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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who did Natalie Wood really call Saturday morning, Nov. 28th, 1981?

A beautiful photo of Lana and Natalie. Make no mistake about it, they were extremely close. It was Lana Natalie called the Saturday morning of the last full day of her life, but she couldn't get in touch with Lana. It was Lana who Natalie told Dennis she could trust enough to call. It was Lana, Natalie's SISTER, who she wanted to pick her up after taking a seaplane to the Mainland (but no seaplane was available).

In Lambert's book he talks about Natalie having left messages for Mart Crowley (the Wagner family friend) and Josh Donen (Wagner's stepson from marriage to Marion), telling that there was trouble on the cruise. Why didn't Mart or Josh report this to the police? 

Maybe Natalie did make a few extra phone calls after she couldn't get in touch with Lana that ominous Saturday morning, but it was Lana and ONLY Lana she mentioned to Dennis. I believe it is something that bothered Wagner, that Natalie wanted to turn to Lana, and he wanted us to know Lana is not who Natalie called. Again, if Natalie had reported "problems" to Josh and Mart, why didn't it raise concern long before Lambert's book in 2004 when we first heard about this information? 

It is ONLY Lana who Natalie did want to reach, PER the last person she confided in: Dennis Davern.  


  1. They didn't report it to the police or mention it for 20 or so years because their loyalty was to RJ. It's very possible that the calls were invented for Lambert's book as were a few of the anecdotes that Natalie's "friends" shared. If the calls were made why didn't these men contact the authorities ASAP to let them know that Natalie contacted them to tell them that she was having trouble with Wagner? There was a lot controversy about whether of not there was an argument of any kind. Crowley and Donen could have settled any doubts by notifying the authorities that they spoke to Natalie and she told them that she was having problems with her husband and was thinking of returning home but Crowley and Donen remained silent. More secrets about that weekend that were never told until it was safe for Wagner to tell them.

  2. This fact must weigh on Lana very heavily even though it wasn't her fault they didn't connect that weekend. Usually, an investigation would examine the last calls made by the victim and to whom they spoke. Rasure can add that to the list of things he never checked out. I wonder if Wagner ever thought she may have talked to Lana even briefly that weekend. That would certainly account for his paranoia and hostility toward Lana. No telling what she could have heard from Natalie. Unfortunately, that wasn't to be. I wish she had stayed in the hotel and sent Dennis to get Walken off of the boat. They all could have holed up in the hotel till a seaplane was available. Captain Bligh could have moved the boat anywhere he wanted but they would have been safe.

  3. Even if Rasure asked that question, he would have been lied to as he was about everything else. I'm sure by the time Wagner arrived home that he was told by Crowley and Donen that they received calls from Natalie. It's possible that Natalie may have told him but Wagner kept it to himself. More secrets, more lies.
    Wagner's calls should have been checked into, also.
    Once again, we are back to the horrendous investigation.

  4. What a sloppy excuse for an "investigation" this was. Poor Lana, having to deal with Natalie's death and all the crap and abuse she has gotten all her life on top of this, so sad. It must weigh heavily on her, although there was nothing she could have done to prevent what happened to Natalie.

  5. Like everyone else here, I wish that all of these little circumstances hadn't happened. If just ONE thing had been different in the entire weekend's chain, Natlaie might still be alive.

    I can't help thinking about the guests that declined going on the boat trip, the seaplane that wasn't available, the call that Lana didn't get, if Marilyn Wayne and John Payne hadn't deflated their dinghy, if the harbormaster's phone had been answered when they called, if Walken had gotten food poisoning at Thanksgiving dinner or had gotten so seasick that they had to return home on Saturday afternoon, if Natalie had locked him out of their stateroom...

    It is just heartbreaking.

  6. Lana and Natalie really resemble one another yet look completely different. I know that sounds strange, but they do share similar features.

  7. Rebecca Howell

    Hindsight is always 20/20. No doubt about it the cruise should have been cut short and they should have returned to the LA. Dennis was under their employ and while he could make suggestions- he did not have the authority to return to LA. Dennis said that RJ was sorry (a lie) but that it would be best to return to LA. She knew it was a bad situation and her efforts to save face in front of Walken lead to disaster. Perhaps, she did think RJ was truly sorry and things would improve.

    RJ's jealousy is understandable. Nat had spent months filming with Walken and upon returning home she wanted to spend more time with Walken. She may have been tactless but I doubt there was an actual affair- but she may have had a crush on him and I suspect he had one on her. Its interesting that Walken's wife is conveniently never mentioned but I suspect RJ wondered why Mrs. Walken was not par-taking in the cruise. After a lengthy absense from LA wouldn't Mrs. Walken be mad that Chris was spending the holiday weekend without her. If only she had gone. This wouldn't have happened.