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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Letter Robert Wagner Sent To Dennis Davern during his Captain Tenure

This letter was written by Robert Wagner in 1976 and sent to Dennis Davern when the Wagner family had been away in Europe. I know that some people are claiming Dennis was not as close to the Wagner family as he claims. This is not a typical "business letter" Note: it ends with RJ telling Dennis that he looks forward to seeing him and that the family sends their love, especially Natasha.  Typical Employer/Employee correspondence does not include the word "love." Dennis was extremely close to the Wagner family in 1976, two years into his job, and became much closer as the years went by.


  1. The Wagner freaks have come up with another excuse for his actions concerning the fact that he waited 4 hours to call the GG. They are saying that Dennis had drugs on board and that the boat smelled of pot. That's the reason Wagner's Fairy Tale Squad give for Wagner risking the life of the woman he loved. Anyone who knows anything about this case knows that it was Walken who was possession of the pot, not Dennis. Furthermore, I doubt that The CG would have cared more about the smell of pot than they cared about a woman missing as sea. Also Wagner was quite drunk at that point and drank more. Maybe he did not want the CG to see how he was handling the fact that his wife was missing, how he poured more booze himself and Dennis. There is no excuse for Wagner's actions concerning the 4 hour wait. How pathetic that Wagner's supporters make up excuses for him. Lynn

  2. It is ridiculous that such an excuse would be fabricated. Drugs were never a part of SPlendour outings. On this particular cruise, minor recreational use did occur, but the boat did not smell like marijuana, and even if it had reeked of it, it's a reason not to rescue your wife lost at sea? No more excuses for Wagner. The media is going to help make sure of it.

  3. Actually, that was only ONE year into his job with the Wagners! In fact, they bought the bought in September, 1975, so that wasn't even a full year! I believe they were in London mid-year, right?

    Marti, I just posted my book review at Amazon--it's being reviewed and should be up soon--it didn't say how long they take to review them first. I don't know why it became a mini-ordeal to post there, but finally it's done, and I'm relieved! I am going out of town today, so I will have to catch up later on your interview today. Good luck with it!

  4. As the truth rolls out and this story gains steam, watch for Wagner's Fairy Tale Squad (love the name) to become more desperate in their attempts to defend him. Really, it's all they have.

    Especially at the Amazon site, they're becoming looser and looser in their thinking (if you can call it that) and cooking up other things to distract from the truth. They will NOT succeed.

  5. Oops, I meant they "bought the boat," of course!

  6. Done with all this nonsense!! I Hope that the truth will come out because too many of these manufactured excuses from Wagner and company do not fit together. As in many other cases, Los Angeles does a terrible job of solving tragic cases so; I sure hope that the media will help to open this case back up. I thank you Marti for it!
    This woman was star who needs to be remembered and deserves the recognition she never received because of the selfishness of her husband!

  7. Get your facts straight. The Wagner Truth Squad (I prefer that name) is arguing quite the opposite. They are saying that RJ NEVER said that he didn't call the CG because of whatever drugs might have been on board. That is being put out there by Natalie fans to imply that he was more concerned about a drug arrest than his wife's safety.

    Carry on.

  8. That is not true about concern about a "drug arrest." Get YOUR facts straight. No, Wagner wasn't concerned about a drug arrest. He was concerned about his own image. And it cost Natalie's life. He always was, is now, and always will be about himself first. That is abundantly clear in everything that he has said, written, and done.

  9. No, you get your facts straight. The person who posted the story about the drug raid was a Wagner supporter. The person made up the entire story to place the blame for Wagner's wait to call the Coast Guard on Dennis Davern. The entire story was fabricated by a Wagner supporter. Wagner's fear of a drug raid was another dramatic attempt by the Wagner squad to make excuses for Wagner's failure to put his wife's life before his image. Even Wagner's strongest devotees never heard the story before and shot down their fellow Wagner Squad member's obviously contrived post. How desperate can one be?

  10. If Natalie screamed for help, as is strongly suggested, I noticed that she never cried out her husband's name. Under most circumstances I would think she would have screamed "R.J., help me. I'm drowning." Instead, she cries out for "someone" to help her. I guess she knew she wasn't about to get any assistance from R.J.

  11. RJ was drunk and out of his mind with jealously. He had a knock down, drag out fight and pushed or threw Natalie in the water. There is no other conclusion you can come to.

  12. Wagner is a murderer, period, he killed Natalie, and needs to go to jail for the rest of his fat sweaty miserable life.

  13. I am so glad that this case has been reopened. I have always felt the husband kill her. It took years but let the truth prevail!!!

  14. Marti,
    I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was having you "On The Grid" yesterday. You are a gracious and wonderful lady and your book is absolutely one of the best factual accounts I have ever read. It rings true all the way through it. I plan to add my review on Amazon when I finish it (which will be soon as I could not put it down!)

    You did your homework and you did not sensationalize any of the events which I appreciate. I am as critical as they come when it comes to books like this. If I did not feel the way I do, I would say nothing at all. I mean every word of this.

    I just hope that the reinvestigation of Natalie's death is done in a manner that brings the truth for Natalie, for her family and for Dennis Davern who has lived with this sadness for these many years.

    If justice is served (and I believe it will be as the facts speak quite loudly here) then you can know that you have done so much to bring that about. If justice is NOT served, at least many people now know the truth and that is also noble from my point of view.

    Thanks again for yesterday. May God bless both you and Dennis and Natalie's family. This has been a long time coming.

    Joyce Bagley
    On The Grid
    "Where Real Life Happens"