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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

FishbowlLA article on Natalie Wood new investigation

Author Marti Rulli Revisits Natalie Wood Media Frenzy - FishbowlLA

This article by Richard Hogan is responsible coverage and interest in Natalie Wood's case since a few confusing statements were released from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department in January of this year. Natalie Wood's case is receiving the proper reinvestigation it deserves, which means a proper investigation takes time.

There will also be an article about Natalie Wood in the June edition of Marie Claire (British magazine edition) which will be available in May.


  1. (Off-topic) Marti, I read on a forum on Network54.com that Natasha is pregnant. Since she's not really famous I can't find any official news publications reporting this, but if it's true then this is wonderful news that Natalie will finally have a grandchild.

  2. I heard she is pregnant as well, but that's all I know about it. It would have been wonderful for Natalie to be around to experience grandmotherhood. It's a wonderful experience.

    In fact, I'm off this morning to watch my two 5-year old grandsons play T-ball (they happened to be on the same team). My morning will be filled with smiles and laughs, I'm sure. These kids are a riot as they attempt to learn "thee game!" One tiny little boy had his batting helmet fall over his eyes after batting last week and he went running around the field trying to find the bases while he couldn't see. He looked like a helmet with legs. We were all hysterical and gave him a standing ovation when he finally landed on the pitcher's mound.

    For some reason I'm hoping Natasha has a girl. I'm sure, be her first a boy or a girl, she will realize the intense, uncompromised love only a mother realizes. She will sense how her own mother felt upon holding her in her arms. Natasha changed Natalie's life tremendously. When Natalie became a mother, she also became a new woman with new priorites, something that never ended for her.