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Thursday, March 11, 2010

ThreeWiseGirls Interview

ThreeWiseGirls on Blog Talk Radio

You can listen to the interview at above link (or click on headline of this post)

Today's interview with Debbie Barth of the "Three Wise Girls" Blog Talk Radio Show went beautifully, due mostly to the professional, informative interviewing technique Debbie Barth used. I was so impressed with her knowledge of this story, her intuitive and fact-based questions, and her willingness to accept the intricate essence of the varied details pertaining to the night Natalie Wood lost her life. Debbie's sensitivity to this story made for a completely comfortable atmosphere for Dennis and myself to explain what needs to be explained. Debbie's questions, by far, are the most "connecting" type questions we ever have been asked, thus, by far, the best interview Dennis and I have yet to experience. We thank Debbie for her efforts, her sensitivity, and we thank her for caring about this story that continues to acquire dedicated concern. Hopefully, professionals will soon begin to care as much.  


  1. I listened to the interview and I can see exactly what you are saying, Marti. The interviewer (Debbie) seemed to have a real feel for this story, when and where to let something go deeper and when to put a rumor to rest. It was an excellent interview!

  2. I liked that the interviewer gave Dennis and Marti equal time. Dennis sounded very honest, and it was good to hear from HIM.

  3. Thank you all for your kind words. This project truly was a labor of love. The more I read the book and had prior conversations with Marti ... the more I swore to myself that I would do everything I could to do their story ... and mission ...justice. My two co-hosts, Linda Alexander and Dori DeCarlo were awesome in supporting me with this story and "holding down" the chat-room and sharing links and information with the attendees. This show will always be very special to me.

  4. Thx to you, Marti, & Dennis, for trusting Debbie enough--& our show, The Three Wise Girls--to allow the true story to be told. I believe there should be much more attention paid to the one person on that yacht, Dennis, who until now hasn't had his knowledge of the facts receive equal time. With something of a "hush order" placed on him at the onset, it's finally his turn to let the truth be known. We hope to hear more as this evolves--please come back to the show once that petition re-opens the case!

  5. Just listened to the radio interview. It was excellent, thorough, informative, eye-opening and jaw-dropping for most people. This will be the Catalina catalyst to spark re-opening the case. I wouldn't call the case closed or cold; I would call it the-never-investigated case.

  6. I listened to this interview yesterday - I wondered why Dennis Davern was so hesitant to answer the questions that were put directly to him - he has the floor but seems strangely unwilling to reply to questions - like when he was asked about the bruises on Natalie's body - he didn't really go into it but asked Marti to take this one - why, was she there? Sorry but Dennis Davern does not come off as "honest," far from it. I would ask him why *he* did not turn the searchlight on himself, without getting Wagner's permission - he stood by and let Natalie drown, same as Wagner - just my opinion.