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Friday, July 29, 2011

Robert Wagner interviewed by Katie Part 1

I've watched this interview before, but I took the time to really listen to it this morning. Katie obviously will support her father, but her interesting innuendoes in this first part of the interview, including "Natalie gave you everything, but took it all away" and about "reading all the other garbage" -- this is how lies become enforced. This is how truth is stomped upon. This is exactly how celebrity has an advantage, and TAKES advantage.

I recently took a little time to work on a manuscript involving a different subject, a fictional depiction of a true crime, yet based on actual research, a crime considered the trial of the century, and in my opinion, the crime of the century, so shortly into this century as well. I'm not sure if anything will ever become of it at this
time, partly due to something I really admire: THE PUBLIC.

The public is joining forces and vowing to boycott anything they consider promotional about the Casey Anthony trial. But sometimes the public forgets that there are things that need to be said, things that need to be told. Otherwise, we are left drowning in the same pool of lies and deception that kills any victim's only hope for justice when the system fails us.

Of course, what I wrote, my proudest chapter of that manuscript, was a testament to our judicial system. What I wrote was nothing to exploit a victim (as was never my intent with Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour), but rather to draw attention to flaws in our system, to professionals who don't get their jobs done properly. There was evidence available in the Anthony trial that was never submitted, possibly due to over-confidence, maybe a tad of pompousness, maybe pure neglect. A little research, a few phone calls can tell a writer a lot. I actually spoke with States witnesses who informed me the prosecution ignored things they pleaded to tell, evidence they tried to submit to prove all the lies told on the stand in that trial. The end result, in my opinion, is that yet ANOTHER killer walks amongst us. Another silent victim receives little justice.

Yes, I admire our system, but I recognize its flaws. There are flaws in most every huge system, but I truly believe that crime victims are often short-changed and ignored, and the results bring national unity such as in the Simpson trial and the Anthony trial.

In Natalie's case, this 30th year of her suspicious death, I am going to do all I can to find answers from the law that failed her. The petition will soon be turned in, and everyone who is still frustrated over the lack of justice in Natalie's case, thank you for having signed the petition, and I will let you know soon if there is more you can do more.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jackson Browne "For A Dancer" and My Goodbyes to Joe and Geri

For a Dancer
Keep a fire burning in your eyes, Pay attention to the open skies: You never know what will be coming down. I don't remember losing track of you, You were always dancing in and out of view. I must have thought you'd always be around, Always keeping things real by playing the clown. Now you're nowhere to be found.
I don't know what happens when people die; Can't seem to grasp it as hard as I try. It's like a song I can hear playing right in my ear: Though I can't sing, I can't help listening.
And I can't help feeling stupid standing 'round, Crying as they ease you down, 'cause i know that you'd rather be here dancing, Dancing all the sorrow away, (Keep right on dancing) No matter what fate chooses to play. There's nothing you can do about it anyway.
Just do the steps that you've been shown By everyone you've ever known Until the dance becomes your very own. No matter how close to yours Another's steps have grown In the end there is one dance you'll do alone.
Keep a fire for the human race. Let your prayers go drifting into space: You never know what will be coming down. Perhaps a better world is drawing near, And just as easily it could all disappear Along with whatever meaning you might have found. Don't let the uncertainty turn you around. (the world keeps turning around and around) Go on and make a joyful sound.
Into a dancer you have grown, From a seed somebody else has thrown. Go on ahead and throw some seeds of your own, And somewhere between the time you arrive And the time you go, May lie a reason you were alive, But you'll never know.

This is a very personal post, but made to honor two lives lost in July 2011. The above song lyrics to "For a Dancer" by Jackson Browne, were printed on the funeral card and the song was played at the end of yesterday's funeral for my friend, Geri Alfinito, 47, wife, mother of four. It was by far one of the saddest, yet most poignant moments I have ever experienced, listening to this song for a final goodbye to her. I realize now how Natalie's birth family especially must have felt when "Midnight in Moscow" played on a balalaiku at Natalie's funeral. These type of personalized touches when saying goodbye to a dear one are what makes a world of difference in connecting with the reality of the loss, the reality and essence of the person leaving us.

We make memories with friends and family that follow us through life. I'm so sorry I hadn't seen Geri in several years, but it made it no easier to say goodbye to her. It's the memories that bring the tears, and the tears that bring depth to those who carry on. We all lose dear friends and loved ones along the way, and each loss is a reminder of our own mortality.

July 2011 has been a month I wish I could erase from my personal calendar. The month had started off with a terrible accident Bob experienced -- a puncture wound that almost became fatal due to internal bleeding, but thank goodness he made it to the hospital in time, and I am happy to report he is doing fine, recuperating from a surgical incision. Never underestimate the danger of a puncture wound, no matter how superficial it may appear. Bob's wound was something he was going to ignore. It looked like a tiny scratch on his stomach, but it was so much more. Had I not talked him into going to the hospital for a tetanus shot, he may not have survived.

A week later, my daughter-in-law suffered a terrible tragedy in her family. Her brother, Joe Wells, 30, of Illinois, suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head. A young woman (who had been drinking) had coaxed her husband into teaching her to shoot his gun. They went to the backyard and she aimed at a tree. The bullet missed the tree but traveled 100 yards through the window of Joe's apartment and hit him in the head and killed him. He was buried on July 15th. Gun control is an issue I firmly stand behind, now more than ever.

Yes, some people become legends and others may be remembered mostly through family and friends, but each life holds purpose and meaning, and each good life holds value. Every good person, like Geri and Joe, affects another, thus contributing decency and value to the entire human race. Yes, we are all our own "dancers" and as we try to right wrongs, or to make our stands and be heard, I think it's important to do our best to base our attempts on honesty, for without honesty, every foundation crumbles.

Joe Wells and Geri Alfinito, may you rest in peace. Like many, you were too young to leave. You are both part of legends of decency and honesty. There does lie a reason you were here. A good reason.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The subtle ways Robert Wagner has tried to re-write history

Robet Wagner admitted he plotted to kill Beatty
Robert Wagner Admits He Plotted To Kill Warren Beatty - Starpulse.com

Oh, he thinks he's good. He thinks he can put stories in books of lies, telling tales about how he waited outside Warren Beatty's house with a gun, when in fact, for the timing of his story, Beatty wasn't even in the country. He subtly lets the public know that he was tormented over an affair he claims Natalie Wood had with Beatty that didn't exist. This is an older article but it was the start of Wagner's little campaign to re-write Hollywood history.

Natalie Wood NEVER had an affair with Beatty. When they worked together on "Splendor in the Grass" Beatty and Natalie were not even chummy. In fact, there were some artistic differences in play. Beatty was engaged to Joan Collins at the time and he and Joan were very much in love. Natalie was in love with her husband, Robert Wagner, and while she was working doubly hard for the two of them because he wasn't bringing in any money at the time, while she worked on two films, she hardly had time for love affairs. It was after Natalie walked in on her husband, who was in a compromising position with another man, that she ran away from the marriage and never told anyone why, but she did write about how devastating an experience it was in regards to what caused the fall of her marriage. The marriage ended because HE cheated!
It wasn't until a year later that Natalie and Warren dated, after both had officially separated from their prior relationships. to make it more clear: Natalie did NOT have an "affair" -- she was OUT of her relationship with Wagner before she started seeing Warren. Therefore it is NOT an affair, it is a NEW RELATIONSHIP. She didn't start seeing Warren until AFTER she and RJ were separated...they separated in June, Natalie and warren began seeing each other in October. Then the couple appeared together at the premier of "Splendor in the Grass" and IF (BIG IF) Wagner ever waited for Beatty with a gun, it was NOT because Natalie had cheated on him.

Wagner's entire gun story is told to create the illusion that Natalie had cheated on him. Feel sorry for the mistreated husband and change the truth in the process... and, also, there's a bonus in it for Wagner. His fans think it's proof that he can become awful mad, mad enough to want to kill, but oh, of course, his better senses always take over, right?

Well, NO. His better senses did NOT take over the night Natalie Wood drowned. He made sure she drowned. He made sure NO ONE would have the opportunity to rescue her before the ocean could take her life. He knew how much time that might take, and he made damn sure to wait long enough to better HIS chances of her not being found alive. He told the Coast Guard Rescuer that he didn't call because he thought she was "off partying on other boats because that's the kind of woman she is." Nice husband.

He uses his subtle little tales all over the place, things such as Natalie drank too much, slipped and hit her head. NONE OF THAT IS TRUE.  Natalie drank socially that evening, as she had many, many social cruises before. She NEVER went out on a wet deck in her nightgown to re-tie a 13-ft. dinghy, tied with TWO LINES 12-ft apart, meaning it could NOT have drifted away with her if that had been her task, which it wasn't. She wasn't out drinking with other boaters in her nightgown, either. That's preposterous, yet it's what he SAID! In fact, she was on the back deck in a heated argument with her husband who was in a jealous, drunken rage, and then within minutes, she was IN the ocean, and left there to drown.

Natalie was an understanding, forgiving woman and believed Wagner was a worth a second chance, thus she remarried him after their first divorce. In her heart, he was the man of her dreams, but she had no idea his possesive nature could or would spiral so outrageously beyond control until the night of Novemebr 27, 1981. Yes, it was on that FRIDAY night of the 27th of that fateful cruise she first feared for her life, and she FLED. She fled with her boat captain to the safety of the Island, and she wanted to get as far away as possible from the man she suddenly realized she SHOULD fear. Sadly, come the next morning, with no flight available, she possibly wondered if she had overreacted. Plus, she had left her co-star to deal with a crazy situation, so she returned to the yacht. Within 24 hours, she would be dead for that decision.

Wagner's little subtle stories to try change the truth, to re-write history, will not work. Many people guarantee it at this point. So, this article link here talks about a man who ADMITS to wanting to kill. Hmmm, wonder if that was his intention with his little Beatty/gun story. Hopefully, he will not "want to kill" again before his time is up.  There will NEVER be enough time between the truth of what happened on the night of November 28, 1981 and his lies to change the minds of the intelligent life on this planet. If there's one drop of decency in this man, he should make his peace with the truth by TELLING THE TRUTH before he leaves this world. But we intelligent people know that will never happen, either. We will be fed lies such as the one in this article.

Friday, July 22, 2011

While Browsing ....

I came across this interesting celebrity website. There ARE people out there caring about Natalie's travesty of justice! This article was obviously taken from this very blog.

Marti Rulli, Author: Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour (Natalie Wood): Natalie Wood's travesty of justice: why Coroner Thomas...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dennis Davern and Natalie Wood

Dennis Davern and his friend Natalie Wood
I spoke with Dennis today and he is very saddened by the fact Natalie is not here to celebrate what would have been the start of her 73rd year. He said he knows she would have been the most beautiful 73 year old on the planet (but of course he has always, rightfully so, said she is the most beautiful woman EVER). Dennis has been away and very busy but is ready for the next step in bringing Natalie the justice she deserves. I will be posting updates VERY soon. 

Natalie Wood, 73 today, robbed of 30 years

How sad this one-of-a-kind actress, beautiful woman, mother of two, was robbed of the past 30 years to live the special life she had made for herself. How sad that her death was treated as a case of unimportance and closed within days when so much evidence pointed to something sinister, something foul. How sad her  daughters had to grow up without their beloved mother, and how sad for Natalie she was robbed of sharing their lives with them. How sad she is not here for what would have been her 73rd birthday. I have no doubt she most likely wouldn't have looked much different today than she appears in this beautiful photo, had she not been robbed of life. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Larry David

Natalie Wood in GYPSY

Someone a part of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" HBO series likes Natalie. They always seem to fit in mentioning her. On the latest episode when Larry David is asked what he knows about burlesque by Richard Lewis, Larry answers that he knows a lot, after all, he 'saw Natalie Wood in "Gypsy"' ... it was funny, but more so, a nice little way to keep the name and memory of Natalie Wood alive.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Natalie was an avid pet lover, cats and dogs always shared her life with her. Of course her dogs loved her in that unconditional way dogs do, and maybe that was something Natalie really appreciated in her hectic life, but Natalie loved her dogs right back. She babied them, she played with them, and she talked about them almost as much as she talked about her own daughters.

I understand how she felt. I had a little Miniature Daschund for 17 years, a female named Fritzy, and Fritzy always kept me company until wee hours in the morning while writing GNGS. She rarely left my side. When I'd turn off the computer and the closing music played, she'd jump up and wag her tail.

It's almost 3 years now, since she's been gone. She died the day GNGS hit the Barnes and Noble bookshelves. When I knew she was close to her time, I wanted her to be comfortable and die at home, but if I saw any pain, then I would take her in to be put to sleep immediately. I witnessed no pain until the morning of Aug 29th. She yelped out, seemingly at invisible things (angels?) coming to get her. I didn't know if she was just scared or if it was a pain yelp, but I woke Bob up and said, "We're taking her right now."

I held her on the way to the vet as Bob drove. She seemed pleased I didn't leave her home alone on this journey that she had no clue of its purpose, because she began wagging her tail as if to say, "thanks for not leaving me." Then she died in my arms. Bob and I pulled over and cried our eyes out. I buried her near where she always used to lay in a spot of sun. I still miss her so much.

Anyone who has ever loved a pet understands, but pets become as equally attached to us as we do to them. I remember asking Dennis a long time ago how Natalie's pets reacted to her absence. He said they had probably gotten used to her absence while she'd been away filming Brainstorm, but that Natalie's daughters had found such comfort in the pets while they grieved. He said one of Natalie's dogs always kept looking up the stairs toward her bedroom. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Today is a sad day for American justice, as I'm sure you've all heard the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial. To be honest, I was not surprised, for, as you all know, I've had my experience with the American justice system. Of course, the Natalie Wood case is personal for me, very personal. My friend was a victim of that particular case. But that is not to say that our system, and lack of justice in other various cases, does not also bother me. I am appalled over today's verdict. In this particular case, this brutal death of an innocent toddler, well, it touches all of us.

This case will forever be discussed. There are those who believe justice has been served, and millions of others who are outraged over what they see as a total disregard for true justice. I am one of the latter. But, sadly, this is something I am used to.

We are still seeking justice for Natalie Wood. In some way, I also hope Caylee Anderson will also receive a piece of justice, somehow, someway, someday.