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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mike Cortson Interview

"Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendor" interview with Marti Rulli.
Program airs 11-10-09 at 10 am ET and repeats the following day
at 6 pm ET on WRHC-FM streaming live
 It can be downloaded now FREE from web site http://www.mikecortson.com/ 
or by going to http://www.radio.mikecortson.com/  .


  1. I listened to this interview. Mike was very interested and let me talk: I appreciated that kind of platform and I apologize if I spoke rather rapidly. The vast story often gets tangled in my mind, and there is so much to tell, but overall, I am grateful for this opportunity to have said all I was able to convey. Thank you to Mike, my host.

  2. You got in what you needed to get in, Marti. It's a great interview. I also like Mr. Media's interview with Dennis (and u). I listened to both this morning. You two seem so real and it comes across.
    I hate those polished, smooth rehearsed type interviews. You are real. TY

  3. Marti,
    What a great interview! I wish we could have seen your face. I look forward to see a TV interview. I wish the media would grow a pair and give this the attention it deserves. I'm astounded that the media is not all over this. I guess Wagner is still sending threatening letters. Some things never change.

  4. I can't find enough words to describe how I feel about this. You're amazing, Marti, and I wish you the best of luck in getting this case reopened.

  5. Thank you for these messages. Ironically, on a TV interview, I was shooshed when I attempted to answer a question about Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour similar to this interview. I was considered the "unimportant party" involved. I am so relieved to hear from so many others willing to serve as a voice for Natalie. Thank you so much.

  6. Mike asked a good question about what new evidence has come up that might warrant a reopening of this case - the first thing a prosecutor would want to know. For one thing, the revelation that Wagner was in Natalie's presence when she went off the boat, and not drinking with Dennis or with Walken, is new. However, cases also can be reopened based on the existing evidence, if that evidence is shown in a new light to create a signifcant and substantial new question as to the original conclusion. GNGS does that, as well, with regard to the existing theories of how she left the boat, and how her bruises were sustained. These facts alone should warrant a new analysis of this case. JamesV

  7. I agree JamesV, and since GNGS, Natalie has more support than ever.

  8. This interviewer was a little bit nicer. The other one interrupted you and Dennis, and wasted a lot of time playing the clip at the beginning. Don't give up, I have faith that justice will happen