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Monday, March 8, 2010

CNN Justice: Nancy Grace's Cold Cases - Natalie Wood Article

Sister, yacht captain want Natalie Wood case reopened - CNN.com

Article By Rupa Mikkilineni, Nancy Grace producer
Lana Wood says: I just want the truth to come out, the real story ...

In writing this article, Rupa interviewed Dennis Davern, myself, Lana Wood, Detective Rasure, Retired Coast Guard Lieutenant Roger Smith, and Harbormaster Doug Oudin. Nancy Grace is concerned over the many inconsistencies in the Natalie Wood case and has officially listed it in her cold case file.
Please sign the petition so that the authorities might see the need to settle this case satisfactorily once and for all. It's never too late for justice for Natalie Wood. Her death should not remaim shrouded in mystery and questionalble from every angle.
Reopen Investigation of Natalie Wood's death Petition


  1. Marti, your dedication and integrity are really starting to pay off. I am SO glad that Nancy Grace is covering this story. I am hoping and praying that things move along more quickly now on this.

    How about that--Wagner and his reps have "no comment!" That is just so surprising!

  2. its unfortunate that she did not see fit to mention the online petition -- JamesV

  3. her research could have been better also. Natalie was nominated for, but did not win, Oscars for Rebel Without A Cause and Splendor In The Grass. She was also nominated for Best Actress for Love With The Proper Stranger.

  4. JamesV, I was disappointed in that omission, too, yet so grateful for this type of attention.

    Marianne, thank you, just the name Nancy Grace shows so many people what this case deserves.

    Today is a huge day for Natalie's voice.

  5. Marti, I have been having a heck of a time trying to post my review on Amazon. It kept saying that I have to wait 48 hours after making a purchase to post there. However, I can post in the threads but not a review of the book.

    I recently HAVE made a purchase, and I have a longer order history with them, so I didn't know what was going on. It got very frustrating, and I know you've been eager to see my review. So, I went ahead and bought another copy through Amazon so that I can post the review. So, I figure by Friday a.m. I can get on there. I am going out of town on Thursday and won't get to my destination until late. I am eager to post my review.

  6. I do not understand how Wagner could have such long of an arm.

    Check the edit history on wikipedia. Multiple users have tried adding that Lana Wood and Dennis requesting for the case to be reopened, but it is against their policy to make any accusation against a LIVING PERSON.

    but that page is full of inappropriate "trivia" about Natalie's love life without explanation because she is DEAD.

    Natalie deserves better than this.

  7. The book GNGS was quite a disappointment to me. I kept reading and reading for some information that I didn’t already know. The book still left me wondering. How did Natalie end up in the water? The banging dinghy theory was squelched, however I didn’t believe that story anyway.
    I believe that RJ loved Natalie with all his heart. He was drunk that night and made a horrible mistake. He knew of her fear of water and punished her by either throwing her in or letting her slip without immediate rescue. My theory has the Captain and RJ recovering her, already deceased, and then placing the down coat on her, either as a loving gesture, or to make sure she would be found. This would explain the many bruises that Natalie acquired around the time of her death, especially the bruises on her ankles. By the Captains own admission, no one on board knew CPR. I believe some of the things the Captain reported did happen, but I believe he would be incriminating himself if he ever told the entire true story. RJ did say,” She’s gone, She’s gone,” but it was when they were both staring down at her body which they had just pulled from the icy water, not as he scanned the ocean as the Captain described. They threw her back in the water at the same time the dinghy was released.
    I don’t care how good an actor RJ is, I saw true pain and heartbreak in his eyes when he attended Natalie’s funeral. I know a great deal about alcohol and the Jeckle and Hyde syndrome that accompanies heavy drinking. My husband and son both died of alcoholism, and I had a drinking problem for years. I know all about black outs and drunken rages.
    No doubt the case should have been investigated more thoroughly than it was back on November 29, 1981. However, I don’t believe that Natalie would have wanted RJ in prison and unable to care for those darling children. If all the facts came out he probably would have been charged with negligible homicide or involuntary manslaughter, with the Captain as an accessory. As to their physical argument, I am not sure domestic violence was an important issue in 1981. Read the words Christopher Walken said “Don’t get between a husband and wife when they are fighting.” That was the norm throughout much of history. I disliked Walken for many years after Natalie’s death because I believe he was awake and feigning sleep. I mean how fast can a person fall asleep with all that noise, arguing, and music going on. What Natalie saw in him is beyond me.
    I did appreciate the description of the boat and the house that Natalie so proudly decorated, the pictures of the good times on the Splendour, and the hard work and investigation which went into the book. I see nothing wrong with someone profiting, but the book is what it is, a conversation between the author and the Captain for 30 long years. RJ is 80 years old, let him live out the rest of his life in peace.