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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Morning, Nov. 29, 1981

Natalie Wood, wearing her red down jacket, a nightgown and wool socks, was found floating face down in the ocean near Blue Cavern Point. Her body (especially legs and arms) was filled with dozens of superficial bruises, some as large as four inches long. A facial abrasion and several other scratches were obvious. The dinghy was found near day break, unused, floating in a cove not far from where Natalie's body was spotted shortly after. Coast Guard Lieutenant, Roger Smith, immediately thought homicide and told Doug Bombard, the restaurant owner who first reached Natalie, to not touch the body. Roger Smith brought Natalie's body to shore. He removed her jewelry and closed her eyes. Authorities immediately summoned a private helicopter to remove celebrities Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken from the tragic scene. They were allowed to go home. Dennis Davern remained to identify Natalie Wood.  

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  1. Just watched a video of her body in a bag being wheeled onto a helicopter the morning she was found. I felt like I was about to throw up. It's so terrible what happened to her.