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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lana Wood

There are several discussions unfolding over what Lana Wood meant on the Inside Edition segment when she said "The bottom line is she's gone (Natalie) and no one can ever fix that." I've been in touch with Lana. She wishes more of her interview had aired as she had a lot more to say, then there would be no doubt as to her opinion of "blame.". Lana is in full support of Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour.
Her sister died and three men survived that cruise. Is it fair to put words in Lana's mouth? I would think not.      


  1. Marti,

    Do you think you might discuss the book on Oprah and The View ?

  2. INSIDE EDITION claimed that Lana Wood did not blame ANYONE for Natalie's death. If this is not the case, then Lana should contact INSIDE EDITION and let them know how disappointed she is that THEY LIED.

    Whatever Lana Wood FEELS is an entirely different story than what a viewer received from the final moments of her segment.

    In addition, I do not believe the bottom line here is "she's gone and no one can ever fix that." The BOTTOM LINE IS that we want JUSTICE FOR NATALIE WOOD. Isn't that the true goal of GNGS? Fans want the total truth to finally emerge, the record to be set straight and the guilty parties to see a jail cell.

    The viewer got the feeling that justice was not Lana's main priority. After all, as she claims, Natalie will never return.

    I as well as others believe that if Lana truly did not say she blamed no one for Natalie's death, then she should contact IE and request a retraction.

  3. Marti,

    I have been a Natalie Wood fan since I was 13 years old and heard of her tragic death on the news. I, like you, started gathering evidence to try and solve a case that seemingly over the years has gone unsolved. I applaud GNGS, all of your tireless work, and I especially applaud Dennis for speaking up! Keep up the good work. This book will get the attention of those who have the authority to reopen the case. We just need to make sure the "buzz" stays strong. Any appearances you and Dennis could make would be helpful to get the word out about this. Sooner or later, the right person will hear about it, read your book and say, "Gee, I think it's time to reopen the case!"
    You and Dennis are wonderful for doing this for Natalie! Her fans thank you!

  4. This is an excerpt from the latest newsletter on Lana Wood's official website:

    "I am trying, trying to read ALL of the book on Natalie (Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour) and I read, cry, put it down. Read, cry and pick it up again to do more of the same. I am not yet prepared to comment other than it is a knife in my heart, but at least I know what happened to the person I love most. tough. I wander through the day trying to get all the little chores done, the cooking, cleaning, pick up, drop off kids...cry..."