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Friday, April 6, 2012

Christopher Walken would buy a yacht!

This news from last week was emailed to me and I thought I'd post it. It occurred during the mega millions frenzy. I can picture the light bulb maybe going off in Walken's head as he walked away from answering this question, asking himself, "Why on earth did I answer that way?"

But, it's actually a NORMAL response, indicating an INNOCENT response. Although I will always maintain the three surviving men of the fateful Nov. 1981 cruise should have been forthcoming with the authorities, I also remain convinced there is but one person of the three survivors whose lies are inexcusable.

Walken felt he had a lot to lose, being the up and rising star of the day. Dennis felt a total family would be destroyed as he had experienced problems processing between right and wrong for many comprehensible reasons. Each, however, should have simply been honest and not tried to protect anything or anybody, as truth eventually finds a way of unfolding.

In any case, Walken's answer may seem insensitive or inappropriate, but it's a rather normal response. Here's the question and answer report from TMZ (who incidentally is also inaccurately reporting that the subsequent investigation has been ruled accidental, as no official ruling on the new investigation has yet been reached. When it is, I will let you know.)

from TMZ, March 31:
Christopher Walken either has a dark sense of humor ... or a bad memory ... 'cause the guy says his Lotto dream is to buy a yacht. Sounds great ... until you remember he was on board Robert Wagner's infamous rented yacht when Natalie Wood mysteriously fell overboard and drowned back in 1981. Walken was never named as a suspect in the subsequent death investigation ... in fact, nobody was ... and investigators eventually ruled her death as an accident. »

- TMZ Staff   News from TMZ



  1. I feel that his comment was thoughtless and I am sure he is able to afford a boat without a lottery win.
    My feeling is that he saw and heard more than he claims he did. He lied and those lies helped Robert Wagner.

  2. I agree, Roz. I believe he is thoughtless. He tried to completely separate himself from the tragedy, but occasionally lied in the media when it was convenient for him ... when promoting a movie or asked a question for instance. Now, he will be asked to account for his lies. With this latest insensitive comment, it's obvious he is thoughtless, but I also believe he, like Dennis, got caught in a terrible situation that long ago weekend -- one they never knew how to handle for various reasons. In the end, it only grew the injustice for a woman undeserving of the lies surrounding her death.