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Monday, April 30, 2012

Courtney Wagner Arrested

Courtney Wagner Arrested: Natalie Wood's Daughter Charged With Cocaine, Heroin Possession

In this Huffington Post article, a news source for AOL news highlights on a daily basis, I am stunned at the inaccuracies offered in this article. First of all, the article tags the name Jack Wagner while celebrity Jack Wagner has absolutely nothing to do with the Wagner/Wood family. In the article there's a comment of, "like mother like daughter" which is extremely disturbing. Natalie Wood was a woman of class and dignity, and never involved in an illegal drug arrest with a gun involved. What is happening to journalism? Who writes for these sources we depend upon for accurate news? In this article, from the Huffington Post no less, we are told that the reopening of Natalie's case last November has been closed and determined an accidental death. NOTHING has been determined in regard to the case being reopened last November, and NOTHING has OFFICIALLY been announced on the determination of the results of the new investigation. What was released in January 2012 from a department spokesperson was misleading, and when retracted, totally ignored by the sources the public relies upon for accuracy in reporting. I fear for the future of journalism based on the standards of today's reporting. The Natalie Wood case is an ongoing investigation.

As for Courtney Wagner being arrested under these type circumstances--drugs and guns involved--well I hope she realizes, and soon, that she's living dangerously and will make immediate changes in her life. She's a beautiful young woman still, with a much healthier future to look forward to than remaining with a man so irresponsible he would shoot a gun in her home. Thank goodness it was not a tragic scene.   


  1. Some of the comments are outrageous. One person was very upset that Courtney was not referred to as Robert Wagner's daughter, the person wrote "he did adopt her and her raised her". That shows how little the public knows about topics they comment on. Courtney is Robert Wagner's flesh and blood daughter. It's possible that she was referred to as "Natalie Wood's daughter" because the headline would get more attention that way.
    The internet media is irresponsible.

  2. Lyla, I agree. In regards to Natalie Wood's life, and mysterious death especially, I don't think I've EVER seen more irresponsible, insulting, and ignorant reporting, comments, and idle "talk." It's often mind-boggling. Back in November, it was really interesting (and occasionally amusing) to see certain people surfacing with their "expert" opinions after the case was reopened. Where were they when Natalie needed them? Where are they today? I will tell you this much: as always, for Natalie, a woman who deserves our dedication to see her justice develop, I remain dedicated and will always present credible, supported information. Thanks for responding; you sound like a responsible commentator.

  3. Very sad. You know things would have been very different if Natalie was here. Thanks for sharing Marti. Pam

  4. You know, it annoys me so much to see so many errors and lies about Natalie and the case. There are still Wagner fans who go around saying the case is closed when it isn't.

    I feel bad for Courtney, I know she has been very troubled for a long time. I hope she can turn her life around. And really, Wagner should take a good long look at himself but I doubt he will. How he can look those girls in the face after what he did is beyond me.