drowning person is


    B) A supposedly loyal, devoted husband who knew that his wife was desperately fearful of water and wouldn't go to a facial appointment without wearing make-up (acc. to Lana), let alone go off the boat by herself, in her nightgown and sans underwear, in the cold, drizzly dark night

    Who deserves more scrutiny?

    The only person responsible for what happened to Natalie Wood that night was her husband. He's had 30 years to live the rest of his so-called "charmed life," while Natalie was robbed. And so were we.

    Why has Wagner never demanded to know what happened? It's because he already knew it.

  13. Of course, I should add to the above post re: point "A" is that Wayne and her boyfriend were led to think that someone was coming to save the person they heard crying out. And of course, that person was Natalie Wood. No one else drowned near Two Harbors that night.

  14. Exactly, Marianne. What are the odds someone else was crying for help that night from, of all things, dorwning? Who was found actually drowned the next morning? It angers me so much that the police never interviewed Marilyn.