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Friday, July 29, 2011

Robert Wagner interviewed by Katie Part 1

I've watched this interview before, but I took the time to really listen to it this morning. Katie obviously will support her father, but her interesting innuendoes in this first part of the interview, including "Natalie gave you everything, but took it all away" and about "reading all the other garbage" -- this is how lies become enforced. This is how truth is stomped upon. This is exactly how celebrity has an advantage, and TAKES advantage.

I recently took a little time to work on a manuscript involving a different subject, a fictional depiction of a true crime, yet based on actual research, a crime considered the trial of the century, and in my opinion, the crime of the century, so shortly into this century as well. I'm not sure if anything will ever become of it at this
time, partly due to something I really admire: THE PUBLIC.

The public is joining forces and vowing to boycott anything they consider promotional about the Casey Anthony trial. But sometimes the public forgets that there are things that need to be said, things that need to be told. Otherwise, we are left drowning in the same pool of lies and deception that kills any victim's only hope for justice when the system fails us.

Of course, what I wrote, my proudest chapter of that manuscript, was a testament to our judicial system. What I wrote was nothing to exploit a victim (as was never my intent with Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour), but rather to draw attention to flaws in our system, to professionals who don't get their jobs done properly. There was evidence available in the Anthony trial that was never submitted, possibly due to over-confidence, maybe a tad of pompousness, maybe pure neglect. A little research, a few phone calls can tell a writer a lot. I actually spoke with States witnesses who informed me the prosecution ignored things they pleaded to tell, evidence they tried to submit to prove all the lies told on the stand in that trial. The end result, in my opinion, is that yet ANOTHER killer walks amongst us. Another silent victim receives little justice.

Yes, I admire our system, but I recognize its flaws. There are flaws in most every huge system, but I truly believe that crime victims are often short-changed and ignored, and the results bring national unity such as in the Simpson trial and the Anthony trial.

In Natalie's case, this 30th year of her suspicious death, I am going to do all I can to find answers from the law that failed her. The petition will soon be turned in, and everyone who is still frustrated over the lack of justice in Natalie's case, thank you for having signed the petition, and I will let you know soon if there is more you can do more.


  1. Hi Marti, I have never seen this before, Not missing much.. LOL. He makes me sick. It's funny how he talks of Natalie, like as if people don't know who she was. And of a accident on the boat. Can't wait for some good news. Pam

  2. What an odd thing for Katie to say, "Natalie gave you everything but took it all away." As if that was the most tragic aspect of her death in their eyes. We can only imagine what he has fed them over the years. Katie was 17 when Natalie died. She knows when Daddy began seeing Jill, she knows it was not 6 months after Natalie died. Maybe she does not care that he lies as long as the lie benefits him.

  3. I am always so hesitant to hear or read anything the Reverse Mortgage King has to say. It makes me very angry all over again to hear his rubbish.

    I was thinking last night of Wagner's supposed plan to release ANOTHER book. WHY? It is obvious that the sole purpose would be to try to have the last word because GNGS came out after his piece of crap book did.

    What is he going to say in it? And what does he think people are going to ask him about re: it? They will (or SHOULD) ask, "Why did you feel the need to put out another book only three years after the first one?" Would they have the gumption to FINALLY ask more pointed questions and persist with them? Why are the media and other interviewers so inclined to tippy-toe around this phony? He is NOT a legend, he is not an icon--he is a fake and a liar and a killer.

  4. I forced myself to watch the entire interview on YouTube. It seemed very awkward to me.

    Katie seemed off throughout the interview. A few comments stood out to me. I noticed how Katie emphasized the point of Wagner having relationships with so many different women in Hollywood, even asking the audience for their affirmation of that. What's the need for that? Okay...

    Then Wagner claims, "I didn't know that much about acting." Well, at least he's right about that! And he still doesn't know much.

    Wagner states that in the 50s, relationships between much older women and younger men were so unconventional, so they had to keep it quiet. Of course, that is a great explanation for why there isn't greater knowledge of their relationship. It's the perfect cover. Perhaps another explanation is that it didn't last for four long years, as Wagner says it did.

    Then he goes on to say that Stanwyck was "THE most wonderful woman." Oh, yes--now WHO was the love of his life?

    Finally, he brings up the photo with Natalie, Stefanie Powers, and Jill St. John in dance class together. He claims that they all grew up together, went to school together. He implies again that they were all great friends, as he has before, so that people will think, "Oh, he ended up marrying Natalie's childhood friend! Isn't that sweet!" Who could disapprove of that, even if they did start dating two weeks after Natalie perished? Another lie--they were NOT friends and they certainly didn't go to school together. Natalie was four years older than St. John.

  5. Of course, I was talking about Barbara Stanwyck in the above post, if it wasn't clear.

  6. Most rich and famous people who lose loved ones to untimely deaths will establish charitable foundations or special events in their memory. I bet we can all think of several examples.

    Strangely, RJ has done nothing like this, and there are so many causes that Natalie's name could be attached to. A charitable foundation that helps at-risk teens take acting lessons, or teaches disadvantaged kids to swim, or helps children who've lost a parent... or maybe a film foundation in Natalie's honor that helps budding new directors get their start, or a special award named after Natalie at Sundance (esp. since Robert Redford was her friend).

    It's sad to think that nothing like this has ever been done for Natalie. She would have been remembered by young people if RJ had permitted such posthumous honors.