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Friday, November 20, 2009

A Reader's Letter

Yesterday, while working, I received a phone call but by the time I reached the phone the voice mail cut off. I looked at caller I.D., returned the call, and a woman on the other end sounded so relieved to have reached me that I at first became concerned, but she quickly explained she is a complete stranger who lives in Canada, and that she had just finished reading "Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour." I listened as she explained how the final chapter compelled her to call me, to ask me questions, and to let me know how she can't stop thinking about Natalie Wood's final moments. I spoke with "Corrie" for over 20 minutes, and then I emailed her to thank her for her concern and outrage over all the circumstances surrounding Natalie's death. Following is Corrie's return mail to me (she gave me permission to post it): (Thank you again, Corrie)

Hi Marti...I am so glad I got to talk to you. I didn't really think I'd get thru and was really happily surprised. You are easy to talk to and I know I like you.

I have been upset about Natalie for quite awhile, have the other books about her and the R.J. Wagner one also. I keep thinking of her and your last line keeps me thinking about how she must have felt when she realized she'd never see her daughters again. I put myself in her place and almost felt how she must have, disbelief this was happening and very frightened. I am so disillusioned with Robert Wagner I could scream, long and loud, also in disbelief. I so thought he loved her beyond anything but alas, ego is the big issue. I always Google about her daughters Natasha and Courtney; Natasha was broken up by her Mother's death and Courtney never had a chance at being mothered and can't remember her too well; she turned to Willie Mae the housekeeper for comfort. To think of robbing Natalie of her wonderful life and her dear children is unacceptable.

I've been thinking of our conversation Marti and I am so happy you called me back; you are such a dear and down to earth. I keep thinking "What if"...if only that woman Marilyn had dived in and tried to save her or if Dennis had overuled Wagner, punched him out, turned the light on and woke Walken and did SOMETHING...but then again I think of what drink can do to your mind and if you think someone like a celebrity can mentally overpower you, whammo, your defeated. I can, in a way, understand his confusion and he was drunk also.
I signed the petition just a few moments ago and proud to do it. If only something could be done to get thru their thick, tunnel-vision minds all the mistakes they made ...why, why can't something be done?? If Wagner passes we won't be any further ahead...it seems unbelievable he let her die..I can't digest it. Been thinking about it in depth since I read your book and talked to you.

Keep up the good work. You wrote a powerful book and God Bless you Marti.
Your friend,


  1. Thank you for sharing Marti, and keep up the good work!

    I can't believe Mackenzie Phillips got all the media attention last month but this hasn't yet.

  2. Just finished the book this morning. I certainly hope that the right person will read it and reopen the case. Meanwhile, the information about Natalie Wood's death on Wikipedia desperately needs to be corrected.