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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Thank you One and All. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Happy New Year!

Last two reviews of 2009 at Amazon for Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour

Dec. 31, 2009, “Cepet” left a review at Amazon of Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour and gave it 5 stars. (Thank you, Cepet):

Cepet’s review:
Well written. The way the authorities and investigators handled this case is sickening. I will never look at Walken and Wagner the same again. They need to realize that "truth will set them free" and fess up to what really happened that horrible night.

Dec. 28, 2009: “Nonnavecchia” (Ann) gave GNGS one star in her review at Amazon.
Ann’s review:
For me this book went nowhere and not even fast. Dennis Davern appears to be a parasite who can't even get his act together enough to give a straight forward accounting of an incident he witnessed first hand. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY OR YOUR TIME! Enough said!

My response: Ann, thank you for taking the time to review GNGS. I must tell you, this saga went NOWHERE and not even fast for me, too, for many, many years. I am grateful, however, that FINALLY, Natalie Wood has a voice because everything is GNGS is true and written with honesty and integrity, and I was doubly objective because of my friendship with Dennis Davern.
Getting Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour published was quite a journey, and on this last day of 2009, I thank everyone involved and who supported the effort for Natalie Wood. Oh, mistakes were made along the journey, but none that compare to the grave mistake made on the night of November 28, 1981.

Following are the two comments that were left after Ann’s review by two other readers: Gampy and LoraC, thank you.

Comment by “Gampy”
For me, the investigation into Natalie's death is what went nowhere and went nowhere fast. How one can call Davern a parasite, which is discussed over and over at these reviews, astounds me. He was a young guy when employed by the Wagners and from what I read and believe, worked since his teenage years to his present day business ownership. The parasite, in truth, is Wagner who is responsible for his wife's death yet reaped all of HER hard-earned fortune. This is an unfair review, and I felt I should comment on that to suggest readers decide for themselves. This book is a labor of effort and deserves so much better than these kind of remarks. Check it out of a library or borrow it. You'll choke on this review. It's so unfair to Natalie who does deserve justice.

Comment by “LoraC”
Here, here, Gampie. My take on this book is that it is the most honest, most unsensationalized accounting ever told of a celebrity tragedy. In a society where fame and fortune trump Truth, I admire the testicular fortitude of the authors and the publisher of Goodbye Natalie. The only people who do not see the honesty in this book are those poor shlubs incapable of distinguishing between cardboard onscreen personalities and the human actors who portray them. Wagner, by his own account in his autobiography, is a shallow, conceited, egomaniac. He says a key moment in his life was when, at 8 years old, he exited a movie theater, crying, and saw the dog that had starred in the movie he'd just watched. Overcome, he threw his arms around the dog, and photographers started snapping pictures. In that moment of supposed emotion, he thought, "Gee, this is pretty good." The moment became ALL about him--as would every other moment of that sociopath's life. He is a consummate fake without a shred of sincerity in him.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Inside Edition Surprised Me About Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour!

Click the heading for the Inside Edition Page.

It didn't air until 1:30 A.M. here in New Jersey, and I stayed up to watch what I expected to be a rerun, but the show was a current episode showing the latest on the Detroit flight terrorist, and then the current Charlie Sheen Scandal about him holding a knife to his wife's neck in Aspen on Christmas Day, and then the show kept the domestic violence theme going with a whole new version of Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour segment than the first time a segment about the book aired.

This time, they MENTIONED the book (last time they hadn't...they just showed it). Inside Edition this time tried to get a comment from the Wagner court, but of course, the Wagner court would offer no comment.

They showed more of Dennis's interview, and less of Lana's... and really gave the book a decent plug. I vigorously applaud Inside Edition's courage in airing this segment again, and for adding to it. Domestic violence is something celebrities experience, too. They have PR people who can usually sweep episodes of marital discord under the rug and keep it from the public. Tiger Wood's wife probably smashed in that car window in anger, not in an effort to save Tiger. His face was probably bruised from her as much as from the car accident. Tiger Woods couldn't keep it hidden because of the accident.

Charlie Sheen probably did hold a knife to his wife's throat and maybe she'll recant her story she gave to the 911 operator, but it's out there now. As quoted from Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour, "Celebrities sometimes do bad things, and we cannot continue to feel as though it is our faux pas to call them on it."

Inside Edition recognized this, and aired again the previous segment about Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour with more serious attention to what this book entails. Natalie Wood's death needs the professional attention it has never received. Please sign the petition if you already haven't.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Inside Edition - News

The segment with Lana Wood and Dennis Davern airs tonight.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holidays

I took this photo this morning from the side of my house after 2 ft. of snow blanketed most of New Jersey over the weekend.  Everyone is busy with the holidays, and in the Northeast we were snowbound on the busiest weekend of the year, the last weekend before Christmas. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season. Thank you to everyone who has been in GNGS's corner, and for all of the continued support. I thank each and every one of you who took the time to sign the petition for Natalie, and I look forward to a good New Year and wish you all a healthy, happy, peaceful and bright New Year.
I will post news about GNGS as it occurs, and am hoping to announce something important in relation to GNGS within the next few days. Again, thank you! Hope you enjoy the season!
Happy Holidays to You and Yours!

Barnes & Noble Book Signing

Marti Rulli at Hamilton Marketplace Booksigning

Book Signing a Success

The Barnes and Noble signing went well. Many shoppers stopped to talk about the book with me and many walked away looking forward to reading GNGS and/or to giving the book as a gift to people they know who were and still are a fan of Natalie's. Everyone I spoke with remembers Natalie and said how shocked they were to learn of her death that long ago weekend. Many younger readers asked questions about Natalie and I was more than happy to tell them all about her.
One woman stopped by with her 8-year old daughter and told her daughter that the woman on the book cover was who they had just watched in "Miracle on 34th Street" and the young girl was fascinated.
Susan, the store manager told me that the book had been being purchased all week long and that someone had come in to purchase 10 copies just the day before. I truly appreciate the support. I will be doing three book signings in January and will soon post the dates. Thank you!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Booksigning Tonight, December 18

I will be at the Barnes and Noble at Hamilton Marketplace, Rt. 130N, Hamilton, NJ (Trenton) signing Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour books between 7 PM and 9 PM tonight.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Information about Dennis Davern's Polygraph Test

It has been brought to my attention that several questions about Dennis's polygraph test have arisen. For those who question the validity of Dennis's test, I can only assure you that I rested the decision to pursue publishing Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour on Dennis's test results. I always believed Dennis, but I would have questioned publication had he failed his polygraph test. He didn't fail. We didn't have questions asked more than once, either, to get reults "wanted" -- we wanted professional results, and that's what we got. We wanted a topnotch polygraphist and we found that in Howard Temple! I found Howard after some research into trustworthy and highly recommended polygraphists. To question Dennis is one thing, but to question Howard's professionalism is out of line.

The reason Dennis's questions were "issue formatted" is because it is such a complicated story we took to the polygraphist that he strongly recommended the issue-related format to ensure accuracy in his testing.

When we first met Howard, I got the impression that even he was leary of what we sat there explaining to him. He seemed flabberghasted, and I thought, not ready to believe us, and I think he suspected Dennis might fail. After our first visit, Howard asked only three questions of Dennis on the polygraph machine, as we didn't have enough time to delve into the long and winding list of questions we had planned. Howard was convinced when a nervous Dennis passed each question. Dennis was nervous. Afer all, he had never taken a polygraph and his concern was that the machine might not register his truth. Who wouldn't be nervous?

Howard gained confidence in us, and when we returned a few weeks later for Dennis's full test, Howard spent hours with us scrutinizing every word of every question, making sure there was no room for interpretation. Dennis's results left no question in Howard's polygraph-experienced, professional  mind that Dennis was telling the truth about all we discussed with Howard.

Then, after Robert Wagner's book was released and Wagner does admit in it to having smashed the wine bottle in anger, but chaged the dynamics of the scene (removing Natalie from it altogether, and the wording of what he actually said when he smashed the wine bottle) we again, at our own expense, paid another visit to Howard.  In fact, Robert Wagner did accuse Walken of "wanting to have sex with Natalie" although Wagner screamed the word sex with a replacement four-letter word, and Natalie was in the main salon when this outburst took place, protecting herself from the shattering glass, too. The bottle smashing is the exact reason that antoher argument broke out in their master stateroom.

Howard Temple has all of the expertise, knowledge, career, and credentials required to have administered Dennis's polygraph test and we are honored to have had him take on our case. Even polygraphists sometimes say, "No!"

Make no mistake about it, Dennis will take another polygraph for any authorities or media interested in administering it, polygraphist of their choice! When you are telling the truth, polygraph tests are not scary. Sure, you might get nervous, but you are willing to prove your truth when you are telling the truth. Polygraph results are inadmissible in most courts of law, although most investigators use them at some time or another, so we believed it crucial for Dennis's test results to be included in Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour.

Here is a website where you can read a little more about our valued polygraphist, Howard Temple. (Again, thank you, Howard. We will always be grateful for your scrutimy and expertise.)


Also, if you have any questions about Dennis's polygraph test, you may ask them here in comments and I will answer.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Interview with Phoenix Publishing

Phoenix Publishing has an updated website with several featured books, Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour included.  Please see the new blog that includes an interview about GNGS. 


Township honor

Pictured (L-R) Deputy Mayor Dave Leutwyler, Mayor Dancer, Author Marti Rulli, Committeeman Eric Sorchik, Committeeman Mike McCue and Committeeman Steven Reed.

Last month, on November 4th, our township mayor, Ron Dancer, invited me to the township meeting and presented me with a certificate of recognition for GNGS. I thank the township for this honor that means more to me than I can express. To be recognized by the town I've resided in for the past two decades is a special thing, but mostly, I am proud that everyone at the meeting was genuinely interested in GNGS, and I so appreciate their thoughtful gesture to present me with a beautiful plaque for my efforts to shed light on a
28-year old mystery.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Trish Silver Spotlights Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour

Spotlight on New Authors | When I Remember Love

Here you will find 5 interesting books in several genres, spotlighted by Author Trish Silver. "When I Remember Love" is Trish's latest. Visit her interesting web site (click on headline of this post)

You can listen to orignal music from Trish's new book.
I thank Trish Silver for recognizing Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Remembering Natalie Wood Today

She was iconic in her lifetime and is still iconic. Natalie could take your breath away, such a beautiful, talented actress who left this world too soon. Natalie was a people person. She adored her fans, her friends, her peers, her family, and her daughters. She had a laugh that was "like a song."
She gave her very all in everything she undertook. Natalie will always be synonymous with the holiday season, not only because we lost her on Thanksgiving weekend, but because she is the original Susan Walker of the film that first immortialized her, Miracle on 34th Street. She will always be remembered as one of Hollywood's finest, a true legend in her lifetime and a legend forever beyond. May she rest in peace as we remember her on this date of her untimely death, 28 years ago today, Sunday, November 29, 1981. Goodbye Natalie.

Sunday Morning, Nov. 29, 1981

Natalie Wood, wearing her red down jacket, a nightgown and wool socks, was found floating face down in the ocean near Blue Cavern Point. Her body (especially legs and arms) was filled with dozens of superficial bruises, some as large as four inches long. A facial abrasion and several other scratches were obvious. The dinghy was found near day break, unused, floating in a cove not far from where Natalie's body was spotted shortly after. Coast Guard Lieutenant, Roger Smith, immediately thought homicide and told Doug Bombard, the restaurant owner who first reached Natalie, to not touch the body. Roger Smith brought Natalie's body to shore. He removed her jewelry and closed her eyes. Authorities immediately summoned a private helicopter to remove celebrities Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken from the tragic scene. They were allowed to go home. Dennis Davern remained to identify Natalie Wood.  

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Natalie Wood's Saturday, 28 Years Ago Today.

Natalie woke up early, tried to call her sister, Lana, but could not reach her. She left the Pavilion Lodge with Dennis and returned to Splendour. Dennis was not happy about having to take the boat to the Isthmus, but it's what RJ and Natalie asked for. Natalie wanted to salvage the cruise. She went ashore with Christopher in the afternoon. In the early evening, RJ and Dennis joined Natalie and Chris at Doug's Harbor Reef Restaurant for dinner. About 10:30 PM when the four returned to Splendour, RJ lost it. He picked up a wine bottle, smashed it on the coffee table in the main salon and accused Chris of wanting to have sex with Natalie.

Natalie was mortified. She went to her master stateroom and prepared for bed. RJ followed her. A huge argument broke out in the master staterrom, and the fight soon carried over to the back deck. Within minutes after 11 PM, Natalie found herself in the water she had feared her entire life. She cried out for help. RJ refused to allow Dennis to search for Natalie. RJ tried to convince Dennis that Natalie was in the dinghy. Dennis could only hope that she was. Over two hours later, RJ got on the radio and said "someone is missing from our boat." Another two full hours later, the harbormaster pleaded with RJ to be allowed to call the Coast Guard. While this bizarre behavior took place on and near the Splendour, Natalie was suffering fear, terror, hypothermia, and drowning at sea.   

Friday, November 27, 2009

Natalie Wood's Black Friday, 28 Years Ago Today

Natalie was up early, preparing for her planned weekend cruise aboard Splendour. She was on a Thanksgiving weekend break from filming a few last scenes of Brainstorm with co-star Christopher Walken.
Near noon she, husband RJ, and Christopher boarded Splendour and Captain Dennis Davern started the engines and headed to Avalon on Catalina Island, about 22 miles away from Marina del Rey, Splendour's homeport.
Natalie was cheery, ready to kick off the holiday weekend with some shopping and good company. She looked beautiful and radiant, and her red down jacket highlighted her rosy cheeks. But RJ didn't take too well to Natalie's cruise guest. Christopher sensed the tension and stayed close by the person he knew best--Natalie, who was determined to over-compensate for RJ's open dislike for the situation. Although many of Natalie's and RJ's co-stars were frequent guests for Splednour outings, Christopher was not a welcomed one by RJ. Natalie worked her social charm to try to prove to Christopher that he was welcomed.

It was a bad start to a cruise and Dennis recognized this. After anchoring at Avalon, Natalie, RJ, and Chris went shopping in Avalon and Dennis stayed behind to prepare a late dinner. Natalie, Chris and RJ spent the afternoon and early evening browsing the quaint Avalon shops and stopped in at the El Galleon for cocktails.  RJ bought Natalie an expensive piece of diamond jewlery, and Natalie bought herself a pair of earrings called Pieces-of-Eight. She also bought a matching medallion with chain for Dennis, called "Pirate's Gold." Later that night, soon after dinner, Natalie gave Dennis the early Christmas present. He immediately put the Pirate's Gold around his neck, to wear forever.

Chris went to his forward cabin after dinner, and as Natalie was going to prepare for bed, RJ came up with a plan to move the 60 foot yacht to the other end of the Island. Dennis tried to convince RJ that it was a bad idea, and Natalie became upset because there was no need to move the boat in dark to the secluded part of the Island twelve miles away. Dennis went to Chris's cabin to ask if Chris might help convince RJ to stay put, but Chris told Dennis to stay out of any martial spat. That's what Dennis saw -- a marital spat. Although he recognized that this spat was more serious than any he had ever witnessed between Natalie and RJ, Dennis just wanted it to blow over. But RJ was determined to wake up Saturday morning at the Isthmus and not in Avalon. RJ was relentless about his late night plan, so Natalie packed a bag and left the Splendour with Dennis. She and Dennis stayed at the Pavilion Lodge in Avalon while RJ and Christopher remained aboard Splendour.

Natalie expressed her anger at the situation to Dennis and claimed she was going to catch a sea plane in the morning because she "couldn't wait to fly her body out of there," away from the tense situation. Consumed  with confusion and embarrassment over why RJ had behaved the way he had to her co-star guest, she realized that her intentions for a pleasuable holiday weekend were ruined. Instead, she had a huge mess on her hands. She had left Christopher, who she had promised a fun weekend getaway, aboard the Splendour with her angry and obviously jealous husband, and she now had to find a way off the Island come morning.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition thus far. Every voice counts. We're nearing Nov. 29th that will mark 28 years since Natalie Wood lost her life during what was supposed to be a fun start to the holiday season for her. No one deserves to die the way Natalie died, or deserves to be forgotten by those obligated by our justice system to defend and answer for such a bizarre death. Thank you for your signatures and for your comments.


Friday, November 20, 2009

A Reader's Letter

Yesterday, while working, I received a phone call but by the time I reached the phone the voice mail cut off. I looked at caller I.D., returned the call, and a woman on the other end sounded so relieved to have reached me that I at first became concerned, but she quickly explained she is a complete stranger who lives in Canada, and that she had just finished reading "Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour." I listened as she explained how the final chapter compelled her to call me, to ask me questions, and to let me know how she can't stop thinking about Natalie Wood's final moments. I spoke with "Corrie" for over 20 minutes, and then I emailed her to thank her for her concern and outrage over all the circumstances surrounding Natalie's death. Following is Corrie's return mail to me (she gave me permission to post it): (Thank you again, Corrie)

Hi Marti...I am so glad I got to talk to you. I didn't really think I'd get thru and was really happily surprised. You are easy to talk to and I know I like you.

I have been upset about Natalie for quite awhile, have the other books about her and the R.J. Wagner one also. I keep thinking of her and your last line keeps me thinking about how she must have felt when she realized she'd never see her daughters again. I put myself in her place and almost felt how she must have, disbelief this was happening and very frightened. I am so disillusioned with Robert Wagner I could scream, long and loud, also in disbelief. I so thought he loved her beyond anything but alas, ego is the big issue. I always Google about her daughters Natasha and Courtney; Natasha was broken up by her Mother's death and Courtney never had a chance at being mothered and can't remember her too well; she turned to Willie Mae the housekeeper for comfort. To think of robbing Natalie of her wonderful life and her dear children is unacceptable.

I've been thinking of our conversation Marti and I am so happy you called me back; you are such a dear and down to earth. I keep thinking "What if"...if only that woman Marilyn had dived in and tried to save her or if Dennis had overuled Wagner, punched him out, turned the light on and woke Walken and did SOMETHING...but then again I think of what drink can do to your mind and if you think someone like a celebrity can mentally overpower you, whammo, your defeated. I can, in a way, understand his confusion and he was drunk also.
I signed the petition just a few moments ago and proud to do it. If only something could be done to get thru their thick, tunnel-vision minds all the mistakes they made ...why, why can't something be done?? If Wagner passes we won't be any further ahead...it seems unbelievable he let her die..I can't digest it. Been thinking about it in depth since I read your book and talked to you.

Keep up the good work. You wrote a powerful book and God Bless you Marti.
Your friend,

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Amazon Tags

Please assist the tagging process for GNGS by going to Amazon and clicking on the tags you agree with, but it will be helpful if you click on the two categories GNGS is most popular in (TRUE CRIME and BIOGRAPHIES) as both tags already exist for those two categories. All you need to do is click the box. You can also add a tag if you like.

If you scroll down at the Amazon page the link below will take you to, you'll see a heading titled

Please take a minute to click the tags you agree with.  This will be most helpful! Thank you for your support.

Amazon.com: Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour (9781597776394): Marti Rulli, Dennis Davern: Books

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kristy Rulli's Facebook Natalie Wood Page

Facebook | Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour - Natalie Wood's final weekend

GoodbyeNatalie Twitter

GoodbyeNatalie is now available at Twitter for updates.  I'm not an experienced "tweeter" but if you are and would like to follow brief updates, please use the link to sign on as a follower (or add important followers you believe can help Natalie to have a voice). Thank you

Marti Rulli (GoodbyeNatalie) on Twitter

Friday, November 13, 2009

Questions about Natalie Wood and Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour

Please use this new post for any new questions or comments. All the other posts with comments will stay, and I will check them periodically.

Thank you to our Polygraphist for signing Natalie Wood Petition

Thank you to our Polygraphist, Howard Temple, a dedicated man to his profession, for signing the Reopen Wood Case Petition (signer #142).

Thank you to Natalie Wood #1 Fan Site


This is a wonderful place to read about Natalie and to see a wonderful collection of Natalie photos.

Thank you to M. Hill for this Amazon review

Amazon.com: M. Hill's review of Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour

Greatest Fear Realized, November 12, 2009

By M. Hill (Colorado) - See all my reviews

For some of us, the explanation of Natalie Wood's death raised more questions than it answered. Rumors of an argument circulated early on which cast doubt on the convenient "...don't know what happened" explanation that both Wagner and Walken provided authorities. Theories have been promulgated but nothing of substance has come to light until this book's release.

There were only four people on the ship the night of Natalie Wood's death - Wood, Robert Wagner, Christopher Walken and Dennis Davern the Captain. Now we have the painful account from Davern, the tortured soul whose life was almost ruined by the secrets he kept for his employer and friend, Robert Wagner. He sat for two lie detector tests and was hypnotized because he realized the skepticism that would face him when he finally revealed what he saw the night of Wood's death. He also realized that the only way to quell his conscience so he could live with himself was to tell the truth, all of it, and without embellishment. He contacted his old friend Marti Rulli and began to ever so slowly tell the story.

A profoundly disturbing book, Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour documents celebrity privilege with crystal clarity. The special treatment that Wagner and Walken received appears to have rolled right over the living and the dead. If nothing else comes from this perhaps it is time to examine this ridiculous habit the public has of placing people on pedestals because of the work they perform. The extreme deference afforded celebrities, here is taken to a truly frightening place. Evidence ignored, interrogations not given and clear discrepancies overlooked. Wagner didn't want the bad publicity and there were plenty of people around willing to accommodate him.

The story is now haunting me and I can't seem to shake it. I am struggling with the injustice and the lack of publicity regarding the new information. Will this compelling story which quietly slipped into view without much fanfare, soon slip away without any serious investigation? This book contains one of the most chilling examples in Hollywood history of apparent celebrity misconduct along with one of the clearest examples of what happens to us when we ignore our moral compass. I sincerely hope this isn't where the story ends.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Original Book Cover Idea

This cover was an original idea for GNGS cover, showing Natalie in her yacht "perch" doing her needlework. The publisher felt she wasn't as easily recognized in this photo, and I agreed. But wanted to post this so you could see this wonderful photo of Natalie. This is what she loved doing: relaxing upon her yacht, her getaway. We used this photo as a full color page in the book.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Natalie Wood Petition Video

It's perfectly ok to sign anonymously, but if you sign your name it will not be used in any way other than a number. Thank you to all who've signed thus far. For those of you who signed early on, please visit the link again. The person who started the petition has included a Natalie Wood video at the petition site that is a beautiful reminder of her.

Mike Cortson Interview

"Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendor" interview with Marti Rulli.
Program airs 11-10-09 at 10 am ET and repeats the following day
at 6 pm ET on WRHC-FM streaming live
 It can be downloaded now FREE from web site http://www.mikecortson.com/ 
or by going to http://www.radio.mikecortson.com/  .

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Book Signing Today

Nov. 7 (Today) Dennis Davern  - 11am to 4 pm -  Barnes and Noble
1930 U.S. 1 South - St. Augustine, FL 32086

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Natalie Wood's Odyssey for Justice

CNN iReport -- Please take a moment to comment on this report at CNN website.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

There's something about Natalie

November is the month she died, 28 years ago. Fans from around the world still follow her. We watch her movies, we buy her movies, we still read about her, wonder about her, and we are saddened and troubled by the tragic end she encountered. She was, is, and will always be mesmerizing. Yes, those eyes, but also, her smile, her laugh, and her spunk. Unmatchable is synonymous with Natalie Wood. I will be thinking about Natalie a lot this coming Thanksgiving weekend, where the dates fall on the same days of the week (Sunday is Nov. 29th) as the year she left us in 1981. Here's to Natalie.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Petition to reopen the Natalie Wood death case.

A petition has been started to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to officially reopen the case of Natalie Wood. Here is the link:   http://www.gopetition.com/online/31812.html

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good Reads

Goodreads | Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour (Hardcover) by Marti Rulli - Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists

Oprah.com: Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour Review/Headline Discussion!

Oprah.com Community: News about the death of legendary ...

Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour on Fall Recommended List

Leaf through these fall books - Norwalk News - The Hour

Author Ann Rule recommends Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour

The renowned True Crime Author, Ann Rule, has recommended Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour on her official website recommended reading page.  Link:

Ann Rule's Official Home Page

I started reading Ann Rule's brilliant work in the 1990's (and have never stopped) and I learned so much from the cases Ann has worked. I thank Ann Rule and Dominick Dunne on Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour's acknowledgment page "just for writing the kind of books they write." (I was told that Dunne also had the opportunity to read GNGS just before he passed away.)
Especially through Ann Rule's work, I learned what is expected of good detectives, and also of ultimate justice a dedicated detective can help to achieve.

Ann Rule's body of work in the true crime genre clearly shows she has dedicated her life to a worthy cause, and although I don't have statistics or evidence of exactly how many SAVED lives Ann Rule might be responsible for, I suspect it is many! Her studied cases involve criminal convictions. The stories she presents,  in full length feature books and in her popular "volumes series" never cease to teach, to warn.
To choose a perfect one-word lesson from Ann Rule's work, I choose the word BEWARE. Last month, I finally found the time to read Ann Rule's Mortal Danger. Each true case presented in it still sends chills up and down my spine.

Many women (and sometimes men) just "never see it coming" and their lives are abruptly ended or marred forever, simply because they trusted someone they never dreamed would actually harm them. But Ann teaches us about warning signs, and we learn from her expertise that sociopathic personalities walk among us, and they spring from all walks of life. Sometimes culprits will befriend you, become your lover, marry you, and for any number of reasons, sometimes kill you.

One of Ann Rule's releases that stays with me is a high-profile case that occurred in my backyard -- title And Never Let Her Go is about the tragic Anne Marie Fahey murder. The case is still in the news in our parts, as Fahey's convicted killer was recently refused an appeal to his life imprisonment, no parole sentence.

When I worked at a national business magazine in the 90's, the Fahey disappearance case was prominent in the media, especially in the Northeast. Wilmington attorney, Thomas Capano, whose family owned a beach house near where I spent summer vacations in Cape May County, NJ, was convicted of shooting Anne Marie and disposing of her body in the Atlantic Ocean.

The editor of the magazine where I worked had attended college with Anne Marie, and told me about her memories of fun, college dorm days with Anne Marie. After college, Ann Marie landed a dream job as secretary for Governor Thomas Carper, of Delaware State. Anne Marie soon met prominent, married, Wilmington attorney, Thomas Capano, who pursued Anne Marie romantically and they began an affair. When Anne Marie ended the affair with Capano and started seeing a man she respected, a potential husband, Capano continued to vie for Anne Marie's affection. She reluctantly agreed to dine with Capano in Philadelphia "one last time" to stand by her choice to never resume the relationship with Capano. After dinner, Capano took Anne Marie to his house and shot her. Early the next morning, assisted by his brother, Thomas Capano dumped Anne Marie's body in the Atlantic Ocean, and her family yearned for years to learn the truth. Finally, due to good detective work, Thomas Capano's brother confessed the truth, and Thomas Capano was put away forever.

Ann's newest release, But I Trusted You and Other True Cases, is available next month, Novemeber 2009.

To have Ann Rule endorse Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour by listing it on her recommended reading page not only adds to my pride for my efforts to shine light on the details involving Natalie Wood's death, it also reminds me, as continued support often does, of Natalie Wood's cry from the grave: I am frightened to death of the water, especially of water that is deep and dark.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lana Wood

There are several discussions unfolding over what Lana Wood meant on the Inside Edition segment when she said "The bottom line is she's gone (Natalie) and no one can ever fix that." I've been in touch with Lana. She wishes more of her interview had aired as she had a lot more to say, then there would be no doubt as to her opinion of "blame.". Lana is in full support of Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour.
Her sister died and three men survived that cruise. Is it fair to put words in Lana's mouth? I would think not.      

Cindy Adams had it right


Cindy Adams pegged Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour in her NY Post column in late August 2009 with a reference that media will not know what to do with its contents. Sadly, media doesn't seem to know what to do with it. Because GNGS is not considered "breaking news" it misses that mark. Because it is intense, it needs to be studied, and because greater TV media believes viewers are limited to a 4-minute attention span, it misses the opportunity to be examined.

The information in GNGS is intricate, complex, and convoluted, and so much nonsense has been spread through the years, there was an immense amount of misinformation to clean up as the story progressed, but GNGS does clean it up! This account is not presented with mere tears and emotion as its back-up. It comes with facts and polygraph test results attached! There is an eye and ear witness willing to cooperate with authorities, but no one seems to know yet how to handle this story. There is plenty of "interest" and many want to approach, but it's such a fragile thing, no one knows yet how strongly to handle it. I receive so much mail asking, "Why?" 
I never realized how much I should appreciate independent radio. The radio hosts we've interviewed with delve deeper than most media. Even a few shock jocks slowed down to hear about GNGS. TV just doesn't have the time. TV has become like fast food and convenience stores...keep that line moving!

TV shows that do devote time to a story seem to take on the "safer" cases: ones where authorities did their jobs. I totally appreciate this, but some things require more.
But fortunately, Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour did get published, and many readers appreciate it. It will remain in many libraries. Facts about the night Natalie Wood died  are now available, and I am grateful for that. That is the mission accomplished.
Now, it is the responsibility of the media and authorities to pursue it, and I do not use the word "responsibility" lightly, incorrectly, or as an imposition. An incorrigible amount of time has already been lost on this case, but now there is every reason to be responsible to it. In 1985, when the news of the bottle smashing was revealed in the media, this case should have been reviewed. When Marilyn Wayne told her story, this case should have been reviewed. When Robert Wagner published his memoir, and admitted his actions on the night of November 28, 1981, this case should have been reviewed. To continue to ignore this case is in no way a reflection of GNGS. It is a reflection of the media and public law enforcement. It is a reflection of irresponsibility and neglect. If celebrity were not involved, I believe there would be a totally different reaction.

Reader reaction is encouraging, and just as I always expected, readers will define this story. And, I thank each and every one, no matter your opinion of GNGS. I would love to see a professional team, via media or authorities, recreate the experiments I conducted. (I have no doubt they will find the same results.) I would be so relieved to have an authority ask Dennis to take another polygraph. (I'm confident he would pass it.) I would love to see a conscientious reporter or doctor or authority ask to have Natalie's autopsy reviewed, and/or ask to show the pictures of the Splendour's master stateroom that were taken at the death scene. I've seen a few of the photographs and they are startling.

On Inside Edition Lana Wood said "nothing can fix it" (meaning Natalie's death), and that statement was interpreted (by media) to mean Lana blames no one. Lana is angry over her sister's death. There wasn't enough segment time for her to explain why. My segment time was forfeited for Lana to speak out (of which I'm glad she had the opportunity).

When I interviewed with Inside Edition, I had talked about Robert Wagner's outright lie to the crime scene police in regards to the broken bottle in the main salon. Wagner let the police believe that the broken glass in the main salon was from rough seas. He never told the police in his second interview (Detective Rasure let him go home immediately during a brief first interview) that he had smashed the wine bottle in anger and accused Walken of wanting to sleep with Natalie. Twenty-seven years later, in his published memoir, Wagner admits to breaking the wine bottle in anger, but he doesn't admit (as Dennis passed on a polygraph question) that he also had accused Walken. Had Wagner been forthcoming with the police about how that bottle became shattered, perhaps the police would've had cause to probe deeper in Natalie Wood's death. But Wagner lied to them, and it is accepted, even after the lie is exposed from Wagner's own admission.

Frustrating? Yes. Readers are frustrated and I am frustrated with having to tip-toe around a story that deserves attention. This story is for Natalie Wood. She was deathly afraid of water her entire life: first red flag ignored. It took four hours to report her missing to the Coast Guard: major red flag ignored, not even put in the police report! The truth belongs with Natalie's legend. GNGS gives that to Natalie. I am proud of my responsibility to this story. If Natalie were my sister, I would certainly blame someone, especially the investigation. Natalie is part of a sisterhood, so I proudly represent her. I've said it on radio shows and I will say it here. If the authorities had done their jobs, this book would not be necessary. That's what makes us all angry! The majority public wants professionals to review this case and to explain. They want media input. But, as it has always been, Natalie, the true case victim, is not the priority. 
Readers, thank you, and I welcome your emails and reviews. I do appreciate your input. Your voice is important in regards to this story. I offer another huge thank you to radio and to TV's INSIDE EDITION! Although Inside Edition treaded lightly, they did oblige a responsibility to a high-profile, compelling mystery.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thank you to Mr. Media, Inside Edition, and Mayor Dancer

Yesterday was an important day for Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour. Dennis and I interviewed with Bob Andelman of "BlogTalkRadio" and I thank "Mr. Media" for his sensitivity toward our story. Bob Andelman addressed things some reporters miss: for example, how it came about that Dennis contacted me "the nobody from NJ" to chronicle the "story behind the story" of a legend's untimely death. Mr. Media also respected the truest person GNGS is about: Natalie Wood. He played Robert Redford's tribute to Natalie before beginning to talk with Dennis and me. He asked pertinent questions, and it was a pleasurable interview as well as informative, thus appreciated.
Mr. Media Interviews | Blog Talk Radio Feed

Yesterday, GNGS also was talked about on Inside Edition, and Lana Wood has spoken her feelings about the book. She said she is "angry and saddened" and it is sad, because nothing will ever "fix" or reverse her sister's death. Natalie is gone, but the legend grows. Dennis is also interviewed (we spoke with Inside Edition in NY recently) and Dennis says that he wanted to look for Natalie as soon as she was "missing." You see on Inside Edition that Dennis was told, "No, we're not going to do that."
Inside Edition - News

Also, the mayor of the community where I live interviewed me this past week and wrote a wonderful column about GNGS, published in our local papers and online newsletters. I live in a charming small town, filled with dedicated citizens who enjoy the rural comforts we are surrounded by. We're close to the major cities for quick get-aways, but the historical charm of our immediate area and nearby towns is appreciated. Some of the best people I could ever hope to know live within walking distance or just minutes away. Many of us work locally or travel to New York and surrounding smaller cities but are usually glad to "get home." I am very fortunate and very grateful for my personal world.
Ironically, it was through a member of our local Arts Council that Mr. Media, the national show host, learned of GNGS. The Internet may be our window to the world, but there's nothing like walking down a hometown Main Street, nodding "hello and good morning" to all the people you know. 
Resident in national spotlight with new best-selling book | Tritown.gmnews.com   

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Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour Link

Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour | Best Selling Books

Thank you for voting.

Thank you to all who voted in the poll (Should the Wood case be officially reviewed?).
92% of those who voted think yes. The majority of reviews at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com
lean in the same direction.

Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour is a unique book for several reasons:

1) Very few books are written about a high-profile crime scene where no arrests were made, let alone a sufficient investigation, which makes media coverage tricky. Even Ann Rule, the queen of true crime told me it's a dangerous area and that's why she writes ONLY of cases with an arrest or trial involved. We didn't "play if safe" in regards to waiting for Robert Wagner to possibly pass away before us. We presented the polygraphed account with a penchant for facts and facts alone. Nothing in GNGS is hearsay. Dennis Davern is an eye-and-ear witness to the details provided.

2) GNGS is a book that comes with polygraph test results attached. Several books come with high claims.  GNGS should set a standard in the industry: pass a polygraph if you've something controvesial to claim. In many states, polygraphs are inadmissable in courts, but virtually every police station across the nation makes good use of them.

3) GNGS is controversial to the point that the media isn't quite sure what to do with it, as Cindy Adams of the NY Post wrote in her article about it in August. What way can the media go? Independent radio media is extremely interested in GNGS and recognizes its purpose. As TV media prepare their segments, there has yet to be a media venue against the claims made in the polygraphed information. The media is not defending Robert Wagner. That speaks volumes in and of itself. The media needs to protect themselves, too, and as they verify the information in GNGS, we hear nothing disputing GNGS's content from the greater media. 

4) GNGS, as several reader reviews point out, is not a celluloid description of the iconic Natalie Wood, and her famous marriage and mystery death. Real people are shown.

5) Does Natalie's death involve foul-play? Many people prefer the authorties to take another look to determine a more sensible answer to Natalie's death than the one we were given in 1981 and since.

Meantime, this book is truly left for the public, all that Natalie ever had in her defense, from the moment the tragedy occurred. People will ultimately define this book.
Again, thank you for taking the time to offer your opinion.

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Review of GNGS at Amazon.com

The following review was posted at Amazon.com Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour book page. It was submitted by "Tipper" on Oct. 5, 2009 - click on post title to go to page. (Thank you, Tipper and wife, I particularly like the way you captured Natalie's charm and more)

I was watching a football game when the news of Natalie Wood's death flashed up as a special report. Yes, Natalie's death is one of those "I remember where I was when I heard" type of events. What guy wasn't in love with Natalie Wood? IMO, she had it all over Liz, Marilyn, and all the others not even worth mentioning. Natalie Wood's elegance, spirit, and beauty shone through the most beautiful eyes ever. That's how I felt about Natalie when I was a teen. I saw many of her movies, many while dating, and girls I knew loved Natalie too. Her appeal transcended gender.

Time passed, I grew up, and I didn't think much about Natalie as life went on. I married a woman almost as beautiful as Natalie (my wife is fine with me saying that) and as the years passed, when my wife and myself would be asked: Who is your favorite actress, we both would answer, Natalie Wood.

We were shocked to learn of her death. I think we both mourned that day. I turned off the game and my wife cried. Then we accepted what we heard in the news. She tried to fix the passenger dinghy tied to their yacht, she fell and drowned. Case closed. We did not follow coverage.

Now there is this new book. My wife read it first and insisted I read it. I'm not much of a reader lately, but the tears were back in my wife's eyes for Natalie, so I agreed, and intended to skim through it so we could talk.

I didn't skim. I read every single blasted word and felt compelled to spread the word about this book. I've read the reviews here and I most agree with MysteryArtist: REOPEN THIS CASE!!!!!! I agree with each and every positive review and all of the pro debates going on in the comments. I don't understand the negative reviews because this book is a true page-turner. It is informative, it is thorough, it is locked-up BELIEVABLE!

I don't hand out credit easily. I manage a crew of 40. I keep my eye on the deserving people, the ones who give their all. The credit here goes to author Marti Rulli who spent half of her life working a case that professional incompetents spent a few days on to violate every standard procedure expected of a crime scene. The cops did NOTHING by the book. We should all be so privileged.

Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour is one of the most fascinating books my wife and I have ever come across (we both worked on this review). I have no words for this author's sheer grit. The story and details are presented intelligently, comprehensively, with dedication and sincerity, and the results compliment if not exceed the effort.

WHERE IN THE HELL ARE THE COPS? If this book doesn't turn your guts inside out, you are remorseless. Kudos to Rulli. Without Rulli, I doubt we would have a Davern. Without Davern, we would've been snowed by the cops, celebrity, and the media forever as we often are. Brave people are behind this book. We commend you all. T&L

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WBZ NEWS RADIO, Boston with Jordan Rich

I just received a CD copy of my interview with Jordan Rich last week of WBZ News Radio in Boston. I will be posting the interview at YouTube next week and will provide the link here. Jordan Rich's accompanying letter to me read:

Dear Marti,
Thanks for joining me to talk about the book and the engrossing story of Natalie Wood's final days. We aired the piece this past weekend and I am sending along a copy as promised. I wish you well with the project. You've done some incredible research; I'm heartened that more of the story is coming out!
Peace, Jordan Rich, WBZ

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vote: Do you think the Natalie Wood case should officially be reviewed?

Is it time to review the Natalie Wood case? You decide. Your opinion matters. Please vote before Oct. 9, 2009 (to the left) and/or leave any comment you'd like here.

Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour: Natalie Wood case timeline that was cut from the published book

At the “Advance for Nurses” Web site (http://nursing.advanceweb.com/Article/Historic-Trauma-Cases-Natalie-Wood.aspx) Natalie Wood is considered a historic trauma case, and her autopsy is used as an example. Although this timeline was cut from the book (not by my choice), the authorities never presented one.
The site includes the information from Coroner Noguchi that Natalie’s jacket had dragged her down. The timeline is straight from the website we are not connected with: ironically, it includes information the lead detective in the case told me was fabricated information: that there were scratch marks on the dinghy. Detective Rasure told me that the coroner fabricated the scratches to match the coroner's theory.
The Web site, however, offers a timeline the officials on the Wood case had never put together. The dinner hour may be slightly off, but the remaining hours are accurate.
Timeline of Natalie Wood’s Disappearance (All Times PST)
Sat., Nov. 28, 1981
4 p.m. Wagner, Wood, Walken and Davern drink at the bar in Doug’s Harbor Reef restaurant in Two Harbors on Catalina Island
5 p.m. Quartet moved to the dining room for dinner
10 p.m. Party returns to Wagner and Wood’s yacht, the Splendor
10:45 p.m.–12 a.m. Time during which Wood is believed to have gone missing
11:05 p.m. Time woman on yacht 80 yards away from the Splendor tells police she heard a woman screaming
11:25 p.m. Time woman on nearby yacht says the woman’s screams stopped.
Sun., Nov. 29, 1981
1:30 a.m. Wagner calls the restaurant and asks the manager if Wood is there
2:30 a.m. Restaurant manager alerts harbormaster that Wood is missing
2:45 a.m. Harbormaster meets with Wagner on the Splendor
3:25 a.m. Wagner concedes the Coast Guard should be called in
5:30 a.m. Splendor’s dingy found about one mile from the yacht with oars inside and scratch marks on one side
7:45 a.m. Wood’s body found about 100 yards from dinghy
8:00 a.m. City of Los Angeles coroner is called

The timetable fit Dennis’s story to the minute.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Correction to radio show interview

On the Jack Roberts show this a.m. they were talking about Robert Conrad: I thought they had said Robert Culp when they mentioned he was in a movie with Natalie: and I said he was with her in Bob&Carol&Ted&Alice... my mistake, but only because I mis-heard them. Just correcting myself here. It is certainly not a relevant error to the purpose of GNGS.

Radio CRN National

This Jack Roberts show is at 8:40 AM PACIFIC time (sorry) which is 11:40 AM Eastern time. Cable Talk, Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour Cable Radio Network - CRN National w/Host Jack Roberts

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Lana Wood

Lana Wood Jumps on Board

Should Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour set a new standard in the literary world?

Following are three posts by readers who have commented on GNGS. I appreciate each one, and am proud that readers are recognizing our truest purpose in having gone the polygraph route for our book: I appreciate these readers. Your comments are welcome.

From "LoraC" at Amazon.com Review Comments page to review by parothd of Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour)
Just some observations here and perhaps even some fodder for those who wish to defend Wagner's actions (or inactions) on the night Natalie Wood died and offer alternative ways to interpret the facts.1. Wagner delayed calling for help for 2 hours after he told Davern that Natalie was missing. He only called for help from the restaurant workers, and it took another 2 hours for them to convince Wagner to call the Coast Guard. The delay is documented. How can it be reasonably explained?2. Wagner denied for years that a fight took place that night, but now he admits to a fight that enraged him enough to violently smash a wine bottle on the table. Why lie in the first place? Which leads to the question: If Wagner felt the circumstances required lies and evasions (which he obviously did), if he felt something was "not right," WHY did he himself not demand an investigation to find out what really happened? There were two other men on board, and given the high tension, as well as the improbability of Natalie leaving in the dinghy, why (unless he already knew the answer) did Wagner not look to them for an explanation? Why did he not at least wake up Walken to help look for Natalie??3. Wagner said Natalie "often took the dinghy out alone," but in his book, he says when he considered that she may have taken the dinghy out, his first thought was "No way!" Again, why lie?It seems the negative reviewers are still trying to hold Davern accountable for Wagner's behavior, but NO ONE has ever asked Wagner to explain himself . . . and even when he has the golden opportunity to do so in his own book, he skims over the events and fails to address a single inconsistency.

From "Sis-of-4" at Amazon.com Review Comments page to review by parothd of Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour:
Good points, Lora C. I might add something here after viewing Rulli's blog this morning, where she uses last night's Geraldo FOX NEWS show to make a few valid points. Geraldo had a forensics psychiatrist on to ask some valid questions about another book (Mackenzie Phillips' "High on Arrival"). Getting to the point: shouldn't publishers and media begin, as do police, to suggest and sometimes even require a polygraph test to substantiate controversial accounts? Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour may be one of a few, and possibly the very first book to set such a standard. I truly commend the inclusion of a polygraph test to accompany this book. Every kiss-and-tell book, like Wagner's, should offer up the proof, too. It would spare so many people. Yet, Rulli's book is questioned: the only one on the shelves supported by the source's passing of a polygraph test. Amazing!

From Annie at Wall Street Journal's SPEAKEASY:
Maybe a new standard should be set for authors with controversial claims and tell-alls like Mackenzie Phillips’ “High on Arrival” where the accused is already gone. Such a standard, I believe, has been established in another new controversial book just arriving on the scene. “Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour” a book about the mystery death of Natalie Wood comes with a certified polygraph test and everyone it talks about is alive to respond (except for Natalie, thus the polygraph by the former captain, Dennis Davern.) This book by author Marti Rulli is a must read, enhanced by the efforts to substantiate its contents!


Mackenzie Phillips could have provided a polygraph test result:

Tonight I watched Geraldo At Large on FOX NEWS. One segment was about Mackenzie Phillips. She was not a guest. There was a panel, of which one guest was a forensics psychiatrist who questioned the validity of Mackenzie Phillps' recent account in her new book, "High on Arrival" (of a consentual sexual relationship with her late father). The doctor suggested Mackenzie Phillips' story would be more credible had it arrived with a "passed" polygraph attached. He also said that because she reveals her claim after her father has passed on removes the opportunity for her father to respond.

Another segment on this same show dealt with breaking news of the sad case of the missing 5-year old, Haleigh Cummings, in Florida. Police are now questioning the father and his 17-year old girlfriend in this case. The police asked the girlfriend to take a polygraph test, and it was reported that she failed it terribly.

Dennis Davern volunteered for the inclusion of his polygraph test results in our book, and we used a certified, licensed polygraphist with decades of experience in criminal testing. We were very pleased with Howard Temple's qualifications and ethics. He wouldn't allow any word in our format to be "interpretive."

Point: the forensic psychiatrist I saw tonight agrees that a polygraph lends credibility to a person with a controversial account to tell. Also, I point out, in the case of the missing girl to which there is an Amber Alert released: the first thing the police suggested of a suspect was a polygraph test. Police do put a lot of credence in the results of a polygraph test. By any means, polygraph tests are not considered a waste of time by most law enforcement.

Dennis Davern and I did include polygraph test results in our book. We also didn't wait for the other surviving members of the fateful Splendour cruise, Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken, to pass on and thus have no opportunity to respond. We did so in hopes of establishing the truth behind Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour.
I will say again: had the authorities in the Natalie Wood case answered questions and investigated thoroughly, this book would never have been necessary.

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Monday Radio, Sept 28

9/28, 8:40am EASTERN, Cable Radio Network - CRN National, Live, with Cable Talk, Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour Cable Radio Network - CRN National w/Host Jack Roberts

34 Years Ago

Happy Birthday, Dennis Davern. Thirty-four years ago on this day, Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood purchased their new yacht, Splendour, the yacht you helped (as part of crew) to cruise from Florida to Marina del Rey Harbor in California. Your journey is mentioned in Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour, and you never could have imagined what your journey had in store for you. I'm glad for all of your happy and memorable years as the Splendour Captain, and so sorry for the tragic end to that part of your life. Your story is told now, and I more than anyone can appreciate the closure that brings you. Happy Birthday, Dennis, and many, many more. Marti

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Blog Link

Books of Leaders & Notable People: Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour [AUDIOBO

Our radio hosts ....

Thank you to the many radio hosts who've talked with me and Dennis about Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour. As it is with the media, many show hosts have a certain way they like to discuss and present stories and events with their guests. Today, on SiriusXM/FamilyNet Radio & TV, on the show Mornings with Lorri & Larry, National Syndicated, the hosts seemed extra perceptive about the subject matter of our book.
Yesterday, on WSPM-FM Indianapolis, IN, while being interviewed by Paul Irwin, I could sense Paul's sympathy for the tragedy of Nov. 1981. He told me he was a teenager when he first saw Natalie on the big screen, and, of course, who couldn't "fall in love" with her?"

On Sunday, 9/20, the show WIP-AM in Philadelphia PA, Conversations with Peter Solomon was different. Host Peter listened intently to a review of what happened the fateful night Natalie lost her life, and was rendered virtually speechless while listening.

I will be providing a link soon to the show taped Monday, Sept 21, WBZ-AM Boston MA, The Jordan Rich Show, because Jordan got right to the heart of the story in our book.

I thank our many hosts and appreciate the opportunity to talk about a story that, to this day, is a tough one to hear about. What I especially appreciate is that these interviews are giving Natalie Wood a long overdue voice.

Thank you

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sept 24 Radio Segment

9/24, 7:20am EASTERN, SiriusXM/FamilyNet Radio & TV, 15 min, Live, with Mornings with Lorri & Larry, National Syndicated Marti Rulli & Dennis Davern

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A necessary message:

I appreciate the reviews readers took the time to submit to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and a few other sites. Feedback is appreciated. I truly understand why some people will never want to believe the hard information in GNGS, but I took no liberties with this book. I insisted upon Dennis’s polygraph test, and if he had failed it, I would have included that result in the book. But Dennis passed every question and issue put to him, and our polygraphist scrutinized each and every word to avoid “interpretation.”
One reviewer noticed something interesting over the years: in every TV or documentary interview Dennis gave before the release of GNGS, Detective Rasure was interviewed behind Dennis calling him a liar. A question we keep being asked: Why didn’t you go to the police? explains itself. The police didn’t want to revisit this case.

In 2008 I was told about a "Natalie Wood death forum" online that discussed the Natalie Wood case. One woman who had posted there I truly appreciated (and still do) is Gail A., a monitor of a private Natalie Wood fan chat. Gail is a Natalie fan with a vast knowledge of Natalie biographical information. She shared some wonderful Natalie anecdotes with me and she explained that she had mixed emotions about the Natalie case after having read Gavin Lambert’s Natalie biography in 2004. Prior to that book, she hadn’t believed Dennis in interviews, but it was Lambert’s information that made her reevaluate the case, as well as her inability to comprehend the 4-hour wait to call for help for Natalie. It is true: the Coast Guard was not contacted until 4 hours after Natalie went missing.

I explain my friendship with Gail because there is someone virtually stalking her over the Internet and misinterpreting Gail's association with GNGS. Gail was not my co-author. Gail was a valuable reader. It is beyond inappropriate that she be attacked. I never "interviewed" Gail, yet she is being cited as one of my sources. She is also being accused of posting every drop of information being talked about in relation to this book, as well as being called derogatory names. Other reviewers are being accused of being Gail. This is inconceivable, and frustrating to real people who have real opinions.
Please see chapter 40, page 303 for the few brief paragraphs I offer explaining how Gail and the Wood death forum are what incited me to finish GNGS. Dennis Davern deserved his turn at this story being talked about incessantly over the Internet three decades later!
Please, if you are a negative reviewer, I appreciate your opinions, but stay focused with your posts and reviews. The Natalie Wood case affects people to extremes. I think the reason for that goes far beyond specific details of Nov. 1981. Again, for both sides of the spectrum on this story, had crucial details been thoroughly investigated, we wouldn't be here discussing this story so many years later.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

TV Interviews

I will know (and post here) soon when interviews we taped will air. All interviewers were extremely respectful and interested in our story. Had the authorities and medical examiner's office worked together and done a thorough investigation in 1981, and/or paid attention to information offered through the years by the three surviving members of that 1981 cruise (as opposed to what they offered to authorities immediately after Natalie's body was discovered), GNGS would never have been necessary.

New Radio Interviews

Sept 21 - 3:40 PM Eastern -- KTRS-AM Hosts: John Brown Trish Gazall (Live) Sept 23 - 4:35 PM Eastern, WRXK FM Fort Meyers-Naples, FL Hosts: Stan & Harry (Live) Sept. 30 - 9:10 AM Eastern, WPHM-AM Detroit MI, Morning Show (Live) Sept. 30 - 10:00 AM Eastern (taping) National Syndicated WESTWOOD ONE with Dirk Van Oct. 23 - 2 PM Eastern, WSPM-FM Indianapolis, IN, w/Paul Irwin (taping)

Sunday Morning Radio Show

SUNDAY - 9/20, 7am EASTERN, WIP-AM Philadelphia PA, 30 min, Live, with Conversations with Peter Solomon WIP-AM Philadelphia

Friday, September 18, 2009

Geraldo At Large POSTPONED

The producers of the Geraldo At Large show have asked us to reschedule as they are still in the process of preparing the segment for GNGS and will need more time. New date TBA

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Personal Message

Thank you Stacy for keeping William informed. Best wishes, Marti

TV Interviews

Today we ended up taping the CBS Early Show rather than going live. I apologize to all who watched.

Friday, September 11, 2009


There are many newspapers, magazines, and tabloids reading GNGS and planning to write their reviews or stories about it. Our scheduled media release date was to be Sept. 15th, but some publications have scooped the 15th date and have printed their own sensationalized interpretations of the contents of GNGS.
Following is a part of the media schedule that Dennis and I have signed on to participate with.
Pre-released embellished and exaggerated claims of the contents in GNGS have nothing to do with Dennis Davern and myself. You will see that when you read GNGS. Here's ONLY what we are currently scheduled for:

CBS Early Show Sept 15th

Geraldo at Large! Fox from 10-11 PM. Sat., Sept 19th


Sept 16th, 8:50am (Wednesday)
EASTERN, KTRH-AM Houston TX, 15 min, Live, with KTRH
Morning News 15 minutes live

Sept. 16th, 12:40pm (Wednesday)
EASTERN, Lifestyle Talk Radio, 20 min, Live, with The Lifestyle Show, National
20 minutes live

Sept. 16th, 4:30pm (Wednesday)
EASTERN, Sirius Satellite Network, 15 min, Live, with Jay Thomas Show, National
15 minutes live

Sept. 17th, 8:40am (Thursday) EASTERN, Cable Radio Network - CRN National National,
10 min, Live,

Sept. 18th, 7:40am (Friday) EASTERN, WMJI-FM Cleveland OH, 10 min, Live, with Lanigan and Malone Show, 10 minutes live

Sept. 20th, 7am EASTERN, (Sunday)
WIP-AM Philadelphia PA, 30 min, Live, 30 minutes live

Sept 21, 2pm EASTERN, (Monday)
WBZ-AM Boston MA, 15 min, Taped, with The Jordan Rich Show, 15 minutes

Sept. 24th, 7:20am EASTERN, (Thursday)
SiriusXM/FamilyNet Radio & TV, 15 min, Live

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood was the first actress I ever called a favorite. I was 10 years old when I became a fan. My reaction to her death felt like a punch to the stomach when I heard she had, of all things, been found drowned in the ocean! I had seen her in interviews talking about her fear of water, and read about her fear in articles. That, above all else, was the first thing that caused me to be vastly curious about the details surrounding how something so tragic could have happened. I did not ask, nor seek, to be in the position of writing about her...a task I sometimes felt was beyond me. Your messages and comments (mostly via email) are truly appreciated. Thank you. Marti


Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour has now officially been released to the media. I am proud to have a review scheduled for the Nov. issue of Woman's Day magazine (on stands Oct. 6),

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thank You

Thank you to all for the support you are offering me. It is appreciated. Sincerely, Marti

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Special Day

Today I held the published version of Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour in my hands for the first time, and I signed a copy for my sister-in-law, Shirley Carter. It felt electrifying, to say the least, to see the finished product of these past decades that offers a "voice for Natalie" for all to hear and to consider.
Corresponding with this huge day was Cindy Adams column in the New York Post talking about GNGS (link follows), and several radio show schedules (TBA). The photos used in GNGS are old but truly capture Natalie as she was aboard her escape, the Splendour. Readers are receiving their books now, and I hope most of you will come away from it feeling the same about GNGS as I do: truth was long overdue. Marti


Monday, August 24, 2009

Thank you

I just want to offer a sincere thank you to all of you who've emailed me with your questions and comments. I just started to check this new gmail address here at the blog and was surprised to see how many of you are interested and awaiting the release of GNGS (which is now here!).
This decades-long journey is now here. It's an overwhelming realization for me at this moment, and when you read GNGS you will have a complete understanding as to why. This was not an easy journey, and one I will never regret. I'll continue to do my best to reply to your questions.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour is now in stock, available and ships quickly! I believe bookstores are still looking at September 1st. Two very appreciated reviews are listed at Amazon.com. I am grateful to these readers, and relieved that both seem to have heard Natalie's "voice" throughout the chapters. That was my exact intent for this book. Thank you to the reviewers. Just click on the book cover photo to the left at top of blog to go right to the reviews.
I received my Amazon notice that books are shipping. Again, I'll be happy to answer any questions. Thank you, Marti

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Countdown to release date

Official announcements are now starting for GNGS. Hope you might catch an article or report in the media.
Please click on my email address above, martirulli@gmail.com to ask any questions. I will try to respond promptly. I look forward to September when I can finally discuss the book with readers. I've been told that some of the online book purchasing sites are getting their shipments soon. Thus, you might receive the book faster by mail than from in-store.
Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour has been an incredibly long time coming, a compelling journey through the decades, and a story that should have been told long, long ago. Again, I look forward to receiving your comments. Sincerely, Marti

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Natalie Wood honored at 2009 Film Festival

Click on Link:

Yesterday’s Angel: Natalie Wood - Film Society of Lincoln Center

It is Natalie Wood being honored at this year's film festival. She is remembered in this manner because she is so worth remembering. Dyan Cannon and Elliott Gould in person at the screenings of Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice on Friday, August 21 and Sunday, August 23.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Media agenda for GNGS

There will be an excerpt from GNGS in the Nov. issue of Woman's Day Magazine
(available on stands Oct. 6th).
Dennis and I will appear on the CBS Early Show on September 15th.
Any additions or changes to media itinerary, I will post here.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Catalina Island

Doug's Harbor Reef Restaurant, as it was called in 1981...at Two Harbors at the Isthmus of Catalina Island. Doug's is the restaurant where Natalie ate her last meal. Splendour was moored not far from the restaurant.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Natalie

Today, July 20th, 2009, would have been Natalie Wood's 71st birthday. I've often wondered what her filmography credits would look like by this time in her life, and I envision that she still would have been a stunningly beautiful woman in her early 70's. Eyes like hers wouldn’t have diminished with age. Her eyes went through you, as if she saw into every being who ever watched her. Natalie left such a lasting impression on me when I first recognized her as my favorite actress when I was the mere age of 10. I saw her in Gypsy, quite a racy movie for a 10 year old to see at that time, but I saw it, and I was mesmerized by Natalie’s part as Gypsy Rose Lee.
I didn't pay much attention to her first marriage to Robert Wagner, as I was a mere 5 years old at that time, but I was quite aware of her second marriage to RJ because soon after they reconciled, my dear friend, Dennis Davern, started working for the Wagner family, and I was thrilled that I had that kind of connection to THEE Natalie Wood…only ONE DEGREE apart from her! I had her boat phone number and her house phone number (which I never called, but sure was tempted to many times), all because my friend Dennis was that close to them, and I was so proud of Dennis for having landed such an important job as the Splendour boat captain.
I could never have dreamed, as an adoring child fan of Natalie’s that I would become a liaison of sorts between Natalie's life and death, a channel for HER voice. Of all the destinies one can imagine, this position would have been the least expected or dreamed of for me, and despite all of the trials and tribulations connected to the "position" I acquired, I have never had one regret and never will for having spent many years, myself, "working" for Natalie...to offer her what her legend deserves.
I am proud to have had this opportunity and privilege to share what I've personally learned about Natalie, to recall my pleasure in naming her as my favorite actress for decades, and to share what I know about her that goes far beyond her filmography credits. I would trade all of it in a heartbeat, however, for only one thing: that Natalie had lived to this day so that this blog and my work would never have transpired. I wish she had lived to this day, to have had the opportunity to enjoy her daughters, to have expanded her revered career, to have loved and received pleasure just a little longer in this world. I might have dialed her number today and said, "I've never met you, but happy birthday, Natalie." Instead, I must say it to the memory of her. And, I can honestly say that I HAVE "met" her....I've met her virtually every single day since her November 1981 tragic death, through Dennis Davern in a personal way, and through all that has since been written and filmed about the esteemed Natalie Wood, and through reviewing all of the fine work she left behind her.
I thank Dennis for the personal insights into Natalie, and I thank all who keep the memory of the legendary Natalie Wood alive and thriving. She was such a vibrant, happy woman, and such a profound, professional actress. Happy birthday, Natalie. I hope I have served you well.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Natalie Wood loved her Canon Drive home

Top: Natalie's 8-burner gas range in her kitchen on Canon Drive that Nanny Willie Mae cooked most of the Wagner family meals on. Below: Dennis is photographed with Natalie's daughter Natasha, about 9 years old at the time of this photo. Dennis was a regular visitor at RJ's and Natalie's home, and after Natalie's death he was a resident at the Canon Drive home. Dennis was very close to the entire Wagner family.

Dennis in Wheelhouse Aboard Splendour

Catalina Island in background.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Some extra photos

(Below) Sean Connery and his wife Micheline (her back) aboard Splendour when Natalie filmed Meteor with Sean. (Left): Natalie chats with friend and Micheline on the bridge.

There were more photos of RJ in Dennis's Splendour years collection than of Natalie, so I had many RJ photos left over. Here are two photos of RJ with some friends. Dennis can't recall who these people with RJ are. The Wagners didn't always invite just celebrities for pleasure cruises. They shared their yacht with many friends. Natalie liked inviting the owners of her favorite restaurant aboard. Although Dennis was the official skipper of the Splendour, note the title on RJ's jacket. (Captain). Dennis, when aboard Splendour, usually called RJ "Chief" or "Boss" ... RJ was an experienced and adept yachter. Here, he stands with his friends as far forward as you can possibly get upon the Splendour.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Splendour Photo

The Splendour, cruising to Two Harbors,
Santa Catalina Island on an overcast day.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

One more post for the night with Photo

As the release date of Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour approaches, I selected photos to be used in the book from the many that Dennis took throughout his years as the Splendour captain. Of course, only so many pages can be allotted for photos, so I will post a few of the unused photos here. This image is a little dark, but it's of RJ and Natalie on a family outing, taken by Dennis in the wheelhouse. The couple really enjoyed their yacht. It was their quick escape from hectic Hollywood.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Book Recommendation

A friend of mine I met over 10 years ago through business has had her 2nd book recently published, an interesting compilation of NJ Pines stories. It's called Voices in the Pines by Karen Riley. You see many bumper stickers in NJ that say "Piney Power" as NJ is not one huge city as the show "The Sopranos" seems to have impressed upon many.
You can visit www.voicesinthepines.com for reviews, signings, products, and excerpts. Karen's book is selling well here in NJ, but Karen's interesting book will fascinate people from all over.
I live near the NJ Pines, and always, always thought about how interesting it would be to interview people about all the tales that have sprung from the core of the Pinelands and Barrens. Karen got the job done: you'll really appreciate her approach and the captivating stories from the people who actually live near or are "Pineys" ... check out her website. I highly recommend it.

Book description at Amazon

Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour's book description has been entered at Amazon.com (click on book title there to get to it) It reads:
Product Description
Natalie Wood was a Hollywood icon, beloved by millions for her performances in such classics as Miracle on 34th Street, West Side Story and Rebel Without a Cause. Married for the second time to actor Robert Wagner and the mother of young children, Natalie had everything to live for. Her bizarre death on or near the yacht Splendour on a chilly November evening in 1981 has been shrouded in mystery. In his recent best-selling memoir Pieces of My Heart, Robert Wagner told his version of what happened on the yacht Splendour on the night his wife died. But is Wagner’s version accurate? Who knows the truth? Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour is the result of a decades-long investigation by journalist Marti Rulli and Dennis Davern, Natalie’s friend, confidant and captain of the Splendour on that controversial night. Painstakingly researched and written from the heart, here is an in-depth examination of Natalie Wood’s life—and death.
About the Authors
Marti Rulli has held executive positions in printing and media. She runs her own advertising business and is a long-time freelance writer. Dennis Davern was the boat captain for Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood and was on the yacht Splendour on the night of Wood’s death. He currently owns and operates a marina and boat maintenance business.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

GNGS's release

I've been very busy, unable to follow my own blog! Thank you to those who have posted here and thank you to all who have visited. I see a lot of activity over GNGS on the Internet, and I encourage those concerned or interested to please wait for the book's release Sept 1st. Many of your questions will be answered in it, and I will be happy to answer any that aren't.
Thanks, Marti

Monday, May 11, 2009

Barnes & Noble.com - Book Search: Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour The following review went up at Barnes and Noble book link today. I thank T.A. Gabriel. Other reviews will soon be posted after the other first readers receive their first editions. Review:

Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour, from the title to the final, is a stream of insight and quality. I've read the previous Wood biographies and no one has told the histories of Natalie and RJ with such comprehensive readability! Do we really need all that excess found in other books about who was standing where when Natalie sneezed? No! And Rulli doesn't bother us with it. She gave us all we need to know in one chapter about Wood/Wagner careers, and then Davern's anecdotes show us the rest: the real people behind the glitz.
Rulli starts us off with the search then quickly moves to a list of scenarios and sensationalism surrounding Wood's death and implements plain common sense to put rumor in its place: Wagner and Powers killed their respective mates so they could be together? Blather, Rulli tells us. Then Rulli proceeds with nothing but net!
The entire tragic weekend is then experienced. You will think and feel like you were there! You will be in RJ's bedroom with Davern, as Wagner's attorney tries to settle them into procedure. You will see Lana standing behind the bar, too choked to speak. You will hear and feel Natalie's mother spit her venom at Davern.
Rulli humbly credits all of her help. The "sock girl" who she barely knew. Her friend who chastised her, yet propelled her into action. "Mama Moon" who cared about Natalie's fans. It is precious the way she befriended Lallier over "ducks" but the revelation is heartrending as well as mind-blowing. The Wood historian who keeps Natalie's memory alive. Credits abound! As for Rulli and Taylor's involvement…it is immaculate.
There are no conspiracies here. Rulli respects her friend Davern beyond all reason...she stood by him for the sake of friendship. Endearing and moving. Rulli and Davern are a combination like you've never read before!
As for Davern's friendship with his employer, Natalie, it is believable beyond all doubt. With his every move, Davern helps us to understand a lot about Natalie Wood you’ve never read before. This book is a must read. I am so fortunate to have had a preview read. I can’t wait to see the candid photos to come! And, if you have questions after reading this book, I promise they will be dear.
T. A. Gabriel

Friday, May 8, 2009

Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour (authors Marti Rulli and Dennis Davern)
Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour (GNGS) is now available for pre-order at Barnesandnoble.com and at Amazon.com (publisher, Phoenix Books and Audio) and due in bookstores early fall 2009. You may search by title or author.
I am creating this blog to help control rumors about this book, to help readers understand our purpose, and to answer questions honestly. We promise you a compelling, truthful account of Dennis Davern's Splendour years from the moment he was employed as the Splendour Captain to the day GNGS was slated for publication.
Please know that there are some things I will not be able to answer in depth until the book is published, in which most cases, the question will probably already have been satisfied by the content in GNGS. Thank you for your interest in GNGS. Sincerely, Marti Rulli