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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Natalie Wood's Saturday, 28 Years Ago Today.

Natalie woke up early, tried to call her sister, Lana, but could not reach her. She left the Pavilion Lodge with Dennis and returned to Splendour. Dennis was not happy about having to take the boat to the Isthmus, but it's what RJ and Natalie asked for. Natalie wanted to salvage the cruise. She went ashore with Christopher in the afternoon. In the early evening, RJ and Dennis joined Natalie and Chris at Doug's Harbor Reef Restaurant for dinner. About 10:30 PM when the four returned to Splendour, RJ lost it. He picked up a wine bottle, smashed it on the coffee table in the main salon and accused Chris of wanting to have sex with Natalie.

Natalie was mortified. She went to her master stateroom and prepared for bed. RJ followed her. A huge argument broke out in the master staterrom, and the fight soon carried over to the back deck. Within minutes after 11 PM, Natalie found herself in the water she had feared her entire life. She cried out for help. RJ refused to allow Dennis to search for Natalie. RJ tried to convince Dennis that Natalie was in the dinghy. Dennis could only hope that she was. Over two hours later, RJ got on the radio and said "someone is missing from our boat." Another two full hours later, the harbormaster pleaded with RJ to be allowed to call the Coast Guard. While this bizarre behavior took place on and near the Splendour, Natalie was suffering fear, terror, hypothermia, and drowning at sea.   

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  1. There is no doubt in my mind that Natalie actually died on this day, between the hours of 11PM and midnight. It bothers me greatly when I visit her grave and see the 29th as the date she died.

    The 29th was when R.J. decided she'd been out there long enough for him to not have to worry about her being found alive and sharing her side of the story!