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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Original Book Cover Idea

This cover was an original idea for GNGS cover, showing Natalie in her yacht "perch" doing her needlework. The publisher felt she wasn't as easily recognized in this photo, and I agreed. But wanted to post this so you could see this wonderful photo of Natalie. This is what she loved doing: relaxing upon her yacht, her getaway. We used this photo as a full color page in the book.


  1. These two covers are so strikingly different. Each sends a different message. I'm glad you agreed with pubisher's choice because this one is more what I would expect to see on a nice bio/memoir of her Splendour years. The other (one used) reeks of tragic death (those eyes are pleading you to read about it) which is what you wanted. I love BOTH, but good choice for what was used.

  2. I like your choice, Marti. I understand why the publisher made the choice that he did but IMO, that picture of Natalie sitting in the wheelhouse looking so beautiful and so at peace with herself during the Splendour years would have been ideal for GNGS.

  3. I like the picture, but I'm glad you picked the other one because she's not as recognizable here. The book is an extremely sad story, so a photo of her smiling on the cover isn't really be inapropriate in my opinion. Thanks for sharing

  4. I know, it was a hard choice. She's so beautiful in any photo that we didn't have to worry about that factoring in. Actully there was a different photo on the galley proof that I liked best of all, but owner wouldn't part with it for a cost within the budget. Now, the photo on the published hardback is the one I'm satisfied with. When that same photo came up on the video at the petition, my eyes filled with tears.

    Gail, the "perch photo" here is always the one I envisioned for GNGS. It captures the essence of the title of the book so well. Thanks.

  5. The best part of Marti's writing is that she is one of the few true crime writers who arent dry and boring as hell! Dont raise your eyebrows, I love almost true crime better than the real stuff. Dominick Dunne, Joyce Carol Oates, Jodi Piccoult etc. They write about cases and make page turners out of them most true crime writers dont, two exceptions, Bugliosi and McGinnis, Marti writes like them. And by that I mean she interjects herself into the book and that makes it as wonderful as a novel by the best there are in the fiction and non fiction genres and for me at least it means it goes on the must buy everything by this author on day one and I hate that because it means no waiting for the sales!
    Enjoy this book.
    Kathleen Mckenna

  6. Thanks Kathleen :-)
    I never thought of myself as a True Crime writer, but that's the category GNGS is moving most in, so I appreciate the company you place me in, but I totally agree: so many stories, so little justice. I'm proud to help Natalie have a voice. I appreciate your comment, as I know you had a few reservations at one point about GNGS, but I also know you resolved every issue you needed to sort out. Thank you for doing that. It's another big help for Natalie. Marti