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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dennis Davern and Natalie Wood

Dennis Davern and his friend Natalie Wood
I spoke with Dennis today and he is very saddened by the fact Natalie is not here to celebrate what would have been the start of her 73rd year. He said he knows she would have been the most beautiful 73 year old on the planet (but of course he has always, rightfully so, said she is the most beautiful woman EVER). Dennis has been away and very busy but is ready for the next step in bringing Natalie the justice she deserves. I will be posting updates VERY soon. 


  1. Now this is music to our ears. Thanks so much! What a great day to post this.

  2. Happy birthday, Natalie, wherever you are. :-)

  3. what a awesome picture of them, Thanks Marti.

  4. I like the way Dennis is looking at Natalie.

  5. Thanks Marti! I love this picture, love her beautiful smile!
    We look forward to seeing some justice for our beautiful Natalie.

  6. From Marti

    I love this photo, too. I want this to be Natalie's year.

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  8. Thanks for posting, Marti ( well, everybody calls you simply by your first name so may I, I think ^_^ ).

    Beautiful picture indeed, I'm going to steal, ehem sorry, save it for my Nat's pics collection :-)

    It will be 30 years since her death within 4 months, time flies...
    I was just entering my early teen age but I had already seen most of her movies on tv so far.
    And I still remember her tragic passing away in our local news and papers.
    Both my parents liked her too, my dad used to say she was one of the few dark-eyed brunettes to have make it big with beauty and talent in the showbiz mainly based on blonde typecasts.

  9. Debora, and your dad was so right! Yes, you may call me Marti, and you may also use the pic in your collection. :-) Marti