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Friday, October 16, 2009

Thank you to Mr. Media, Inside Edition, and Mayor Dancer

Yesterday was an important day for Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour. Dennis and I interviewed with Bob Andelman of "BlogTalkRadio" and I thank "Mr. Media" for his sensitivity toward our story. Bob Andelman addressed things some reporters miss: for example, how it came about that Dennis contacted me "the nobody from NJ" to chronicle the "story behind the story" of a legend's untimely death. Mr. Media also respected the truest person GNGS is about: Natalie Wood. He played Robert Redford's tribute to Natalie before beginning to talk with Dennis and me. He asked pertinent questions, and it was a pleasurable interview as well as informative, thus appreciated.
Mr. Media Interviews | Blog Talk Radio Feed

Yesterday, GNGS also was talked about on Inside Edition, and Lana Wood has spoken her feelings about the book. She said she is "angry and saddened" and it is sad, because nothing will ever "fix" or reverse her sister's death. Natalie is gone, but the legend grows. Dennis is also interviewed (we spoke with Inside Edition in NY recently) and Dennis says that he wanted to look for Natalie as soon as she was "missing." You see on Inside Edition that Dennis was told, "No, we're not going to do that."
Inside Edition - News

Also, the mayor of the community where I live interviewed me this past week and wrote a wonderful column about GNGS, published in our local papers and online newsletters. I live in a charming small town, filled with dedicated citizens who enjoy the rural comforts we are surrounded by. We're close to the major cities for quick get-aways, but the historical charm of our immediate area and nearby towns is appreciated. Some of the best people I could ever hope to know live within walking distance or just minutes away. Many of us work locally or travel to New York and surrounding smaller cities but are usually glad to "get home." I am very fortunate and very grateful for my personal world.
Ironically, it was through a member of our local Arts Council that Mr. Media, the national show host, learned of GNGS. The Internet may be our window to the world, but there's nothing like walking down a hometown Main Street, nodding "hello and good morning" to all the people you know. 
Resident in national spotlight with new best-selling book | Tritown.gmnews.com   

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