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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Information about Dennis Davern's Polygraph Test

It has been brought to my attention that several questions about Dennis's polygraph test have arisen. For those who question the validity of Dennis's test, I can only assure you that I rested the decision to pursue publishing Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour on Dennis's test results. I always believed Dennis, but I would have questioned publication had he failed his polygraph test. He didn't fail. We didn't have questions asked more than once, either, to get reults "wanted" -- we wanted professional results, and that's what we got. We wanted a topnotch polygraphist and we found that in Howard Temple! I found Howard after some research into trustworthy and highly recommended polygraphists. To question Dennis is one thing, but to question Howard's professionalism is out of line.

The reason Dennis's questions were "issue formatted" is because it is such a complicated story we took to the polygraphist that he strongly recommended the issue-related format to ensure accuracy in his testing.

When we first met Howard, I got the impression that even he was leary of what we sat there explaining to him. He seemed flabberghasted, and I thought, not ready to believe us, and I think he suspected Dennis might fail. After our first visit, Howard asked only three questions of Dennis on the polygraph machine, as we didn't have enough time to delve into the long and winding list of questions we had planned. Howard was convinced when a nervous Dennis passed each question. Dennis was nervous. Afer all, he had never taken a polygraph and his concern was that the machine might not register his truth. Who wouldn't be nervous?

Howard gained confidence in us, and when we returned a few weeks later for Dennis's full test, Howard spent hours with us scrutinizing every word of every question, making sure there was no room for interpretation. Dennis's results left no question in Howard's polygraph-experienced, professional  mind that Dennis was telling the truth about all we discussed with Howard.

Then, after Robert Wagner's book was released and Wagner does admit in it to having smashed the wine bottle in anger, but chaged the dynamics of the scene (removing Natalie from it altogether, and the wording of what he actually said when he smashed the wine bottle) we again, at our own expense, paid another visit to Howard.  In fact, Robert Wagner did accuse Walken of "wanting to have sex with Natalie" although Wagner screamed the word sex with a replacement four-letter word, and Natalie was in the main salon when this outburst took place, protecting herself from the shattering glass, too. The bottle smashing is the exact reason that antoher argument broke out in their master stateroom.

Howard Temple has all of the expertise, knowledge, career, and credentials required to have administered Dennis's polygraph test and we are honored to have had him take on our case. Even polygraphists sometimes say, "No!"

Make no mistake about it, Dennis will take another polygraph for any authorities or media interested in administering it, polygraphist of their choice! When you are telling the truth, polygraph tests are not scary. Sure, you might get nervous, but you are willing to prove your truth when you are telling the truth. Polygraph results are inadmissible in most courts of law, although most investigators use them at some time or another, so we believed it crucial for Dennis's test results to be included in Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour.

Here is a website where you can read a little more about our valued polygraphist, Howard Temple. (Again, thank you, Howard. We will always be grateful for your scrutimy and expertise.)


Also, if you have any questions about Dennis's polygraph test, you may ask them here in comments and I will answer.


  1. I am 100% convinced that Dennis is telling the truh

  2. Thank you. I have always been convinced of the same, but I was there when the polygraphist went over everything with us, and our polygraphist is top of the line. I am so grateful we found him. He is dedicated to truth and a very conscientious man, so the test results only confirmed what I expected. I've known Dennis since my teenage years, and he was never known as a liar. He has lifelong friends and many new friends, and every single one of them would vouch for his character in that respect. You would never find anyone who knows Dennis to tell you differently save those who don't want truth told.

  3. Those who question the validity of the polygraph don't want to know the truth. It's called denial.

  4. If it is indeed so easy to pass the polygraph test as some contend, then why hasn't Mr. Wagner taken his own polygraph test? Of course he does not have to because he officially has not been charged with any wrongdoing, but his "no comment" stance speaks louder than any lie he could manufacture.

  5. Yeah, even Tiger Woods mistresses are out denying false allegations. If someone accused me of something, I'd be out defending my name, too. The man has nothing to defend. It'a all the truth.