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Monday, April 30, 2012

Yahoo's Article on Courtney Wagner Arrest

http://omg.yahoo.com/blogs/now/natalie-wood-daughter-courtney-wagner-arrested-cocaine-heroin-165334086.html This article is a bit more detailed, but also includes misinformation about the status of the Natalie Wood case. I look forward to an official answer in the Natalie Wood case reinvestigation.

Courtney Wagner Arrested

Courtney Wagner Arrested: Natalie Wood's Daughter Charged With Cocaine, Heroin Possession

In this Huffington Post article, a news source for AOL news highlights on a daily basis, I am stunned at the inaccuracies offered in this article. First of all, the article tags the name Jack Wagner while celebrity Jack Wagner has absolutely nothing to do with the Wagner/Wood family. In the article there's a comment of, "like mother like daughter" which is extremely disturbing. Natalie Wood was a woman of class and dignity, and never involved in an illegal drug arrest with a gun involved. What is happening to journalism? Who writes for these sources we depend upon for accurate news? In this article, from the Huffington Post no less, we are told that the reopening of Natalie's case last November has been closed and determined an accidental death. NOTHING has been determined in regard to the case being reopened last November, and NOTHING has OFFICIALLY been announced on the determination of the results of the new investigation. What was released in January 2012 from a department spokesperson was misleading, and when retracted, totally ignored by the sources the public relies upon for accuracy in reporting. I fear for the future of journalism based on the standards of today's reporting. The Natalie Wood case is an ongoing investigation.

As for Courtney Wagner being arrested under these type circumstances--drugs and guns involved--well I hope she realizes, and soon, that she's living dangerously and will make immediate changes in her life. She's a beautiful young woman still, with a much healthier future to look forward to than remaining with a man so irresponsible he would shoot a gun in her home. Thank goodness it was not a tragic scene.   

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

FishbowlLA article on Natalie Wood new investigation

Author Marti Rulli Revisits Natalie Wood Media Frenzy - FishbowlLA

This article by Richard Hogan is responsible coverage and interest in Natalie Wood's case since a few confusing statements were released from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department in January of this year. Natalie Wood's case is receiving the proper reinvestigation it deserves, which means a proper investigation takes time.

There will also be an article about Natalie Wood in the June edition of Marie Claire (British magazine edition) which will be available in May.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Latest 2-star review at Amazon

I appreciate reviews, even this one by Rebelmomi posted at Amazon on April 8th.

I have been a lover of Natalie Woods since I saw Rebel in 1970, when I was 10 years old. I remember when Sal was murdered, and then the curse of Rebel continued with the drowning of Nat in 81. What made me mad about this book was that it was one long tease. What did the skipper witnessed that night took 40 chapters to reveal. It could have been said in 5. The bottom line is they did a crappy job with the investigation, and nobody seems to care. Its 30 years later, and I doubt that Natalie will ever get justice.

The above review is obviously from someone who appreciates Natalie Wood and her work, and the reviewer realizes the injustice surrounding Natalie's mysterious drowning. I do take slight issue with the opinion the book is a tease because that was certainly not my intention, but I realize how some people may view it that way. I wrote the story the way I experienced the story.

Most readers can finish a book (and GNGS is standard length) in a few days or less. I wrote the book so that readers might feel the frustration I experienced for decades. Not being able to pull the entire truth from Dennis for close to a decade was excruciating. I knew from his comments something terrible had happened but I wasn't privy to details for many years. Talk about experiencing a tease! A reader can have the facts within a day from GNGS, but it took decades for me. I apologize if the frustration is actually experienced while reading, but it's also indicative that I conveyed the frustration actually experienced for years. 

I did my best to understand why Dennis just couldn't spit it out, but it was hell knowing he had such a tragic story so consciously buried but would trust no one with it. The frustration a GNGS reader might feel is exactly the frustration I wanted them to feel so that they might fully understand what a true chore it was to stick with a mission for facts to bring Natalie some degree of justice. It was also an effort to reveal the injustice bestowed upon Natalie in so many ways, from so many directions. She didn't deserve the mere theory, gossip, and rumor surrounding her death, but that was all she ever got based upon the prevailing lies of those present on the fateful cruise. Natalie's case was not investigated until now, and unlike this reviewer, I have faith Natalie will receive more justice at the end of the day.

My initial intention had been to expose and correct as much as I possibly could while going about my  everyday common life. I pushed and pulled until I learned the details of the covered-up truth, and then I did my best to substantiate what I had learned. I appreciate every opinion, every review, but to have experienced the past thirty years has really been something indescribable. I am proud of my genuine efforts for justice for Natalie, and will always remain so.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Enjoy the holiday weekend

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter/Passover weekend. Baseball is officially underway, and it should be a very interesting season ... may the best team win!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Christopher Walken would buy a yacht!

This news from last week was emailed to me and I thought I'd post it. It occurred during the mega millions frenzy. I can picture the light bulb maybe going off in Walken's head as he walked away from answering this question, asking himself, "Why on earth did I answer that way?"

But, it's actually a NORMAL response, indicating an INNOCENT response. Although I will always maintain the three surviving men of the fateful Nov. 1981 cruise should have been forthcoming with the authorities, I also remain convinced there is but one person of the three survivors whose lies are inexcusable.

Walken felt he had a lot to lose, being the up and rising star of the day. Dennis felt a total family would be destroyed as he had experienced problems processing between right and wrong for many comprehensible reasons. Each, however, should have simply been honest and not tried to protect anything or anybody, as truth eventually finds a way of unfolding.

In any case, Walken's answer may seem insensitive or inappropriate, but it's a rather normal response. Here's the question and answer report from TMZ (who incidentally is also inaccurately reporting that the subsequent investigation has been ruled accidental, as no official ruling on the new investigation has yet been reached. When it is, I will let you know.)

from TMZ, March 31:
Christopher Walken either has a dark sense of humor ... or a bad memory ... 'cause the guy says his Lotto dream is to buy a yacht. Sounds great ... until you remember he was on board Robert Wagner's infamous rented yacht when Natalie Wood mysteriously fell overboard and drowned back in 1981. Walken was never named as a suspect in the subsequent death investigation ... in fact, nobody was ... and investigators eventually ruled her death as an accident. »

- TMZ Staff   News from TMZ