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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

There's something about Natalie

November is the month she died, 28 years ago. Fans from around the world still follow her. We watch her movies, we buy her movies, we still read about her, wonder about her, and we are saddened and troubled by the tragic end she encountered. She was, is, and will always be mesmerizing. Yes, those eyes, but also, her smile, her laugh, and her spunk. Unmatchable is synonymous with Natalie Wood. I will be thinking about Natalie a lot this coming Thanksgiving weekend, where the dates fall on the same days of the week (Sunday is Nov. 29th) as the year she left us in 1981. Here's to Natalie.


  1. Hi Marti.

    Hope you are doing fantastic.

    As I shared with Gail Abbott a couple of weeks back, I bought GNGS but cannot read it. My life is very busy now and I can't afford to "lose it." For reasons I will not explain, my emotions are tied up with the murders of William Holden and Natalie Wood. In addition, I have been praying about this matter for nearly 3 years.

    I have asked someone close to me to read GNGS and tell me what is in it. I know this sounds odd but it is the best I can do.

    I am aware William Holden's homicide is not mentioned in GNGS. The truth about Natalie's death cannot be fully comprehended without knowledge of Holden's murder. Btw, I can pass a polygraph I DID NOT first discover Holden's death did not happen as officially reported from British investigator, Peter Rydyn.

    Anyway...I still believe GNGS is a true step toward justice for Natalie and for that I am QUITE grateful.

    God bless you.


  2. Just for the record...

    A person is now posting as "Truthseeker" on the Death of Natalie Wood Discussion Forum. It is NOT me! I haven't had time to read and sign a petition much less publicize one.

    I haven't posted AT ALL on the Death Forum in around 2 years.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to Natalie. I saw that horrible comment made to you the other day, Marti. I'm glad you removed it. Please don't ever let ignorant people like that bother you. You have done such a wonderful thing for Natalie. Thank you. Helen


  4. I had also noticed that the days of the week this year match with the year 1981, thinking about Natalie. I will be praying for her this Thanksgiving. In addition to all about her that you mentioned, she was REAL, in an industry overwhelmingly dominated by pretentiousness, ostentation, and disingenuousness. -JamesV

  5. You are so right, James. In a tribute to her that was done in 1983 many of her friends and co-workers spoke of her. Richard Benajamin was among them...He said "there was not a cell in her body that was not 100% real and with you when you were with her." That was rare in Hollywood.
    She was the best!

  6. Marti:

    Maybe I am missing something, but if the petition to reopen the Natalie Wood case is signed with Anonymous signatures, will this carry as much weight as if people sign with their own names?

  7. As far as I can see anyone one the planet can sign this or any other online petetion, this includes children. I for one would be glad if my kids wanted to sign it but I would be vehement that they did not post their names or location to it. Anonymous signers are as legit as any others, one could easily skirt this by simply signing with a fictitios name. I don't see this as an issue.

  8. Mr. Seeker, I am the author of the petition. While a signer may indeed choose to remain publicly anonymous, when one signs the petition one must provide their name and an e-mail address, which are not and will not be publicly disclosed. Only I have access to that information, which will however be provided in confidence only to the target of the petition, in this case the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. I hope you will sign the petition and encourage all those you know to do the same, in the name of justice for one woman, who deserves justice. -- JamesV

  9. Thank you for explaining, JamesV. There are five people in my company and we all signed from two diferent computers with our own email addresses, but we are five different people who all believe that justice for Natalie should prevail. Thank you for starting the petition, James. I will mention it on every future radio show, as I did today (soon to be posted).

  10. William Holden murdered? Never heard that one before. Wasn't he an older man, in poor health? I always thought he died of some sort of natural causes.

  11. Hi James V:

    I am a female. The photo by my ID name is actor William Holden. I have been saying that Natalie and William Holden were murdered for almost 3 years now. So many people have refused to believe me. I can understand that, however. I have not even told my twin sister how I know these two were murdered.

    Recently, I was cleaning up and found some old papers. Some were PM's (personal messages) that were dated Oct., 2007 between Gail (Abbott) and me. I won't reveal the entire contents but Gail and I were going back and forth regarding Natalie Wood being murdered. I kept telling her that Natalie was murdered and she said "No, she couldn't have been. Dennis Davern would have said so by now......."

    There was nothing AT ALL I could say to get reality over to Gail. It got trying at times and I was exasperated but she is a nice person but FIRM AT THAT TIME there was no foul play in Natalie's death. I informed Gail that I didn't have all the answers to her questions about Davern but THIS ONE THING I DO KNOW...

    WILLIAM HOLDEN AND NATALIE WOOD WERE MURDERED! Their deaths were not alcohol related or accidents.

    Wow! What a difference 2 years of prayer makes!

    I am very grateful so many people now "see the light" regarding Natalie's death. I get no profit or gain out of revealing the truth about these homicides. Not to be corny, but my words are just an expression of a very sad and EXTREMELY broken heart.

    These murders have affected me deeply and I will NEVER fully recover. Btw, Gail A. is about as nice as you can find in the Internet. Even though SHE STILL DRIVES ME CRAZY BEING SOMEWHAT NAIVE (Walken slept the night of Natalie's death (yeah, right!), no cover-ups, etc.) Gail is still sweet and tender and a true expert about Natalie.

    Back to discussing petition signatures....

    IMO, a name is more credible than an Anonymous signature but I guess Anonymous is better than no signature whatsoever. It probably won't be till next week before I sign the petition because I want to create some sort of comment. Some of the comments I read this afternoon were great.

    GNGS is a God-send, IMO. God bless you. Good night.

  12. Let me say this....although I did not believe that foul play was involved, the 4 hour wait to call the Coast Guard always bugged me. As I told Marti when we met, "ignorance is bliss"...I'd rather believe that RJ would never have harmed Natalie but many things made me see that he did do harm to her....I fear that it's worse than any of us imagine...
    I agree about the petition...it means more to see a person's name but anonomyous is better than not signing....

  13. Walken is the least discussed topic on this blog. Even Den said that Walken was asleep but it seems almost impossible that he heard nothing. What do the rest of you think?
    It's not out of the realm of possibility that Walken and Wagner agreed to agree about what Wagner claimed. I'll take it further. The night before they were on the boat alone together. I would have liked to have been a fly on those walls...

  14. Couple a thoughts here...
    The name on a petition is actually meaningless. I could put any name under the sun on that thing and somehow that would lend creedence to it? It's the exact same problem that all petitions ultimatley suffer...there's no qualifying criteria to sign one and online petitions probably are as dubious as they come, but they are not without merit. They just don't provide a an avalanche of unbiased support one way or the other. Still though, any petition is better than no petition at all.

    On to Walken...he's a non-issue. He's never said anything coherent over the years, he's dodged this thing quite effectively and probably, and believably was passed out through the entire episode. Anyone who's ever consumed a dozen drinks a quaalude or two and smoked a few joints knows just how easily you fall fast, fast asleep once your head hits the pillow. (if not before)I find him useless and uninvolved here. Just my opinion.

  15. Just an intejection here: I know little about Holden's death, but most of my initial investigating was based on instinct, or let's say common sense. I find it hard to believe that Stefanie Powers was involved in anything sinister. I know a little about her, but not much, but any animal lover (and her respect for animals is global....not a hobby by any means, more a deep regard for life) is usually a person of conscience. That's not to say that Holden's death is cut and dry, but that was not the focus of my probing. I believe Stefanie had nothing to do with Holden's death. Others? Possibly. I have no way of knowing. But not Stefanie.

    What I do know and would rather stick to is what Dennis saw and heard, which leaves no doubt in my mind that Natalie's death should not have been ruled "accidental drowning."

    I talked with a forensics expert who explained to me that drowning is one of the most difficult deaths to prove as homicide. I'm sure the detectives were and are aware of that, too. When drowning is the official cause of death, it is then supposed to be investigated how the person got into the water. That's where Natalie's death investigation failed, or never began.

    As for Walken, he was already in bed on the Friday night Natalie left the yacht with Dennis. Whether he got up (which I doubt because I believe he cautiously stayed in his room as much as he could -- I recall reading that Walken said he thought he felt the boat move Friday night -- maybe Wagner moved it a little closer to shore...I don't know. But, Walken was definitely sound asleep when Davern looked into his cabin on Saturday night after Natalie was missing.

    Other than the fight that transpired in the master stateroom and out on deck, there wasn't much to hear after that. Dennis checked on Walken minutes after Natalie was missing and that's when Dennis saw him in one of those deep, I-drank-too-much sleeps. (mouth open, snoring...passed OUT). Splendour was well sound-proofed, and when Wagner and Dennis were up in the wheelhouse and drinking more, there was little for Walken to hear.

    Walken is fairly innocent in this entire story. He thought it okay to kid around with his co-star and friend, Natalie, like they had kidded around on the set of Brainstorm, and he thought they were all stable adults on board, and they all were celebrating the upcoming holiday season, and it was all marred by one person only. Walken, Natalie, and Dennis were beyond shocked when that wine bottle was smashed. What three people considered an evening of cheer instantly turned into a nightmare when that wine bottle hit that coffee table. Walken's hands started trembling and he quickly went to his room and stayed there. Dennis passed this information on the polygraph test and he is certain of it. The only thing Walken did wrong was to keep quiet, just as Dennis initially did for Wagner. Walken would be a hero at this time if he would only tell the truth, too, about the wine bottle smashing. Wagner and Dennis have admitted it. It would be helpful if Walken would confirm what exactly Wagner accused him of. Wagner says he accused Walken of interfering with Natalie's career. Dennis says Wagner accused Walken of trying to have sex with Natalie. Dennis passed a polygraph on his account. But, maybe Walken was too shocked to even recall today what was said. But, that, I highly doubt. I also highly doubt that Wagner or Walken would ever volunteer for a polygraph. That speaks volumes.

  16. "couple a thoughts" Anonymous,

    What is "unbiased support?" Sounds like an oxymoron. If you are in support of something, by definition your bias is in favor of that thing being done. There are no "qualifications" to indicate a person's agreement with the request of the petition. If you agree, you should sign. If you dont agree, you will not sign. The credence of the petition comes from numbers, not from the "quality" of the persons signing. After all, it was supposedly highly-qualified "experts" who completely and fully botched and punted this case to begin with. JamesV

  17. Brother, I agree that the effectivness of this petition relies on the numbers and not the names. I signed this days ago, but because I was given the choice to do so anonymously, I chose that option. I don't recommend anyone leave their personal details on the internet, I don't think we live in a world that we can trust in a wholesale manner with revealing that kind of information. And lets face it JamesV, you're as anonymous here as I am. No harm, No foul.

  18. Thank You for signing, Anonymous. I signed it as well and I used my real name. As I will do when I present the petition to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The petition website actually suggests to make optional as many items of information as possible, knowing that many people simply will not sign if they have to give too much personal information. Which is totally understandable. Here, we are requesting nothing more than an official review of the facts and evidence in this case. I don't see how this could be perceived as controversial. JamesV

  19. JamesV, Im curious, is there a magic number that needs to be reached or a time limit on the petition? Hows does that all work? How will you know when it's time to submit it?

  20. I dont mean to send this discussion off on a tangent, but I have one comment to make about William Holden's death. He was found dead on November 16, 1981, but the coroner (Noguchi) concluded he had died at least four days earlier, on November 12. He was discovered by a maintenance man. Stephanie Powers at the time was Holden's girlfriend, as in romantically involved with him. How is it that Stephanie Powers had no contact at all with her boyfriend for over four days, and to boot was not even the one who found him? Why wasn't she concerned when she failed to hear from him in over four days?

  21. If you just google " william holden murder" you will be directed to a really huge community of people who could answer that question, or offer you some really involved answers. As far as this blog is concerned I hope the question never comes up again. It has nuthin to do with what this is about, This is about Natalie Wood. No one else. Please God, don't let this blog get outta control with conspiracy heads and UFO freaks. Amen a really lot.

  22. Just to answer the question, they were broken up at the time.

  23. or maybe Walken hasn't said anything because he can't remember anything. I have never smoked weed, but I know people who have. After a few hits you can't really function...very lazy, very sleepy, can't focus. I don't think he has a very clear recollection of that night and slept through the whole thing.

  24. I've smoked weed and I focused just fine. He remembers. He looks out for himself. He was there when a woman lost her life. Pot will not erase that memory. His memory was fine when he sent the lead detective a thank you note. He thanked his for not treating him like a suspect which is exactly how all 3 men should have been treated but celebrity was front and center. The only one Rasure found fault with was Dennis but then again Dennis was not a celebrity.