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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition thus far. Every voice counts. We're nearing Nov. 29th that will mark 28 years since Natalie Wood lost her life during what was supposed to be a fun start to the holiday season for her. No one deserves to die the way Natalie died, or deserves to be forgotten by those obligated by our justice system to defend and answer for such a bizarre death. Thank you for your signatures and for your comments.



  1. I signed, Marti, and a few of my friends did, too but not until after they read your book. I appreciated they wanted to decide for themselves and they were more than willing to sign by their own choice. I hope more people realize how important a thing this petition is. Thank you for hosting it (I know you didn't start it, but I appreciate who did, too).

  2. More and more of my friends are signing too, after they learn about the details of this case, which have never been brought to light before. People do take this petition seriously - they are hesistant at first because they do not want to hurt Natalie's daughters or her sister. But, when they read about what happened, they know in their hearts that Natalie now deserves at least justice, because she did not get the protection and help she needed that would have saved her.

  3. Natalie's sister is supporting the book and wants the case re-opened too. this would only make her ahppy.