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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Inside Edition Surprised Me About Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour!

Click the heading for the Inside Edition Page.

It didn't air until 1:30 A.M. here in New Jersey, and I stayed up to watch what I expected to be a rerun, but the show was a current episode showing the latest on the Detroit flight terrorist, and then the current Charlie Sheen Scandal about him holding a knife to his wife's neck in Aspen on Christmas Day, and then the show kept the domestic violence theme going with a whole new version of Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour segment than the first time a segment about the book aired.

This time, they MENTIONED the book (last time they hadn't...they just showed it). Inside Edition this time tried to get a comment from the Wagner court, but of course, the Wagner court would offer no comment.

They showed more of Dennis's interview, and less of Lana's... and really gave the book a decent plug. I vigorously applaud Inside Edition's courage in airing this segment again, and for adding to it. Domestic violence is something celebrities experience, too. They have PR people who can usually sweep episodes of marital discord under the rug and keep it from the public. Tiger Wood's wife probably smashed in that car window in anger, not in an effort to save Tiger. His face was probably bruised from her as much as from the car accident. Tiger Woods couldn't keep it hidden because of the accident.

Charlie Sheen probably did hold a knife to his wife's throat and maybe she'll recant her story she gave to the 911 operator, but it's out there now. As quoted from Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour, "Celebrities sometimes do bad things, and we cannot continue to feel as though it is our faux pas to call them on it."

Inside Edition recognized this, and aired again the previous segment about Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour with more serious attention to what this book entails. Natalie Wood's death needs the professional attention it has never received. Please sign the petition if you already haven't.



  1. Wish I'd seen this segment. I'm glad you received this kind of media coverage, Marti. Happy New Year to you and your family and I wish you the best for 2010. Thank you for what you've done for Natalie. Dee

  2. Marti, thank you again for all of your courageous and steadfast efforts. I will keep this petition active for as long as it takes, we WILL get justice for Natalie. Happy New Year Marti and best wishes. JamesV

  3. Marti
    I have both episodes on tape. They appear to be the same, I don't think a revised segment was made. Lana and Dennis both have the same proportions of airtime.

    On another subject, has your publisher promoted your book to major newspapers? I read the L.A. Times regularly and can't recall ever seeing it reviewed. If it hasn't yet it's probably why it hasn't been too topical among the various media and Hollywood community.

    Michael B

  4. Thank you to all for responding. JamesV, your petition is such an important contribution to this effort. THANK YOU!

    Michael, I have neither copy of the Inside Edition segments, first or second, so I would really appreciate you reviewing it again because I think IE did make a few subtle changes. I do NOT recall them saying the name of the book with the first airing, they just showed it. Second airing, they mentioned the name.
    I also do not recall that they asked for a response from the Wagner court, nor the showing of book photos. Please let me know if all of that was in the first airing, too.

    As for newspapers, seems most of them are hestitant to touch this topic. I have no clue why. If this tragic death happened present day, Jon and Kate would probably have to step aside, maybe even Tiger's mistresses wouldn't have so much air time, because nothing would capture TV viewers' interest more. But Natalie died in 1981, and why go after an 80 year old man seems to be the attitude. How sad.
    Celebrity justice has never been equal to everyday justice and that's just something we regular people must learn to accept, as evident with this avoidance of the truth about Natalie's death by media and authorities. It's one of the most negligent investigations of all time. Modern day journalists could have a field day with this one. Where are the kind of journalists of yesteryear? Again, how sad.
    I may bring this little tirade I've gone off on here in this comment to the front of the blog. It so angers and frustrates me.

    But for today: Happy New Year.
    Again, thank you so much. Marti

  5. Marti
    The two segments were so identical looking that I ended up erasing the first one(it was on DVD +RW) prior to my first email, there wasn't a need for two copies. I can verify that in the first airing Debra Norville did indicate that IE attempted to contact Robert Wagner and a representative of his offered a "no comment."

    The original segment did use, like the second one, a few of the photos from the book.

    The statements made by Lana and Dennis are the same, nothing new added or deleted.

    I was disappointed that IE continued in the second airing to preface Lana's last opinion with "...even though the mystery of Natalie's final moments remains unsolved, she doesn't blame anyone."(Lana added to it: "...bottom line is that she's gone, and no one can ever fix that.") This does not reflect the attitude on Lana's own blog that indicates her wish for a reopening of the investigation.

    Michael B

  6. Marti
    A friend of mine is a civilian lawer who works for the Navy Department in San Diego. She was not aware of your book and is going to read it. She's going to email you to give you feedback. We chatted about the lack of media attention and police department involvement. From her own experiences, she responded interestingly:

    She said not to be surprised at the potential influence of corruption, whether it be with the police or the media. She said she'd like to know who would be in Robert Wagner's pocket today as in 1981, to be in a position to hinder a thorough investigation. She said the media is not immune from the same thing.

    She agreed with me that the media is aware of defamation possibilities, should they proceed with continuous coverage of this subject and have no law enforcement response to your book, with a reopening of the case. Anything beyond a book review type of coverage is a potential risk. The media may be waiting for a reopening of the case to cover this sensational, ratings bonanza, kind of story.

    She stated that there are other judicial functions that that can proceed on this case if the LAPD/DA's Office do nothing, for example, a U.S. Attorney would have jurisdiction.

    She said it was a good idea to continue radio interviews because they often stir the topic that the major media picks up.

    I hope these tidbits help.

    Michael Broer