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Monday, February 7, 2011

To Readers of Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour

I've said it many times that it will take PEOPLE to define GNGS, people that care and want to help achieve true justice, and I just want to take a moment to remind that ANYTHING you do, even just telling someone else about the truth of Natalie Wood's death IS A HUGE HELP.

I get so many emails, and it's encouraging and heartwarming to see how many people really do care. Some readers seem to feel helpless, though, on how to help. Last night, I read an email from a woman from Canada, Corrie, who contacted me last year after finishing the book. She was so upset for what Natalie endured she felt compelled to talk with me. She has tried to help by calling TV producers, and various things, but the media mostly ignores "call-in ideas" -- Corrie wishes she could do more, but I've told her she has done plenty.

Corrie asked me: Why doesn't the media or the law DO SOMETHING?

I answered:
I'm motivated for more than justice for Natalie itself because I am simply overwhelmed with the way decent people truly care about someone who has been gone for almost 30 years. I am so grateful there are people who don't push injustices like this aside, the way the authorities have. I can't wait for the day we can all celebrate TRUE JUSTICE for Natalie Wood.


  1. At other places online people ridicule how we all feel about Natalie's death. That disgusts me. You are so gracious, Marti, and we are all in this together for the right reasons.

  2. Marti, I agree it takes apecial people to care about such a special travesty of justice. I'm proud to be one of them and proud to "know" you.
    You wrote me back when I E-mailed you my feelings about your book, and you answered my questions about Natalie's coat (if you remember, I suggested you place more importance on it because it does not make sense Natalie put her coat on herself as she was going nowhere that night without someone by her side). I read your blog a few times a week. I like that you stay with us. My fingers are crossed. Sherry C.

  3. Yes, it does take special people to care about this travesty of justice, and I don't know what I would do without all of you. We're all waiting for "the day" -- more and more are now waiting. It will come. We envision it and we will realize it. It's so easy for media and law to blow us off...we're not celebs, we're not prominent. But here's the thing: we're right! That goes further than anything, as the truth always ends up doing. Thanks again to everyone, and I mean EVERY one!

  4. I will continue to "re-tweet" and "re-post" to these media social networks, no matter how sick "my friends" get of hearing from me. I don't care about that as much as I do CARE about justice and fairness, in this case for Natalie. We live in a "screwy" world...for sure. But I'll die trying to get a certain person in court for HIS day of justice.

  5. I have spoken to several people about this subject. They have all asked the same question which was "what did Robert Wagner say about the book?". When I told them that he said nothing, that he has been in "no comment" mode, they were surprised. How can he not make a statement? One of my friends, a man, said that in his view, that would mean that there must be truth in the book. Most celebs make some type of statement when something is stated in a book or an article that is not true, especially when they are being accused of a crime. Wagner has chosen not to defend himself. I find it hard to believe that this was his publicist's idea, maybe his lawyer knows that there is truth in the book and advised him not to answer, publicly. Whatever the case may be, the silence surrounding Wagner tells some who have yet to read the book that there is truth in GNGS~~~~

  6. Marti, did you see what the person #633 wrote on the petition, I wish I could go back and write something, she says it all. Way to go #633.
    Thanks. Pam

  7. I agree, Pam. People are responding, people are seeing what he is.

  8. Yes, the comments are getting more to the point. I just made the comment for #634. When I ask my friends to sign they are mostly humoring me so they let me do the comment part. Since we are more familiar with the case you might ask your friends if they want you to do the same. I think it helps to have comments with the signatures.

  9. Another very good comment Anony 2:55pm for #634. Thanks. Pam